I Want to Fall in Love After Getting Reincarnated as the Heroine on the Verge of a Bad Ending, but My OP Older Brother Won't Leave Me Alone!?

Chapter 5 - Even The Mobs' Face is in an Entirely Different League (モブですら顔面偏差値が高すぎる)

translated by myonnie

A foreign language wasn't something that one could master overnight.

That’s why I thought I would be accused of cheating, but my classmates only stared at me in total disbelief.

...I later learned that students wouldn’t be able to cheat in this academy. As expected from the best magic academy in the school.

Anyhow, after discovering that I had some kind of reincarnation cheat, I was honestly on cloud nine. I decided that I should go to the library later and see if I could read other languages.

With this, it might be easy to get out of F-rank. Turns out it was too early for me to be excited.

“I-I don’t get this at all...”

I didn’t understand a single thing in the next magic class.

I didn’t even know the meaning of the terms that came up. How could I know what I didn’t know? After that, I sincerely reflected that I shouldn’t get carried away by pretending to be a heroine.

That being said, I was always good at studying. Though I wasn’t that bright, I had confidence in my ability to cram efficiently.

Let’s study hard for now. Having decided so, I continued to frantically copy the ciphers lined up on the blackboard into my notebook.


Lunch break came after finishing four classes. Thinking that it would be troublesome to get involved with the bullies, I ran out of the classroom as soon as the chime rang.

I had confirmed that there was a tuck shop in the academy where students could buy supplies. I knew that making friends as an F-rank would be quite a hurdle, so I decided to buy bread after a while and eat it in a vacant classroom.

Today, let’s go to the library. I didn’t have much time until the next exam. I should cherish every minute and every second with a productive lunch break. While making such a plan, I headed for the shop.

And on the way, I saw Prince Theodore walking in front of me. The blue-haired, beautiful young man with glasses next to him looked somewhat familiar. He might be one of the love interests.

It was a chance to increase my favorability (my magic power), so I decided to thicken my face and talk to Prince Theodore.



But I was too enthusiastic and my voice came out louder than I expected. Not only the two of them, but the other students around me also looked at me with a look full of disapproval.

Naturally, the prince was still ignoring me. It was already suspicious that this method would really increase my favorability, but looking at this situation, having a conversation with him was impossible without a doubt. And I know there’s no helping it.

Still, it was embarrassing. I laughed it off and tried to leave the place as quickly as possible, but...


All of a sudden, someone hugged me from behind. The female students around us let out a shriek.

This overly sweet bass voice... of course. Only one person would do this kind of thing.

After struggling to get out of his arms, there was Julis, who I last saw a few hours ago.

“Ah, Brother...!”

“Ahaha! Why are you calling me that?”

He laughed, amused, as he told me that my hair was messy. Which irked me. He was definitely making fun of me right now.

“You can call me ‘Sister’ too.”

“I never thought of you as my sister.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Turns out I was too much of a failure that he didn’t even think of me as his younger sister. If that’s the case, then I didn’t have to involve myself with him any further.

I got even more attention from the people around us because of him. I knew it. Seems like he was popular with female students. They were glaring at me for some reason. But I was his sister! So many things were wrong in this world.

“Eh, little sister? It’s rare to see Julius talk to you.”

Someone approached us from behind my brother. The moment I saw his face, I unconsciously gasped. Light purple, silky hair. Golden eyes like the sun. Well-shaped lips with a straight nose bridge.

His figure hit me right through my heart. He was totally my type. Even his gentle voice and kind aura fitted my preference for men, and I found myself enchanted by him deeper and deeper.

This character definitely wasn’t in the game. Because if he was featured on the package, I would definitely pick him as my first target love interest.  Too scary. The standards of the mobs’ faces in this world were crazy high!

“Are you okay?”

“Y-Yes, I’m fine. Pardon me...!”

When I was thinking about such a thing, he brought his face closer to mine, looking anxious. That’s bad for my heart, so please stop.

However, I wouldn’t fall in love or make him my bias just because I liked his appearance. For now, let’s secretly delegate him to be a feast for my eyes...

“What? Have you fallen in love with Arnold?”


Julius put his arms around my shoulders with a mischievous smile and pulled me close. A sweet scent tickled my nose.

“You tried talking to the prince this morning and just now, didn’t you? Since when did you become such a fickle woman, hm?”

“Y-You’re wrong!”

I interacted with the prince because I had to. And if you put a handsome man who fitted all your preferences that went beyond three dimensions, everyone would be spellbound at least a little. It was force majeure!

Anyway, I had no time to deal with this older brother of mine right now. It was when I decided that I should run away after telling him that I didn’t want him to get involved with me too much.

“...Brother Julius...?”

The moment I saw Jenny there, glaring at me, I gave up on having a peaceful and productive lunch break.

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rip rene... ww she traded all her luck to be isekai-ed to otome game (albeit a shitty one)... at least there's yoshida this time!!!!! im so excited ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

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