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BAHRO - Chapter 9

Gong Yi began planning on how to get closer to Ziche Duan Yuan, on the other hand, Pei Bu Fan had a sad and distressed look on his face.

Just now he had received another notification from the system:

【Task: Ensure the protagonist and Gong Yi stay together.

Rewards : 1000 experience points

10 gold

¼ morphing card

Punishment for Failing: Hair Loss】

This was getting out of hand!

It was already annoying to begin with to force him to live as a cat everyday. Do you know how skilled he’s become at clawing things and licking his fur? How can he behave as a normal person again in the future?! And now with the possibility that he’ll be bald, how can he go into battle?!

System: …

Not knowing the trouble that Pei Bu Fan felt in his heart, Ziche Duan Yuan hugged the cat in his arms tighter as he turned to leave. On the other hand, Gong Yi became anxious. He wanted to follow them as well, but the murderous aura that came whenever they made eye contact was too scary; thus, he stayed in his spot.

Seeing Gong Yi’s figure getting farther and farther away, Pei Bu Fan became restless!

He can’t lose all his fur! He leaped from the male’s arms, rushing straight towards Gong Yi and grabbed onto his clothes which were loose as Pei Bu Fan hung there, suspended in the air.

Gong Yi was given a fright, noticing the protagonist was coming over in his direction, his mouth began to twitch. He was about to take the cat into his hands when Ziche Duan Yuan came over a moment earlier. With a blade of water, he sliced the clothing whilst throwing it aside and taking the cat into his own hands. Gong Yi, who had his clothes cut like this, could only remain smiling.

Ziche Duan Yuan’s face was gloomy as he glared at Pei Bu Fan.

Pei Bu Fan could only complain about his disdain, too bad it was in a language that others couldn’t understand.

Next time I’ll just hire a translator! This was just too tiresome!

Ziche Duan Yuan thought for a moment before asking: “You like him?”

Pei Bu Fan nodded firmly. The current him can’t explain any more than that.

Ziche Duan Yuan asked again with a grave expression: “You want him to follow us?”

Pei Bu Fan quickly nodded his head again.

The protagonist’s expression became dark again. He towards at Gong Yi and didn’t understand what is the advantage that this man had. After thinking for a moment, he suddenly smiled at Gong Yi and said: “If you want to follow, then follow.” I won’t kill you.

Gong Yi’s eyes immediately lit up, and the corners of his mouth showed a smile like he had won something. Pei Bu Fan secretly breathed a sigh of relief. These actions of both man and cat were obviously noticed by Ziche Duan Yuan. This caused the light in his eyes to dim.

After leaving the secret road, Gong Yi’s mind was completely taken up by the phrase ‘girls are afraid of getting stalked’. This was what he felt the scenario he has with Ziche Duan Yuan. All the words and temptations that he used; if it weren’t for the change of heart by the protagonist, he might have remained indifferent towards Gong Yi the whole time. Pei Bu Fan even reckoned that Gong Yi wouldn’t be able to climb into the protagonist’s bed at night. Of course, the reason that he couldn’t do that, because there’s another person on the same bed as Ziche Duan Yuan–Pei Bu Fan.

This man included that cat in his arms whenever he sleeps, eats or walks. Even so, it’s just a low-level spirit beast! This man, who clearly had a temperament. Gong Yi thought that this was exceptionally rare, since even he himself couldn’t put this cat in his eyes.

From a man’s preferences, he can identify the ideal type of partner that each man wants. Gong Yi believed that Ziche Duan Yuan preferred weak and small animals. Therefore, he will have to play the role of a passionate however frail adolescent boy. How could whenever he was with his presence, why wasn’t he tempted?!

Forget temptation; he barely gave the effort to look at Gong Yi. It’s as if he completely disregards Gong Yi as air. Ziche Duan Yuan did overhear the words that he said; he only chose to disregard them. No matter what he did, Ziche Duan Yuan would ignore him. If he didn’t touch him, there would be no reaction at all.

There was only once that he responded to Gong Yi out of courtesy, but it was, nonetheless, a terrible reaction.

Even so, Gong Yi acquired many skills. To please the old master, he was forced to learn many useless skills like: chess, poetry, cooking, cleaning, and…

Anyways, among them, he was the best at cooking. Even Ziche Duan Yuan who refrained himself from eating, even if he had food it was for Pei Bu Fan. No matter how many days or years it may be, Ziche Duan Yuan had already made the decision to not eat*. Even when Gong Yi grilled some fish, he didn’t even want to allow Pei Bu Fan to eat it. If it weren’t only for Pei Bu Fan rolling around out of desperation to eat it…

*T/n : Some daoists believe that not eating would equal to removing the toxins in the body and that it would also make their transcendence into deities easier. They would only live off water and spiritual energy.

Pei Bu Fan: God, these days it seems like I’m losing my sense of taste!

But Pei Bu Fan was still a newborn cat with milk teeth. The fish meat as to be chewed by Ziche Duan Yuan before he could eat it. But Pei Bu Fan put up a struggle while eating and thus, spilled a bowl of sauce on the protagonist. Since the protagonist was sitting on the ground at the time, the bowl spilled oh so conveniently in between his legs…

Gong Yi felt his opportunity has arrived, he quickly rushed forward, grabbed Pei Bu Fan by the neck and tossed him aside before personally cleaning up the mess. While wiping off the mess, he practically climbed on top of the protagonist with half of his neck exposed. If the protagonist were to bend a little, he would be able to kiss his neck.

Both posture and distance were perfect, there was not a single question about this position at all. Even so, for Ziche Duan Yuan, he felt that dying with that black cat would serve as an even better purpose than being seduced by Gong Yi.

Therefore, before Gong Yi could react, he was thrown out by the opposite party and after confirming that Pei Bu Fan was alright without any injuries, Ziche Duan Yuan ran towards Gong Yi and grabbed his throat.

“If you don’t want to live, I can help you with that.” said Ziche Duan Yuan towards Gong Yi.

After being thrown aside, Pei Bu Fan had a lot of anger inside of him, luckily, the protagonist didn’t disappoint him and helped him relieve his anger, but he hasn’t even looked at him once to check his condition. Through his cat vision, he could see Gong Yi getting choked.

Oh my GOD!

By my ancestors’ hair! Protagonist let go of your hand!

Pei Bu Fan rushed towards the male that was being choked, before he can determine if the system’s punishment was temporary or permanent, he wasn’t going to test it out! Couldn’t you at least wait for me to solve this problem before killing him?

How can I stay by your side after this wuuuuu~~?

Please just let me have all my hair intact!

Eventually, Ziche Duan Yuan loosened his hand, looking at Pei Bu Fan’s sorrowful face with tears in his eyes, he decided to spare Gong Yi. He made a mental note to himself to find some spiritual pills that can help the black cat talk so that it wouldn’t be so troublesome for him to figure out what the black cat was trying to say. He doesn’t even know what that back cat could be thinking about at a time like this.

Also, from that moment on, after everything that happened here, Gong Yi didn’t dare act so brashly anymore.

After leaving the Secret Territory, Ziche Duan Yuan took out a flying gourd before remembering about the other people that was with him. Remembering that he had to bring that person along as well, Ziche Duan Yuan’s expression turned unsightly, he carried the back cat in his arms and sat in the front then he turned and said: “Get in yourself, sit at the back.”

Gong Yi, who was originally worried that he would get left behind, suddenly looked towards Ziche Duan Yuan with gleaming eyes, this man is bringing him to the Middle Realm right? He very happily took a step forward but soon found that getting on was quite difficult.

Pei Bu Fan used his black paws to cover his face. He can’t bear to watch this.

The flying gourd was quite large, its widest area was about 3 meters long, except for the place where one uses to sit which was flat, the rest of the gourd was round and bulging. The gourd was floating mid-air, and this was troublesome for the 1.7 meters tall Gong Yi as he could merely grasp the sleek edge of the gourd.

GongYi looked pitifully towards Ziche Duan Yuan, but Ziche Duan Yuan ordered Gong Yi without turning his head at all : “Hurry up.”

Biting his lips, Gong Yi used all four limbs to climb up the gourd. His posture was quite ugly to see. After using the strength of nine cows and two tigers, sweat began to gather at Gong Yi’s forehead.

In fact, they could just leave this person here and go. Pei Bu Fan had already accomplished his task, so there was no need to bring this person along anymore. Unluckily, Ziche Duan Yuan couldn’t comprehend him at all.

Pei Bu Fan squinted his eyes at Ziche Duan Yuan. Should he head back and write it out for him? He knows a bit of traditional Chinese characters, that should be enough to communicate with him.

Noticing Pei Bu Fan’s stare, Ziche Duan Yuan stretched out his hand and scratched Pei Bu Fan’s neck: “The winds are strong, come into my arms.”

Gong Yi’s nose began feeling sore, that still just a cat!

Upon returning to the Ziche manor, Ziche Duan Yuan brought Gong Yi along and the both of them entered the main entrance of the estate. From afar, Zhong Yan Qing could be spotted covered with bandages. Zhong Yan Qing himself felt afraid upon seeing Ziche Duan Yuan. Ziche Duan Yuan sneered, he thought he had died in the Secret Territory, that’s why he took his time in returning to the Ziche household.

When Zhong Yan Qing saw Ziche Duan Yuan, he felt extremely uncomfortable, he didn’t know if he should avoid or approach him. Before he could finish thinking, he saw Ziche Duan Yuan smile coldly at him before turning away, there was also a beautiful boy following behind him. Ziche Duan Yuan did not beat him, shout at him or scream at him. Compared to before, Ziche Duan Yuan had changed a lot. Was it all because of that boy?

They…when did they meet? How could Ziche Duan Yuan be here? No matter how much he considered this matter, he couldn’t think of an answer.

Gong Yi carefully followed behind Ziche Duan Yuan while he observed his surroundings. He didn’t know much about the Middle Realm, but he knew it’s almost impossible for a family to have such a luxurious residence like this. He could discover countless treasures that he’s never seen in the past all around as if they were furniture. Gong Yi then had a slight understanding of the Ziche household, and this deepened Gong Yi’s determination to rely on this mountain.

Ziche Duan Yuan accompanied him to a room that was specially prepared so that it would receive the best lighting.

“You’re staying here from now on.” Ziche Duan Yuan next turned towards Gong Yi and smiled: “If anything, you can refer to the maids here. If they don’t serve you well, then just tell me.” He next turned and then strategically have a maid block he and the others path even ‘reluctantly,’ said goodbye to Gong Yi. After this exchange, the maids of the Ziche household gossiped about Ziche Duan Yuan’s special treatment after returning. Discovering this, even Zhong Yan Qing turned blue in the face from it.

After returning to his room and placing a restriction on the door, Ziche Duan Yuan placed Pei Bu Fan on his bed, turned and began stripping.

Pei Bu Fan shrank into the quilt, leaving only his big eyes. He stared at the astonishing figure of the protagonist.

His body was alright, it was only the scar from the burn that remained on his shoulder. Ziche Duan Yuan reached up to touch the burn, it was still firm. Even with a high-grade medicine, it was impossible to remove the scar. Aside from the Skyfire, this fire could still consider being the strongest.

Seeing the black scar, Pei Bu Fan felt guilty, he turned his head and he inadvertently knocked into something.

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