Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 44 Part 1

But first, let’s set the record straight about what happened between Jiang Moxiu and Eva King.

Many years ago… Oh, actually, just four years back, Jiang Moxiu, who had yet to be twenty three years of age, was starting to rise to prominence in the financial circles in America. During a banquet, he met Eva King, whose career was at her peak then. Jiang Moxiu had never been interested in female celebrities, but Eva King had passionately expressed her interest in him through the media. That was how their “relationship” began; and because it was related to an A-lister in Hollywood, hence, such news was reported all over the entertainment news.

Jiang Moxiu would not disagree that back then, he might have had some potential to become a bastard. He even made use of the publicity from this, and worked with finance reporters whom he was close to to promote Boyu’s ideas and the direction that the company was headed for that year. During that period, Boyu’s shares were rising rapidly, and Jiang Moxiu was also embroiled in such a scandal. However, he knew that a woman like her would not be able to enter the family, so he also didn’t invest any true feelings in the relationship.

It was only about six months from the time Eva King publicly expressed interest in him to the day the media revealed that they had broken up. Taking away the time when he was busy with his businesses, they had actually only spent slightly more than a month together. Later on, he showed her the cold shoulder, and the woman had kicked up a fuss for some time, but after she realised the consequences of getting into his bad books, she had never pestered him again. Eva King’s success in Hollywood naturally meant that she was no pushover; so many years after the breakup, she would still occasionally bring his name up to stir up some news. It was probably the same this time. She had probably found out his itinerary beforehand, hence she created this facade all on her own.

If it was in the past, Jiang Moxiu wouldn’t be bothered by this. However, he was currently in the “under observation” stage; he had to ensure that his reputation was sparkling clean, so how would he allow others to bring him down this way?!

In actual fact, the American paparazzi had only photographed them entering the hotel one after the other. Yet, because of their past relationship, they started speculating. If everyone who went in before and after her were suspicious, the number of famous people who were implicated would be countless.

What was this secret six hour meeting?! All of these were bullshit! Jiang Moxiu was actually in a “secret meeting” with Fang Yanru! They had met to schedule a time for the project that they were collaborating on. The meeting barely lasted ten minutes, and he left after that. However, the media did not capture him leaving because he had left from the helipad on the rooftop, on a helicopter.

Damn! If he had anything to do with Eva King in a short span of ten minutes, it would simply be an insult to him! He could never accept the reputation as a man of “short stamina”!

Hence, the rumours of a “secret date”...

What secret date?!

What nonsense is this?!

Jiang Moxiu did not know whether Baobei had seen this report, because news of Eva King coming to China the previous day had been misrepresented by the American media as her following her lover, and this piece of news had been reported by all the major news outlets in the country.

Jiang Moxiu had never cared about suppressing such news about him. However, he refused to suffer quietly this time, and pressured certain parties, and by the afternoon, the article had already disappeared from online news outlets. However, it was still printed and reported in foreign news outlets.

Jiang Moxiu was having a headache thinking about how Baobei and the Xia family would react.

In the afternoon, he gave Jiang Mojie a dressing down when he saw the latter’s hooligan-like behaviour. That kid seemed to know what he was fretting about, and was gloating over his misfortune.

“Brother, why are you so anxious? From what I see, after spending so much time with Baobei, you don’t even know how to do crisis management anymore.”

“What do you know?!”

“Yes, I don’t know anything, but I’m glad that I don’t. Right now, you’re acting like Baobei’s fanboy, so it’s a total insult if you compare me to you!” Jiang Mojie grinned devilishly. “Anyway, since the matter has blown up, then let it fester even more. Since they are bringing up all sorts of nonsense, why don’t you give them something to report on? Even though Eva King’s relationship is a headliner, to the media, news about the queen being ditched is even better.

Jiang Moxiu glared at Jiang Mojie. “I thought about this too, but I’m worried that Baobei’s family would be upset. After all, Baobei’s life is so simple. It’s not good if the media finds out about her, and digs up all sorts of things about their family.”

“Are you scared of negative repercussions? As the saying goes, every man for himself. You should take the chance to make Baobei yours. Once the media exposes this, regardless of how Father Xia drags on, she will belong to our family. I want to see if anyone dares to fight with our Old Jiang for his wife. Father Xia can hate you all he wants. Even if you try your best, because you are marrying his daughter, he won’t ever like you.” Jiang Mojie wasn’t only smiling devilishly, he was even trying to get into his brother’s good books. “Besides, this is China. Isn’t what the media say, or how much they say, something that we can control? Isn’t that right, Brother?”

Jiang Moxiu glared at his brother, until the latter started perspiring under his piercing look.

“Hurry up and get it done!”

“Sure!” Jiang Mojie had received his orders, but he still stayed one, refusing to leave. “Brother, there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

“Spill it!”

“Ummm, haven’t I been financially constrained by the old man?” Since last year, their grandfather had strictly controlled Jiang Mojie’s finances. It was fine if this kid continued his small, mischievous acts, but one of the rich kids they played with was discovered to have been taking drugs. The old master was worried that Jiang Mojie might follow suit simply because he had a lot of money on hand, hence he strictly controlled the movement of money in his bank account. He did not deduct Jiang Mojie’s share dividends and allowances, but he left them in his brother’s control. This restriction would be abolished only when Jiang Mojie started his family and had a stable career. Of course, he still had Empress Dowager Kong’s supplementary card with him, so he wasn’t lacking money, but his mother would know what he spent every single cent on. Both of them were the old master’s grandsons, their father’s sons, but why were they treated so differently?

“And so?”

“Five years ago, Maserati launched a MC12 Corsa. Do you remember this?” His eyes were deviously turning.

Jiang Moxiu nodded, but he didn’t say anything. He understood what his brother was driving at.

“One of my brothers is willing to sell it to me.” His eyes were almost flaming bright.

“This car… There’s someone who’s willing to sell it?” Jiang Moxiu didn’t really believe him. Even though he wasn’t as interested in cars, he considered buying this back then. In the end, because Fang Yanru liked it too, he decided to do Fang Yanru a favour, and gave the chance to buy the car to him.

“Hehe…” Jiang Mojie laughed sinisterly, “Naturally, I spent some effort before he agreed to part with it.”

“Then you can just buy it.”

He sounded as though it was easy to do so. “Mom isn’t agreeable.”

Jiang Moxiu chuckled, “You’re scared because our mother disapproves?”

“She’s already so old, I don’t want her to be angry because of me. She’s scared that I’ll go out and race with that car. But Brother, I really want it. Besides, with China’s road conditions, there aren’t many places for me to race, and if I do it in the city, our father would chop off all my limbs!”

It was a rare sight, this brat having to beg the adults to buy him a car. Actually, Jiang Moxiu pampered his brother. After all, his brother was his closest kin aside from his parents. When Jiang Mojie had pitifully sought him out to ask for his help to buy the car, his heart had already softened.

“Mom has her own reasons for not agreeing. Tell me first, how much is the other party willing to sell it for?”

“2.5 million dollars” He felt sheepish even when he said that.

Jiang Moxiu raised a brow.

“A car that’s five years old is not even considered an antique, but it’s not exactly new either. 2.5 million dollars for it?”

“Brother! My buddy has maintained it well, and it’s in mint condition! Besides, there are only twelve of these in the world, so it’s really hard to come by!”

“Hmmm, but it really doesn’t seem like a good deal.” From the perspective of a businessman, it seemed to be that case. However, it was a car that he really fancied!

Jiang Mojie felt dejected hearing his brother’s words. No matter what, he was only twenty years old. Even though he had been brought up under an elite education regime, his elder brother was simply too outstanding. Moreover, he was the youngest in the family, so everyone else pampered and loved him more, and naturally, he appeared more childish in front of others. Even Empress Dowager Kong, who would always complain that this son of hers was born to make trouble for her, but everyone knew that she was the one who cared for him the most.

“Since you’ve been good recently, there’s no need to beg Mother for it. I’ll give it to you.”

Jiang Mojie’s eyes widened instantly, and he looked as though he couldn’t believe his ears. “Brother, it’s 2.5 million we’re talking about, not two thousand five hundred dollars.”

“So what? Are you scared that your brother can’t afford it?”

“Brother! You’re truly my real brother! I’ll never suspect that I was picked up from the streets anymore! You’re really my biological brother!” The handsome man instantly became a monkey. Jiang Mojie might act cool to others, but in front of his brother, he would act like a spoiled brat.

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