Chusan's Liuyi Children's Day

C15 - I have shown you the photo of your rival

The incredible film at the end of year, dominating multiple big rankings and gaining the director fame in the future, Days of Being Wild, was only available in cinemas for twelve days because of the poor revenue. He Chusan and Xia Liuyi had caught the third day before it withdrew from the cinemas, and they were lucky enough to sit in a cinema with few people, enhancing their senses from experiencing the vulnerable artist’s heart.

College Student He was not an artist enough. He had been drowsy since “April 16, 1960, one minute before 3pm”. While he nodded his head dizzily, a strange, miserable scream exploded abruptly beside his ear –


The only dozen people in the cinema all turned their heads. He Chusan opened his eyes wide and lifted his head, seeing Xia Liuyi’s claw locked around someone’s wrist.

The man who almost had his hand forced into another shape gasped like a snake, “Mate, hey, mate! It hurts!”

“What’s wrong?” He Chusan asked hurriedly.

“I……hiss it hurts. I just wanna make you stop smoking. My wife is pregnant and the smoke made her choke! Hiss!” The man sat behind them gasped and said.

Xia Liuyi snorted and threw his hand away, “Speak out if you have any sh*t to say! Why would you touch around!”

“I just wanted to tap your shoulder……” The man covered his hand, feeling mistreated and wanting to argue more, but was pulled back by his wife.

The people around all found Xia Liuyi was not a harmless person and took away their stares carefully. He Chusan felt that the atmosphere was awkward and was worried that Xia Liuyi would leave unhappily again. He intended to say something to counsel him. However, Xia Liuyi stood up and left before he could say “Boss”!

He Chusan scurried to catch up. He was approaching the exit to stop Xia Liuyi – when Xia Liuyi turned to a row in the front and picked an empty seat casually, sitting down again.


He Chusan held his backpack and sat beside Xia Liuyi. He said with some hesitation, “Boss Liuyi?”

Xia Liuyi lit up another cigarette annoyedly, crossing his long legs on the seat in front of him, “Don’t say nonsense. Sleep on your own!”

He Chusan chuckled and couldn’t fall asleep anymore. He tried to lean against the seat lazily like Xia Liuyi and watched the screen patiently for a while, before he turned secretly to watch Xia Liuyi’s face.

Xia Liuyi was frowning, staring at the swaying silhouettes on the screen. He put the cigarette in his mouth not frequently, inhaling slowly, and exhaling leisurely. His face was indifferent.

He Chusan pretended to be defeated by the drowsiness. Slipping down his body slowly, a little and a little, lightly……he put his head on Xia Liuyi’s shoulder.

Xia Liuyi had no reaction but continued to stare at the screen calmly.

He Chusan exhaled quietly. Rest assured, he relaxed and closed his eyes, smiling.

“I’ve heard that there was a kind of bird with no legs. It could fly and fly only. When it got tired, it slept in the wind. This kind of bird could land only once, and that was the time it died.” The dissolute man on the screen said.

Xia Liuyi seemed to be casual, exhaling the smoke. Other than silence, there was only the protagonist’s monologue, low and hoarse. However, after He Chusan’s long and peaceful breath entered the play, Xia Liuyi suddenly turned and cast his sight on He Chusan.

He pinched the cigarette, thinking and kneaded his temple with irritation.

“Actually, it had gone nowhere. This bird had died since the very beginning.”


After the film ended, Xia Liuyi kicked He Chusan, who even had small snores, awake. Following the sparse crowd, they walked one after another.

The parking lot at midnight was empty with only a handful of cars there. He Chusan yawned, watching Xia Liuyi finding his key. Xia Liuyi’s hand searched around in his pocket, and Little Brat He’s eyes stuck on his nice hip, moving, and moving……


A female scream suddenly came deep from the parking lot!

The scream only lasted for a moment. Ensuing, there was sobbing and the sound of struggling. He Chusan was running in that direction instantly, but he was pulled by Xia Liuyi.

Xia Liuyi glared at him, pulling him behind the car, and walked towards it alone.

A gangster was covering a pregnant woman’s mouth, pressing her on the floor and using the other hand to grab her jewelry off. She sobbed and struggled, but it didn’t work at all. Her husband was stabbed by a knife, lying on the floor with no strength left. Another gangster was searching for a wallet on him.

The pregnant woman saw her husband bled more and more. She bit the gangster’s hand hard and shouted to cry and yell while he lost his strength, “Help! Help! Darling! Darling……Uh!”

The gangster stood up and kicked the woman’s waist brutally. At once, she covered her belly and yelled miserably. She could only cry and cough, sobbing.

The pregnant woman’s husband – who had told Xia Liuyi to stop smoking – saw his wife being kicked and held another gangster’s leg, dying, “Hon……honey, go……”

They were experiencing a mortal leaving, but the gangster was so angry. He pulled his legs but failed to leave, so he stabbed the knife at the man again!

But before the edge fell, his purlicue was held tightly by someone. Xia Liuyi’s indifferent voice appeared behind him, “Taking the money is enough.”

The gangster pulled and still had his wrist held tightly. He couldn’t move his knife at all so he glared and cursed, “F*ck! Who are you?!”

“Who is your Big Boss?” Xia Liuyi asked back.

“My Big Boss would scare you off! Boss Little Ma from Xiao Qi Tong! Get your hand off if you’re wise!”

“Little Ma wouldn’t have such rubbish, knowing no rules like you,” Xia Liuyi said and his hand turned cruel.

The gangster was pained and yelled. His other fist smashed at Xia Liuyi, but his belly was kicked by Xia Liuyi’s lifting leg. He grunted and fell immediately – his wrist was still held high by Xia Liuyi.

The other person had rushed forward with his knife. Xia Liuyi loosened his grip on Gangster A, who was on the ground, rolling his body to kick the knife out of the person’s hand. His long leg didn’t stop but swept at the gangster’s head! That person flew away instantly and smashed onto a nearby limousine!

Xia Liuyi was going towards him to add another kick, and He Chusan abruptly reminded, “Watch out! Boss Liuyi!”

He bent downward swiftly and kicked his rising foot backward – the gangster that had sneaked up from his back had his lower body kicked. He fell onto the floor like a frog before making any sounds!

The two gangsters respectively struggled hard on the head of a car and the floor. Their hair was pulled by Xia Liuyi’s single hand and smushed together. The knife was set onto their neck, and the voice was still indifferent, “Which gang are you actually in?”

“N-n-n-none of the gangs. W-w-w-w-we were passing by……For-f-f-f-forgive us big boss……” The gangsters trembled because they had realized where Xia Liuyi was from, and one of them cried and said everything in a hurry.

Xia Liuyi lifted the corner of his lips coldly. Every triad man knew this region was under Xiao Qi Tong, covered by Big Boss Xia. How could they pass by for no reason? He ferociously pulled out the knife and slashed! Half a piece of bloody ear fell off in a flash!

“Uh-ahhhhh --!”

“Why not have it cut off, if it can’t understand what it heard?” Xia Liuyi sneered.

“I’ll say I’ll say……” The other gangster cried out loud, “We……”

Then his voice paused. Xia Liuyi followed his sight to check – He Chusan had a switch knife on his neck, being pushed forward by someone.

The Gangster C was robust, with a cruel face. Compared to him, He Chusan was almost a meager rabbit, being held in a tiger’s arms. He said bitterly, “I’m sorry, Boss Liuyi.”

Xia Liuyi had been enraged with him for more than a handful of times and felt he was kinder than a god. Still, he couldn’t go through this. He stood up slowly and frowned subconsciously.

“You f*cking good-for-nothing,” he said annoyedly, “did I let you come out? Solve the trouble you have gotten yourself into.”

He Chusan struggled but failed to free himself. He said with a worried face, “I can’t solve it.”

“Go to hell then!” Xia Liuyi cursed and stepped hard on the feet of the gangster below him. The gangster yelled painfully.

He Chusan received his meaning. Standing on his tiptoes, lifting his head, he opened his pure and innocent eyes as wide as possible to communicate with Gangster C, “Big Boss, may I have a talk with you. I’m not familiar with him. My dad had owed a hundred thousand from him, and he caught me for the debt. Just look at him. He won’t give a glance even if you kill me here……”

The Gangster C was getting a headache from the nagging. He shouted annoyedly, “Shut the f*ck up!”

At the exact same moment, he loosened his grip, and He Chusan stepped hard on his feet, just like Xia Liuyi did! As he jumped up because of the pain, He Chusan grabbed his arms and bent backward to complete an imperfect suplex! They fell onto the floor together!

They rolled together on the floor and Gangster C hurt his butt during the fall. Struggling, he pressed He Chusan and wanted to stab more. He Chusan was pressed underneath. He moved his arms and pushed his palms awkwardly out to hide from the dangerous knife attacking his chest, but unavoidably, his defending arm was scratched. A line of blood splashed out at once!

He Chusan couldn’t help grunting from the pain. Gangster C started going in for a few more deadly attacks, but suddenly, his knife was fixed in place!

Xia Liuyi had sprung between them and grabbed the edge with his left hand, and the fresh blood flowed out along the handle instantly! Under the amazed glare of Gangster C, he moved the knife away from above He Chusan, little by little, with his face dark. Eventually, the knife was pulled away from the hands of Gangster C.

The bloody small knife fell with a clap! Gangster C half-groveled on the floor, stupidly holding the hand with the knife in the air, staring at Xia Liuyi as if he saw a demon. Overwhelmed by the shock, he didn’t have any idea about fighting back!

Under the dim street light, Xia Liuyi’s eyes looked brutal. He sneered angrily with a terrifying expression. Holding his bloody fist tight, he sent out a powerful punch!

A “Bang!” fell clearly upon this empty parking lot!

Gangster C had half of his head buried into dirt, making no more sounds……

The other two gangsters screamed and got up as they saw him seemingly to smash their brother to death. They escaped with every route they could think of awkwardly! The pregnant woman and her husband were freaked out too. They held each other and trembled together!

The alarm of a patrol car arrived distantly. Xia Liuyi lifted He Chusan’s arm to check, with a cold expression. Making sure it was just a little scratch, Xia Liuyi lifted him up with his collar and patted off the mud for him. Xia Liuyi pushed him backward, “Go!”

He Chusan ran to the nearby Benz obediently. A few steps later, he found Xia Liuyi didn’t catch up. He turned back and found that Xia Liuyi had returned to the pregnant woman.

Xia Liuyi bent and picked up her husband’s wallet, taking her ID out from it.

Xia Liuyi glanced at the name on her ID and said ruthlessly, “Du Meiyi, right? You don’t know who saved you two and didn’t see my face clearly. Do you remember it?”

The pregnant woman kept nodding. She held her husband tight with a pale face.

Xia Liuyi threw the ID back to her and turned, walking quickly back to the car.

The Benz passed the police car as if nothing happened. After turning into a few alleys, it got onto the road again.

“Boss Liuyi, your hand!” Seeing blood dripping from the wheel, He Chusan said, his face grey.

“Why’re you so noisy,” Xia Liuyi frowned, “there’s a kit in the cabinet.”

He Chusan found the first-aid kit, “Let’s find somewhere to park, Boss Liuyi. We’ll stop your bleeding first.”

“Wait a moment! We haven’t arrived yet,” Xia Liuyi replied annoyedly, “tend your own wound first!”

The wound on He Chusan’s arm looked long, but actually, it wasn’t serious at all. Alcohol was all it needed. Under He Chusan’s urging, Xia Liuyi kept driving past a few streets before he stopped his car.

He Chusan chaotically stopped his bleeding and dressed his palm, with bloody flesh rolled up. Xia Liuyi saw the sweat on his nose and found it amusing, “Were you afraid?”

“I was,” He Chusan frowned and nodded, “your tendon will be hurt if it’s not dealt with appropriately. We’ll go to the hospital later.”

“F*ck!” Xia Liuyi slapped his head lightly with the right hand, “I was asking if you were afraid when you were hacked at!”

He Chusan had nothing to say this time but cleaned the wound for him carefully. After putting the dressing on and wrapping the bandage, he eventually admitted quietly, “I was.”

Xia Liuyi chuckled and was going to make fun of He Chusan, but then, he heard the quiet, ensuing sentence, “I was afraid you would get hurt from saving me.”

Xia Liuyi’s smile froze on his face.

He paused and slapped He Chusan’s forehead with fake ease, “What the cr*p are you talking about? Is your Boss Liuyi made from paper?”

He Chusan’s head drooped. He looked at the thick bandage on Xia Liuyi’s wound silently.

Sure, Xia Liuyi wasn’t made from paper, but was hurt three times from saving him. His right hand could merely hold chopsticks, and obviously, it almost didn’t move during the fight they just had.

Suddenly, He Chusan couldn’t suppress the heat in his eyes. As if gold was put onto his head, he lowered his head slowly, quivering, he put it onto Xia Liuyi’s bleeding, wounded hand.

The palm sensitive from the wound was instantly burned from He Chusan’s warm breath. Xia Liuyi turned stiff! He Chusan stuck onto his palm, telling with a hoarse and shivering sound, “Seriously, Boss Liuyi, if this happens again someday, just leave me alone. I’m too useless. If you’re hurt, I’ll be even more in pain than having myself hurt.”

Xia Liuyi couldn’t help shaking his hand. At this moment, he felt his throat was terrifyingly dry. Opening his mouth for a few times numbly, he took his palm away from He Chusan’s face as if he finally realized what happened. He ordered awkwardly, “Shut up!”


He Chusan stopped talking, biting his lips, and Xia Liuyi covered his “assaulted” left palm. He couldn’t come up with an action so that he could only turn his stiff head, watching the outside scenery.

They were both silent, and the atmosphere in the car was like withered wood that could splinter and catch fire at any point. Xia Liuyi even felt his ears burning while watching, feeling his chest grow hotter and hotter. This f*cking pak gaai brat spoke unceasingly. Couldn’t he understand what cr*p one meant from sticking onto his palm and confessing?

He was unwilling to admit his rage and irritation when he saw He Chusan hurt. No, it didn’t matter even if he admitted it – that was a 49er recognized by him, Big Boss Xia. He was out of control because he must defend his land and subjects. He was also unwilling to admit if he had any special feelings for He Chusan. It was merely pure brotherhood. He merely, purely, thought that He Chusan was a little unique. And to him, the love of such a brat like He Chusan, was apparently a misconception. If he had an inch he would take a mile, the signals couldn’t be more obvious. This couldn’t go any further!

Thought for a while with his face heated, he took a deep breath with his eyes closed. He said, “Buy some beef entrails for me.”

He Chusan, who was dazed with his head drooped, lifted his head dully, “Uh?”

“Beef entrails!”

“Where can you find beef entrails this late?” He Chusan wondered and lifted his gaze. A snack shop that was open at night happened to be on the opposite side of the street and the crowd of young people eating midnight snacks and sitting at the stand came in front of his eyes.

--Or what reason did you think that Boss Liuyi insisted on driving a few more streets away to park here?

He was turning to leave the car obediently, but Xia Liuyi stopped him, throwing an old, black leather wallet onto him, “Go with my wallet, and buy a coke for me.”

“I……” He Chusan wanted to say I have money but then remembered the events that led to Xia Liuyi flipping the chicken pot table……Arguing with this nouveau riche for money truly wasn’t worth it.

Nervously, he took Xia Liuyi’s wallet and left the car, buying a bowl of beef entrails and a can of coke as he was ordered to. He looked at the opposite car while waiting for the beef entrails. Xia Liuyi leaned against the seat, smoking with his face upward, totally ignoring him.

He Chusan sighed in his heart, regretting his misbehaving.

Yes, he did have feelings for Xia Liuyi. Love needs no reason but roots deep. That night, when his instinct made him hold Xia Liuyi at the villa gate, he had realized his feelings. Falling in love with a man, a triad man, actually didn’t shock him – as Xia Liuyi told his past with Azure Dragon, He Chusan had found he had no difficulty in accepting the same-sex love.

However, he didn’t want to confess to Xia Liuyi at this point at all. He was a student, poor and useless. How could he promise a triad man a tomorrow, and how could he fantasize Xia Liuyi quitting the underworld to be with him. The way was long, and he knew he wasn’t qualified to step on it. He just couldn’t control himself from desiring to be closer with Xia Liuyi, to care about his irregular life instead of finding him bloody and weak again. He couldn’t cover up his feelings, and Xia Liuyi was such a sharp, alert man, being able to see through him easily, to leave no place for him to hide.

What should he do now?

He considered and planned quietly. Being reminded by the shopkeeper, he opened the wallet to pay, and he saw a photo inside. It was Xia Liuyi and Xia Xiaoman, smiling at the camera, leaning on each other closely. Behind them, there was a blue sea under the sky.

He glanced at it and took the money out. He closed the wallet, and after a while, he couldn’t help opening it again.

He saw a little corner that was peeking out from under that photo. Digging it out a little lightly with his nail, he took it out carefully.

--It was a photo of Azure Dragon hidden underneath. The photo was dim and yellow. The man tilted his head, having a cigar. Half of his face hid in the shadow. This seemed to be shot secretly.

He Chusan’s finger shook, almost dropping the photo on the floor, and then he calmed down swiftly, holding it the tightest he could!

On the opposite car, Xia Liuyi smoked with no expression, watching from the corner of his eyes. Watching this lad take out the hidden photo and then become absent-minded for a while, before putting it back again quietly.

Xia Liuyi exhaled the smoke leisurely, lifting the wounded hand with bandage to put it on his forehead.

This f*cking puk gaai brat couldn’t be more annoying! Be wise and withdraw before the difficulties! Go home and rest early after seeing the photo!

After a long time, He Chusan went into the car with a bowl of hot beef entrails. Xia Liuyi was holding a cigarette in his mouth, leaning against the seat lazily and indifferently. Hearing He Chusan gets in, he stretched out his right hand to take the beef entrails.

“I’ll hold it for you.” Said He Chusan.

Xia Liuyi lifted his sight to glimpse him. He Chusan looked peaceful and innocent, nothing could be found on his face.

Xia Liuyi cursed “F*ck!” in his mind. F*ck, I have shown you the photo of your rival. Shouldn’t you give up!

He became angry for no reason and insisted on taking the beef entrails over. However, because it was too hot and his right hand was powerless, he almost poured it onto his pants. Luckily, He Chusan caught it again quickly.

“Let me hold it, Boss Liuyi.” Softly, He Chusan said again.

Xia Liuyi frowned, having no words. Leaving the bowl in He Chusan’s hand, he poked the piece of beef entrails.

He Chusan stayed silent and waited for him, finishing it bite by bite. Then, he gave the coke to Xia Liuyi.

Filling his stomach quietly, Xia Liuyi eventually felt a little better in his heart. When he was about to light another cigarette on the seat, He Chusan suddenly lifted a hand to wipe the corner of his lip lightly.

Xia Liuyi looked at him alertly.

“There was some sauce.” Said He Chusan.

“……” The line is a little old……freaking old! The f*cking puk gaai brat would never give up before seeing something tough! –Xia Liuyi had felt judgment from his behavior.

He grinded his teeth, staying quiet. Pretending to be careless, he suddenly pulled the gear, making the engine roar!

He Chusan was blocked by the seat belt, his head falling forward. Then, he straightened his body to look forward as if nothing happened. Feeling Xia Liuyi’s anger and oppression, he couldn’t help lifting the corner of his lips.

When Xia Liuyi turned to check the road, he lowered his head, putting the finger with beef entrail sauce and coke beside his mouth, pouting to touch it.

A salty and bitter sweetness came to him as he licked his lips.

Xia Liuyi didn’t drive him away. Even though his feelings were found out, even though he was considered annoying, still, he wasn’t driven away. This triad Big Boss connived with him from time to time. He was only willing to ask him for company on a rare holiday, teaching him billiards from the very beginning, eating the meal he cooked, accepting his invitation to watch films together, protecting him no matter how dangerous it could be, bearing his over-running intimacy……he knew he was different.

Though he still couldn’t compete with the dim silhouette, not at all, he knew he was also different, and someday……

Before he could finish enjoying this salty, bitter sweetness, the car stopped by the road again.

Looking at the big sign of “Tan Xiang Ge”, He Chusan’s face stiffened at once, and the boiling blood in his chest turned cold in a breath!

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