After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 7

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Chen Yueyang didn’t shout very loudly, but it was just loud enough for Shen Shicang to hear him.

Shen Shicang stopped dead in his tracks and looked back at Chen Yueyang, his face grew black and thunderous, and he started to breathe heavily.

It was a dimly lit night but as Chen Yueyang squinted his eyes, he could vividly see that the tips of Shen Shicang’s ears were red.

Chen Yueyang knew that his body had a few odd reactions to some things, for example, he could drink alcohol without getting drunk, but after just a few drinks his ears would turn red, but his face would never change color. This trait was very apt for someone as rebellious and mischievous as him, whether it be his parents teaching him a lesson or his teachers disciplining him he would never be red-faced, he was born that way.

Shen Shicang looked at him and said in a deep and vexed voice, “You wouldn’t dare…!”

Chen Yueyang paid little credence to what he said and walked up to Shen Shicang feet, then he let a smile spread across his face and he pulled on the uniform zipper as he challenged, “Owh we’ll see about that.”

Chen Yueyang took off the varsity jacket and threw it onto the running track, then with only his short-sleeved shirt on he took 2 steps back before he lifted the short-sleeved shirt in the air and waved it about, and just like that an indistinct image of Shen Shi Cang’s chiseled abs could be seen.

He chuckled and said to Shen Shi Cang, “I did warn you, you see, I don’t care like you do, not wearing clothes doesn't bother me the slightest bit.”

Yi Zhong’s basketball team didn’t have a coach, but that didn’t stop them from becoming the undisputed champions of their city. Besides their small forward - Chen Yueyang who was extremely skilled and talented in basketball, another integral cog in their team were their Big and Centre forwards, both of which were Harbinites (A ethnic group in China known for their strength and size.) and they both stood at an intimidating 6 ft 2.

The Northeastern people were very intriguing, they had this innate ability to be very open-minded, they would easily assimilate traits of outsiders or new people they met. Examples are but not limited to, lifestyles, dialect, etc.

During the summer, in order to stay cool during their training sessions, it was normal for the boys in the basketball team to train shirtless. After their sessions, they would tap each other’s abs or flab in some cases for the more chunky players as they enjoyed a nice meal at the kebab stall.

But this event was a bit foreign and alien to Shen Shiacang who was a Southerner.

And on top of that Shen Shicang would usually act in a very sophisticated manner, and he had a very conservative vibe, which is why Chen Yueyang had said what he said about being shirtless.

The moment he finished his sentence, Shen Shicang walked over, picked up his shirt with a sour face, and asked him to put it back on, which was exactly what Chen Yueyang had envisioned.

Shen Shicang said to him, “Please put on your shirt first.”

Chen Yueyang tilted his head to one side, let out a grin then asked, “So will you join me for the basketball training?”

They two of them tugged on the shirt, neither one showing signs of letting go, suddenly one of them lost their footing, and they ended up rolling around in a heap on the running track.

“Boss?!? Guan Zhe said.

As he said this he quickly turned on the flashlight on his handphone and aimed it at the duo.

When the two of them could be seen clearly, Guan Zhe and the other members of the basketball team gasped in shock.

They were met with the sight of their boss lying on top of Shen Shicang. On top of that, in his hand was Shen Shicang’s varsity jacket and Shen Shicang’s shirt was half on him, now his chiseled abs were on display for all.

At nine o'clock at night on the first day of school, the two groups met during an bizzare situation, which led to an awkward silence filling the atmosphere.

Shen Shicang reacted first by standing back up.

Then, Chen Yueyang stood back up, and snatched his jacket back from Shen Shicang, he suddenly felt that the cold night was chilling him to the bone.

He quickly put on his jacket and zipped it all the way up.

Guan Zhe snapped himself back into focus, he lowered his face which was bright red, then he stuttered, “Uhm… uhm… boss, we won’t be practising today, you two can carry on, we’ll be on our way…”

“Stop!” Chen Yueyang shouted.

He felt the need to clarify the situation, if he didn’t they might get the wrong idea, the type of idea that would make him lose his appetite and cause him insomnia.

Upon hearing this, the whole basketball team turned back and looked at him.

In the past they would never listen to anything Shen Shicang said, but what happened during the first day of school this year made everyone hypersensitive, and after seeing what the two had been doing just now, nobody could ignore Shen Shicang anymore.

To describe it in a cruder way, if they were a brood of bandits, then Shen Shicang would be the concubine that their boss had just struggled to conquere.

Guan Zhe replied, “Yes, boss is there anything you would like to tell us?”

He didn’t look at Shen Shicang who had shouted at him, rather he turned and faced his boss, before politely asking his question.

Guan Zhe meticulously studied his boss’s facial expressions, what he had noticed was that ever since the start of this year, his boss has been suffered from a bad case of Facial Paralysis, his boss hasn’t let out a single laugh this whole day, and now his face was stone cold, it almost resembled Shen Shicang.

Just as Guan Zhe was lost in thought his boss spoke, “Come to the court for training, tomorrow afternoon.”

“All of us?” Guan Zhe asked.

To which Shen Shicang said, “No, just the five players that played during the final.”

Guan Zhe nodded then left. The centre Wang Hao and the power forward Liu Yida were already beside him so he didn’t need to tell them, so after he returned to his dorm Guan Zhe relayed the message to Lu Jiping, as for Song Mingyan… that short stump had no place in any basketball team.

Now, there was nobody but Shen Shicang and Chen Yueyang left in the schoolyard.

Chen Yueyang felt a little guilty, but he didn’t know why.

He rubbed his nose then said, “Well, if that’s it then I’ll be heading back to our room…”

But suddenly he was stopped by one word that Shen Shicang said, “Basketball.”

It was only after he said this that Chen Yueyang remembered.

Chen Yueyang said, “Owh right, I forgot, so are you up for it? When me and my brothers go for our training tomorrow, don’t hide yourself anymore.”

As soon as his mind focussed on basketball, he completely forgot about the guilt he was feeling just now.

He took Shen Shicang by the arm and said, “Come on, let’s go to the court, I want you to show me what you’ve got, then I’ll give you some tips later at night.”

Chen Yueyang initially thought that a bookworm like Shen Shicang would be absolutely terrible when it came to physical sports, he might not even be able to find the 3 point line, but to his surprise Shen Shi Cang’s basketball skills were amazing.

His shooting, dribbling, fakes, layups were all executed with perfect teachnique.

But there was one thing about Shen Shicang’s playing style that bothered Chen Yue yang.

He was always very blunt with his words, so he asked Shen Shicang, “Hey you, why is it that your shooting technique is so similar to mine? Have you been spying on me when I train?”

In all honesty, it wasn’t just similar, his shooting technique was exactly identical to Chen Yueyang’s.

And now that Shen Shicang was in his body, it made Chen Yueyang feel as if he was watching himself play basketball.

Shen Shicang said, “I thought you said that when you shoot it’s ---”

“It’s textbook technique.” Chen Yueyang helped Shen Shicang finish his own tagline.

Shen Shicang said no more and cast a quick glance at him.

Which obviously meant, “I can better you in anything that can be found in a textbook.”

Although Chen Yueyang didn’t like the way Shen Shicang glanced at him, after seeing that his basketball skills were indeed executed with tip top form, he was mightily relieved.

The following day after lunch, Chen Yueyang rushed down to the court.

The other members of the team were already waiting.

The power forward Liu Yida, the centre forward Wang Hao, the point guard Guan Zhe ,the shooting guard Lu Jiping and the small forward was Chen Yueyang who was also the captain.

It had already been a month since they were crowned champions, although their holiday was a short one, but Chen Yueyang hadn’t played with his teammates the whole holiday, so he was visibly excited about finally being able to play with them again.

And it was his excitement that made him forget that he was in Shen Shicang’s body.

Chen Yueyang casually patted Liu Yida’s back and said, “Hey, you little rascal how come you seem taller? Have you been stuffing yourself the past holiday?”

Before the break Liu Yida was around 1.88 meters tall, Chen Yueyang was 1.82 meters tall just like Shen Shi Cang, so even if he was in Shen Shi Cang’s body the difference shouldn’t be that big, unless Liu Yida really did grow taller.

The easy going Northeast man was struck with shock, he pushed aside Chen Yueyang’s hand and asked, “What the hell are you doing here?”

After seeing the suspicious looks being cast at him by all his buddies, Chen Yueyang stiffened his arm.

Oh sh*t, he forgot he was in Shen Shicang’s body.

He lowered his hand in embarrassment and said, “I’m.. ugh.. Owh yes, your boss asked me to come, yes, Chen Yueyang asked me to come.”

To which Wang Hao curiously answered, “In that case, where’s our boss?”

Chen Yueyang said, “Well he’s in the Students Board…” After blurting out those words he quickly corrected himself, “He’s helping me with some things at the Student Board room, he’ll be here in no time.”

Lu Jiping asked desperately, “What things?”

Chen Yueyang frowned, why do these fools have so many things to ask now, I’ve never seen them so proactive in class before.

But he was in Shen Shicang's body now and he couldn’t slap them like he usually would, so he explained, “Yesterday, I appointed him as the new head of discipline, so there are some things he has to tend to, but don’t worry he won’t take long.”

The decision he made yesterday paid off, if he hadn’t appointed him as the new head of discipline then he wouldn't have had a good excuse.

But what he didn’t think of was that the excuse he gave was actually… very pathetic.

After hearing what he said, the four boys took a few steps back and started scratching their heads before sharing their 2 cents.

“Why do I feel that something fishy is going on?”

“Me too, I can’t even look boss in the eye anymore.”

“I can’t even look Shen Shicang in the eye! Let alone boss!”

“How should we greet him in the future?”

“Are you talking about Shen Shicang?”

“But of course, who else would I be talking about, let’s forget about how we used to hate his stone cold face last time, but now he and boss are forming a weird relationship with each other.”

“I think it’s not only weird, it’s a huge problem!”

“Then should we call him our sister in law then?”

“Of course you fool! We couldn’t possibly call him brother in law could we? Boss would kill you!”

Chen Yueyang didn’t know how to respond at this point...

Whoever first coined the term sister in law, better show himself!

Just as the debate was getting more and more heated, Shen Shicang showed up.

Guan Zhe took a few steps forward and shouted, “Boss!”

Shen Shicang calmly nodded his head, looked at Chen Yueyang then looked at the other four teammates before saying, “Let’s start.”

The four of them swiftly formed a single line and awaited their boss’s orders.

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