Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 42 Part 2

Pinching her chin, he opened the door of the co-driver’s seat. Inside it was a cage. Jiang Moxiu took the cage out, while Baobei looked at it earnestly.

“Ah!” She shrieked, then covered her mouth, afraid of alarming the little one in the cage.

“Do you like it?” Jiang Moxiu lowered his voice, but he looked like he was fawning over her.

“I love it!” She said softly, but nodded her head hard.

Jiang Moxiu opened up the cage, and there was a larger surprise within. There were two Labradors! The one lying prone on the outside was slightly larger, and right now, it was staring fearfully at its two future owners with its large eyes. Baobei carried it out, and inside was another smaller one. Jiang Moxiu said that the larger one was three months old, while the other one was slightly older than a month. A male and female Labrador, that was just nice. There were two different army pet camps that produced two litters of puppies. He had heard someone mention it before, so he paid attention to it. The larger one had just arrived on a flight to Beijing from Qingdao.

They weren’t purebred Labradors, but coincidentally, they were both Labradors, and both had yellow fur.

Baobei fell in love with this pair of puppies at first sight.

Seeing Baobei’s joy, Jiang Moxiu also felt his spirits uplifted.

“Actually, I like French bulldogs the most.” It was almost as if she was afraid that the little ones would be unhappy if they heard that, so she leaned close to Jiang Moxiu’s ear and whispered to him.

Jiang Moxiu bent down, and when he heard this, he caressed baobei’s head, “We’ll raise these two so that they can grow up with you. When we have kids, we can raise another one to grow up with them. Hence, if you want to rear a French bulldog, you’ve got to grow up quickly, and get married to me sooner.”

Baobei was so overjoyed by his sweetness that she wanted to laugh out loud, but in order to prevent someone from being too full of himself, she held her laughter back. “I have to force myself to get married just so that I can get a dog? I could easily get one myself!”

“Isn’t it because I cherish you too much?” Having a sweet tongue was a necessary ingredient in life, and Mr. Jiang was fond of it.

“I’ll let you cherish me.”

Mr. Jiang’s mood improved tremendously, and he seemed to think about something else. He controlled his smile, and started asking carefully, “Baobei~, if I did something wrong, I’m just saying, accidentally did something wrong, you will forgive me, right?”

Baobei frowned, feeling that his question was somewhat strange. “Did you sleep with another woman?”

Mr. Jiang’s eyes twitched, “What are you thinking about?!”

“So long as it’s not a lifestyle problem, I’ll be able to forgive it. I still have some OCD about that. You might have had other relationships in the past, and I won’t interfere with that, but once you’re with me, I won’t allow you to play around. That’s just dirty.” And she swept Jiang Moxiu was queen-like look, “And if you did something to let me down, I wouldn’t mind cutting off your baby-making organ.”

Listen to this carefully - it wasn’t cutting off his family line, but the organ!

It was terribly violent!

Jiang Moxiu suddenly felt himself sweat.

Baobei spent the entire morning with the two puppies. She hugged and kissed them, and didn’t even bear to let them down during lunch. When Jiang Moxiu saw this, he couldn’t help feeling jealous. In reality, he had his own motives in wanting to rear the dogs. With Baobei’s character, she would have the dogs in mind all the time, and naturally would want to return home often.

Big Jiang was depressed. Thinking about it now, he actually couldn’t compare with a dog.

At night, Baobei still couldn’t bear to leave the dogs. When she was going to shower, Big Jiang was going to follow her in, but she chased him out, saying that the kids had just arrived, so they would be scared if they were left alone. She then ordered Mr. Jiang to accompany the dogs. And thus, the pitiful Jiang Moxiu had to give up playing with his wifey’s fair and tender skin, and instead, had to become the babysitter for the two puppies.

After spending a day together, both puppies became familiar with Baobei, and became very clingy.

When they were going to sleep, Mr. Jiang thought that he could finally hug his little wife, but unexpectedly, Baobei carried the two plump furballs onto bed.

“Baobei~, this…”

She pouted, “If they aren’t with me, they’ll feel scared.” Hence, regardless of Jiang Moxiu’s reaction, she moved into bed and leaned against him, while she placed the dogs around her stomach and hugged them. “I spent the entire day playing with them, but we haven’t given them names.”

Before rearing the dogs, Jiang Moxiu only thought about the benefits of having dogs. Now that they really had them, he regretted his decision on the very first day. Wasn’t rearing dogs just having two more companions? How did the dogs become two hoodlums who wanted to snatch his wife away from him?

He laid back onto his pillow, holding a book in one hand, and his arm encircled Baobei’s waist in the other. However, she didn’t react to him, and he got angry.

Baobei was still feeling excited, so she didn’t notice the man’s emotions. After twisting around in his arms, she hugged him from the side, and started acting coquettishly towards him, “Shall we make them our babies? You’re the papa, and I’m the mama. In future, I’ll call you ‘papa’. Shall we? Shall we?”

Jiang Moxiu frowned. Damn! He had become a dog papa even before he got married and had his own kids. However, could he reject it? What if he rejected it, and their Baobei found another dog papa for the puppies?

It was just rearing a dog! Mr. Jiang was feeling aggrieved!

“Stop reading your book!” Baobei snatched Jiang Moxiu’s book over, then turned and placed it on the bedside table. “Papa, I am discussing something with you.”

Jiang Moxiu was helpless, and he looked down at her. The young woman’s tiny face was flushed, and she was looking at him with hopeful eyes. In that moment, all the anger in him dissipated. He hugged her tighter, feeling somewhat seduced, “Call me that again.”

“Hmm?” She paused for a moment, then smiled. She leaned her chin against his chest, and placed both hands on his chest too. Her eyes were clear, and her gaze was soft and tender, “Papa…”

The corners of his lips eventually curled up into a wider smile. After watching her for a while, he pushed her down, and started kissing her.

He might not have any power in the day, but after going to bed, Mr. Jiang would still protect his rights and territory! Hence, the woman under him was tested till she was dizzy. He raised his leg and kicked the two clueless dogs onto the floor beside Baobei. Fortunately, there was a thick carpet on the ground, hence when the fat puppies fell onto the carpet, they rolled one round, then whined as they looked for their female owner.

“The puppies…” Even though she was in a daze, she still heard their whines. She pushed against Jiang Moxiu’s chest, struggling to get up.

“They went to play.” He was lying blatantly. The dogs were clearly curled up helplessly by the side of their bed.

His palm went down, and two fingers quickly thrust in and started moving slowly. Baobei panted twice, and her entire mind went blank.

Hence, just like this, the couple spent the weekend in sweetness, lewdness, as well as in jealousy. On Monday morning, Baobei drove her R8 back to school. Mr. Jiang was worried about her driving alone, hence he sat in the co-driver seat, and instructed his driver to drive behind them.

This man was good, and he knew how to act at the right occasion. What Baobei hated was someone nagging beside her when she was driving. Xia Tian was like that. However, Jiang Moxiu wasn’t. He would carefully observe her every move and reaction. And when the car stopped at the entrance of the school, Big Jiang undid his seatbelt, then turned to touch Baobei’s head, “You’ve passed. You can drive alone now.”

He really treated her like a little child! Baobei rolled her eyes ungraciously.

“Come here, give me a kiss.” He turned to ease her.

After a while, Jiang Moxiu sat up and his thumb grazed that sweetness on the lips, smiling perversely. He then alighted from the car and straightened his clothes, “Come to the company to look for me after class. We’ll have dinner together.”

After saying that, he smiled at Baobei.

Jiang Moxiu went into the car behind in a good mood. It seems like his productivity at work today would be extremely high.

Anyone who looked at his smile might still be bedazzled by him. Jiang Moxiu wasn’t the standout type like Da Shao or Mr. Fang, but he was still very manly, and he still looked good regardless of how many times you saw him. Especially that smile of his, it was a smile of a million watts.

Baobei patted her own face, and when she started the car, she drove dangerously like a snake for a short distance.

Aren’t all men just trouble?

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