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BAHRO - Chapter 8

“If you’re a practitioner, meow once, if you’re an ordinary person, meow twice.” Ziche Duan Yuan said.

Pei Bu Fan paused for a moment, then he meowed twice.

Ziche Duan Yuan nodded and asked again, “If you’re a male, meow once, if you’re a female, meow twice.”

Pei Bu Fan: “…Meow.”

“If you’re an adult, meow once, if you’re any younger than that, meow twice.” Ziche Duan Yuan was evidently beginning to get addicted to this game now.

Pei Bu Fan was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the questions, thus he faced his little butt towards Ziche Duan Yuan and refused to answer. Poking the furry butt for a while, Ziche Duan Yuan left his arms outstretched for the black cat with a satisfied smile on his face which left Pei Bu Fan stunned.

“Let’s head back.” Ziche Duan Yuan said.

Pei Bu Fan flicked his tail, looking proudly towards the outstretched hands of Ziche Duan Yuan and deliberately took his time to walk towards him while glancing towards Ziche Duan Yuan with delight in his eyes before slamming himself into his shoulder.

The person and cat duo headed towards the secret exit with a relaxed mood, it was only noon then, the sun was shining but not too glaringly, a cool wind blew which cooled the summer heat around them and this made the scene very warm and relaxed.

It’s in fact a pity that this lovely and heartwarming scene was broken by the sudden appearance of a teen.

The teen had a slightly feminine appearance and charming eyes, yet he seemed to be on the run. After observing the protagonist, his eyes lit up as he rushed towards the protagonist.

“I beseech you, please save me!” The boy’s eyes were filled with tears that wouldn’t fall: “As long as you save Yi ’er, Yi ‘er will do as you say!”

Ziche Duan Yuan’s brows were scrunched together, separating the boy’s hands from his cloak, he faced the boy with a gentle smile on his face: “Please find someone else to help you.” but no matter how much he pulled, the boy wouldn’t let go of Ziche Duan Yuan’s thigh. Even so, Ziche Duan Yuan’s smile never faltered once.

On the protagonist’s shoulder, there sat Pei Bu Fan, shaking his head at the boy.

When this boy appeared, he promptly recognized him, wasn’t he the boy that he wrote would appear?! Born with pure bones and a pure Yin body, making him a perfect furnace* as well as a bottom!

*T/n : A furnace in cultivating terms is frequently known as someone who is used to improve a cultivator’s level by leaps and bounds.

And of course, this stove was created solely for the protagonist. This boy’s purpose was to assist the protagonist replenish his spiritual energy. After the massive war at the same time, it also led to the protagonist in achieving the peak of the Azoth Stage!

Pei Bu Fan glanced towards Ziche Duan Yuan, was he going to disregard him?

Although he was the author, his gay content as well as his other overwhelming content isn’t lacking that much! To satisfy his own yy as well as other readers’ preferences, Pei Bu Fan’s dignity has all been thrown out earlier on.

Briefly, even from a pig’s foot or an official couple in the story, it all comes down to the author’s preferences, especially the boy that merely appeared. That’s why this boy with the pure Yin body is something Pei Bu Fan wrote with all his heart, this boy with a rough family background as well as a troubled past, never submitting to reality but struggling to survive!

But…why was the image that he imagined in his head so different from that in real life?!

That flirt seemed to act like a frail woman, every move he made seemed to have a suggestive intention, especially with that seductive attitude of his.

Why does he seem to be more like a bold white flower rather than a delicate one? Especially one with a black core in the middle?!

There wasn’t a particular thing off about him, even if he was like a scholar from the South here, to sell clothes with that aura!

What went wrong?

Is it because of the description of him that he wrote?

Thinking like this, it could be the cause as well, at the beginning, he frequently used descriptions such like ‘a white, slender jade arm, a slender waist that was not even enough to fill your hands, eyes that were smiling…’. If only he had used words that were more descriptive! Pei Bu Fan had only thought to write descriptions that would captivate the readers’ attention!

How embarrassing!

And this was the living result in front of my eyes now!

Originally, he didn’t give much thought about this character when he wrote about him. Right now, he claimed to be Yi ‘er, it caused goosebumps to rise on his skin. Pei Bu Fan turned towards Ziche Duan Yuan and as expected, the protagonist seemed to fancy him. He himself had followed the protagonist since he appeared in the Lower Realm and yet this was what he gets?

And when Gong Yi ran over-just now, he detected a whiff of cosmetics from the boy! Pei Bu Fan’s cat senses were obviously sensitive to smell, and this caused him to sneeze repeatedly.

Ziche Duan Yuan glanced towards Pei Bu Fan before turning towards Gong Yi with furrowed brows.

Ziche Duan Yuan sighed, it seems like the protagonist’s tastes needs to be revised. Wait, this whole book was written without any logic from the start.

Just as Gong Yi was grabbing onto Ziche Duan Yuan, several men rushed over and smirking when they saw Gong Yi: “Let’s see where you can run off to next.” Completely ignoring the protagonist, they each unsheathed their spirit weapons to capture the boy. Perhaps in the eyes of Ziche Duan Yuan, these people seemed to be no match for him.

Gong Yi, who was startled then, went to hide behind Ziche Duan Yuan. All the while holding onto his clothes and not even daring to loosen his grip.

Ziche Duan Yuan’s expression then turned unpleasant. Grabbed Pei Bu Fan from his shoulder, the other hand, he did some incantations while pressing his fingernails. Few streaks of water shot out killed them, abandoning the man furthest away escaping rather frantically.

Ziche Duan Yuan didn’t give chase to the man, instead, he enabled the man to go. He looked down towards Pei Bu Fan who was admiring his claws instead as if he was completely unaffected by what happened (in fact he was frightened to turn towards the bloody scene before him qaq). Ziche Duan Yuan then pinched Pei Bu Fan’s ears, which made Pei Bu Fan flinch before glaring at Ziche Duan Yuan and turning away.

Ziche Duan Yuan laughed.

For Gong Yi who stood there watching the entire scene, he felt shocked and embarrassed. He didn’t think the man would be able to defeat the men that were chasing after him. Turning towards the man who helped him, it suddenly translated differently in his eyes which made his ice-cold heart melt. At that moment, Gong Yi felt his heart skip a beat. Seeing that the protagonist turned to face him as well, his expression turned from awe into worship. Gazing at Ziche Duan Yuan, it seemed like he was the only one in the world.

Ziche Duan Yuan sneered in his heart. It was just a group of wastes that were merely in the refining stage, what point was there to make a huge fuss about it. He felt they boy was a very hypocritical and ridiculous person. His originally good mood was disturbed by this matter.

“Thank you for your kindness.” Gong Yi rushed to kowtow on the ground while looking up towards him: “From now on I’ll follow…”

“Get lost!”

The smile on Gong Yi’s face stiffened, looking at the protagonist in surprise, he didn’t understand where this attitude was coming from. Looking at the man’s white robes that fluttered as he turned away, he thought about his situation as Gong Yi stood up and followed along.

Ziche Duan Yuan halted, turned, and looked at him coldly.

Withstanding the murderous aura exuding from the man, Gong Yi moistened his lips before saying: “Yi ’er has a pure Yin body, I’m useful for…If you don’t mind, Yi ’er doesn’t even demand for a name. Instead, I merely want to be by your side…”

In the novel, this was exactly what Gong Yi said the protagonist. Later, the protagonist would be filled with joy and served him kindly. Of course, when it was time to leave the Lower Realm and ascend, he very straightforwardly threw him away.

When he wrote about the two of them in the first place, he never considered pairing the two together at all. Most readers didn’t like the idea of them together, that’s why he decided to end their drama like that. Look at this now, this wasn’t what’s happening right now!

Pei Bu Fan snorted before turning towards the protagonist with an expression that says, ‘lucky you, a man with peach blossoms by his side.’

Suddenly, out of Pei Bu Fan’s expectations, the protagonist only turned away as if he didn’t overhear anything at all and left. Not only Pei Bu Fan, Gong Yi was shocked as well. People with a pure Yin body are born on the Yin year in the Yin month on the Yin day. They are to equally protect their virginity.

It would be extremely beneficial if it was a woman because if it were to be a man. It would be difficult to survive and live a long life. Gong Yi was able to live until now because he had been constantly nourishing himself with spiritual wood and fire essences. But even so, his body was still weak and frail, it would be hard for him to achieve the Azoth stage in his lifetime.

There’s also another reason to why he could live until now. He was taken in by an old master from the Middle Realm when he was just born. The old master was born special, he didn’t like women. He was also a man who liked to use pills to help others in their cultivation. Knowing that a boy with a pure yin body was born to a family in the Lower Realm. How could he be unhappy? He even promised countless benefits to the boy when the boy turns 18.

The old master was already thousands of years old. He’s already approaching the end of his lifespan and yet he still hasn’t achieved his glory. All because he was someone who indulged himself in sensual acts, this ultimately led to his downfall.

How will Gong Yi ever be able to be willing to follow an old man like this for the rest of his life? That old man was, in addition, someone who relied on medicinal pills to grow stronger, otherwise he’ll go crazy and kill others.

Compared to that old man, the man in front of him was considerably stronger.

He had to return to the old master’s side next year, this means he only had one year of freedom left. He won’t just sit by and enable him to have his way. Who knew he would choose to escape? Fortunately, he ran into this man.

Gong Yi can’t turn back now. Ziche Duan Yuan let one of the men escaped, that man would report everything that happened. Especially since he had to rely on this man to ensure his survival; he had nowhere else to go.

Perhaps it’s because he was born with this ability, he was able to tell if a man was interested in the same sex or the opposite sex. The man in front of him now was no different. That was why every move he made towards him had a seductive motion. He just didn’t expect that he’d…fail.

There could only be in two reasons that he had failed; one was the man really had no interest in him. Another was he already had someone else and couldn’t return any feelings to him.

He couldn’t believe that someone not interested in him, that was because…men usually used their bottom halves to think.

Thinking about that man’s smile, Gong Yi’s heart warmed at the thought of it.

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