Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 41 Part 1

Before entering college, teachers and parents would usually describe university as a heaven on earth in order to encourage students. Hence, when college exams ended, this group of children who had just escaped from tremendous pressure would excitedly drop their school bags and do the things that they'd always wanted to but couldn’t, attend gatherings, play games through the night, travel, sing karaoke, shop, or party… They thought that they were liberated after their college exams, so they would find all sorts of means to bid farewell to their youth, and welcome what they thought was “heaven”.

What they didn’t know was that, whatever they were leaving behind, was heaven itself.

Baobei was the same in the past. The day after the college entrance examinations, Xia Tian and her slung their bags over their shoulders and went on a journey together. They went to Europe, followed backpackers, slept on couches and cheap hostels, went camping in picturesque places, and even had their wallets stolen. They believed that that was a wanderer's experience.

However, to their parents, that was a trip. They were going to Europe, where it was relatively safe. They also carried cards given to them by their parents, and their parents would always know their whereabouts, so they were safe. Later on, it was only when Xiao Tian met Huo Yanning when he came to the Capital that he learned what it really meant to be a wanderer.

It was only after entering university that Baobei cursed internally for countless times the people who told her that university life would be heavenly. How was this heaven?! The more people they met, the more competitive they became. At first, the young lady would carefully manage her interpersonal relationships. Even her relationship with the three roommates, whom she was very close to now, started off with misunderstandings and arguments.

What troubled Baobei the most was her studies. It was said that one could skip classes in university, and students would only have to work hard a few days before their examinations.  However, for a law major, this was simply impossible.

If one were to pursue a legal career in the future, they would require good mastery of legal knowledge. Which meant that they would have to memorize endless legal provisions. From the moment Baobei chose this faculty, she had already decided that she would be a lawyer after graduation. If she didn't want to be a legal professional, why would she even study law? Since she made up her mind on this, she would have to do her best. Therefore, during the first semester, Baobei had already started to dabble in international law.

In the past, Baobei wanted to be a lawyer who specialized in divorce lawsuits. After she got together with Jiang Moxiu, she slowly changed her mind, and started to study about international law because Jiang Moxiu's company was considered foreign investment.

Baobei was very satisfied with her current life. She was busy with her studies and was in a romantic relationship, and even though she might be too busy sometimes, Jiang Moxiu was also preoccupied with numerous business trips. Hence, they would always act like newlyweds who were separated for short periods of time.  In any case, her life was blissful.

In the blink of an eye, it was the examination period. Even Baobei, who was usually hardworking, would also burn the midnight oil during this period. As for Shi Xiaoxi, who usually lazed around, it was the time she probably wanted to die.

In the evening, Baobei received a call from Jiang Moxiu. Since he had just returned from North America, she naturally had to meet him.

Everyone in the dorm was working hard. Ever since Fang Jie broke up, she had been immersed in her studies. Jiahui was a regular good performer, and even Shi Xiaoxi was pulling out her hair while studying. Baobei felt quite guilty leaving just like this.

"Do you need me to bring anything back?" Baobei asked as she stood in the middle of the room with her bag.

"We don't have time to eat at this critical period." Fang Jie had been eating instant noodles for days. To her, thinking about what to eat was a waste of brain cells.

"It depends on how filial you are." Jia Hui was slightly calmer.

"Get lost I don't want to see you! I curse all genius kids! "Shi Xiaoxi began her impersonation of Mister Ma again. "Why did I choose to take law back then! It's all my dad's fault! He said with my grades, I had to choose the best faculty, Qinghua University's legal department. This would give him extended bragging rights! Brag my ass! The one suffering is me! "

"That's true. The sweat and tears you shed today were because your brain was drowned in water when you chose your major." Baobei nodded in agreement. She then escaped from the dormitory before Shi Xiaoxi went bonkers.

When she went downstairs, Jiang Moxiu's driver was already waiting there. Everyone was already very familiar with this Maybach. Whenever Lecturer Jiang couldn't personally pick Baobei up, this car would always appear, and the frequency of its appearance wasn't low either.

A girl with good luck would always be envied. Baobei had such a good family background, and had already found her life partner with an even better background at such a young age. She had met almost all the good things in the world. Therefore, even though many people liked Baobei, there were also many who hated her.

There were always people who pretended to be aloof and virtuous, and they would act indifferent as they waited to see how long Baobei would remain blissful. There were also people who would slander her behind her back and spread rumours on forums. Yet, in the face of all of these, Baobei was well able to remain calm. As the old saying goes, I certainly can't satisfy everyone, because not everyone can act like a human. Xia Tian said this before: Let those people be jealous. The only thing you have to do is make yourself better and happier. And there'll eventually be a day when you are of a certain status, and the jealousy will turn into envy and admiration. Baobei thought it made sense.

Hence, Baobei could nonchalantly head straight for the Maybach under the countless gazes.

After returning from the airport, Jiang Moxiu went to his mansion, which was adjacent to the Forbidden City. Two years ago, when Old Master Kong heard that Jiang Moxiu planned to return to the country, he grilled the latter and found out the purpose of his return. That mansion was a wedding gift by the old man.

Initially, he wanted to reject it. A place on a piece of land that was priced like gold would be too high-profile. However, the greenery in this area was good, the land was large, and they could see the Forbidden City's Tiananmen Square from the balcony. He thought that Baobei would like it.

He had just received the key before his business trip. It took him more than a year to complete the renovation, and he asked Mr. Fang's girlfriend for help. He also personally participated in the whole process, including the design and selection of decor and materials. He also took into consideration the opinions of many people around Baobei, including Xia Xu and Xia Tian. He would also casually ask Baobei and observe her reaction when they saw different styles of decoration, so much so that he felt that he probably knew Baobei's preferences better than herself.

He couldn't wait to show it to her.

Jiang Moxiu stood on the balcony with a glass of hard liquor, looking travel-worn. He was wearing a white shirt, and right now, two of the buttons were loose, and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. There was a slight frown on his face, and he was clearly exhausted.

From a distance away, a car light flashed at the entrance of the villa. He gently put down his glass, put his hands in his pockets, and slowly walked downstairs.

Baobei was still wondering why she was brought to such a strange place, so she rolled the car window down and gazed around. When the car stopped and she got off, she looked up and saw Jiang Moxiu walking over.

She immediately forgot about everything else and smiled widely. From where he was, he saw her smile, and also started smiling.

Then raised a hand and waved at her.

It was as if he was summoning a puppy. She was unhappy, but she still obediently ran towards him. She snuggled into his open arms. Smelling the refreshing and crisp scent on his body, she felt comfortable and murmured coquettishly.

Jiang Moxiu hugged his young lady, lowered his head to kiss the top of her head and asked in a low voice,  "Did you miss me?"

"Mmm!" She nodded.

Jiang Moxiu smiled. He didn't say another word, and simply wanted to quietly enjoy this warm moment.

He'll just work hard for another three or four years and groom Mojie. Once she graduates, they would get married. At that time, he would withdraw to a second-tier commander post, and leave the charge to Mojie. Then, he would concentrate on accompanying her.

After hugging each other quietly for a while, Jiang Moxiu let go of his Baobei. He held her hand and turned around to return to the house.

"What is this place?" It was only then that Baobei could take a good look at this place. Apart from the driveway, the entire yard was filled with greenery. It wasn't exquisite, but it had an original beauty. She especially liked it. A pavilion was built in the garden, South Asian style.  The footpaths were paved with limestone, and it was a small and winding path.

A large part of the mansion design made use of glass fittings, so one could imagine how good the lighting was. Even if it was in a prime location, it wasn't lavishly decorated. Instead, it was filled with warmth, and designed to look like paradise.

Jiang Moxiu pulled Baobei to where he had been standing and held her in front of him, hugging her from behind. He took the glass, and fed her sip by sip. The little girl was obedient. Since he fed her, she drank it. It was vodka, and it was so spicy that she stuck out her tongue. She would even turn her head to look at him from time to time, appearing soft and cuddly, and extremely enticing to him.

He put down his glass, took her chin in one hand, and kissed her.

The richness of the vodka and the strong pheromones on his body made Baobei feel like she was in a fog.

He turned her around and trapped her between himself and the railing. Then, he held her chin and kissed her passionately. This was a very sexy man. He wasn't in a rush for sex, and his every move was elegant and indifferent. However, his gaze on her made her feel like she was his entire world.

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