Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 42 Part 1

Warning: NSFW content!

Baobei was awoken by the sunlight that filtered into the room. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw the man’s boyish sleeping face, as well as the rare good weather in Beijing, where she could see a semblance of the blue sky. Instantly, her mood was uplifted.

And then…

Something in her body slowly grew, and slowly hardened.

“F*ck!” Baobei cursed in a low voice.

“F*ck me?” The man before her eyes slowly opened up his dreary eyes and smiled. His hoarse morning voice was extremely sexy, and it was evident that he was in a very good mood. Even though he usually wasn’t considered a stern person, he wasn’t a cheerful person either. Come to think about it, his grin, so much so that even his brows were curved up too, was a rare sight.

“You’re so depraved!” She said in an accusatory tone.

“Baobei, it’s a normal biological reaction for men to have a morning mast. If I can’t stand up someday, then you should be crying.” He reached out to caress her face, while at the same time, he pressed his body atop her. After a night of recuperation, his body was well-rested. Mr. Jiang was only two months shy of twenty-seven years of age, right at the phase of young adulthood, so he was still rather demanding on this end.

“Ah!” She shrieked, as a strange but pleasurable sensation could be felt at the place where they were joined because of the rubbing and turning movements by the man.

He was still smiling, but his lower body had already started gradually moving. Her body was unusually sensitive in the morning, and initially, the first few strokes were hard, but very quickly, her body reacted and with his teasing and thrusting movements, it became wet.

“Why is your mind filled with… these things all the time!” She was feeling distressed. So long as he was in the city, she would never have the chance to stay in her dorm. Their sexual frequency was really quite high; even though it was said that it was best to have sex three or four times a week, but when he was in the mood, he could finish the entire week’s quota within a day.

“And I wonder who is the one who is so wet.” Jiang Moxiu straightened his body and kneeled between Baobei’s legs, and the blanket slid off with his movements. It was early in the morning, and on the large bed, both man and woman were naked.

She pinched his abs hard.

Nowadays, she could already face the sexual relationship with Mr. Jiang calmly, but today was the first time under bright sunlight that her skin, which was smooth and shiny, was exposed. That, together with her embarrassed expression, made the man atop her work even harder.

For some time, apart from the moaning sounds from both the man and the woman, all that was left was the clear "pa pa" sounds from the slapping of their bodies.

Halfway through, Jiang Moxiu came up with another naughty idea. He wanted to continue their tryst in the balcony. Baobai protested with all her might; that was going overboard! In order to force Mr. Jiang to give up on this idea, Baobei proactively pushed the man down. Since this was a rare sight, the man was so excited that he soon forgot about his idea. He simply slipped her over, and started taking her from the back. Jiang Moxiu loved this position; not only could he play with her most sensitive spot, which was her back, he could also see her make all sorts of cute reactions. Moreover, this position could allow him to go in deeper, and was also less taxing on him, so he could go on longer.

However, it was just a temporary respite. Jiang Moxiu continued thinking about doing it on the balcony. A few years later, during their honeymoon trip, one of the places they visited was a vineyard in France. There, Mr. Jiang finally got his wish: the balcony, under the vines, the wine cellar, the stables, and the fields…

After they were done, he carried Baobei to the bathroom to wash her up, and even though he was still itching for more, he saw that Baobei’s expression wasn’t too good, so he didn’t act up. After all, they had all the time in the world.

Baobei even ate breakfast in Mr. Jiang’s embrace. The little girl was spoiled, he fed her in small bites, while she chewed slowly and enjoyed her food.

“You didn’t wear condoms yesterday. I might get pregnant.” She was settling the score now.

Mr. Jiang raised an eyebrow, then slapped her butt, “When was the last time your period ended?”

“Uhhh…” The corners of her lips trembled. “Forget it, I’ll forgive you.”

“Your period comes about the 20th of each month.” It was the end of the month, so it had just ended for three or four days. It was her safe period. He smiled devilishly, “This weekend, let’s stay at home. These few days, I won’t wear condoms at all. I want to play lovey-dovey with you, young lady.”

“In your dreams!”

After breakfast, Mr. Jiang went out for a while. Baobei stayed in the living room, playing games on her laptop. She was feeling comfortable. She might be crazy sometimes, but she wasn’t a child who loved messing around. She would go shopping occasionally, but she had a clear intention whenever she did, and would immediately go after what she wanted. Her purchases would be quick, and she didn’t like to shop around without anything in mind. When it came to dating, the same principle applied. She didn’t like to go out or watch movies like other young couples did. The idea was the same - they could spend all their time together, and it would be fun to occasionally go out or watch movies, but doing this all the time was bothersome.

Hence, Baobei and Jiang Moxiu’s dates usually comprised of the two of them quietly spending time together, chatting occasionally, and flirting with each other. When Big Jiang was busy, he would do whatever he needed to, while she could stay by his side, quietly playing on her own.

Once, they were on a date in his company. Big Jiang sat on the floor, and moved his desk to the coffee table. Baobei leaned against his back playing her iPad, and after a few hours, she pounced on his back and forced him to play with him. She was actually being considerate - she felt that he should rest after working long hours. And just like that, they could also spend a day together happily.

Jiang Mojie witnessed all of these, and he felt both envious and jealous. If there was a chance he could meet a little cutie like this, he would also be willing to settle down.

However, the sound of an engine sounded from outside. Baobei put down her laptop, covered herself with a jacket, then slowly walked out.

When the sports car drove into the driveway, Baobei was also walking out in a pair of slippers.

A white R8 with the Chief of Staff car plate. This car could definitely drive anywhere in Beijing. She reached out to kick the car door, “Are you being flamboyant again?”

Jiang Moxiu smiled, turned off the engine, got down the car and ran towards Baobei. He put his arms across her shoulder, then kissed her. Since she was used to being teased, she also looked up to accommodate him. They were like a married couple, a simple kiss, just indulging in their love.

“This is yours.” Jiang Moxiu smiled, “Baobei, I told you this last time. Go and read it.”

She frowned.

“Anyway, you’re with me most of the time right?” He quipped.

She pouted. “You’re always not in Beijing. If you ask me to return to such a big and empty house, I’ll be scared of ghosts.”

He smiled, but his heart also ached. “Let’s retain your bed in the dorm. When I’m not around, you can just stay there. I won’t be at ease if you are alone anyway.”

“This is a well-organised and meticulously planned crime.” If a man spent all his effort planning for you, what could be more precious than this? The corners of Baobei’s lips curled up into a trace of a smile, and she didn’t reject Big Jiang’s suggestion this time.

“Then, are you going to follow my instructions?”

“So what if I did? Or what if I didn’t?”

“If you follow my wishes, I’ll reward you handsomely.”

Baobei put her hands out, signally for him to show his “reward” first.

Jiang Moxiu held her hand, grinning widely. “Does this mean that you have agreed?”

He was such a smart person, yet in front of Baobei, he was always not confident. Perhaps it was because he was because he cared too much for her, hence even the smallest expression on the young woman’s face would cause fluctuations in her mood.

“I want to see your reward first.” She raised her chin, and to Jiang Moxiu, it was another moment where his heart fluttered.

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