Chusan's Liuyi Children's Day

C16 - I know that the boy adores you

He Chusan ducked into his seat and refused to leave the car, but was pulled out by Xia Liuyi by his collar– Xia Liuyi pulled him out with the bandaged left hand, which made him dare not struggle hard.

He held the backpack, his collar twisted, pulled around staggering by Xia Liuyi, “Boss Liuyi, Boss Liuyi! Why are we here?”

“Your Boss Liuyi had fun today, and he is giving you a taste of women.” Although Xia Liuyi used a brisk tone, he didn’t even receive a glance. He was pulled into the gorgeously decorated hall with Xia Liuyi’s large steps.

“I don’t need…”

“Shut up.” Xia Liuyi’s tone turned cold.

“Boss Liuyi, I really don’t…”

“Shut up!” Xia Liuyi scolded coldly.

“I won’t go in!” He Chusan shouted out even more loudly than he did!

He dared not touch Xia Liuyi’s wounded hand and could only put up his hand in a strange, crooked way. Holding Xia Liuyi’s arm, he stopped like a stone!

The little backpack smacked onto the floor that was clean as a mirror!

The manager had come up with a few girls at that time. Recognizing that it was the Big Boss from a distance, he was going to give a warm welcome but suddenly found them paused in the hallway, and the atmosphere didn’t fit the scene, so he stopped the babbling girls and watched from a few steps away.

Xia Liuyi turned his head, looking at He Chusan with no expression. He Chusan looked back firmly, supporting himself with a horse stance determinedly.

Their sights conflicted in the air silently, almost freezing the space around them.

These two people had fought with wisdom, bravery, and silence, and now, as the two pairs of eyes glared at each other, everything turned clear in their mind – your pinky thoughts, my pretending actions, are all put onto the stage, under the spotlight!

He Chusan could still comfort himself in the rough feelings minutes ago but was treated in such a way in a flash! The little, short complicity and romance couldn’t even last longer than a bubble!

He was attacked by this so suddenly. Xia Liuyi didn’t only intend to cut his hope through this, but also conveyed that he was simply a post-puberty kid who had never had a taste of sex or adulthood, and had mistakenly put his feelings on a man. He was bitterly angry, grievance and rage gradually filled his eyes. While Xia Liuyi could not be more irritated from his affectionate touching all the time from the way here. Seeing him even daring to throw any decency away to quarrel, Xia Liuyi’s face turned even colder.

“He A-San, aren’t you a man? Don’t you have any normal needs?” Xia Liuyi sneered.

“I won’t do this!” Said He Chusan, “I won’t come to such a rotten… in such a place!”

“Ha! Is such a place too shabby? Does it dirty your face, College Student He? I am the Boss here! I come here to waste my time every day! If you f*cking look down on here, then why do you follow me all day?!”

He Chusan grinded his teeth for a long time, “You didn’t. You don’t belong to these kinds of people.”

Xia Liuyi sneered, turning his head to the manager, “Call Little He out!”

The manager scurried to find Little He himself and grabbed a waiter to have a small talk on his way, asking the waiter to find General Manager Cui back to save them from an emergency – Jesus Christ General Manager! The Big Boss brought a student boy to destroy a place led by him, geez!

Little He worked here with an innocent-girl style. She didn’t receive even the slightest information about the coming of the Big Boss, so she was accompanying a few rich business men to drink in a Japanese student skirt. Being summoned to the Big Boss for an emergency, the light makeup was still on her face, and her lipstick turned into a red stroke on the corner of her mouth from someone’s touch. Distantly, she looked like a blood-drinking ghost in a Japanese school horror story.

Hurriedly, she walked together with the manager. When she got closer, her decent beauty and obedient look were shown. As soon as she was close to them, Xia Liuyi grabbed her into his arms rudely, pinching her chin and forcing her to lift her head.

“See? That’s what I f*cked. Her face is not bad, but too quiet on the bed, moaning those repetitive words no matter how you f*cked! I prefer those more b*chy and am not very interested in her type, but she is a good fit for such a virgin boy like you! Tonight, she will teach you how to be a man! Little He, take him in!”

Little He walked forward to hold He Chusan’s hand as he said. He Chusan avoided her intensely, “Don’t touch me!”

Little He was so weak that she was pushed back and staggered. She was held by Xia Liuyi on her waist. He Chusan lowered his head to pick up his backpack, “I’m going home.”

He turned and left. Xia Liuyi’s roar came from his back with obvious, extreme anger.


He Chusan stopped walking.

“Playing like a kid with me?! Coming and leaving whenever you want, do you think my place is a public toilet?!”

“You dragged me here.” He Chusan didn’t look back.

“Did I allow you to leave?! Let me tell you, He A-San! If you dare refuse her today, I will make someone strip her clothes off and throw her onto the street!”

Little He lifted her head surprisedly when she heard this. She looked at Xia Liuyi first and caught the signals instantly, turning to He Chusan poorly!

“You won’t do such a thing.” He Chusan held his backpack tight and kept walking away.

“Strip her clothes and give her ten slaps! Then throw her away!” Xia Liuyi turned and said.

Two bodyguards stepped forward as he order, and began stripping Little He’s clothes seriously in the hall. Little He cried out at once. Her dress and underwear were stripped by the bodyguards, and she struggled hard with her knees on the floor. Holding Xia LIuyi’s leather shoe, she sobbed like a blossom in the rain. Crying for a while here, she then crawled to He Chusan, holding his thigh, “Wu…wu-wu…Little sir! Help! Help!...Wu-wu…”

Little He covered her face with tears and gestured to the bodyguard that she was familiar with. The bodyguard intended to lift his hand to pretend, but receiving her signal, he could only put power into his arm, waving downward overwhelmingly!

He Chusan’s sight swept across the shade on the wall. Turning in a hurry, he defended Little He, and his forehand was slapped by the bodyguard!

A heavy noise was clear in the hallway, “Clap!”

Xia Liuyi had the corner of his eye on him a few steps away, and his heartbeat paused! This powerful slap is much more serious than those pretending slaps he often gave He Chusan!

He merely watched He Chusan thrown away because of the slap, and subconsciously wanted to catch him!

His long leg was barely forward for a large step, and luckily, Little He was responsible and held He Chusan before Big Boss Xia did.

She held He Chusan so tight, as if he was her only savior. She covered Big Boss Xia, who almost had a goof, with her body, rubbing the broken makeup onto He Chusan’s clothes, “Wu-wu…I’m so scared…Wu…”

Xia Liuyi took his foot back secretly and awarded Little He as a Best Employee in his mind. At the same time, he cursed – f*ck! Everyone around me deserves the name of Best Actor or Best Actress!

He Chusan had been dizzy for a long while to recover. He supported himself with the wall, trying to struggle away from the soft, warm arms of Little He.

“Why are you stunning there! Keep beating!” Finding him fine, Xia Liuyi kept cussing.

The two bodyguards continued attacking like beasts. Little He was closest to He Chusan, and at this time, she heard He Chusan sigh quietly.

He Chusan opened his arms, holding Little He protectively.

“Let’s go, Little He. To your room.”

He didn’t givet another glance at Xia Liuyi, holding Little He and walking back.

The neon in the hallway before him was colorful and mixed, just like his chaotic mind. The overwhelming slap smashed all his passion and impulsiveness to pieces, and he had deeply realized his previous mistakes.

He went too far, too hasty, too childish. The man he dealt with was armed with aggressive and ferocious weapons, hiding the born weakness and shirking love underneath. This person could even push the man that he loved for ten years into someone else’s arms, and how could he, He Chusan, mistake his place?

He was wrong with the beginning, and he didn’t mind starting it again.


Cui Dongdong came in ecstatically with a gossiping face. Her voice arrived earlier than herself, “Big Boss! I heard you pushed a virgin to have sex tonight!”

“…” Xia Liuyi was drinking her red wine, which was a private collection, on her office chair, his legs on the desk, his face pale, speaking nothing.

Cui Dongdong threw him a cigarette with joy from his pain and kept making fun of the Big Boss, “You haven’t come to Little He for a whole year, went to strip her clothes off and throw her away as soon as you came, and even found her a little virgin boy as her new guest. Isn’t it too cruel?”

“I have never treated her badly,” Xia Liuyi said annoyedly, “moreover, I found that she enjoyed acting.”

“I was saying it’s too cruel for the boy,” said Cui Dongdong.

Xia Liuyi bit the cigarette, glaring at her abruptly. Cui Dongdong shrugged with an unsurprised, “stop-pretending-I-know-everything” demeanor.

Xia Liuyi dropped the ash with irritation, “What the f*ck do you know!”

“I know that the boy adores you,” said Cui Dongdong.

“F*ck! Stop your nonsense!”

“Alas, Little Liu!” Cui Dongdong squeezed onto the office chair, holding his shoulder, patting him wisely, “Your Sister Dongdong is a woman anyway. Do you know what a woman’s intuition is? I’ve always known what that kid was thinking about!”

“…” Xia Liuyi.

“He risked his life to hide you away and sent messages for you even when there was a gun on his head. If you wanna use the fact that you had saved him to explain it, it does make sense, kind of, but what about the year after that? A college student from a decent school, his future bright but hanging out with a triad man every day – if he doesn’t adore you, he can only be an undercover agent.”

“Cr*p!” Said Xia Liuyi, “That’s because I was in a good mood and made him my 49er! He was coming to make his Big Boss happy!”

Cui Dongdong shrugged again desperately and could only give the critical strike, “Well, when we watched The Godfather on that day, I went to the toilet, and when I was back, everyone was staring at the screen but him staring at you. What a lingering, loving sight…”

“…” Xia Liuyi didn’t realize it at all!

He tortured the arm of the chair with no words to say and grinded his teeth for a long time, “You’ve known his secret motives for a f*cking long time! And you didn’t even tell me?!”

“You should have found out about his feelings for you after that!” Cui Dongdong shrugged, “He was always so obvious. Didn’t you realize? Is that possible?”

“…” Xia Liuyi did find out.

Xia Liuyi could say nothing, having his annoying cigarette on the office chair. Cui Dongdong sat on the desk and asked leisurely, “What’s wrong? Don’t you like him?”

“Can’t you observe anything! Now you can’t tell?!”

Cui Dongdong said, “Seriously, I can’t tell. As my experience told me, you’d hide particularly far away from someone you like. I didn’t see you hide from him but instead you often went out for dates happily…”

“What the f*ck was a date!” Big Boss Xia hit the office chair.

“Okay, okay, not dates but brothers’ hangout,” said Cui Dongdong, “what the heck are you pretending for?”

“…” Xia Liuyi tortured the arm with his face blue, considering his need to change his Deputy seriously.

“So what do you think?” Cui Dongdong.

“I’m not interested in him! Not ‘interested’ in that way!” Xia Liuyi said, “He was just one of my 49ers!”

Cui Dongdong lifted her brow, nodding and sighing, “You’re so cruel!”

Xia Liuyi was not provoked by her. He answered with annoyance, “He just has some problems with his brain from studying too much, and a taste of women is all he needs!”

Cui Dongdong heaved a long sigh again, “Big Boss Xia, if tasting women works, how can there be so many people tangling in love. Didn’t you try? Did it work?”

Xia Liuyi’s face turned dark at once, “Enough.”

Cui Dongdong shrugged and switched the topic wisely, “What happened to your hand?”

“Some people pretended to be Little Ma’s underlings in the area under Xiao Qi Tong, robbing and making trouble.”

“Fat Qi?”

“Doesn’t seem to be. This person intends to make things big and let the police trouble me. Fat Qi is too st*pid to come up with this.”

“Perhaps Sha Jiajun gave him an idea.”

Xia Liuyi shook his head, “Triad things shall be solved by triad men, and the police should never be involved. Although Sha Jiajun is not someone good, he is kinda candid and should obey this rule. Moreover, once the police noticed us, they would unavoidably notice Fat Qi and Sha Jiajun. They won’t put themselves in a trouble that they made. This person had considered this as well, and their aim doesn’t seem to be dominating others’ area.”

Cui Dongdong paused for a minute, “I’ll ask someone to search more.”

“By the way, there can’t be only Uncle Yuan’s people under the Straw Sandal. Remember to infiltrate your people in.”

“OK,” said Cui Dongdong. She relaxed her shoulders and back, standing up, “I’m going if there’s no more business. A romantic night is worth a thousand pounds!”

“F*ck off.” Said Xia Liuyi.

Cui Dongdong turned around lightly, facing the door and stepping out, “Oh yah, Little He was sent to someone else by you, and you don’t like the others. I suggest you sleep alone on the sofa – a romantic night with only masturbation!”

Xia Liuyi smashed at her back with the cigarette end, and it was blocked by her closing the door.

Big Boss Xia was exploding with desire to kill and couldn’t be more frustrated from the business that came to him at the end of a year. He had intended to relax today, playing billiards, having a meal, watching a film with the puk gaai brat – he had to admit that he felt light-hearted and joyful when he was with that kid, in most cases – but who could anticipate that such a matter popped out at night and destroyed his rare, good mood accumulated in the day!

He hit the desk hard and leaned back against the chair, irritated. Being angry alone for a long time, he looked at the bleeding wound on his left hand.

“F*ck!” He cursed to the delicately wrapped bandage.

F*cking He A-San! I’m dying from how busy I am, and you brought even more trouble! Swearing to heaven obediently and being a nice underling, isn’t that enough?! Where has your f*cking courage that makes you dream of being a sister-in-law come from?! Do you think you deserve to pursue me?!

A grudge filled Xia Liuyi’s stomach, and thinking about what He Chusan was doing wildly on Little He’s bed, enjoying the first time, he became even angrier – he was only twenty and had the responsibility for such a big puppy. He not only needed to give the correct sex ed, but also needed to force that puppy to sleep with someone!

The pain he experienced was too miserable to be remembered!

He kicked hard on the desk! Covering his forehead with the wounded hand, he sat with an annoyed, blank mind for a long while, he then searched his pocket, taking the black-leather old wallet out.

Taking out the photo of Xiao Man and him at the top, he lifted the wallet in the air, looking at the photo of the man through the plastic, a little dirty cover.

The man’s silent profile in the lonely smoke was still carved in his heart, in every dream that woke him up on those deserted cold nights, deeply and achingly. He didn’t know how to forget and didn’t know how to restart his life either. He didn’t know what he should do, so he threw it away, being too lazy to think about it.

But this over-courageous brat insisted on forcing him to do so.

His powerless right hand became sour and painful from holding the photo for a little while. He sighed heavily, closing his eyes. As he loosened his hand, the open wallet fell and hit on his face.


Big Boss Xia, who was troubled with love, turned over and over and smoked on the big sofa for a night. The next morning, burnt holes were spread all over his shirt.

He took a shower downstairs and asked an employee to buy him a new outfit. Compelling energy to go through his body, he pretended to be glowing and dominating. He stepped into Little He’s room to inspect.

Little He dressed neatly. She was tidying up the records quietly on the side of the bed, looking like she had been awake for a long time.

“Where’s he?” Xia Liuyi glanced around and frowned.

“He left, saying that he needed to get home for his paper.” Said Little He.

Xia Liuyi tsked, “How was he last night?”

Little He said, “He likes Audrey Hepburn’s songs as well.”

Xia Liuyi’s demeanor stiffened, “Didn’t I ask you to sleep with him?”

Little He shook her head, “He listened to the songs for an hour and fell asleep.”

Xia Liuyi’s face turned cold. He asked quietly but dangerously, “Did he know?” – about Little He and him.

Little He shook her head in a hurry, “No! I didn’t tell anyone! He, hmm, he, he said…”

“What did he say?!”

“He said it was inappropriate to have premarital sex…”

“F*ck the sex!” Xia Liuyi roared ferociously and almost broke his throat! “What the heck did he pretend to be a pure boy for! Didn’t you rape him?!”

Little He was sort of hurt, “He was tall and strong, and I couldn’t struggle away from him. I took all my clothes off before him, but he didn’t even look at me and said ‘a relationship should begin with dates’…”

--The f*ck you’ll date!

“Bang!” Xia Liuyi punched his fist wrapped in bandage onto the wall! The poor wall dropped a bunch of dust on the floor at once!

The pain from the wound attacked him furiously, and he gritted his teeth to bear it!

Little He saw the Big Boss enraged and consoled him softly immediately, “He said he felt good about me and wanted to invite me to go shopping on weekend.”


The cr*p you feel good about! The cr*p you go shopping for!! The cr*p you’ll date!!! – Big Boss Xia was instilled by the roar that he could not yell to anyone – f*cking He A-San! Keep pretending! You f*cking Oscar winning Best Actor!

“Anyways, I don’t care what you do! You must control him well! Have a relationship with him if he wants! Go shopping with him if he wants! I will see what he can achieve through shopping!” Xia Liuyi said with rage.

Little He nodded, obedient and nice, “Aye, I see.”

Big Boss Xia smashed the door open and left with a tar-black face! Little He kneaded her ear calmly and sat back on the bed, silently and peacefully, lowering her head to the records again.

This sober little woman who always controlled her words well didn’t lie to Xia Liuyi. These were all exactly what He Chusan said, but she didn’t tell him something else that he had said.

Are you Hu Qinghe? I’m He Chusan, your primary school classmate. Do you still remember me? We both lived in the Snapdragon Walled City, and you dropped out in fifth grade. Do you still remember A-Wei in the class next to us? He works a part-time job with me in a tea restaurant and often mentions you to me…

TN: Editor and I were like: the love story of a black belly guy and a tsundere
Sorry for being so late! This is one of my favorite chapters and I hope you will enjoy it lol

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