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BAHRO - Chapter 10

After changing clothes, Ziche Duan Yuan turned around and saw Pei Bu Fan. Who buried himself in the bed and wished to plunge into him? But he only hid his head, exposed the black buttocks and tails outside it. It seemed aware of Ziche Duan Yuan gaze. His black head cautiously rubbed inside, and the tail tossed around the body, and the squatting body seemed to say, ‘you can’t see me, you can’t see me.’

Ziche Duan Yuan was amused. He grabbed Pei Bu Fan’s tail with one hand and pulled it out quite rudely. Pei Bu Fan was like dead, silent, his eyes were tightly closed, and his limbs were weak. His soft body was being pulled out by Ziche Duan Yuan, felt like pulling a corpse in general.

Pinching Pei Bu Fan’s tail, Ziche Duan Yuan said, “Speak.”

Pei Bu Fan pretended to die.

“Squeak.” Ziche Duan Yuan threatened, “Otherwise, shaving.”

I’m dead! Let go of my hair, okay? It’s bothering you wherever you say it!

Listening to Pei Bu Fan’s burst of exasperated meow, Ziche Duan Yuan helpless shake his head, “I don’t understand.”

Pei Bu Fan, ‘Then you told me to say a wool?!’ (╯‵□′) ╯︵┻━┻

“Is it literate?” Ziche Duan Yuan asked, since they know each other closer now, they could talk without words.

Pei Bu Fan nodded quickly, and he had long wanted to say the matter. Ziche Duan Yuan said, ‘wait’ and went out to pick up the book. Half an hour later he came back, with a mountain of books in his hand.

Pei Bu Fan was so excited when Ziche Duan Yuan opened the page and was dumbfounded when he saw the familiar block.

All of this special thing was xiaozhuan a!(?)

When he wrote the text, he did set the old words, but the special one didn’t say that it was old to this extent!

This was the word of the Qin Shihuang era!

How can this special one understand it?

Hey, wait! Not all of them could be understood by him, some fonts were written differently than they were now, but the strokes haven’t changed much.

That word… in the middle! And that one is… all! There are pages! Right!

Other than that… Oh!

Do you know how to use these words?

Ziche Duan Yuan’s still looking toward Pei Bu Fan. Pei Bu Fan looked back at him.

Ziche Duan Yuan: “…understood.” Then he quickly picked up the book, but didn’t set it back, but placed it neatly on the table. Then take out another thin one: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, I will teach you.”

Didn’t say that like he’s an idiot! You ask him and his modern people in the world, apart from the brush-sentence fans, do you know a few of them?

The stroke of the word wasn’t too much too complicated ah! How many people would use it, except to write about the occasional outfit or decorate it as a wall?

This wasn’t really his fault!

“From today, learn the text two hours a day.” The sooner you read, the sooner they can communicate. Ziche Duan Yuan touches Pei Bu Fan’s tail: “Flexibility’s good, use it to hold the pen later.”

Pei Bu Fan:_(:зゝ∠)_

In the pain of Pei Bu Fan, which was started unilaterally by Ziche Duan Yuan, living in the room of the Gong Yi wasn’t very idle.

From the time he arrived at the home, he began inquiring about the power branch of the middle world, the power of the sub-car family, and Ziche Duan yuan this man and his so-called ‘ lovers ‘.

There were five major overhauls in the middle world, respectively, the richest rich man. The most powerful cultivation fanatic enemy, the most extensive site had a home, as well as with the real door pie involved in the thyme and the most mysterious God farmhouse. And he was now the richest son of a place, the man was the most bullish descendant of the son of a car family, Ziche Duan Yuan. Thinking of this, Gong Yi couldn’t help but lament his good life. Unexpectedly able to meet him in the secret of the lower bound, and he was brought to the middle world. It’s best to be a partner of this man and then must rely on it…

The thought of this Gong Yi frowned and remembered the man he had seen in the front yard who he thought was Ziche Duan yuan companion. But according to the waiter, Ziche Duan Yuan’s parents were very optimistic about Zhong Yan Qing and have the idea of a partner contract for the two. Ziche Duan Yuan himself also didn’t object. It seemed that Ziche Duan Yuan didn’t accept him probably because of Zhong Yan Qing’s relationship.

Gong Yi, who was placed in the guest room, succeeded because Zhong Yan Qing was attracted to attention and became a shield. If it weren’t for this, Ziche Duan Yuan wouldn’t be so polite to Gong Yi, and the maids would misunderstand.

When Zhong Yan Qing knows the existence of Gong Yi, his heart was quite uneasy.

I don’t understand why Ziche Duan Yuan’s attitude towards him suddenly fell down in a few days, there’s still some meaning between the two so to suddenly see him as a stranger and even fight him in the secret. Where did he do what he was sorry for Ziche Duan Yuan? Zhong Yan Qing suddenly has a lingering heart; it wouldn’t, was that thing discovered? If this was the case, Ziche Duan Yuan had a spiritual explanation for his later attitude. No matter how tangled he was, he only knew the identity background of Gong Yi. The rest was still ignorant.

Ziche Liang Xing was meditating in the house to practice. Suddenly he heard the servant outside the door whispered to report Zhong Yan Qing arrival. He slightly opened his eyes, eyebrow slightly provoked.

Zhong Yan Qing, this person he never been like, but his cousin Ziche Duan Yuan has even made him disgusted. Obviously, there is a single root of water that others can’t admire. Behavior and heart were still like children who have not grown up. They were uneasy in their cultivation. They don’t know how to expand their connections in interpersonal relationships. They often hear, swore words and offended people everywhere. For this inferior cousin, the patriarch of his established future car family could be said to be struggling, and there’s no mention of good words, but the other party was a stinky stone, and nothing can be heard. Even arrogantly, he’s arrogant in his words and deeds.

The patriarch candidates in the family must have a spiritual root, in the eyes of the self-cultivator. Ordinary people were only ants, so even if they have talents, they can only be a military division. Without enough power, they couldn’t lead a family. Especially one of the five major families in the middle world. However, it wasn’t very qualified, the qualifications are too good to be registered in the upper bound and fly into the immortality. And such a character was usually a position of elders in the family, which could be called the dependence of the big family.

The best-qualified Ziche Duan Yuan became a backer, smart and sociable, and became a patriarch. He two supported each other to aid the family grow. This was the expectation of the older generation. Can Ziche Duan Yuan be that piece of material? Ziche Liang Xing thought of this on the heart stuffy, don’t say it’s for the future of the family. If he didn’t bother with the trouble, he would thank him. In the middle of the Tanlingen was indeed rare but not, Ziche Duan Yuan qualifications were remarkably good but not the top. The reason why the five families become a family, which family wouldn’t possess a few upper-bound immortals behind the back? It wasn’t easy to accidentally get into trouble. All the more with the enormous family, there were many things to be prepared and treated with caution.

Ziche Duan Yuan, pig teammate!

To make this pig teammate not to pull back at the crucial moment, Ziche Liang Xing specially encountered a person to observe him. This person wasn’t someone else, its Zhong Yan Qing.

Ziche Liang Xing believed Zhong Yan Qing was a very qualified person. Although his heart wasn’t excellent, he’s a diligent worker, and his luck was good. People who’re lucky were customarily people taken care of by the heavens, such people cannot become enemies even if they are not friends. Furthermore, the other party seemed to express a slight interest in Ziche Duan Yuan.
Hence, Ziche Liang Xing uncovered an opportunity to talk to Zhong Yan Qing. The thing he wanted Zhong Yan Qing to do was very simple. It’s to hook up on Ziche Duan Yuan, involved with Ziche Duan Yuan, it’s best to let Ziche Duan Yuan repair. The concrete road was slow and even stopped. The stronger the strength, the greater the trouble caused would cause him. Ziche Liang Xing didn’t mind raising a younger brother who didn’t possess much ability. But he couldn’t have a half-study martial art with one shot, and finally it’s a big trouble to attack.

And how much selfishness there is, it’s equally understandable to the child.

Or hand over the resources allocated to Ziche Duan Yuan in the family to Ziche Duan Yuan. Let Zhong Yan Qing took him far away.

Ziche Duan Yuan This man, he didn’t want to direct any attention.

However, when he was still in the home. The man’s business, as the patriarch of the next family really couldn’t be ignored.

Converging the breath of the body, tidy up the clothes, let the maid invite Zhong Yan Qing to the living room.

The maid served two cups of tea.

“Have a taste.” Ziche Liang Xing’s face hung a smile:” This is from the upper bound…”

“I have something very important to do!” Zhong Yan Qing’s hand that at the cup of tea did not look at it and directly interrupted the words of the Ziche Liang Xing.

Ziche Liang Xing sip tea action down, smile slightly picked up, for Zhong Yan Qing reckless and disrespectful behavior wasn’t a very happy.

“Duan Yuan, he brought a boy back, do you know?” Zhong Yan Qing asked with concern.

“Boy?” Ziche Liang Xing puzzled, these days he has practiced in the room, although he had already begun contacting the family, but the time was also relatively limited. And Ziche Duan Yuan back only a few days, also did not make too much movement, so he wasn’t very clear.

“Where did the boy come from?” asked Ziche Liang Xing.

“The lower bound.”

As soon as he heard that it’s the lower bound, Ziche Liang Xing nervous nerve immediately relaxed down, even if it’s a strong robbing of the male, the boy who came from the lower bound didn’t get in the way. Strong to the nether of the juvenile was also no harm. Maybe the other side will feel grateful.

“But the boy’s identity is special.” Zhong Yan Qing immediately said that when he saw that Ziche Liang Xing did not take it to the heart. “He was taken seriously by the real person and is expected to receive the boy in Fuchu next year.”

Hearing the heavy word, Ziche Liang Xing’s eyelids began jumping up. This Ziche Duan Yuan really loved to cause trouble.

The real people who were re-improving the real people are only Yuan Ying. In this world where the Yuan Ying was in the middle world, it wasn’t a high person. The other party’s already old and may be dead at any time. But the problem lied in the backer of the other side.

There were five major families in the middle world, and there were seven major sects. One hundred families could become one of the five major families. The first of the seven masters of the martial art were founded by the people of the Baili family. The founder has a lifelong admiration for leisurely cultivation, not fighting, and focusing on cultivation, so the martial art name is also simple and leisurely. Although the current Youmen has little to do with the Baili family, from the perspective of the self-cultivators of the Baili family, the connection between the two sides has not decreased, but it has become closer.

That heavy real person is a great disciple of an elder of Youmen. Although the man’s reputation wasn’t good, how could he not have a few mice as a master of cultivation?

Even if that mouse didn’t recruit Youmen to see but has never done the thing of deceiving the ancestor of the teacher. The body also hangs the sign of Youmen. No right matter and who was wrong, it is necessary to give a Youmen a bit of face.

“I will deal with this matter.” Ziche Liang Xing put down the teacup: “You just leave it alone.”

Zhong Yan Qing didn’t want him to help, but he was anxious: “But now Duan Yuan ignores me…”

“This is your problem.” Ziche Liang Xing interrupted: “Nothing more withdraws.” The dawn already come by.

Zhong Yan Qing grit his teeth and leave.

Ziche Liang Xing looked at the man’s exasperated back, thinking inside. Said to the maid around him, “After I finish meditating, tell me everything that happened to the two.”
The author has something to say: Zhong Yan Qing: Ziche Liang Xing! Duan Yuan, he licked me again today!

Ziche Liang Xing: Ziche Duan Yuan has a bad temper, don’t talk against him this time, first bow down to apologize. As for the mistakes, what’s wrong? If you want to change it, it’s all secondary.

Zhong Yan Qing: Oh.

Zhong Yan Qing: Ziche Liang Xing, Duan Yuan, he was picked up by a beautiful boy today. Some men wanted to seduce him. I want to swell it!

Ziche Liang Xing: Don’t inquire him directly, your relationship is not clear yet. But you mustn’t do anything. Would the expression of grievance be, or would the expression of resentment be? Do it a little more obvious. After satisfying his vanity, he wouldn’t be interested in that kind of boy.

Zhong Yan Qing: Oh.

Zhong Yan Qing: Ziche Liang Xing! Duan Yuan brought a drifting boy back today! Ignore me and hit me!

Ziche Liang Xing: …

Ziche Liang Xing: (╯‵-′) ╯︵┻━┻ this Lord wasn’t Your love consulting expert!

Who’s the person who knows the most about Ziche Duan Yuan? → →Ziche Liang Xing!

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