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BAHRO - Chapter 4

The Secret Void Territory was in the Lower realm, it was a pocket dimension created by nature. It had many spiritual plants, medicinal herbs and magical beast eggs.


And the dangerous depths of the territory was where the Vermilion Fruit grew.


The Vermilion Fruit sprouted double branches, double leave and double fruit, other than providing spiritual energy when eaten it had no other use. But because of the way it grew in pairs, it was also called BingDi Fruit[note]BingDi means plants that grew from the same base, which was used here to symbolize companionship.[/note], which was often picked by skilled practitioners to please their partners.


Because the place it grew in was dangerous, it could also prove your strength to your partner at the same time.


This was exactly Zhong’s goal. For a long time, he was in the Middle-stage, the cultivators in the Lower realm were basically still at the qi condensation stage. Even if they were at the foundation establishment stage, they would still be unable get the items in the Secret Void Territory or see them at the very least. He was in no danger there. When he heard that ZiChe DuanYuan liked men, he considered the possibility of hooking up with him, although he has no feeling towards the same sex, he could still pretend. Ever since he followed ZiChe DuanYuan’s father to the Middle realm, he coveted the ZiChe family’s secrets and resources. He originally hoped that ZiChe DuanYuan’s father would accept him as a disciple, but who knew that he had no plans to take in any disciples? That was when he had moved on to another thought, it was not too late to make plans for the both of them. ZiChe DuanYuan had a bad temper, other than himself, no one would be able to stand living with him. ZiChe’s parents also had a good impression of his because of his ‘good temper’.


From his deliberate ambiguity to his subsequent confession, he was now in the lasts step of his plan. Until he got the Vermilion Fruit with ‘half a life’ hanging, then confess again with mutual loyalty, ZiChe DaoYuan was an easy target.


Pei BuFan was clung onto the protagonist’s shoulders in fright, his big eyes cautiously looked at the large green bee tied by a string of Tian silk. The other end of the Tian silk was tied to the protagonist’s index finger.


This was called a Jade bee, just like it’s name, it’s body was green. Their characteristic was to recognize the nest, no matter how far away it was, it would still be able to smell the hive and fly straight back home. If the nest was destroyed and scattered, it would follow the nearest scent of honeycomb.


Before Zhong YangQing left, ZiChe DuanYuan told the maid to hand Zhong YangQing a peach charm to wear when he was in the Secret Territory.


In reality, it was not the peace charm that ZiChe DuanYuan wanted to give to Zhong YangQing, it as the beads beneath the jade charm that were made of Jade Bee honeycomb!


The bee made a buzzing sound. Pei BuFan retreated his small paws, his hind legs moved back and he almost fell.


ZiChe DuanYuan laughed and picked up the black cat. He pinched it’s tender paws, “Don’t be afraid, it won’t attack you.”


He certainly did write that that it did not attack, but who wouldn’t be afraid after they see a large bee? Especially since his own body wasn’t much bigger than the bee.


[Task: Please lead the protagonist to find his first ‘bucket of gold’

Completion reward: 100 Experience

10 Gold coins

1/4 Cute meow meow bell collar

Failure penalty: Obliteration]


Pei BuFan: …


Did those two words have to bite so hard?


Why couldn’t he just be a cat that did nothing but eat and wait for death? He wanted anything but to be involved with the protagonist…


Fine. the protagonist was in danger.


Since he knew that the protagonist was in danger, how could he bring him over? Wasn’t this asking for a cat’s life?




Damn it!


Pei BuFan grinded his teeth, jumped to the ground and suddenly a yellow arrow suddenly came into his sight: ‘First bucket of gold’


Thank you, thank your whole family! System!


Pei BuFan walked two steps before the protagonist grabbed his hind legs and put him back into his arms. “Don’t run around.” ZiChe DuanYuan tapped his small head.


The lord[note]Talking about himself in a higher position.[/note] was not trying to run around! The lord was taking you to the treasure location! Couldn’t you cooperate a little more?


Going around the middle of the mist, jungle, swamp, etc. had cost him quite a lot of energy. The Baidu world map for traps was not good!


Hearing the anxious meows of the kitten, ZiChe DuanYuan shook his head, “I don’t understand.” Then he ignored him as he continued on his own path.


You have specially bought all the labour over, couldn’t you have given me a translator!? System!


Pei BuFan struggled for a bit, he was unable to escape from his owner’s hands. He could only helplessly turn to look at the big bee.


After a while passed and the system constantly reminded him of obliteration, he was finally bold enough to reach toward the bee… and pulled the silk string was pulled towards him.


Actually, he wasn’t brave enough to touch the bee, but he could bite and snap the string. But he ignored one fact…


He had no large teeth yet.


And this was the Tian silk!


Tian silkworms, born between the Middle and Higher realm, silk they produced was fireproof, waterproof and dust-free. It also had a very high resilience, it could not be easily broken. He looked at the protagonist’s clothes; from inner to outerwear, it was all made of Tian silk. He had an absolutely noble atmosphere.


His mouth was numb and sore. He had used his small paws to climb on the string, his feet were also hurting qaq.


“What are you doing?” ZiChe DuanYuan’s face had a hint of anger. He reached out his hand was about to grab the kitten that was playing with the string like a tight rope before the black kitten quickly dropped down.


Jade Bee: My bad, it was too heavy, I couldn’t help it.


Pei BuFan rolled on the floor and landed on his butt, landed on top of the bee, and squashed it to death.


Pei BuFan turned his small brain, he jumped up as if he was pricked by a needle after seeing what he was sitting on. He behind ZiChe DuanYuan’s feet with a fearful look.


The murdered bee’s legs were twitching, as if telling the protagonist how tragically it died.


ZiChe DuanYuan pinched the soft meat of his neck, brought the kitten in front of him and stared at him.


He had been with this black kitten for a while, ZiChe DuanYuan thought that he could tell the cat’s expressions by now. The other party was currently acting innocent. That’s right! Acting innocent!


He clearly knew he did something wrong. He was not ignorant, but pretended to be foolish and refuse to admit his wrongdoing.


This must not be encouraged!


ZiChe DuanYuan sat crossed legged, put the kitten on his thigh and held him down with his left hand. He lifted his right hand, aimed it at the fluffy white bottocks and firmly slapped down.


Pei BuFan was shocked, he getting spanked!


The strength was limited to something that the kitten could bear.


Pa! Pa! Pa!


Pei BuFan didn’t think it hurt that much, his butt cheeks were just a little hot.


But, most importantly, he was spanked!


He was spanked by the protagonist!


He even pulled on the tail!


Pei BuFan struggled to break free with his life, but the protagonist’s grip tightened, he clearly did not intend to let him go for what he had done!


Escape was not an option, Pei BuFan threw away his integrity and went along with the spanking, meowing tragically.


ZiChe DuanYuan stopped, he didn’t continue to spank him, but rather touched Pai BuFan’s little butt and even kneaded it.


He didn’t spank that hard… why did he even meow so painfully?


Pei BuFan was stupefied…


Protagonist you rogue! Touching once was not enough, you had to touch a second time! You touched the front and now you touched the back! A gong’s butt was like a tigers, you cannot touch it, do you understand? Let go of your claws!!


Taking advantage of the loosed hand, he quickly escaped and turned around to glare at the protagonist.


ZiChe DuanYuan sighed, “That bee was very important.”


A threatening noise came from Pei BuFan’s throat.


ZiChe DuanYuan frowned, “Don’t be noisy, if you continue, I’ll skin you!” He was tolerant, but he wasn’t infinitely tolerant.


Pei BuFan sensed the protagonist’s murderous aura, he instantly shrunk back and softly whimpered.


He was being kind, but not only was he touched and spanked, he was also threatened! This particular day was really sad!


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