Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 44 Part 2

Jiang Moxiu had been distracted the entire day, and he finally managed to contain himself till Baobei’s classes ended. He called her, but she didn’t answer. And then, he received a message from her, informing him that she would be spending the night at the dorm.

A chill shot up his spine.

He immediately called her again.

After five or six rings, she finally picked up the call.

“Baobei~, are you staying at the dorm tonight?” He clearly didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, he was acting like a guilty man, and being careful around Baobei.

“Mmmm.” Baobei didn’t sound like her usual self too. She didn’t sound restless, but cold towards him. It was at this moment that Jiang Moxiu confirmed that Baobei had already read the news.

“Didn’t you agree to come back here instead?” He was being even more careful now. Under normal circumstances, Lecturer Jiang would have said something to tease her. But his actions now confirmed Baobei’s suspicions that he was having a guilty conscience.

“Xia Tian took the car out to play,” she replied nonchalantly.

Xia Tian! Jiang Moxiu gritted his teeth. He thought that he had already defused the bomb known as Xia Tian, but why were the men from the Xia family all so perverse?!

“I’ll come and pick you up.”

“There’s no need.”

“Then what’s going to happen to Dabao and Xiaobao? The helper called to inform me that they haven’t eaten a single thing because you weren’t at home!” That was a low blow! How could he go after her weakness! Dabao and Xiaobao were the names that she had chosen for the puppies on the way to school today.

“Mmmm.” She clenched her teeth. She knew that he was lying to her. How would the helper at home have his number? He had always managed these through his assistant. Yet, she still missed her babies.

Jiang Moxiu was getting anxious. It seemed like his scheme had failed.

“Baobei~, I’ll come and pick you up.”

During such moments, what some women needed was a direct command, especially during a fight. If Lecturer Jiang had changed it to “Should I come and pick you up?”, Baobei would certainly be raving mad instead.

Men who weren’t bothered about trifle matters and sometimes acted improperly were actually rather reliable. Even though they might occasionally curse and swear, or speak dirty to you, they were the ones who knew best how they should act. They would not go overboard, be too domineering, and also not be too conservative. Conversely, it was those who acted like gentlemen who were the ones who were truly depraved to the core.

For instance, when Baobei was in junior high and high school, she would see some boys who were duped by the saying, “A woman would only love a bad man”. They would smoke, drink, add tattoos to their bodies, and even fight, thinking that women would adore them this way. But the truth was that they remained single and alone. What they failed to understand, was that it wasn’t because they weren’t bad enough that they failed at love, it was simply because they were too ugly. As for the saying that “A woman would only love a bad man”, it was only true with the precondition that the man had to be good looking or domineering in some ways. Take for instance, two actors who played gangsters in movies. Women loved Chen Haonan, played by Ekin Cheng, but who would like Bobby Yip, whose looks were a far cry away?

Ultimately, it was all about looks.

Baobei also fancied handsome guys. She really did. That was the reason why she was a fan of Mo Dashao, and why she liked Jiang Moxiu. Even though Jiang Moxiu’s love for her was equally important, if a man who looked ugly went after her and showered her with love, she wouldn’t have gotten together with him. Her actions were simply logical.

Moreover, Jiang Moxiu was a man who was so perfect that he seemed unreal. He was handsome, wealthy, caring, and most importantly, he loved Baobei with all his heart.

That was the reason why he had so easily captured Baobei’s heart.

As to why she hid in the dorm, it was because she was still angry, but she knew that her heart would melt if she saw him, so she decided not to see him instead.

All four ladies in room 409 had naturally read the article in the foreign magazine. They didn’t know how much truth there was in the article, but the entertainment industry was simply too disgusting. There were many couples there who broke up and reconciled countless times, those who got married, divorced, and then got back together again… There were all sorts of strange things happening there, and so, after Shi Xiaoxi’s insistence, the three other ladies were finally convinced that Lecturer Jiang had been set up.

“Baobei, listen to me. That woman is too cocky. How dare she chase him all the way here to China? It’s more important to protect your territory than to remain in a cold war. Settle the external problem first. As for Lecturer Jiang, will the monkey god be able to escape the hands of Buddha? When the dust settles, you can just lock him up and we’ll teach him a lesson!” That was what Shi Xiaoxi advised.

On the other side of the room, Jiahui and Fang Jie nodded their heads, but they maintained their own opinions towards Shi Xiaoxi’s “will the monkey god be able to escape the hands of Buddha.” Even though it seemed directed at Lecturer Jiang, they felt as though it was Baobei who couldn’t escape from Lecturer Jiang’s hands instead.

Baobei thought about it and agreed with her words. It was just a rumour, and even though she was angry, she naturally believed that he came to her after he cut off his ties with other women. And yet, there were flies who were secretly picking at the corner of her bowl now.

Baobei’s little universe exploded.

She called Xia Tian and ordered him to drive the car back. On the other end of the line, he was still protesting repeatedly, saying that he had only taken the car for less than eight hours, and he hadn’t had enough fun with it! However, he still drove the car back for her in the end, after he heard the tone in her voice. Her battle mode was on, and as she prepared to leave, she even boasted to Young Master Xia that she would get his brother-in-law to get him a luxurious car with a similar licence plate.

Tsk! Listen to this, brother-in-law? This was so unlike Baobei. When did she start talking like this?

Jiang Moxiu was in the lobby waiting for the driver to bring the car over. Some of his managers, his secretary and his assistant were still standing beside him, discussing some issues with him, but that man just stood there arrogantly, creating a cold aura around him.

He was getting increasingly impatient. He had already received news that the paparazzi was hiding downstairs trying to steal some shots, but he still decided to follow Jiang Mojie’s suggestion. He would pick Baobei up first and expose their relationship, then call the media and completely clear his innocence.


A white car drove towards him. Jiang Moxiu looked up and was instantly shocked. Then, he pushed the documents that his secretary was holding in front of him aside, and strode towards the car.

Baobei alighted from the driver’s seat, wearing an incredibly youthful outfit. She was in a white t-shirt with black harem pants and a pair of high-cut boots, looking extremely dashing. However, the way she walked was extremely adorable. She had a backpack in her hands, clearly from Jiang Moxiu’s collection. She was imitating his getup from the other day.

Jiang Moxiu sprinted towards her. He looked at the woman who was beaming beautifully like a flower at him, the woman he called his girlfriend.

“Can we leave now?” She shoved her bag into Jiang Moxiu’s hands.

“Why are you driving so fast?” He naturally took the bag, then touched her face. There was a hint of reproach in his voice, but just a tiny little bit.

“I’ll do whatever makes me happy!” She turned and walked off.

Jiang Moxiu waved his secretary over, then quickly gave him some instructions before following Baobei.

Baobei sat in the co-driver’s seat. Jiang Moxiu slid into the driver’s seat, and even intentionally removed the shades on his face. Then, he slowly turned to Baobei, pinched her chin and kissed her. This would give the reporters ample time to take all the pictures they wanted, right?

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