After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 8

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But to their surprise, their boss did not tell them what sort of training they would be doing today, instead, he turned to Shen Shicang and said, “Starting from today, he will be leading our training.”

Liu Yida/ Wang Hao/ Lu Jiping/ Guan Zhe, “Boss, are you serious???”

As Chen Yueyang saw his teammates making “Are you kidding me” faces, he frowned in frustration.

Although he was in Shen Shicang’s body, he still hated being looked down upon, thus he looked at the four of them and asked, “What’s the matter, do you guys have a problem with that?”

Liu Yida rubbed the back of his head and asked, “Ice… uhm, Shen Shicang, do you even know how to play basketball?”

After asking his question Liu Yida placed both his hands behind his back, he used his left hand to pinch his right just to remind himself to be more alert.

Because if he had called Shen Shicang “Ice cube face” in front of his boss, in these strange times, who knew what his boss would do to him…

Throughout the ages, wives had been used to decorate the facade, thus if you wanted to get married your blood brothers would definitely not accept her. Therefore, Liu Yida couldn’t be blamed for asking him that question. Because in reality the other three people on the court also had their doubts about Shen Shicang's basketball skills.

How could someone who had been praised by all his teachers for doing well in his exams, who had become the epitome of “The Model Student ” ever be able to match the basketball skills that they had acquired over years and years of blood sweat, and tears, skills that one could only gain by playing their hearts out in the scorching sun, or so they thought…

But in reality, Shen Shicang’s ability surpassed what they assumed of him, and what they didn’t know was that Chen Yueyang was in his body now.

Facing the taunts and jibes of his former supporters that used to hail him, Chen Yueyang was on a mission, “Today, let me put all of you in your places!”

“Let’s go, one on one,” Chen Yueyang said as he swaggishly spun the basketball on his index finger, he then raised his chin, and with confidence coursing through his veins he said, “I’ll take on all of you one by one, I need to score 5 points to win, you just need to score one.”

The words that came out of his mouth sounded too cocky for a bookworm, even his opponents were taken aback.

Wang Hao who had the worst temper, couldn’t hold himself back anymore, he rolled his sleeves up and walked up to Chen Yueyang, “Let’s not talk about who’s going to win and who’s going to lose, you’re telling me, you’re going to score 5 points against me?”

Wang Hao was the Centre of the team, during past competitions he had won an astonishing amount of rebounds, he was now being challenged by a measly bookworm, of course he would get mad…

Chen Yueyang clasped the basketball in his palm, he laughed at Wang Hao and said, “Enough said, are you game, or not?”

“Nonsense,” Wang Hao chuckled, “A walking skeleton like you, would last no more than 3 minutes against me.”

The other three members were fired up after hearing what Wang Hao said, the three of them secretly looked at their boss who as usual had a stone cold emotionless face; then they cheered their brother on.

Guan Zhe shouted first, “Go get him Hao Hao!”

The Northeast mountain of a man huffed and puffed in frustration, then he turned shook his arms and said, “Why don’t you shut up, you gaybo.”

The four of them then started trashtalking, until Chen Yueyang could wait no longer and blew past Wang Hao to score an easy lay up, which shut the four of them up.

And the moral of this story is, “ Never underestimate your opponent, because you will never know who that person really is.”

After 3 minutes, Guan Zhe shook his arms, he used a piece of chalk to write on the clay floor, he wrote the word “Shen” on the scoreboard, which meant that Shen Shicang had scored five points.

Chen Yueyang saw this and chuckled, then he threw the ball at Liu Yida saying, “ I didn’t even need three minutes to beat Wang Hao, I guess it’ll take me .... 5 minutes to beat you.”

Wang Hao was speechless

Liu Yida and Wang Hao went back many years, they had gone to the same primary school and had been friends ever since, seeing his own brother beaten so badly made Liu Yida’s blood boil.

Hence, after picking up the basketball, Liu Yida decided to play seriously.

He would not be beaten in front of his boss, by someone who had never been seen on a basketball court before!

But, after 3 minutes he too was defeated.

And the two remaining players, Lu Jiping and Guan Zhe were also completely dominated by him.

And such were the lives of teenage boys, even if they didn’t know you before, after one match of basketball, if they approved of your skills, it meant that they approved of you.

After beating all four of them, Chen Yueyang bounced the ball, raised his eyebrows and said, “So, what do you have to say now?”

“Owh you’re amazing, so amazing, utterly amazing!” Lu Jiping was always very straightforward, his eyes were gleaming in amazement, with all the blood rushing to his head he said, “I think even if he goes against boss, boss wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Guan Zhe could not let this slip and snapped back, “Watch your mouth fool, our boss is the best!”

As he said this Guan Zhe starred at Lu Jiping, the look in his eyes was actually saying, “How dare you say that in front of boss, do you not want to live?”

After being kicked Lu Jiping regained focus and his face immediately turned pale, he turned and looked at his boss.

Only after he confirmed that his boss was calm and cool, could he let out a sigh of relief .

But after hearing what Guan Zhe had to say, Chen Yueyang being Chen Yueyang rebuted, “What do you mean, are you saying I can’t beat him in a one on one?”

Even though he had tested Shen Shicang last night, he was just playing around with him, if he really played seriously he would destroy Shen Shicang.

Chen Yueyang once again totally forgot that Shen Shicang was in his body, he had aimed his discontent at the wrong person…

Liu Yida showed a lack of wit when he said, “So… brother Cang… what you mean is that you want to take on our boss, one on one?”

Rather unsurprisingly before finishing his question he was cut off by none other than Shen Shicang.

He said, “I’ll be heading back to class.”

In order to find the time to come to the court this afternoon he had left 2 maths questions unsolved, and they were due during the third period in the afternoon, he had to use the remaining time to finish them.

“Stop,” Chen Yueyang ordered, “At least dribble with the four of them to gain team chemistry.”

Shen Shicang frowned, he was just about to give his reason not to stay, when Chen Yueyang cut in.

“If you don’t stay and practice, I’ll… have you forgotten what happened last night?”

When he spoke, the tails of his eyes were slightly raised, and at this moment, there was a trace of sentimentality that was imperceptible in those the starry eyes that used to be cool like ice.

And this sentence carried along with it a hidden meaning, which made those who didn’t know that meaning feel a little bit.... Weird.

Shen Shicang thought about how Chen Yueyang had unclothed himself last night and couldn’t bear to see that sight again.

The other four people noticed how he reacted and knew that there was something fishy going on.

The last time Guan Zhe noticed their boss being so black faced was about a year ago…

That time, there was a gangster who came looking for trouble, and after Chen Yueyang landed a kick on him, he was left with a bloodied nose and swollen face, Chen Yueyang doubted whether the punk’s own mother could recognise him.

Then he sized up Shen Shicang, even though the two of them were about equal height and size, but he hadn’t heard any news of Shen Shicang fighting, if they were to compare basketball skills then Shen Shicang might have a glimmer of hope, but if they were to engage in a fist fight… Yi Zhong’s top scholar might just be heading to the emergency room.

But to everyone’s surprise, Yi Zhong’s ringleader didn’t beat the scholar lord to a pulp, instead he turned around and walked to the court slowly.

Then he picked up the basketball and said, “Let’s practice.”

The four people were stunned…

Huh? What? What just happened?! Boss, shouldn’t you have landed a left hook then a right jab on Shen Shicang’s face?

There was no left hook nor right jab…

The studious straight A scholar lord had succumbed to the threats of the School ringleader who threatened to take off his clothes in public, hence his only choice was to finish those 2 questions after the break was over, as for now he had to practice basketball.

This turn of events shocked everyone on the court, especially Guan Zhe.

Guan Zhe had been in the same class as Chen Yueyang ever since they entered highschool, he had seen firsthand how the two of them used to fight when they were still deskmates, but now, they just walked away without trading blows....  He was left jaw dropped.

After they had returned to their classrooms, Guan Zhe quietly dragged Song Mingyan outside the classroom and started to share his 2 cents.

Song Mingyan just shook his head, then he shared a thread from the secret discussion room via QQ to Guan Zhe.

Guan Zhe opened it and was shocked.

Title: The head of the Student Board dissed Chen Yueyang, saying he is a shameless cunning fox!

0 Lou : Boo Hoo

In the ancient times there was Yang Guifei (Famous Chinese Concubine), today we have Chen Yueyang! During the first day of school, our righteous and hardworking president of the Student Board, axed the then head of discipline who had worked meticulously these past two years, and appointed Chen Yueyang the school’s ringleader as the new head of discipline, the school’s coveted red armband that signifies integrity and discipline has now fallen into the hands of Chen Yueyang!

1lou : Anonymous

I have proof of the rumours! And you have missed out crucial bits of the puzzle, in fact for the past two days, all the work in the Student Board has been handled by Chen Yueyang, the forms that were passed up by all the respective departments were checked by him, even though there was no big mishap, but for a group of studious and academically inclined students like us, working with someone like him is just too much!!! I don’t know what was going through Shen Shicang’s mind when he allowed that delinquent  to meddle with our Student Board affairs.

Guan Zhe had seen enough and turned off his phone.

But there are some things that just can’t be unseen.

This post was quickly gaining hype and by the afternoon it went viral, amounting to a total of 20 pages worth of discussions.

The seniors of Yi Zhong had one more day's worth of lessons compared to their juniors, but during their Saturday classes, there was no night self study session which meant they were free after 5 p.m.

For someone who was so disinterested in studying like Chen Yueyang, every saturday morning his mind would fly far and high during lessons.

As he just barely made it through the whole day’s worth of lessons, he flew back to his dorm.

He packed his things and dashed out the door, but as soon as he reached the main door, Shen Shicang was waiting for him.

“Shoo shoo shoo, don’t block me I’m going home!” Chen Yueyang said as he frantically waved his hands at Shen Shicang.

Shen Shicang didn’t move an inch and said, “Our bodies haven’t changed back yet.”

Chen Yueyang was lost for words.

Goddamnit, he had forgotten again.

As he thought about his cozy home he sighed and said, “Okay, then just wait for me in the bedroom, after I bathe I’ll bring you back to my place.”

Shen Shicang didn’t understand him, “So we’re not leaving now?”

Chen Yueyang said, “ I want to have a bath! It’s been one week since I had one!”

Shen Shicang, “But what about last night… I thought you just bathed last night?”

To which Chen Yueyang said, “That was merely a shower, how could you call that a bath? A shower is just wetting yourself with water.”

Shen Shicang who only wet himself with water was speechless….

Chen Yueyang, “Owh whatever, it’s so hard talking to you Southerners.”

He shoved Shen Shicang aside and was heading outside.

It was at this moment that Shen Shicang thought about how horrific it would be…

A whole bunch of northerners butt naked! Fully unclothed! All together in the same hot tub, all looking at the same TV, while screaming and shouting as their favorite team scored a point.

… It was too terrifying.

He immediately grabbed Chen Yueyang’s arm, his eyes were already tearing up.

Shen Shicang, “ Can you… not go.”

Chen Yueyang, “...Huh?”

Shen Shicang, “ You can’t go.”

His voice was gentle yet deep, with an indescribable sense of shame.

Chen Yueyang turned his head to look at him, and was startled

He unexpectedly saw an expression on his own face that could not be described by words.

Chen Yueyang, “... I really am afraid of you.”

After sighing heavily, Chen Yueyang chose to accept his fate.

He seriously pondered that if he really used Shen Shicang's body to take a bath with a bunch of big naked men, watch some basketball and act like brutes, this guy with skin thinner than paper would cry...?

Chen Yueyang closed the door and said to him, "Don't show this expression on my face." Then, he turned around and went to the bathroom.

After Shen Shicang saw the closed bathroom door, the large weight in his heart finally fell.

However, twenty minutes later, the big rock split into countless small stones on its own, and fell all together, smashing his heart to the ground.

Because, Shen Shicang heard Chen Yueyang calling for him, “Come in! Come in and rub my back!”

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