After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 6

One Chapter to close out 2021!!!

And instead of showing him the way out, their President pushed him into his own seat, placed a ballpoint pen in his hand before saying, “Here, help me look through these.”

The “good” students of the Student Board could only think of one thing, Uhm… excuse me???

But amongst all the members, the one who could hardly believe what was happening was Yin Songye. His eyes were locked on this surprise guest, and his frown deepened with every passing second. Not only was Yin Songye the student board’s vice president, but he was also the Head of Discipline. And since their junior year, he had worked with Shen Shicang on the student board.

On the other hand, Chen Yueyang would usually be the one late for class, the one who wasn’t wearing his uniform, or was getting into fights, skipping the self-study sessions. In other words, he was hardly one to shy away from doing something rebellious, so throughout the previous years, Chen Yueyang had always clashed with the discipline unit of the student board.

If the disciplinary teacher saw Chen Yueyang and gritted his teeth, then whenever Yin Songye saw him, his insides would simmer with rage.

In Yin Songye’s eyes, even though that punk scored well in his exams he would still amount to nothing more than a punk, the only reason he was accepted into No. 1 High was because of his family’s power and wealth, while all the students in the Student Board had to perform excellently in their primary schools and rely on scholarships—truly the real cream of the crop.

No. 1 High was not like the other public high schools in this area, it had some characteristics of a private school which had enabled it to multiply its size so rapidly in just a few years time.

Ever since the large injection of capital, there were naturally some kids of rich families who entered the school just to pass time.

But it was because of these cash cows that No. 1 High had the financial power to fund such development, which in turn attracted top students from outside their region to study there.

Among the top scorers on the Student Board itself, there were few who hailed from Beijing.  For example, Shen Shicang was from Hong Kong, Yin Songye was from Tian Jin, Tao Yiran the Arts and Humanities Unit leader was from Taipei, while the Head of Publicity, Ming Yue was from Guangzhou...

But it didn’t matter where they came from; they all couldn’t get along with a cancerous student like Chen Yueyang.

As Yin Songye looked at Chen Yueyang sitting in the president’s chair, he began to feel his blood boiling inside of him.

He couldn’t take it any longer and said, “President… we shouldn't let him look at student board documents, right?...”

As he said this, Yin Songye readjusted his glasses. Truth be told, he actually had harsher words for Chen Yueyang, but there were too many people present now, and he didn’t feel comfortable saying them in front of Shen Shicang either.

Initially, Chen Yueyang had one hand in his pocket, while the other was holding his weight up against the table. He had been focused on Shen Shicang who was reading through each and every form, watching closely as the latter used a red pen to make notes. When Yin Songye abruptly started speaking, he raised his head and looked towards Yin Songye.

Chen Yueyang knew this person well, for the numerous times that he had scaled the school wall, this boy’s red armband hand would be waving indignantly at him, as he shouted, “Chen Yueyang! Stop it right there! I’m reporting this to the head teacher!”

Ever since the second semester of his junior year, in order to avoid disappointing or causing his sickly grandmother unnecessary stress, not only had he begun to work on improving his results, he even started being selective about when he skipped class. Everything he did was to handle school as best he could, as he tried to prevent his class teacher or head teacher from visiting his home and making a mess. As for the students… Well they could do whatever they liked as far as he was concerned.

However, even though he had decided to turn a new leaf, Yin Songye still seemed like he had a bone to pick with him. He continued to spy on his every move, which annoyed Chen Yueyang a lot. Thinking about this, Chen Yueyang thought of a sneaky way to seek his revenge.

“Hey, Yin Songye!” He shouted.

Then he picked up a chair and sat back-to-front on it, he leaned one arm over the back of the chair and stroked his chin with the other, he tilted his head and said, “It seems to me that having too many important positions in this school is taking a toll on you, what’s more, it’s our senior year, we can’t let the student board affect your studies can we?”

Yin Songye was taken aback and struggled to find his words, “Pres… president… What do you mean?

Chen Yueyang smiled, then he reached over and leaned his arm around Shen Shicang’s shoulder, he looked at Yin Songye and said, “ How about you continue your excellent work as the Vice President, but as for that ever so demanding Head of the Discipline Unit position… How about we give that to Chen Yueyang?”

Tao Yiran who had been silent the whole time, couldn’t stand by and watch anymore, so she began to speak, her words soft and gentle in her Taiwanese accent, “Uhm… president, don’t you think that if Chen Yueyang becomes the head of Discipline it’ll be a bit… unsuitable…?”

“What do you mean unsuitable?” Chen Yueyang said, “Just take a look at him, he’s changed since the semester started! He’s now wearing his uniform neatly, not all of those weird clothes from before. His fringe is also combed tidily, and look how considerate he was during today’s lunch break, he didn’t butt heads with the people from Experimental High—those rasc… Cough… He didn’t exchange blows with those troubled teens from Experimental High. I feel he has improved leaps and bounds, and is very much suited for this job. What do you say, Chen Yueyang?”

Shen Shicang who was trapped in the body of this delinquent put on a cold face and slowly removed the arm wrapped around his shoulder, then he calmly looked at his old body and nodded in agreement. In his mind, the student board wouldn’t be able to function without him, so his nod was his way of showing agreement for what had just been said.

The Head of Publicity—Ming Yue was a pleasant girl in her junior year, she seemed to always have a soft spot for Chen Yueyang, and seeing that her President had mooted an idea that would benefit Chen Yueyang she supportively said, “Yes, I agree with this decision, let’s all give him a chance, and if we look at this positively it can even boost the capacity and efficiency of the Student Board.”

Chen Yueyang nodded his head, “Indeed, just look at your junior, I guess it’s true that young people are more far-sighted.”

As for the ones who knew Chen Yueyang well—Yin Songye and the other older seniors, they did not know how to respond.

Generally speaking, Shen Shicang’s persuasiveness was considered the top in the Student board, and when one added that to what Ming Yue had just said, everyone else started to nod their heads in agreement.

Chen Yueyang was beaming with joy on the inside, he and Yin Songye had been at it for so long, and it was the first time that he saw his enemy get so worked up yet not able to do anything about it.

He was over the moon, as he walked towards Yin Songye with a swagger. Then, he said, “Now, would you be so kind as to hand over that red armband of yours please?”

As he was saying this, he didn’t even wait for Yin Songye to respond and took it upon himself to strip the armband with the words ‘Discipline’ off Yin Songye’s arm.

But he just couldn’t figure out how to release the safety pin that kept it in place, in the end, it was the adept and nimble Ming Yue who helped him fasten the armband around Chen Yueyang’s arm.

As she put it on she said to him, “Chen Yueyang, I hope you work hard.”

Shen Shicang was still confused by what was going on, he looked at the armband and nodded, then he turned and stared at Chen Yueyang with a cold face.

Yin Songye had been unknowingly punished and was still in a state of shock.

He watched as his President seemed to have more vigour than before which made him feel uneasy.

Shen Shicang was undoubtedly good looking, he possessed a sort of visual that went beyond gender-defined attractiveness. His black pupils shone like stars in the night, with a flickering hint of warm light. Usually he would speak with great conviction and power, and this served as an unshakeable buff to his icy, dominant aura. However, if you looked at him from afar, one would pick up on this bookish-top-student vibe.

But the strange thing was, at present Shen Shicang didn’t have any of those traits.

Some people were just born fearless, and had that sort of special presence that others just couldn't imitate.

Yin Songye had a strong suspicion that their President was either on some sort of drug or under a spell, that was the only logical explanation for his sudden change of behaviour.

But what would shock him, even more, had yet to come.

As he watched Chen Yueyang continue to use that red pen to scribble on yet another form, immense shock filled his face and his eyes widened like saucers. In an even louder voice than before he exclaimed, “President! Chen Yueyang is scribbling on our documents!”

It was clear that Yin Songye had lost it.

The stressed-out Vice President looked helplessly at his leader, what he actually meant was, “Aren’t you going to do anything about it?!”

Tao Yiran walked over and picked up a few already-marked documents, “The final statistics table for the Treasury Department and the Youth League have already been marked over…”

Yin Songye, “We’re done for!”

Chen Yueyang looked at Yin Songye, then he sat back down and said lazily, “Why does everyone seem like your knickers are in a twist ’s your problem… just look at where he circled and drew, all those places have errors okay…”

Upon closer inspection, Tao Yiran and Ming Yue found what he said to be true, the place that Chen Yueyang had “scribbled” on were indeed the errors on the documents.

In an attempt to save face, Yin Songye snapped back, “Well, we can’t let him decide what’s wrong and what’s not!”

In an instant, Chen Yueyang  slammed his hand on the back of his chair in agreement, “That’s exactly right, in the future if there is anything to do with the Student Board, please do not bother me, you can direct your questions to… Chen Yueyang,” he almost got mixed up with the names, then he continued, “Treat what he says as though it is what I say, got it?”

Ming Yue, “Got it!”

Tao Yiran, “...ok…”

The rest of the room fell silent.

With Shen Shicang’s aid, the issues in the Student Board were resolved in no time.

Before Chen Yueyang left, he walked up to Yin Songye and reminded him of the importance of the new head of Discipline, after saying that he left the office.

After half an hour of the night self-study session passed, Chen Yueyang remembered the basketball rematch in ten day’s time.

He was about to head to the basketball court when Shen Shicang stopped him and said.

“Ming Yue likes you.”

Chen Yueyang was confused…

Then Shen Shicang added, “Don’t you know?”

Chen Yueyang started stuttering, “She never told me anything… how would I know?”

Shen Shicang continued staring at him as his face grew colder.

“Hey hey hey, stop looking at me like that, I’m not a playboy,” then Chen Yueyang  unconsciously took a few steps back before adding, “I mean, she didn’t even tell me that she likes me, you don’t expect me to go up to her and say ‘sorry I don’t like you’ right? so let’s just leave it at that.”

“In that case stop flirting with her then.” Shen Shicang’s voice had a different pitch this time, it was as if his words hung in the air, which was very different from his usual voice.

But Chen Yueyang didn’t notice this minor difference and explained himself, “When did I ever flirt with her? If she lets me off the hook when Yin Songye is around, I should rightfully help her when she needs my help.”

Chen Yueyang had met Ming Yue about half a year ago, she hadn’t joined the Student Board yet.

There was a time when Ming Yue’s family cat got stuck up in a tree and couldn’t come down, for someone as tall as Chen Yueyang all he had to do was raise his hands to bring the cat to safety. This was why after she joined the Student Board she let him off the hook countless times when Yin Songye wasn’t around.

Thus, whenever Ming Yue had some hard work to do, Chen Yueyang would always lend a helping hand.

Chen Yueyang didn’t think he did anything wrong. His upbringing didn’t allow him to just watch from the side as a small little girl that was barely 5 feet, tried to move a big blackboard all on her own.

Yet, Shen Shicang stared into his eyes for a while and stormed off without saying a word.

Still puzzled by what had just happened, Chen Yueyang patted his head, then he remembered the basketball rematch and chased after Shen Shicang.

Although Chen Yueyang was quick, Shen Shicang was no slowpoke either, and when he realized he was being chased, he hastened his stride.

Chen Yueyang shouted from behind, “Hey! Stop! You promised to practice basketball with me!”

Shen Shicang didn’t stop and continued to walk away.

Chen Yueyang stopped at the running track and looked at Shen Shicang’s fading image, he said to himself, “Okay, so this is how it’s going to be… first you want me to step in for you as the President of that dumb student board, now you won’t train with me…”

He tapped his uniform and felt frustrated as he thought about how Shen Shicang had forced him to wear this horrid uniform in the morning.

He shouted in Shen Shicang’s direction, “Hey! If you don't listen to me, I’ll take off your uniform!”

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