Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 43 Part 1

The next morning, Baobei left earlier because she was afraid of heavy traffic. Unexpectedly, the traffic was smooth all the way to school, and she was close to twenty minutes early. There were only a few people in the classroom.

Baobei chose a seat in the last row, surmising that the three others in her dorm would be arriving soon.

Instead, a group of boys arrived first. They were creating a ruckus, and the moment they entered the classroom, they surrounded a boy sitting in the front row. It was good to be young; even though they might be rash and impulsive, life was simple.

“Old He! Old He! You didn’t return to camp last night!”

“Speak! Where did you go and fool around?”

“Whose warm embrace were you immersed in?”

The few boys were laughing their heads off.

Baobei chuckled when she heard their comments. That’s right, everyone in university would have experience of not returning to camp. Mr. Jiang had the same intentions in mind when he pestered her not to stay in the dorm. After all, a couple in love couldn’t stand the torture of being apart.

“What nonsense are all of you spouting?! I really had something urgent to deal with last night!” He Yixiang frowned as he refuted their claims. Instinctively, he turned to look at the young woman at the back, and when he saw a trace of a smile at the corners of her lips, he felt even more anxious.

“Urgent? How urgent?” The lewd and vulgar bunch of boys started again.

“Scram!” The top student didn’t have the habit of discussing his private affairs openly. Even if he wanted to say something, he didn’t know how to do it now. The young woman at the back was still smiling, but he couldn’t fathom why she was smiling.

Zhang Shun, who was in the same dorm as He Yixiang, followed the latter’s gaze and felt that things had become interesting. The faculty belle, or at least, the person whom those in the dorm agreed was the faculty belle.

Beauty Su was always the top beauty recognised by the law faculty. She was a high profile woman, and when the people in their dorm started school, they were also astounded by her beauty for some time. It was only until Scholar He sneered, “She’s just a superficial beauty.” When the faculty was voting on their faculty’s belle, Scholar He voted for Xia Baobei right before their eyes, and this caused the others to start noticing this child. She had been relatively unknown, and it seemed as though she was deliberately being low profile. When they really placed their attention on her, they realised that she was really a beauty. Not only did she have a beautiful appearance, but her aura also matched up to her looks. She was elegant and graceful, making Beauty Su fade in comparison.

Old Zhang poked He Yixiang and smiled devilishly, “If you like her, then go after her. So what if she has a boyfriend? Everyone has a chance; moreover, you aren’t a bad catch either.

He Yixiang rubbed his nose, then coughed awkwardly.

There was a commotion suddenly, and three other beauties walked in. Each of them were pretty in their own way. Old Zhang and the others were astonished. Why didn’t they notice these people before? When did the law faculty have so many beautiful women?!

“Oh my, Baobei! I’m exhausted!” Shi Xiaoxi was holding a stack of books in her hands. They belonged to both Baobei and herself. She had borrowed Baobei’s books to copy her notes over the weekend, and so, she willingly helped her bring the books to class today.

“I bought you breakfast.” Jiahui was holding a small bag.

The corners of Baobei’s lips twitched. She had a huge breakfast before she came! Jiang Moxiu had hired a helper in their house. The helper would be sent to their house every morning, and would prepare their meals and clean the house, before leaving for the night. Mr. Jiang was very particular about his quality of life, but he wasn’t willing to clean or allow others to disturb his life, so he came up with this plan.

“She has eaten,” Fang Jie chuckled, then snatched the food over and started eating it.

“Baobei, have you seen the test questions for Lecturer Jiang’s class?” It was the time for their finals, so Shi Xiaoxi was most concerned about the examination questions.

“I haven’t seen it. He just came back from the United States.” Even if he had prepared the questions, she wouldn’t have had the chance to see it. After all, they didn’t waste their time and energy on other things.

“Find a time to ask him about it! No matter what, we’re considered family, so how can he let his own people fail?” Shi Xiaoxi was shaking her head furiously at Baobei, as she spoke in a solemn tone.

Baobei nodded.

Fang Jie suddenly asked, “By the way, did you see a car downstairs when you arrived?”

“Ah?” Baobei was perplexed.

“Damn! You saw the R8 too? It’s so cool! It’s not only worth more than two million Yuan, it even comes with a Chief of Staff car plate. I wonder which rich family’s kid it belongs to!” Shi Xiaoxi was getting excited.

“Ummm…” Baobei was at a loss for words.

“This is such an unfair world! Why do some people have such good lives! The poor are becoming poorer; a warm blanket and a good dream at night can already comfort the hearts of us, who face adversity all the time. I’m starting to hate the rich!” Jiahui concluded.

Baobei rubbed her temples as she looked down, making the decision to remain silent.

Shi Xiaoxi then asked, “Oh, Baobei, I’m broke. Can you lend me some money? I’ll return it to you after I get back from the holidays.” When she just started school, she felt as though she was liberated, and like a wild horse, she swiped more than 70,000 RMB. After that, her father confiscated her credit card, and from then on, she had to endure the pitiful life of a monthly allowance.

Pointing at her bag, Baobei signalled for her to take it herself. Obviously, this wasn’t the first time she asked for money.

Shi Xiaoxi pulled out Baobei’s wallet and took out five pieces of Grandpa Mao [1]. Just as she was about to close the wallet, she discovered the black card inside. Damn, this child was even more familiar with Baobei’s wallet than Baobei herself.

She poked Baobei’s arm, “What’s this?”

“A card.”

“I know that it’s a card. What card is it?”

“A credit card.”

“Pfft! What’s it for?” Shi Xiaoxi was going mad.

“To spend money.”

“Xia Baobei! Don’t tell me that you don’t know what this is!” It was the legendary black card! They had only seen pictures of it before! Shi Xiaoxi had never imagined that she could see it in real life.

Jiahui and Fang Jie also looked over curiously.

“What about it? It’s just a credit card. I even used this for grocery shopping yesterday.” Baobei pouted, then turned to take a card and placed it back in her wallet. She then grinned, “This is Lecturer Jiang’s card. I’m using the main, he’s using the supplementary.”

Shi Xiaoxi screamed.

“Did he also surrender his ATM card to you? Did you check his financial conditions yet?” Jiahui was astonished.

“Why do I have to care about that?”

“I’m speechless!”

[1] 100RMB notes

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