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BAHRO - Chapter 2 part 2

He was suddenly touched ‘there’ by someone but- but being touched by such a handsome man, Pei BuFan was not angry at all.


The reaction was like a straight man being touched by a beautiful goddess… Aside from provoking a reaction, it did not bring any bad feelings.


It was a pity… that he was a kitten, or a cub.


Completely powerless.


Even if he was powerful, he was not brave.


Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been twenty or so bars that he did not dare to go.


The system panel was called out and he saw that the task had been completed. There was a blue ribbon in the small package that read ‘Cute meow meow bell collar 1/4’. Was he going to collect and synthesize materials?


No way was he going to synthesize this damn thing!


Even if … even if there were attribute bonuses he still refused!


ZiChe DuanYuan entered the room angrier than before, the first thing he saw after opening the door was Pei BuFan rolling around on the bed. Evil from the heart, he walked over and held down the small belly lying on its back, not letting him roll over.


Pei BuFan was shocked. He twisted around, the protagonist did not let go. He twisted around again and the protagonist loosened his hand, but still did not let go.


Even if it was the protagonist, the handsome protagonist, don’t torture people… don’t torture a kitten!


After a long time, Pei BuFan gave up, he softly meowed a few times and the protagonist finally let go. Then, he held Pei BuFan in his arms and comforted him.


He just went to see Zhong YangQing, his future partner.


The cultivation world was made up of the Higher, Middle and Lower realms.


The Lower realm was the lowest place; most of the people there were normal or Rogue cultivators and the spiritual energy was thin. No matter if it was cultivators or Demonic cultivators, no one was willing to stay there.

The Middle realm was where cultivators and practitioners lived. This was also where ZiChe DuanYuan was born.


And lastly, the Higher realm. It belonged to those who have ascended to immortality as well as the living place for the immortals. Going further up would be the Divine realm. Unless you were blessed, you could not get into this realm. It was difficult for the Divine realm to communicate with the lower three realms, becoming a god was also very hard so to the lower three realms, the Divine realm was only a myth.


People go to greater heights and water flows to lower places^. Those in the Lower realm wanted to squeeze through to the Middle realm and the cultivators in the Middle realm desperately wanted to fly to the Higher realm.


Zhong was no exception. He who was born in the Lower realm inherited an old practitioner’s legacy in his childhood, and touched the doors to cultivation.He was qualified and very good in addition to hard work, he transformed from a beggar boy into a well respected cultivator. Then he happened to meet ZiChe DuanYuan’s father who came to the Lower realm by chance and climbed into the back door of the ZiChe home and successfully stepped into the Middle realm.


Cultivators went against the sky, so it was difficult to produce offspring naturally. Especially if the cultivator husband and wife wanted a child, it may not be possible to have one after thousands of years.


People who stepped into the world of cultivation could only become the one the family relied on, it was difficult for a family to pass on the bloodline.


ZiChe DuanYuan was an exception, both his parents were cultivators yet they were able to give birth to him.


It was expected that he was the family’s most favored child.


However, this caused him to develop a naive character who did not understand the world.


ZiChe DuanYuan’s good mood because of Pei BuFan started to drop.


That man probably thought he was easy, pretended to be good and desperately pursued him.


After all, his sexuality was never a secret.


In the cultivation world, man and man, woman and woman was very common. They had long lives and there was no rush to continue the bloodline, cultivators tended to be more wanton.

“You really are carefree.” He looked at the kitten biting his fingers, ZiChe DuanYuan chuckled. The kitten’s teeth had not grown out yet, it’s pink gum was soft to touch.


Today, Zhong YangQing confessed to him.


It was this time that the other party suddenly wanted to become his partner and had to go to the Secret Territory to prove his strength.


In his last life, that was how he fell in love. After seeing Zhong YangQing come back half-alive just to pick a Vermilion Fruit to prove his never changing heart, how could he not be moved?


Speaking of Zhong YangQing, he really had a good life. No matter where he went, what he bought, he would always pick up something good.


After he came back from the Secret Territory, he fished a lot of good things other than the Vermilion Fruit but threw away half a life because of it. But he hid it and didn’t let him find out, until a woman told him…


However in this life, all these good things belonged to him.


He looked at the kitten in his hand, the Nether Bird that belonged to Zhong YangQing turned into a small chai cat. He suddenly had no more confidence.


“Maybe I’m not the beloved child of heaven.” ZiChe DuanYuan sighed.


Pei BuFan snorted, if you weren’t then who?


The ZiChe DuanYuan who came back from rebirth to get rid of the scum male had opportunities scattered like peach blossoms. Not only did he play his way from the Lower realm to the Middle realm then into the Higher realm, he finally  hooked up with the Divine realm BOSS.


Of course, after the Higher realm, he fell into a pit. The story line of the Divine realm was just an outline in his head.


ZiChe DuanYuan, this was the first gong under his pen!

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