After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 20

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“Should I call 110 (China’s police hotline) or 120 (China’s Emergency Medical Services hotline)” Tao Yiran asked nervously as she squeezed her handphone.

Song Mingyan thought for a second then he pulled out his phone and said, “You dial 110, I’ll dial 120.”

But before the numbers could be dialed, Song Mingyan was stunned by what was taking place in front of him.

He saw the person they were worried about, walk up to Shen Shiwang and Cheng Mingxi, turn around to all the other people and said, “Let me introduce them to all of you.”

Chen Yueyang smiled as he pointed at Shen Shiwang and said, “This is my elder brother, we are from the same mother.”

All the other people were totally shocked.

Then he pointed at Cheng Mingxi and said, “He is the son of my second mother.”

Again, all the other people were stunned.

Those two sentences meant a great deal, especially the second one, which practically meant “Cheng Mingxi the son of an adulteress”, Cheng Mingxi’s face filled with rage the moment he heard this.

Guan Zhe regained focus the fastest and nudged Song Mingyang, “Hey, I thought you said brother Cang was broke. How come all of a sudden he’s now CEO Shen’s brother?”

Apart from Guan Zhe, everyone one else was still in shock.

Shen Shicang, the intellectual figure was suddenly the center of attention, because in a split second he had transformed from a part time construction worker to a son of the wealthy Shen family, it was too much for everyone to accept.

Especially Song Mingyan who was slapping his face.

Shen Shicang is poor? That’s the joke of the bloody year!

He’s the brother of Shen Shiwang, the rightful heir of the Shen family riches, this title was as precious as a diamond, there was a great disparity between who he was yesterday and who he was now.

Now both of their family backgrounds matched, the only thing standing in the way was their gender, apart from that they were a match made in heaven.

But Chen Yueyang didn’t know what the other students were thinkin about, all he wanted to do was get Cheng Mingxi out of the Shen family home.

Chen Yueyang said to Shen Shiwang, “Brother, let’s go home.”

Shen Shiwang didn’t say anything he just nodded his head.

Everything was going smoothly, Chen Yueyang never thought that Shen Shicang would stop him.

Shen Shicang said, “You can’t go.”

Chen Yueyang looked at him and noticed his face was filled with worry and doubt.

“Don’t worry,” Chen Yueyang said, “I’ll be in school on time tomorrow morning.”

Chen Yueyang thought that Shen Shicang was worried that he wouldn’t record the lessons which would affect his studies.

But what Shen Shicang was really worried about was him. It was a pity Chen Yueyang couldn’t see this, which made Shen Shicang even more uncomfortable.

“Can you… go back with me?” Shen Shicang said as he held onto Chen Yueyang’s wrists.

Chen Yueyang pulled his hand back and asked, “Go back where?”

Shen Shicang, “School.”

Chen Yueyang said, “What right do you have to order me around, who do you think you are?”

Chen Yueyang was not known for being a good tempered person. He had clearly gone out of his way to help Shen Shicang, instead of being appreciated he was being ordered around by Shen Shicang, it was totally understandable that he got angry.

Thus, he brushed off Shen Shicang’s hand and walked off.

Shen Shicang stood at the doorway and looked on as the Shen family care drove off, his heart tore into a million pieces.

His face saddened as he silently walked back up the villa.

Song Mingyan who had just witnessed everything was a little perplexed, but he still helped Chen Yueyang by seeing off all the students who came to the party, he also arranged for the Chen family chauffeur to send Ming Yue back home, afterall she was a girl, and it was her first time coming here, so it would be safer to do so.

After tending to all those matters, Song Mingyan’s eyes were glazing.

After having a shoer he was lying on his bed, he was already having trouble going to sleep, then his phone vibrated.

Lu Jiping said to him, “Brothers, look at the post I just sent you! Hurry up and vote for our boss! We can’t lose!”

Song Mingyan apathetically visited the website, but as he saw the title of the page his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Title: It is just me or… does anyone feel that there’s something strange about the relationship between the scholar lord and the school ringleader…

0 lou: Anonymous

As the title suggested, the owner of the thread was a student who had just joined Yi Zhong, the two figureheads of Yi Zhong were rumoured to have been in a long feud with each other, but he had never seen them fight, instead he and seen them carrying out acts of kindness for each other for example : On the first day of school, the school ringleader and sent breakfast to the scholar lord; then the scholar lord put down his books and picked up a weapon to save the damsel in distress, telling the attacker to “Not lay a finger on a single strand of hair if he was there.”;  the two of them played mesmerizingly and dominated Zhao Pengxuan; the school ringleader personally invited the scholar lord to his birthday party…

In all fairness, anyone who read those heated debates in the school secret discussion room, and then looked at how sweetly the scholar lord and school ringleader treated each other, I only have one thing to say : If this isn’t love then what is?!

1 lóu: Anonymous

How clueless can those two get, their relationship is so obvious and shameless.

Might as well start selling kuaci (baked sunflower, pumpkin or watermelon seeds) drinks peanuts and grilled fish fillets.

2 lóu: Anonymous

I am from the school ringleader gang, I am from class 12, today there was a really eye opening incident that took place at Chen Yueyang’s birthday party… I totally ship this CP (Chinese slang for couple), the YueCang relationship has been locked, and I have swallowed the key. (Insert dog emoji)

3 lóu: Anonymous

The school ringleader is still himself, who are you to decide his relationships? ...Ehem, although I feel as if both those individuals have their own sets of problems, I was originally from the scholar lord gang, but recently there has been too much going on, now the Student Board is Chen Yueyang’s official castle, even our own president doesn’t stand in his way, whenever Chen Yueyang says something he would reply with “Yes,”, “Follow what Chen Yueyang is saying,”, “What Chen Yueyang said is right,” , “You’ll never go wrong by following Chen Yueyang,” I just can’t…

Okay let’s not digress, how could such a submissive person be the top? It should be the CangYue relationship has been locked. (Insert dog emoji)

4 lóu: Anonymous

Stop being a nuisance, I’m from the scholar lord gang, but I think that prefect Shen is without a doubt the bottom, afterall in all those BL novels the scholarly one is always the bottom, you know the unwritten rule which states that the sophisticated and beautiful one is always the bottom…(Please be more alert)

If I were to emphasize on intelligence then I would choose the scholar lord, but if I were to emphasize on fighting ability then I would choose the school ringleader, hence I ship the YueCang relationship.

5 lóu: Anonymous

You guys are so silly… you guys didn’t see the Shen Shicang that was fighting in the boxing ring, even myself nearly knelt down in respect for him, his fighting skills are formidable, the two of them are of equal level, so then there’s only intelligence left to compare, that’s exactly why I ship CangYue.

212 lóu: Anonymous

Argh I don’t care anymore! I’m supporting the school ringleader to be the top !!!

213 lóu: Anonymous

CangYue will never lose !!!

214 lóu: Anonymous

YueCang will never give up!!!

426 lóu: Anonymous

I bet a packet of Latiao (Chinese spicy snack) on Shen Shicang being the top!

427 lóu: Anonymous

I bet a packet of underwear on Chen Yueyang being the top!

428 lóu: Anonymous

Betting underwear… are you a bloody anti-fan? I’m about to laugh my ass off because of your post. 23333 (Chinese slang for laughing out loud)

I’ll just go with CangYue (Dog emoji)

758 lóu: Anonymous

I’ll sell everything I own to buy YueCang shares! Let’s gooooo YueCang!

786 lóu: Anonymous

CangYue! CangYue! CangYue! Important things need to be said three times!

Song Mingyan sluggishly looked at the posts, his eyelids twitching even more.

He scrolled down the long browser page and finally reached the one thousandth lóu .

In that lóu was a poll.

Question: Who do you think will be the top? (After you cast your vote you can check the current standings)

Song Mingyan’s fingertips were frozen, then he heard Lu Jiping call out from his bed, “Vote for our boss! What are you waiting for?! He can’t lose!”

Song Mingyan was speechless

Does this idiot know the nature of voting? It’s not the question of who will win or lose!

Are you only concerned about who gets the most votes?!

Song Mingyan felt like throwing up, but Lu Jiping was driving him crazy so he just tapped on Chen Yueyang’s name.

Then the results popped out.

Chen Yueyang: 726

Shen Shicang: 725

Song Mingyan was shocked

There were a total of two thousand students in Yi Zhong! So many students had already casted their votes.

But more importantly… if boss finds out about this…

He’ll be fuming.

But in reality Chen Yueyang didn’t have any chance of reading the post as he was busy kicking someone out of the Shen family villa.

Chen Yueyang folded his arms as he leaned against the doorframe, as he looked at Cheng Mingxi packing his things he said, “It’s already been half an hour, you have an hour and a half left, if he aren’t done by then, I’ll throw you and your stuff out.”

“Shen Shicang!” Cheng Huisi was so angry that her eyes were red, “It was your father who let us stay here! I’m married to him, his house is our house, what right do you have to kick us out!?”

Chen Yueyang never thought that this mother and son could get anymore shameless, he forced a smile onto his face and said to her, “I am a Shen, and this house is for Shens only, so if I want you to get out then you get out!”

“Just you wait… just you wait!” Cheng Huisi took out her phone and called Liu Chenghai, she tried many times but he just wasn’t picking up.

Shen Shiwang who had been silent the entire time said, “Aunty Cheng, father has just boarded his flight, he’s heading to London for some business matters, he’ll return in about a week's time.”

Cheng Huisi was stunned

Chen Yueyang noticed her face pale and he said happily, “Well, if you don’t want to move out it’s ok, after all it’s your son that lost the wager not you.”

Even Cheng Mingxi himself said, “Mum, it’s ok, I can move back to the apartment, it was me who lost the wager, it’s nothing much.”

He was unwilling to move out at first, but when he heard what Shen Shiwang said, all his hopes were dashed.

Because he knew he couldn’t beat Shen Shicang.

Cheng Huisi was helpless as well, she could only rely on Liu Chenghai, even though Shen Shiwang hadn’t become like Shen Shicang yet, who had completely stripped them of their dignity, but he still was Shen Yue Mei’s son, and was Shen Shicang’s elder brother, it didn’t take much for Cheng Huisi - a woman that wasn’t very bright, to come to the conclusion that Shen Shiwang would side his own brother.

Throughout all these years, wherever her son went she would follow.

Chen Yueyang was banking on this to get both of them out of the Shen family house.

So Cheng Huisi could only grit her teeth and move back to the apartment.

After both of them left, Chen Yueyang felt that the atmosphere in the villa was much more fresh.

“Shicang, do you need me to send you back to school?” Shen Shiwang asked.

“Elder brother,” Chen Yueyang asked him, “Now that nobody is here, don’t you have anything to tell me?”

From the moment he saw Shen Shiwang, Chen Yueyang felt that he was so similar to Shen Shicang.

They had the same way of attracting people, and also shared the same way of pissing people off.

For example, keeping things to themselves no matter what, which was just like Shen Shicang.

Shen Shiwang said, “I’ll tell you when you’re mature enough.”

Owh God not again.

It wasn’t that Chen Yueyang couldn’t understand the reasoning behind why Shen Shiwang said what he said, it was merely because he was the elder brother and he felt that his younger brother was still too young to be exposed to such intense sorrow, so he decided to bare all the weight on his own shoulders.

But what was really awful was that the real Shen Shicang didn’t have a single clue, which made him not appreciate his brother.

This sort of silent suffering had moulded Shen Shiwang’s personality into one reminiscent of ancient greek tragedy theatre.

Chen Yueyang really couldn’t understand why these two brothers couldn’t share their thoughts with each other. Wouldn’t it be a burden to keep all of their sorrow pent up inside of them?

If they continued down this path of self destruction and blame, there would be no good at the end of a long windy and hurtful journey.

As he looked at Shen Shiwang, Chen Yueyang was suddenly reminded of Chen Yuening.

He had already lost his chances of talking with his brother, and that fool Shen Shicang was not appreciating the days he had with his elder brother.

Chen Yueyang raised his hand and gently held Shen Shiwang’s shoulder, then he said, “Brother, let’s have a couple drinks.”

In the eyes of anyone from Beijing, having a couple of drinks would always solve any misunderstandings between people, if there still were any misunderstandings it purely meant you had not drunk enough.

Chen Yueyang gave Shen Shiwang a glass of whiskey with an ice cube inside it, then he cheerfully patted his shoulder saying, “Come on brother, here’s to a better relationship.”

Shen Shiwang held the glass in his hand and froze for a second, then he said in a deep tone, “Shi Cang have you forgotten…? Both of us… don’t know how to drink.”

“Huh?” Chen Yueyang was taken aback, “Stop kidding, you’re so big already, how could you not know how to drink? I know there are some things that are buried deep down in your heart, it’s ok, after a few drinks everything will come out.”

Shen Shiwang looked at his younger brother and suddenly felt a wave of disappointment crash onto him.

His younger brother was always a bright and smart kid from young, how could leaving home for two years cause him to pick up such unhealthy habits? Not only did he start using profanities, he also started drinking alcohol at such a young age.

And judging by how naturally he had gulped down the drink, it hinted that he had drunk many times before.

Shen Shiwang’s nose began to tingle, he actually felt that he had let Shen Yuemei down.

Now as he looked at his younger brother, the sophisticated temperament that Shen Shicang had in Shen Shiwang’s memory was all but gone, it had been replaced with 30 percent elegance, 20 percent unruliness, and 50 percent of rebellious madness.

They say that beer solves every problem, is this claim true?

Shen Shiwang lowered his gaze,  he looked at the glass of whiskey then he downed the entire glass in one go.

Chen Yueyang saw that he had finished his first glass, so he immediately refilled the glass and handed Shen Shiwang his second glass, he patted his shoulders and said, “Just saw what you want to say, don’t keep it in your heart any longer.”

He was just about to give himself another glass of whiskey when Shen Shiwang slumped into a heap beside him.

Chen Yueyang put down his glass and looked over, he saw Shen Shiwang’s eyes flickering, his face was flushed red as if he were drunk - which he was.

Chen Yueyang was shocked.

He thought that when Shen Shiwang said he “didn’t know how to drink” he was just being modest, afterall Southerners like being modest.

What he didn’t think of was that this person actually got knocked out after just one drink!

Seeing what happened to him Chen Yueyang didn’t dare to finish his drink, he highly suspected that Shen Shican’s body was like his brother’s , two drunks in such a big villa… it would have been too scary.

Chen Yueyang helplessly shook his head, then he placed Shen Shiwang on the sofa before keeping the glasses and whiskey.

After he was done keeping all the things, he realised that the sofa was empty.

Where did he go…?

As he was scouring high and low for that drunk, he heard a voice coming from behind him.

“Shi Cang, sit down properly.”

Chen Yueyang turned his head and saw Shen Shiwang clad in a black suit, his tie was flawless, his facial feature were profound and handsome, the pair of shoes made of Italian leather were shining without a trace of dust, his whole image was very attractive almost as if he had just got off a modeling runway.

His expressions were sophisticated, besides from the redness of his face, he looked like the bossy CEO in all those romance novels.

Just ignore the air cooler that he was standing on…

The bossy CEO saw that he wasn’t responding and raised his voice, “Sit down properly.”

Chen Yueyang was shocked, he decided to comply with the drunk as he was afraid that he might fall off the air cooler at any moment, so he listened to Shen Shiwang and sat on the sofa.

“I said sit down, properly,”  Shen Shiwang emphasized, “Your back must not touch the sofa, you can’t collapse your waist, do not cross your legs.”

Chen Yueyang was speechless.

Seeing that he had sat down Shen Shiwang started to talk, “Why have you been so disobedient,  why did you have to leave, and what’s worse is that you didn’t take any money, elder brother knows what you are thinking about, but can’t you just hold on just a bit longer? All the power is in the hands of that man, if we make our move now, do you think that all the wealth left behind by grandpa and mother will be ours?”

“And, look at yourself, what have you become… you drink and you say bad words, and you say LaoZi (Chinese slang for me) and you said get lost, if mother heard that she would be so disappointed, after being on your own for two years you can’t even sit and stand right, it makes me feel as you during those two years you have become a leader of a gang.

Chen Yueyang: ...I’m sorry but that is exactly what I am.

This sophisticated man had now turned into a totally different person after becoming drunk.

“Go on, get me another drink.” Shen Shiwang said.

Chen Yueyang was shocked by the way Shen Shiwang looked, he rushed to the alcohol closet and brought out the whiskey, then he ran back to Shen Shiwang and gave it to him.

Shen Shiwang busted open the cap, all his manners and gentleness were all but gone as he raised the whole bottle of whiskey to his mouth and started gulping it down.

After drinking about half the bottle, Shen Shiwang held the bottle in his hand, pointed at the sofa and said, “Go and sit back down, I’m not done talking.”

When Shen Shicang reaceived Chen Yeuyang’s call it was already eleven o’clock at night.

He was facing an entire stack of test papers, but they were blank.

It had been a couple of hours since Chen Yueyang had entered the Shen family house, yet Shen Shicang was not able to calm himself.

The moment he saw someone was calling his phone, his eyes lit up.

He answered the call and the person on the other side said, “Your brother is about to drive me crazy, come here this instant and stop this madness, if you don’t I’m going to die, did you hear me?!”

Shen Shicang could hear his brother in the background saying, “How dare you not listen to what elder brother instructed you to do? Sit down properly now.”

Shen Shicang frowned and said, “I’m never going back and I don’t want to see him.”

Chen Yueyang sighed and his tone completely changed, “How could you be so cold hearted? It’s your own brother, just say whatever things you have in mind, he has already finished two bottles of whiskey, anything he says now is the truth, just come and listen for yourself, if not you’ll regret this for the rest of your life!”

Shen Shicang, “I have nothing to say to him.”

Chen Yueyang was getting pissed off at him, “Shen Shicang! Don’t you dare be ungrateful, I think you don’t know how much I envy you. Your brother is still alive, and he’s so well to do, yet you have shown no appreciation for him. And me..? My brother is dead, there’s not even a single bone left of him, all I have to remind me of him is his gravestone, what if your brother gets into an accident tomorrow and dies? Are you sure you won’t live a life of regret? If you can then you have my utmost admiration!”

He shouted very loudly, and his voice gave way as he shouted the last sentence, through the speaker Shen Shicang could feel the agony Chen Yueyang was going feeling.

Intense emotions are highly infectious even if they’re only expressed through sound.

After thinking for a few seconds Shen Shicang said very reluctantly, “I’m on my way now.”

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