I Want to Fall in Love After Getting Reincarnated as the Heroine on the Verge of a Bad Ending, but My OP Older Brother Won't Leave Me Alone!?

Chapter 1 - It's Much Different From What I Imagined (思っていたのと大分違う)

translated by myonnie

"...Ah, this is the heroine. Definitely the heroine's face."

When I woke up, I found myself in a strange room. I wobbled up and stood in front of the mirror in the spacious, luxurious room, only to find my own hair color and length had changed into something completely different from what I remembered, and I muttered so to myself.

I also remembered that my memory ended when a shelf full of otome games(1) fell on me.

Could it be that I had died? Sometimes I had the thoughts of wanting to die buried with my bias, but it was just an analogy. Who would've thought it would literally happen to me?

However, as an otaku who had undergone special training, I easily grasped my current situation. This must be the recently trending trope; reincarnation in another world.

"Whoa... This girl is really cute. I look like an idol."

Long brown hair and a small face. The bright peach eyes complemented well the pure white skin. A beautiful girl with the face of a beloved heroine looked back every time I face the mirror.

...Anyhow, what kind of world is this? All I understood was that both this room and my attire totally screamed, 'you're a noble lady.'

My exhaustion due to work and reality had me thinking that I wanted to reincarnate to another world from time to time, but I never expected that I would actually be in this position. It's making me kind of nervous.

Perhaps a sparkling, fulfilling life with popularity was waiting for me. In the midst of my excitement, I looked around and found a few books.

"Rene Wainwright..."

That's what was written on the cover of the nearby notebooks. That should be the name of this body's owner. But it didn't ring any bell.

In the first place, I never bothered to remember the names of the heroines of each game. Because I always entered my own name right after the opening scene. I wouldn't remember it unless I really liked the game or the game was adapted into anime.

I had a nagging feeling that I recognize this face, but I still couldn't remember. Turning off the heroine's face on the game screen to immerse myself in the game turned out to be a bad decision. And I only focused on the face of the capture target in CGs(2), which was probably another cause of my current problem.

Having played hundreds of otome games over a long period of time, most of them blurred into one except for the ones I especially like. Well, I didn't even know if this was an otome game in the first place.

I began to think about what I should do next...

"Lady Rene, you've woken up...!"

A beautiful maid entered the room and said so. After all, the name still didn't remind me of anything. And the memory of this body's owner was almost nonexistent.

When I asked my name to the maid as a confirmation, she responded with a face of utter shock, like the world was ending soon.

"No way. My Lady, did you lose your memory after falling down the stairs...?"

"I fell down the stairs?"

"Oh, so you don't even remember that...!"

She eventually introduced herself as Rosa with a tearful face, and she told me that I had been unconscious for the past two days.

"...Hey, do you know a girl with blonde hair?"

And suddenly, the image of a blonde girl looking at me with a smile the moment I fell down the starts popped into my mind. Could that be the memory of this body?

"Yes, that must be Lady Jenny. She's Lady Rene's younger sister, though you're both of the same age. She's a very beautiful person."

My younger sister, but we were both of the same age. Things began to seem complicated. But hey, I couldn't remember the face clearly, and why would someone smile when they saw their sister fall down the stairs? It must be a different person.

I should ask Rosa more, I thought, but I suddenly heard a voice calling my name.

"Rene. So you're awake."

I moved my eyes in the direction of the voice, only to hurt them with an extremely dazzling sight; a handsome man standing at the entrance of the room.

Slightly curled platinum hair and clear blue eyes. His body parts were arranged in such a precise way of defining beauty, at the level that no one would deny his attractiveness in real life. More than a human, I rather refer to him more as a work of art. I couldn't stop myself from admiring his extremely well-proportioned face. Seeing me like that, he frowned.

"What's wrong with my face?"

"Uh, it looks familiar, but also not..."


I spontaneously muttered to myself, and it only deepened the man's confusion.

"Lord Julius. Lady Rene seems to have lost her memory due to the shock of hitting her head."


The handsome man called Julius covered his mouth and stared at me again. Receiving the gaze of such a handsome man almost made me embarrassed, but it was clear that my reaction turned him off.

"Rosa, who is this...?"

"Lord Julius is Lady Rene's older brother."


Even the knowledge of my siblings alone was already too much to take in. Turns out I had a good-looking brother and sister. Somehow, I felt like we didn't look similar at all.

"Anyhow, I will call the doctor immediately."

After telling me that, Rosa left the room, leaving me with him. The older brother hadn't gotten over his confusion yet.

I guess that's normal. Her younger sister suddenly had amnesia and behaved like an embarrassed maiden just by staring at him, so naturally, he would react like that.

Before long, he was the first one to speak.

"You really lost your memory?"

"Um, yes."

"You're not lying because you don't want to school?"

"...Err, what do you mean?"

Not wanting to go to school? What was that?

Tilting my head to the side, I wondered. For some reason, the man's face was now with a tangled mix of awkwardness, before he added.

"You jumped down the stairs after getting bullied."


Those unexpected words blew away the buoyant feelings I had until now in an instant.

...My sparkling life, hadn't it ended before it even started?

  1. Otome game, 乙女ゲーム; a story-based game that's targeted towards women. The general idea of the game is to develop a romantic relationship with the male characters as the heroine/main character. Gotta catch all those handsome, pretty men!
  2. CG (computer graphic), スチル (still image); a set picture featuring the love interest and sometimes the main character in a pose. Players get them from special events after passing certain points or certain requirements. You know, the kabe-don scene! The kiss scene! The unprotected hand-holding scene!

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