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BAHRO - Chapter 5

After seeing the black cat’s wronged appearance, Ziche Duan Yuan also felt wronged in his heart. Without the bee, he couldn’t follow Zhong Yan Qing and squandered his chance to steal all his resources. He also overlooked the opportunity to plunge him to the ground; nevertheless, he could only deal with this later. He didn’t want to spend any more time here, so he stood up to leave. But who knew, the black kitten was unwilling to leave and started to run in the other direction.

He’s going to leave him? Ziche Duan Yuan sneered.

Was he really this unlikable? Even a cat refused to accompany him.

“Get back here,” Ziche Duan Yuan said coldly. If that cat refuses to listen, running away merely because he was spanked… he should just kill such an unfaithful bastard.

Pei Bu Fan trembled in fear. He swiftly ran back and squatted beside the protagonist’s robes.

Ziche Duan Yuan’s killing intent dispersed then sternly looked at him, “Do you want me to go with you?”

Pei Bu Fan nodded. His signals had ultimately been received despite the hardships!! qaq

How about we arrange some flowers to celebrate?

It wasn’t effortless for me to complete this stupid task!

Ziche Duan Yuan followed him with no hesitation; there was no harm in checking since he had nothing else to do.

After a while of walking, Ziche Duan Yuan wondered if he should keep following before Pei Bu Fan suddenly stopped after going around an overgrown bush. The little head nodded. As he expected, the distance shown in little icon had also reached zero, there was no doubt that it was over here.

Ziche Duan Yuan was shocked, what came to view was a dimension completely different from the outside world.

It was a Giant Valley with its most striking feature being the spring in the center. Colorful birds frolicked in the water. The medicinal herbs that grew beside the spring were at least hundreds of years old. At the center of the spring was a pavilion surrounded by a hazy mist. However, no stone path leads to it. If one wanted to go there, they could only ‘walk’ over the surface of the water.

Swimming was also an option. If you had a life to spare, that would be.

The feathers of the birds near the spring were brightly colored, but it was also very poisonous. Cultivators who were lower than the foundation stage would die with a single touch. Didn’t you notice there was not a single fish swimming in the water? But this was no big deal for Ziche Duan Yuan, besides his family had a cultivation technique that would allow him to cross the water without touching it.

As for Zhong Yan Qing, he probably swam over with his own cultivation. Ziche Duan Yuan recalled that in his past life, Zhong Yan Qing’s clothes were quite corroded when he returned.

That’s to say, there was a chance that Zhong Yan Qing was here.

Ziche Duan Yuan maintained a beaming smile on his face; he patted Pei Bu Fan’s head and said, “You knew, so you escorted me here?”

Pei Bu Fan puffed out his small chest and gave a small ‘humph.’

“The stuff you did earlier to make me follow you…” Ziche Duan Yuan smiled at Pei Bu Fan and massaged his kitten buttocks, “I’ve wronged you.”

Fuck! You knew you were wrong yet you still touch my butt!

Let go of your claws, keep touching if you dare! If you keep touching… Wait until I goes back and writes a new story called ‘Ziche Duan Yuan’s journey of a complete Shou’!(TN Editor: Shou is a bottom)

The old Jianghu! You are forced to Nanfeng Brothel, fucked and sold, sold and fucked again! You’ll never get out of the state of being bullied and ostracized by people in this lifetime.

Ziche Duan Yuan glared at Pei Bu Fan’s kitten mouth, “You’re drooling.”

Pei Bu Fan immediately sucked up his drool.

Ziche Duan Yuan: What should I make of this?

Crossing over the poisonous spring in light and buoyant steps, they reached the pavilion. Just like that, Ziche Duan Yuan and Pei Bu Fan were in another dimension.

Inside the pavilion, there was another surprise.

Ziche Duan Yuan was in awe, the craftsmanship of the treasures are doable only by a few people in the Middle. Just who in the world would strand such valuable treasures in Lower realm where the aura was thin?

Pei Bu Fan sighed, even he did not know. This was only a set up in the story for the sake of executing the leading character good things.

With Pei Bu Fan the great oracle, Ziche Duan Yuan successfully followed the black cat around the obstacles and directly achieved the depths of the narrow cave.

The further they went down the cave; the more anxious Ziche Duan Yuan grew. With his eyes, it wasn’t challenged to foresee the dangers inside the cave. But the small black cat was able to pinpoint the safe passages hidden within the traps, leading him down the cave.

Just as if it had wandered down this path a thousand times.

When he thought of this, he laughed at himself for overthinking. It was just a cat born not too long ago, what would it know?

Suddenly, Ziche Duan Yuan thought of another idea. The idea made him shiver and he looked at the cat.

What if the cat was also reborn, just like him?-? Although he couldn’t think of anyone who would take over the body of a low-grade Chai Cat, but if it was somehow valid…(TN Editor: chai cat is the nickname of domestic cats)

As soon as he comprehended that the black cat might not be a pet but actually a person, Ziche Duan Yuan felt that his mental state wasn’t stable.

After all, a cat and a person are completely different. A person was intelligent and calculating, unlike pets, where its world revolved around its master and itself. It was as lucid as that.

If it was a person, what would be its purpose in heading him here?

If it was just a pet, then why did it comprehend this much? And why was it so distinct about what it wanted? Even if it was a high-level beast, it wouldn’t have such high intelligence.

After a brief while, Ziche Duan Yuan thoughts fluctuated constantly, but he couldn’t make a clear explanation.

Forget it; he’ll just wait and see.

If Pei Bu Fan knew what Ziche Duan Yuan was thinking in his mind, he would certainly be furious:

What do you think? What use would there indeed be in possessing this body? A bunch of magical treasures I can’t use a bunch of snacks I can’t eat. A bunch of money I can’t even spend on a bag of cat milk powder! Who would sell something to a cat!! If you estimated that I was the author or that I transmigrated because of the reader’s resentment, I will submit to you! Fuck!

After walking through a long corridor, a man and a cat arrived at the innermost room. Once inside, four eyes were blinded by the treasures; materials and magical herbs scattered across the tables and floor, piled on top of each other. It was obvious the original owner was a very casual guy.

On the table was a letter with a few characters written with a brush: To the fated people.

Ziche Duan Yuan opened the letter to read it; a nuanced expression appeared on his face. He crumpled the letter in his hand until it had become fine dust.

While the protagonist wasn’t paying attention, Pei Bu Fan snuck into the corner of the room to lick his paws. He didn’t care about the contents of the letter. He presently tried finding the last trap in the room, because he previously opened the door with the accurate method, the trap did not activate.

In fact, when they arrived at the entrance, Pei Bu Fan found out that the previous task had already been completed, and that the following task had started.

It absolutely didn’t allow this cat enjoyed a proper rest!

[Task: Please support the protagonist in disrupting Zhong Yan Qing
Completion reward: 1,000 Experience
10 Gold coins
1/4 Cute Meow Meow Bell Collar
Failure penalty: Obliteration]

Doesn’t that mean the chance of survival is unknown presently? Could Zhong Yan Qing’s mission just be put off?? He recalled the time when he and his owner confronted a lesser boss here, it was a gigantic eight-headed spider! Two meters tall!

At that time, he performed some research about the spider on Baidu. Based on his own imagination; the description of it would unexpectedly make the readers hair stand on end. They really couldn’t wait to get in line to throw rotten eggs at him. But now…he’d rather get buried by the rotten eggs instead.

I’ll definitely get to see the 5D version of the eight-headed spider today!! Help me damnit!

No matter how much he complained, he had to execute the tasks given if he didn’t want to turn into a dead cat.

The little black cat ran and concealed its little black body in the corner and placed some odd things in position. Setting an array was meticulous work, one wrong move and the array would impart the other effect.

Zhong Yan Qing will come, this he was certain about. In the book, Zhong Yan Qing appeared in this very spot with the male lead following him and appeared only when Zhong Yan Qing discovered the treasure. Not only did he steal the treasure, he beat-up Zhong Yan Qing. Just as Zhong Yan Qing almost identified the male lead, a Gigantic Spider got involved and the male lead managed to escape, he practically consumed his life.

Even so, Pei Bu Fan did not know what triggered the ‘Spider Appearance’ branch in the story plot!

Meantime, the male lead was busy keeping all the magic weapons into his storage space when he saw a massive black boulder; his eyes lit up.

The Stone of the Gods, it’s said to have come from the Realm of the Gods as it formed naturally from the essences of both Heaven and Earth. It’s on top of that the best material to make a sword out of. In his past life, he remembered Zhong Yan Qing formerly handled this material to forge his sword.

Zhong Yan Qing had obviously treasured the sword a lot as he had merely utilized it occasionally; even so, the sword was extremely keen and lethal. From this, he decided to make a sword out of this material.

Zi Che Duan Yuan smiled, it really was worthwhile to come here. Promptly, he plans to change from Fa Xiu(Way of the law) to Jian Xiu (Way of the sword). Currently, most cultivators worked on Fa Xiu, focusing on cultivating their bodies and their hearts. This path meant they do not tamper with fate and do not meddle with the matters of normal people.

Cultivating in the way of the sword would also be equal to cultivating in the way of war. The cultivating Fa Xiu easily results in becoming immortal (TN Editor: Fei Xian, flying immortal) therefore more people choose this path. Aside from that, cultivating in the way of the sword also takes time. Cultivation is fragile and possibly ends up back in square one, which was why no one selects it up; aside from this there are others like Fu Xiu, Dan Xiu and so on.

He’s extremely excited now and is entering the path of the demon (TN editor: obsession). Any attempt to calm down would be to no avail. It’s better to start constructing the base of the sword first before working Jian Xiu. He didn’t have any more illusions about being disconnected from fate, all he wants is to cultivate in Jian Xiu. The path of killing seems suitable for him, right?

Packing up all of the valuables and leaving behind the items he had no use. He then proceeded to lie down and get rid of traces of him and his black cat. Just then, both of them felt a gush of cold yin air coming by.

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