After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 19

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Ever since he had met Shen Shi Wang in the Shen Family house, Chen Yueyang had been dying to return the credit card, but before he even got the chance to do so, Shen Shi Wang gifted him with the latest iphone, which he said was for him to privately contact Shen Shi Wang.

Originally Chen Yueyangdidn’t think much of this, but after the basketball match he felt that he needed to repay Shen Shicang in some way, so he decided to occasionally chat with Shen Shi Wang on the phone, and he also dug up a bit of information regarding the Shen family.

In short, “It was a tale of how a shameless whore drove the loyal wife to her death and brought her bastard son into the Shen family.”

Shen Shicang was seven years younger than Shen Shi Wang, the effects of such a tragic childhood would stay with him for life.

Chen Yueyang didn’t ask for the specifics, all he needed to do was replace the characters in those dramas with family feuds that Lu Feng Zhi watches every day with Cheng Huisi, then he would be able to see the entire picture.

Although he seldom talked with Shen Shicang, and Shen Shicang was so cold to him, but he had helped Chen Yueyang a great deal by agreeing to join the basketball match, so Chen Yueyang felt that he needed to repay Shen Shicang by giving Cheng Mingxi a good lesson.

Chen Yueyang shoved Cheng Mingxi and gave him a beckoning finger packaged with a provocative smile.

But before he could continue, he heard someone in the crowd shout, “President!”

Chen Yueyang turned around and saw Tao Yi Ran hanging onto the ropes of the ring with a face full of worry.

But she can’t be blamed for being so worried, Shen Shicang in no way looked like someone who knew how to throw a punch, and his body didn’t help either.

His body was the textbook definition of “Looking skinny with clothes on, but buff with clothes off,” he did indeed have very defined muscles but his overall frame was slim and slender. And just now when he lifted up his shirt he didn’t even expose his abs but the person standing outside the ring was already staring at him.

His expression was clearly saying, “If you dare to box shirtless, I’ll kill you.”

He planned on repaying his debt to Shen Shicang this time, not to make him angry, so he kept his shirt on.

But Cheng Mingxi took his shirt off. Although whenever he fought Chen Yueyang he would lose, but he was around the same level as Lu Jiping, and he was in good shape, and all the students of class 12 knew that he could fight so naturally nobody placed their money on Shen Shicang.

Tao Yi Ran was still on the ropes when she said, “President! Why must you fight, what if you get knocked out and injured, that person looks like he knows how to fight, why don’t we talk to Chen Yueyang, he seems like a pretty nice guy, apart from the fact that he never bothers about other people…”

Ming Yue was also worried for Shen Shicang, “President, we should just talk to Chen Yueyang, he actually is really kind, and the Vice President told us before that if Chen Yueyang can do so well in his exams he must have a good heart as well.”

“Ming Yue, Xiao Tao,”Chen Yueyang bent over the ropes and, rubbed his hands on both of their heads, smiled and said, “Thanks alot, for your care and your high praise,” he never thought that anyone in the Student Board thought highly of him, “Rest assured it’ll be an easy victory for me.”

At the same time, Shen Shicang was being overwhelmed by a crowd of people expressing their concerns.

Lu Jiping put the WangZi milk down and started panicking, “Boss! Boss! You can’t let them fight, Cheng Mingxi is about the same level that I am, he really knows his stuff,  brother Cang has never fought in his life, he’s going to get destroyed.”

Guan Zhe voiced his agreement, “Yeah, just look at the difference in bodies, it’s obvious, and he’s not even wearing any protective gear or padding, one punch and he’ll be rolling on the ground, what if he’ll never be able to play ball again!”

Shen Shicang was well aware of Cheng Mingxi’s capabilities and he also knew that he was no match for Chen Yueyang, so he paid no credence to their concerns, no matter what they said to him he replied each and every one of them the same way, “Watch the match.”

Song Ming Yan didn’t say a word, but as he saw how relaxed his boss was, he fell into deep thought.

He noticed that the seats had cushioning on the back but Chen Yueyang  was sitting as straight as a pencil, his eyes were calmly looking straight forward at the boxing ring.

This was too abnormal.

He had never seen Chen Yueyang sit so prim and proper.

Everyone knew that anytime a Peking man would find something he could lean his back against he would do so in a heartbeat, just as if his base of support had been taken away he would slouch down and relax. If you couldn’t see their heads but knew someone was sitting there, it definitely would be someone from Beijing.

Song Mingyan squinted his eyes, his brain started to go into overdrive, he tried to connect the dots between everything that had happened since the start of school this year, a strange feeling encapsulated his heart.

He turned his head to look at the boxing ring, the person clad in black pants in the ring that wasn’t wearing any protective gear, had a face of a well educated man, yet there he was preparing to tear apart his opponent, every single punch me made, every single dodge and block, even the way he locked his opponent’s head with his leg, looked so familiar to him, as if he was having a live flashback.

Even the cheers from the crowd were the same.

Because that person was always the centre of attention, he was good at whatever he did, and he always managed to attract people. Even the way he fought was elegant. It was just that he changed his face and body, but there was no changing the way he carried himself.

If that were the case…

After he came to the conclusion, Song Mingyan rushed to the ring and walked up to Chen Yue Yang, then he said, “Boss…?”

Chen Yueyang was drinking water and when he heard that word he choked with all the water still in his mouth.

“Boss, boss,  at least wear some of the protective gear, otherwise it’ll be too dangerous,” As Song Mingyan saw how Chen Yueyang reacted, his suspicions were slowly confirmed.

Although wearing protective gear was very private, for example a mouth guard, but it was no different than indirect kissing.

No, it should be… indirect french kissing.

It was too embarrassing.

“I never thought you’d be the first to find out,” Chen Yue Yang turned his head sideways, sweat dripping off his eyebrows, his porcelain white face had turned light pink due to all the physical exertion, “Don’t worry, I’ll knock that fool down in the next round.”

When Tao Yiran and Ming Yue brought some dry towels over, they saw their president happily chatting with one of Chen Yueyang’s followers, when Lin Songye saw this he got so mad that he decided to go back and continue copying the textbooks.

Ming Yue tugged on Tao Yiran’s sleeve and said softly, “Why do I feel that our president is very close with Chen Yueyang it’s like… when he feels more at ease when he’s talking to Song Mingyang than when he’s talking to us.”

Tao Yiran replied softly, “Actually those delinquents are actually very friendly, it’s super easy to become friends with them.”

Ming Yue, “Are you serious?”

Tao Yiran, “I thought you always found Chen Yueyang to be quite pleasant, personally I prefer Lian Yuxin from the experimental school.”

Ming Yue, “Lina Yuxin… you know him?”

Tao Yiran, “Yeah, we’re friends.”

Ming Yue, “... I advise you to be more careful around him, he really is dangerous, I’ve heard that he used to be involved in gang activity when he was still in Harabin, that place is really lawless and the government can’t do anything to help.”

Tao Yiran was shocked.

Tao Yiran was intrigued by this new information, she felt that there was a missing piece in this puzzle, but she had never been to the place where “Everyone is either a living Lei Feng (Chinese soldier widely regarded as Chairman Mao’s best soldier) or a bandit, so she decided that she must find a way to know more about Lian Yu Xin.

Back at the ring, Chen Yueyang had already scored 28 points while Cheng Mingxi was still at 0.

This wasn’t an official match where they had to fight all five rounds before the winner was announced, usually what Chen Yueyang and his brothers would do is fight till one of the fighters reached 30 points.

Chen Yue Yang stared at Cheng Mingxi, then he sneered and said, “Hey, we didn’t say what the winner of this fight would get, so there’s no point in beating you then…”

Cheng Mingxi’s spirit was broken, he had never thought Shen Shicang knew how to fight, now he felt his face burn, but it wasn’t from the fight, it was due to pure embarrassment.

Just now he had so challenged Shen Shicang so confidently in front of more than a dozen people, and now he was being beaten by him. Cheng Mingxi found himself pathetic and a joke.

In the midst of his lack of concentration, Chen Yueyang seized the opening and did a flying scissor leg takedown slamming Cheng Mingxi to the ground of the boxing ring.

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Chen Yueyang pinned Cheng Mingxi’s head onto the ground with his knee.

Even though the crowd was going nuts, screaming and shouting, Cheng Mingxi could still hear what Chen Yueyang was telling him.

“After you loose, I’ll give you three hours to get your sorry ass out of the Shen family home.”

To Cheng Mingxi, his voice was like dipping himself into a bathtub filled with ice, although he felt sore and hot all over his body, Chen Yueyang’s sentence sent chills down his spine.

But Cheng Mingxi would not give in so easily, “Who are you to kick me out of my house? I am also Liu Chenghai’s son! You know this! Even though outsiders don’t know about this, but you do!”

“Why you shameless fool,” Chen Yueyang sneered, “Who’s son are you? The son of Liu Chenghai and Cheng Huisi right? Don’t forget that your food, your clothes and the money you spend are all from the Shen family, you should be grateful I’m not personally throwing you out, don’t make me strip you of your clothes and send you back home naked.”

Cheng Mingxi, “Shen Shicang, I don’t know what has gotten into you recently, you’ve gone mad, do you think father would just stand there and watch me get bullied?”

Chen Yueyang saw that he had brought up Liu Chenghai and couldn’t help but laugh, then he tightened his grip on Cheng Mingxi’s neck which caused a cold sweat to break out.

Chen Yueyang said to him, “You’d better do as I say, or else I’ll cripple your arm, as a form of payback for all the hell you’ve caused Shen Shicang to go through.”

Chen Yueyang applied even more force when he saw that Cheng Mingxi was not responding.

Finally Cheng Mingxi submitted.

After the match Chen Yueyang held onto Cheng MingXi and said, “You’d better do as I say, if I see you ay home again, eveytime I see you I will personally beat you up, Liu Chenghai is so busy at work he won’t be always there to protect you.”

As he said that his eyebrows curled upwards and his eyes lit up, a breathtaking stern look was written on his face which made Cheng Mingxi take a few steps backwards in fear.

Chen Yueyang couldn’t be bothered at him anymore and got down from the ring.

He picked up a towel with his left hand hand slung it around his neck, he felt like the heat was unbearable so he unbuttoned the first the buttons of his shirt, exposing his well defined chest muscles.

Shen Shicang looked on at such a charismatic person and suddenly felt a sense of great admiration.

This person was always like this, there was nothing he didn’t dare to do, and now he was standing in his body, basking in the glory, receiving so many cheers and applause from the crowd.

This was a feeling that even getting first in all those subject could not replace.

“Holy shit! How can brother Cang be so handsome!” Guan Zhe said as he leaped with joy.

Lu Jiping following close behind, as he shouted wildly, “So fucking handsome, the last time I saw anyone that good it was when boss fought! Yea, about that, boss, do you think you could tackle him?”

As soon as Guan Zhe and Song Mingyan hear the word “tackle” their ears perked up.

But Lu Jiping had an innocent mind when he said tackle he really did mean tackle (as in a take down move in a martial arts match)... he didn’t mean the tackle (to tackle a girl/boy)  that Guan Zhe and Song Mingyan had in mind.

“These fool is already so hopeless, anymore beatings from the boss and he’ll become retarded,” was what Guan Zhe was thinking to himself when he cut off Lu Jiping to explain, “ Boss don’t think too much, we’re just a bit curious that’s all, but I suddenly feel that there’s no need to be curious because you are undisputed, you could easily defeat anyone that comes your way, that skinny and weak Shen Shicang is no match for you boss.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Guan Zhe suddenly felt chills running down his spine.

Why was boss’s reaction so...scary.

Song Mingyan who already had everything figured out was ready to collect his brother’s dead body.

It was a given that if Chen Yueyang was in Shen Shicang’s body then the person in Chen Yueyang’s body would definitely be Shen Shicang. Saying someone’s body was skinny and weak right in front of them was definitely a wise thing to do, even the kindest of people would get mad.

Just at this crucial moment, Chen Yueyang finally came.

When Shen Shicang saw him, he frowned, then he picked up the jacket that was hanging over the chair and threw it at Chen Yueyang.

Chen Yueyang who had just finished fighting was already sweating bullets, and when the jacket covered him, he naturally felt uncomfortable.

But just as he pulled off the jacket, Shen Shicang pressed it against him, not allowing it to fall off.

I’m about to melt, what are you doing, “Chen Yueyang frowned as he continued, “I already was very considerate when I decided to wear a shirt, don’t ask for too much---“

Before he finished venting his anger he stopped midway.

This was because he had seen the worried look on Shen Shicang’s face.

“Don’t worry, if I really can’t take it anymore I’ll follow you to the lounge,” He thought that Shen Shicang was worried that his body might be injured, “I fought with textbook technique, it wouldn't cause any injuries.”

Chen Yueyang didn't think much when he said those words, all he wanted was for Shen Shicang to know that he hadn’t done any harm to his precious body.

But to the ears of other people, this simple sentence carried a lot of hidden meaning.

And on top of that, Shen Shicang grunted in agreement and accompanied him to the lounge, which caused everyone to start thinking about the unthinkable.

Guan Zhe looked on as the two of them walked to the lounge, he couldn’t help but nudge Song Mingyan and ask, “Is it just me or... ?”

Song Mingyan who already had everything figured out answered, “It’s just you.”

Chen Yueyang had told him to to tell anyone about the incident, so Song Mingyan didn’t.

The consequence of him not explaining was Guan Zhe started to get suspicious, “I must say that Shen Shicang really is… so damn problematic! Did you hear what he said just now? ‘Textbook technique’? What technique? What was so good? Damn, when I asked him to go to Thailand to get a surgery he looked at me in disgust, now look at him… he’s the disgusting one now! Damn he’s so cunning! How dare he be the top in their relationship! Boss will surely ---”

“Shut your mouth,” Song Mingyan had had enough of his baseless rambling, “Calm the hell down, have you forgotten who our boss is? He’s the son of the Chen family, Shen Shicang will never be good enough for him, so stop worrying so damn much!”

Guan Zhe thought that since Song Mingyan didn’t join the basketball training he didn’t know what was going on with Chen Yueyang and Shen Shicang.

It needed to be pointed out that Guan Zhe had seen Shen Shicang ‘Kabe-don’ their boss with his own eyes! And more importantly! When they were telling Shen Shicang how to tackle their boss, he didn’t deny it.

Now it was Lu Jiping’s turn to share his concern, “Actually I admire brother Cang a lot, he really suits boss, if he really is turned down due to his financial situation it would be a real waste…”

Song Mingyan said to himself, “Are these buffoons brainless?”

Just as the three of them were sharing their thoughts, someone yelled, “Then Shen family has sent someone.”

It didn’t take Song Mingyan long before he came to the conclusion that Cheng Mingxi who had been absolutely destroyed by his boss just now, must have gone to tell on Shen Shicang, and now that his boss was in Shen Shicang’s shoes, he didn’t have the power of the Chen family, he definitely would end up on the losing end.

Thinking of this, Song Mingyan darted off to inform his boss.

Guan Zhe and Lu Jiping followed closely.

Then unexpectedly, as soon as they reached the hall on the first floor, they were met with the sight of a young tall man dressed in a black suit who was patting Cheng Mingxi’s shoulders.

Someone in the crowd recognised Shen Shiwang, they couldn't believe that someone of his status would turn up at an event like this thus he said, “CEO Shen…?”

Shen Shiwang rested his hands at his sides then looked sideways and grunted, this person was almost as cold and sophisticated as Shen Shicang.

All the students who were cheering during the fight all fell silent.

It’s over.

It’s all over.

If they were the ones who stood around and cheered when Shen Shiwang’s little brother was getting beat up, if they continued to cheer now they certainly had a death wish.

Everyone stopped and turned to look at the instigator.

A normal student who solely relied on scholarships and a part time job versus a business icon in Shen Shiwang, this was a serious mismatch.

Even Song Mingyan was beginning to get nervous.

Even though Chen Yueyang was good at fighting, but with so many experienced bodyguards around, he didn’t stand a chance.

Tao Yiran mustered enough courage to walk up to Song Mingyan and ask softly, “If… all of you fought would we be able to save our president?”

Song Mingyan’s face blackened, he looked down then  shook his head in defeat.

Everyone was worried for the President of Yi Zhong’s Student Board, they feared that any moment now he would be absolutely pummeled by a group of fierce and imposing bodyguards.

However, what they saw was the instigator making his way through the crowd and walking towards Shen Shiwang without a hint of fear.

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