After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 5


Chapter 5

When Shen Shicang reached the back gate, he saw a group of high school boys clad in their school uniforms standing together, each one of them carrying a metal baton. The atmosphere around them was filled with aggression.

Then he saw the leader, he had his school jacket tied around his waist and only had a black tank top on, his olive skin radiated under the blazing noon sun, his hair was buzzed which made him look rugged and tough, his overall appearance was handsome and he had a cigarette in his mouth, he rested a baton on his shoulder, and his eyes were giving off a very hostile look.

He placed the baton on Shen Shicang ’s shoulder and gently tapped him, “Oi, you little punk, you actually came alone?”

If it were the real Chen Yueyang that he placed his baton on, a fight would have already broken out. That’s where Shen Shicang and Chen Yueyang differed.

Shen Shicang  nonchalantly lowered the baton from his shoulder and calmly said, “Hello fellow student, why are you looking for me?”

Lian Yuxing was puzzled by how confident Shen Shicang seemed, he was shocked by this for a couple of seconds, one of his cronies had to snap him out of it. After he regained focus he asked, “Chen Yueyang, are you high? Have you forgotten who I am?”

“Of course I remember you, you’re Lian Yuxing from Yan Zhong.”

Lian Yuxing was confused.

He pulled back the baton, placed one end of the baton on his temple then used his other hand to frantically scratch his head.

The guy in front of him was making this hot-headed young man from the North suddenly doubt himself.

Lian Yuxing called out to one of his cronies, “Xiao Zhao come here!”

Zhao Pengxian who was standing behind him came stumbling forward, “Yes big brother!”

“Is he Chen Yueyang ?”

Zhao Pengxian said, “Yes he is, boss.”

“Wait a minute” Lian Yuxing frowned, “Chen Yueyang … your hair is a bit off today.”

He had originally come over from the Yan Zhong with only one thing on his mind - to beat up Chen Yueyang , but when he arrived it was as if an invisible hand had reached into him and pulled out all his aggression.

His bangs that were usually styled upwards in a wavy motion, were now all drooping down covering his forehead, his eyebrows were covered by his hair which made him look soft and weak, his uniform was tucked in neatly and pressed crisply, the menacing look on his face was no longer present, instead, it was replaced by a sophisticated and cold aura.

Looking at a face that was emitting intelligence and anger at the same time, Lian Yuxing felt that the baton was getting a bit too hot and he felt that he could no longer hold onto it.

Lian Yuxing reached out his other hand and wanted to sweep the bangs upward, when his hand was just about to touch Shen Shicang ’s hair, a baseball bat suddenly smacked his hand backward.

As he swung the bat, the person said, “Back the hell off!”

Lian Yuxing was very pissed off that person after suffering that surprise attack, “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO?!”

Chen Yueyang swiftly stood in front of Shen Shicang , raised his chin high in the air, and said, “Didn’t you hear me? Are your ears not working? Or is your brain malfunctioning? Back the hell off!”

Zhao Pengxuan held back his boss and explained, “Big brother, this is the student president of No. 1 High—Shen Shicang, rumour has it that he has beef with Chen Yueyang  too.”

Hearing this, Lian Yuxing squinted his eyes, he scanned this new acquaintance from head to toe and then looked at the person standing behind him then asked, “Are you sure the two hate each other? It certainly doesn’t look that way to me...”

Chen Yueyang noticed that Lian Yuxing’s facial expression changed a few times, thinking that his enemy was about to pull a dirty trick he said, “Hey Lian Yuxing, if you want to fight, let’s fight right now!”

The two of them had bad tempers and the last time they met they were supposed to talk about a basketball match, but before even reaching a conclusion the two were already trading blows.

Lian Yuxing said, “Get lost, I came here for Chen Yueyang, not you.”

Chen Yueyang was still in Shen Shicang's body, but without a second’s hesitation he stood protectively in front of his own physical body, and said, “If you want to fight just come at me! Don’t you dare lay a finger on him!”

“Are you sure those two hate each other?'' asked  Lian Yuxing.

Meanwhile, the only thought all the bystanders had was “If you live long enough, you just might get a chance to see the strangest events unfold...”

All the students at the scene were left dumbfounded. The students from Experimental High were super shocked, maybe just a little taken aback, however the students of No. 1 High’s Class 12 were practically stupefied.

What had they just witnessed?

Shen Shicang had put his body on the line to protect their boss, he had even said, “Don’t you dare lay a finger on him!!!”

What kind of corny movie line was this? What kind of plot development was this?

Shen Shicang looked at the two who were about to fight, he sighed in his heart and when everyone was looking he asked, “Why do you two want to fight?”

Chen Yueyang responded in a split second, “Because he came here looking for a fight.”

Then Shen Shicang asked Lian Yuxing, “Why did you come to No. 1 High?”

Lian Yuxing’s aggression seemed to have been subdued by Shen Shicang ’s cool demeanor, he answered, “ Because of what happened in the basketball match last year.”

Upon hearing this Chen Yueyang was triggered, “It was clearly because your team was inferior!”

Lian Yuxing started losing his cool too, “Do you want to fight? Come on then!”

Shen Shicang  pulled Chen Yueyang  back and stood in front of him, then he told Lian Yuxing, “If you think the match was unfair, there’s no need to fight, let’s just have a rematch.”

Lian Yuxing and Chen Yueyang were surprised by this idea.

Shen Shicang continued to say, “Real men, get up where they fall.”

Lian Yuxing and Chen Yueyang both agreed on a rematch.

Shen Shicang raised his wrist and checked the time, he turned around to the Class 12 Students and said, “The afternoon break is almost over, let’s go back and get ready for class.”

Everyone was speechless.

In the end, the presidents of each school’s basketball team agreed on a date and time for the rematch that would settle the bad blood between the two schools. The date was, it would be ten days from today in the afternoon, the venue - No. 1 High basketball court.

Chen Yueyang kept thinking about those students in the Yan Zhong uniform and couldn’t pay attention to his teacher.

He lay down on his desk, took out his phone, placed it in his drawer and started to swipe aimlessly throughout the applications in his phone.

The strange thing was, the discussion group that was so busy was now surprisingly quiet. It had already been some time since the last post had been posted.

Chen Yueyang originally wanted to catch up with the latest gossip and trending topics, but there were none, seeing this made him feel bored again, thus he turned off his phone and started sleeping.

At this time, in Class 12 Shen Shicang was paying full attention to his teacher’s lesson.

He kept this up until the last period of the day, then he turned off the video recording function on his phone and sent a text to Chen Yueyang asking him to meet somewhere.

Because at the end of every Monday it was time for the Student Board Meeting, and now that Chen Yueyang was in his body, he had to take his place as the president and chair the meeting.

Lu Jiping who was sitting behind him asked, “Boss, where shall we have dinner tonight?”

Shen Shicang didn’t even bother looking at Lu Jiping and said while typing on his phone, “I’m going out for dinner with Shen Shicang tonight, don’t wait for me.”

Lu Jiping was baffled, to say the least…

Song Mingyan came and upon seeing Lu Jiping looking all puzzled, he asked what happened.

Lu Jiping repeated what his boss said to him, “Boss said that tonight he’ll be having dinner with Shen Shicang .”

Song Mingyan said to himself, It seems like the way he acted after class ended was so unlike him.

After sending the text, Shen Shicang got up from his desk and just walked past Lu Jiping and Song Mingyan before leaving the classroom.

The two cast confused looks at each other… their faces had the look of total confusion written all over them.

Song Mingyan raised his hand and aimed it at Lu Jiping’s face while saying, “Let me help you, this is not a dream, it’s real.”

Lu Jiping held his cheek where Song Mingyan had slapped him and cocked his head back into a neutral position, his eyes filled with fiery rage.

Song Mingyan turned around and ran as he said, “Old brother, there’s no need to thank me, it was my pleasure!”

Lu Jiping chased after him and said, “Oi Mr. Song! If I don’t kill you today! I’ll change my surname to yours!”

Guan Zhe, who was playing a game of Arena of Valor, looked at his two blood brothers and shook his head, “Senior year is too stressful, everyone is going crazy… everyone is mad…”

As he leaned against a doorframe, Chen Yueyang took out his phone and read the message Shen Shicang sent him.

In all honesty, he never thought that one day he would be having a meal with Shen Shicang .

During their freshman year, he had been Shen Shicang’s deskmate. Furthermore, as a naturally hyperactive and extroverted kid, he would often invite Shen Shicang out to eat but was always turned down.

Chen Yueyang raised his head and looked at his face through the eyes of Shen Shicang running towards him on the track.

Even though a full day had passed since the soul swapping, they still hadn’t adapted to their new bodies.

Chen Yueyang asked, “In the past, when I invited you out you never came, now you’re suddenly asking me out, what do you mean by this huh?”

Shen Shicang looked into his eyes for a split second then said, “The Student board will have its usual weekly meeting today, you must go.”

Chen Yueyang put his foot down, “I’m not going, I’m going to the internet cafe to play video games.”

Shen Shicang didn’t give two hoots about what Chen Yueyang was rambling on about, and continued, “After you reach the Student board meeting room, if there’s anything urgent call me, I’ll deal with it.”

“Hey! I told you I’m not going, didn’t you hear me?!”

Shen Shicang walked to the cafeteria and showed no signs of slowing down.

Chen Yueyang let out one last cry, “Hey!”

Shen Shicang stopped walking, but didn’t turn around and reminded Chen Yueyang about the basketball rematch, “Ten days from now, will you be able to go to the basketball competition?”

“Of course, who else would go if not me? You?...” Chen Yueyang suddenly stopped talking.

The deal they made with Lian Yuxing that day was that all the original players would play again that day, but now due to their body swap, if it really came down to it, of course Shen Shicang would have to play.

The question was... How many points would this nerd be able to score?

Actually… Does this nerd even know the rules of basketball?

Deng! Deng ! Dengg!!!

Shen Shicang  turned around and said, “If there’re any problems at the meeting, make sure you ask me. As for the basketball match, we’ll talk about it later in our room.”

To which Chen Yueyang said, “...Uh...okay.”

Shen Shicang , “Mmm.”

Chen Yueyang, Damn it I really feel like slapping that guy.

But he just thought about it, because slapping Shen Shicang would mean slapping himself.

Chen Yueyang walked into the Student board meeting room as he thought to himself, “What the heck...”

Just as he swung the door open, he caught sight of Vice President Yin Songye—the prefect who always reported Chen Yueyang’s acts of truancy. Yin Songye was currently putting down a whole stack of documents on the desk that belonged to Shen Shicang .

Yin Songye looked at the President and said seriously, “President, here is the final schedule for every association's activities this semester, please look through it.”

Chen Yueyang took a deep breath in, trying to summon up a Shen Shicang-esque vibe, but having spent too much time being the rebel, he just couldn’t emulate Shen Shicang .

But swapping souls was too illogical for the ordinary student so no matter how bad his imitation was of Shen Shicang nobody would really think much of it.

He sat down and started flipping through the forms. Then, he pushed the pile of papers away with a stone-like expression.

Next, he said, “I’m going to make a call first, please give me a moment.”

After a few seconds, the call was answered.

A few minutes passed, then all the “good” students of the student board watched silently as the school’s “cancer”—Senior Chen Yueyang appeared at the entrance to the student board’s meeting room.

What happened next shocked everyone in the room. The school ringleader nonchalantly entered the room, and walked up to none other than their three-time-back-to-back-rank-No.1 student president.

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