Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 43 Part 2

It was the final week of this semester, so everyone came to class, hoping to note down key points for exams. The classrooms were immensely crowded.

Halfway through the lesson, Baobei suddenly felt a force, and before she could react, someone had squeezed in beside her after leaping over her seat. Four girls shrieked at the same time, causing the entire classroom to turn their attention on them. However, the perpetrator didn’t feel embarrassed; instead, he still shamelessly placed his arm over Baobei’s shoulder as he waved at the lecturer.

“Tsk! Keep quiet during the lesson! Get out if you make another sound!” The lecturer’s stern warning could be heard.

“Do you want to die?” Baobei pinched Xia Tian’s arm.

“Not so hard! Are you trying to kill me?” Xia Tian quickly grabbed Baobei’s two hands.

“Xia Tian!” Shi Xiaoxi, who was pushed to the corner, poked Xia Tian’s arm. “Where have you been all these while? I missed you.”

“Hi, Shi Xiaoxi, I missed you too.” Xia Tian turned and grinned at her, immediately mesmerizing her.

That child was in a daze, as she clutched her heart and took deep breaths.

“Why are you here, instead of going for your own classes?” Baobei whispered, and the siblings leaned close together, chatting softly. When the others around them witnessed this scene, they envied their sibling relationship.

“Give it to me” Xia Tian put his hand out.

“What do you want me to give you?” Baobei was confused.

“The car keys!” He was upfront about his demand.

“What car keys?” Baobei was still confused.

“Your car keys, of course.” Xia Tian was getting impatient. “Don’t deny it, I heard from Liu Ge yesterday that Brother Jiang gave you a car, and Brother Hezi was even the one who put the car plate up.”

“What do you want the car for?” Even though she was asking this, her hand was already reaching into her bag to get the keys.

Xia Tian poked Baobei’s head ruthlessly with his finger, “You fool! Of course I want to take a drive!”

“If you do this again, I’m going to be angry!” Her cheeks were puffed up.

“Stop this nonsense, and hand the keys over! Let me drive it for a few days first!”

The car keys were already in her hands. She placed it above Xia Tian’s hand, then took it back again. These two siblings shared almost everything they had, so a car was nothing to them. “Before that, I want you to promise me that you won’t go racing.”

Xia Tian retorted disdainfully, “Pfft! With that lousy R8 of yours?! It’s not even powerful enough for me! If I wanted to race, I'd look for Liu Ge.”

It was, after all, a gift from Lecture Jiang, hence Baobei was somewhat upset when she heard him insulting the car. “Why do you want to drive the car if it’s so lousy?”

As she spoke, she put the keys back into her bag.

“Don’t mind my words! All I want is that license plate!” He quickly reached out to snatch the keys away from her. In actual fact, Baobei was just pretending to keep the keys. The moment he tried to grab it, she allowed him to take it. “I’ll go all out to run the traffic lights when there are traffic police around! Hehe!”

“How dare you?!”

“I don’t dare, I don’t…” He grinned evilly.

“My sister, in order to repay your loan of the car, let me show you something good.” Xia Tian then pulled out a magazine and shoved it into Baobei’s hands. “Don’t let anyone know that I was the one who gave this to you.”

“What is this?” An entertainment magazine?!

“I just can’t stand Brother Jiang’s deceitful but arrogant face! You’ve already broken all the rules and started living with him. If our dad found out about it, he would probably have a stroke! But Brother Jiang…” The thieving Xia Tian stopped right at this point, flipped over his seat, then ran off without even waving goodbye.

Xia Tian was running really quickly. In less than a minute, Baobei could hear the car engine running. Why did all men love cars? Xia Tian was fond of cars and watches, and he was an expert at these things. He even had a few cars in his garage, all bought with his own money. However, he would still be greedy when he saw what others had, and every few days, he would drive his buddies’ car out for a spin.

“Baobei, is that car yours?” Shi Xiaoxi’s voice was trembling when she asked that.

“Mmm.” Baobei nodded.

“Baobei! You should just go and die!”


Baobei finally went to take a good look at the magazine. The person on the front cover was the famous international superstar Eva King. Wasn’t she someone who was full of scandals? What scandal was she embroiled in again this time? Why did Xia Tian show this to her?

The picture on the cover was very blurry as they were taken from a distance. Eva King was entering and leaving a hotel in these photos, and the headline was punchy: “Secret Six Hour Date With Her Boyfriend.”

Upon closer scrutiny, why did the man in the picture look so familiar?

She opened the magazine, and saw that the media had already pulled out everything about the secret man in question. Wasn’t this her man at home?

“No wonder he asked that question. He really wants me to cut off his baby-making organ huh…”

She gritted her teeth.

In the administration building, someone suddenly felt a cold gust of wind behind his back…

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