Chusan's Liuyi Children's Day

C19 - Happy Birthday.

Xia Liuyi realized he was being stalked soon after he passed the second traffic light on his way home.

The stalkers were well trained. They were split into two cars and switched the cars following him from time to time. One car would make a turn at a certain point and the other car would catch up. The reason for Xia Liuyi spotting them so quickly was their over-careless car number: one ended with Liuyi (61), and the other ended with A-San (R3).

Big Boss Xia was irritated, and these cars with couple numbers provoked his anger. Without hesitation, he turned the wheel and crashed into the fake A-San after him.

The A-San car avoided him with a sudden skid. It went back a few meters and turned fast to escape behind Xia Liuyi. While driving back, Xia Liuyi saw the two young men sitting in the front seats. Both were strangers to him.

There were few people who dared stalk the Big Boss in the region of Xiao Qi Tong. As shown, Xia Liuyi came alone, but in fact, a group of underlings were wandering around, and they could support him whenever he needed. He turned and put his foot down, following on.

The paparazzi following the tiger became rabbits chased by the tiger. The two men in the A-San car almost wanted to cry. Big Boss Xia was a crazy driver, not letting them go. From Kowloon Tong to Waterloo Road, he rushed his way to Mong Kok. He caught a chance to hit their car and hit the A-San number until it tilted.

The number of cars increased as they drove forward. The two cars were chased downtown, ignoring traffic lights and weaving through the flow of cars. Chaotic skids, horns, and thundering motors could be heard distantly. Pedestrians on the zebra crossing cried and cowered back.

The aggressive driving on New Year's Eve scared people and shocked the police. Two policemen with big caps followed them on motorcycles with squealing alarms. The fake A-San car found the situation wasn’t good and stopped by the road. Xia Liuyi also calmed down and stopped on the side.

He leaned on the seat, tilting his head for a cigarette. Taking a breath leisurely, he rolled down the window.

“Driver’s license,” said the young traffic policeman with a big cap, “You’re suspected of running red lights, speeding…Xia Liuyi?!”

Xia Liuyi lifted his sight with the cigarette and saw a surprised, angry face—it was the detective who tried to save the “beauty” but turned out to be an “adulterer” last year.

If our dear audience can still remember, he was the Probationary Inspector who was set up by Xia Liuyi and Cui Dongdong to have his nudes taken and blackmailed, because he refused to be corrupt for the triad. After that, he persisted under the pressure and even refused to pay for the blackmail. His nudes were mailed to big tabloids and the desk of his uncle, who was the Deputy Commissioner of Police. Losing all his face, he was beaten by his furious uncle and had a drastic demotion. Thus, he ended up blowing whistles on the street.

He knew Xia Liuyi had set him up. Now, hatred burned his eyes. He almost wanted to drag Xia Liuyi out of the car and eat him alive, while Xia Liuyi couldn’t be calmer. He answered with the cigarette in his mouth, “Detective Xie”.

Policeman Xie, who was not a “detective” anymore, was enraged. He hit the window and roared, “Take your ID out! You are now suspected of possessing drugs and carrying firearms! Exit the car and let us search! Open the trunk!”

At this moment, the limousine ending with Liuyi also caught up. Someone came out from the passenger seat and ordered seriously, “Stop.”

Xie Jiabao looked back, “Brother A-Hua?!”

The person glanced at him with no expression. He stood straight and saluted, greeting aloud again, “Sir*!” 1

The person was in his thirties, wearing a neat suit, his body lean, and his figure was stiff, as if cut by a knife. There was no vigor on his cheeks, which were a little pale. His eyes were dark like an abyss. Generally, he was like a lifeless metal sheet.

“The person in the front car belongs to our side,” he commanded Xie Jiabao in a low voice. He then came forward to greet Xia Liuyi, “Mr. Xia.”

Xia Liuyi took off the cigarette, and in a rare occurrence, he observed the man seriously.

“Nice to meet you. Mr. Xia’s strength doesn’t fail your fame at all,” he said, “I am Xie Jiahua, the SIP (Senior Inspector of Police) from O Kee*.”2

Xia Liuyi dropped the ash and chuckled, “Another Xie, is the police office held by the Xies? What a considerate New Year present from Xie Sir. You and your brothers don’t spend New Year Eve at home but come to greet me. I’m truly honored. Why not let me pack a few red packets for everyone, and we can have some night snacks together with alcohol and finish this night lightly?”

“Thank you for the red packets, but no,” said Xie Jiahua, “If Mr. Xia could commit fewer crimes in the new year, my brothers can sleep more soundly.”

Xia Liuyi smiled, “I’m always a good citizen. Please don’t inconvenience yourself for me, Xie Sir.”

Xie Jiahua also smiled, as if the spring wind melted the coldness on his face, but it didn’t last long. He straightened his body with no expression and waved to Xie Jiabao, “Go.”

Xie Jiabao followed him and said hurriedly, “But cousin, he…”

Xie Jiahua patted him and pushed down hard secretly. “We can’t deal with him yet. Take it slowly.”

Xie Jiabao got on his motorcycle with grievance and anger. They left the scene loudly. Xia Liuyi stayed there and enjoyed a few breaths of smoke, and the people of Xiao Qi Tong soon came to protect him after hearing the news.

Four vans surrounded Xia Liuyi’s car in a blink. The “Red Pole”, Big Scar Head, jumped off a van with a machete in a hurry, “Big Boss! Are you okay?”

“Who’s the f*cking idiot daring to speed behind our Big Boss!” He looked around while cursing, like a muscular beast.

Little Ma lacked some guts, while this guy lacked some brain. Xia Liuyi was annoyed for a moment, seeing this just made his headache worse. He shoved the guy away, “Get back to sleep!”

He started the engine again. When he glanced at the passenger seat, the soup from He Chusan had tilted during the chasing, leaking over the seat.


The Spring Festival of Big Boss Xia had a tense start and a both exciting and irritating end. He almost wrote “Not feeling good” on himself. Big Scar Head did not follow him for long and hadn’t learned how to please the Big Boss yet, but only followed after him like an ox. Xia Liuyi didn’t find anything wrong or anything fun from him. He could only save the uneasiness to himself. Finally, Chusan, the third day of the new year came, and Little Ma headed back from Guangzhou, bringing the outlet to the Big Boss.

Xia Liuyi closed the door of his office and scolded Little Ma brutally: I told you and Cui Dongdong to find those who made trouble at my place. You didn’t find them but found the O Kee! What a misfortune for my New Year! Do your research–where is the background of the “Xie Sir”! What the f*ck is the purpose of his honest face! How much does he want each year!

Little Ma had gained much weight over the New Year. Mumbling and covering his head, he left the office awkwardly. He kicked the coming underling, “F*ck! The brat of the Hes must have enraged Big Boss!”

Little Ma rubbed his fist, planning to rip into this brat of the Hes for revenge someday. Meanwhile, the brat from the Hes had no clue. He had an easy, happy Spring Festival and his career grew and grew. This March, he was promoted for the first time –from an intern to a formal employee– and then he used his little network to introduce his “girlfriend” Little He to the firm as a front desk server.

His relationship with Little He went sweetly. Xia Liuyi was too lazy to send someone to track him –mainly because the report was annoying. They were always that brat cooked whatever for Little He, or Little He knitted whatever sweater for that brat…for him, for her, don’t they get tired from it!?

Xia Liuyi was in no mood to deal with He Chusan’s casual things right now, as he finally discovered Xie Jiahua’s background: Xie Jiabao’s cousin, Senior Inspector of Police, thirty-one years old, the son of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, being born in a police family, he became a member of O Kee at eighteen.

It was said that when he was a newbie, he was just a playful high-born boy, but since his close friend joined ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) and was frozen to death at a cold storage plant while investigating, he gained endless motivation to destroy every corrupted person, officer or commoner. To support justice, he worked day and night, solving multiple big cases. Because of his exceptional work, he was promoted to be a SIP.

Basically, this sir was really unstained: big background, high-level education, more-than-sufficient experience, and couldn’t be moved –he was never swayed by bribery or threats. People said that he took the spirit card of his pal with him all the time and was seriously protected by a spirit. He had encountered more than twenty cases of warnings, threats, assaults and assassinations in these years but was not hurt at all. The most horrifying explosive attack in his apartment only wounded the Filipino Maid in his house. This incident made his Deputy dad send him abroad forcefully. He studied Criminal Psychology in the US and came back to Hong Kong with a master’s degree last August.

Back from America, Xie Sir gained profound knowledge and even had two more abs. Mentally and physically, he was well prepared. The criminals in the black or white world would pay painfully for their attacks.

Xia Liuyi couldn’t believe there could be such an “Innocent” A-Sir in Hong Kong. Facing this flawless guy, Cui Dongdong and him ran out of ideas for a perfect treatment –money didn’t work, and assault didn’t work either, not to mention common plots.

Fortunately, this young man was just a SIP despite his exceptional ability. With so many caring “detectives”, Xie Jiahua’s path to justice was tough and he wouldn’t be a big deal to Xia Liuyi just yet.

Xie Jiahua did not pay too much attention to Xia Liuyi either. The first fall belonged to Big Boss Sha, who had a loose organization and little defense. The Sha Jia Gang under this Dragon Head Big Boss was also from Snapdragon Walled City and controlled multiple drug productions and dealing lines. Xie Jiahua investigated patiently with months of effort. Eventually, he arrested both sides when Big Boss Sha made a deal with a Burmese drug dealer. While resisting, the Burmese guy was shot and killed. Big Boss Sha couldn’t make it too far. Xie Jiahua shot his leg from his back and caught him successfully.

After their Big Boss was arrested, Sha Jia Gang lost its power. Fat Qi watched his past ally become helpless and took over all of their regions. He didn’t forget to take Big Boss Sha’s lovely mistresses as well, who had all turned on Big Boss Sha to provide evidence under a plea bargain to keep him in the prison out of hatred. Many troubles hit Fat Qi. Even though they couldn’t destroy him, they were enough to keep him terrified for a while.

Xia Liuyi watched the whole thing. Although he was not related, he caught the strong smell of danger in the air. He ordered his underlings to be cautious and alert, never to bother Xie Sir.

June arrived in such chaos. In this prosperous season, along with the warm sea wind, the carnival of Xiao Qi Tong high-level members –Big Boss Xia’s birthday– was coming again.

They celebrated in the same nightclub as they did last year. Food, alcohol, and a crazy feast made them all drunk like hell.

Xia Liuyi escaped with Cui Dongdong earlier using the toilet excuse. They also took a henchman, the “Straw Sandal”. Together they discussed important plans while sobering up. Eventually, Xia Liuyi let the Straw Sandals go and talked to Cui Dongdong about a few things.

“I haven’t seen any problems with Big Scar Head, but Elder Ge did refer him to us. I don’t really agree with putting him in an important place.” Cui Dongdong shook her head.

“Don’t use someone you doubt, neither doubt someone you use,” said Xia Liuyi, “He did his best in the past months.”

Cui Dongdong shrugged, “You’re the Big Boss, and you always decide. Anyway, this is not an easy time, and Uncle Yuan is worried. He told me in private to caution you to be alert, and don’t be too obvious, don’t catch the police’s attention.”

Xia Liuyi cursed, “What else did I do? Isn’t being a f*cking hiding mouse enough?”

“The old people are more conservative, indeed,” said Cui Dongdong, “He always thinks you made a huge scene with Fat Qi, which was hard to negotiate with the detectives. O Kee has aimed for us, while you’re keeping the big business on the surface. He worries that the foundation of Xiao Qi Tong will be ruined by you.”

“What the he*l does he know!” Xia Liuyi cursed, “Old bones, I won’t be serious with him! Pack him three hundred thousand and let him enjoy the late years in peace!”

“He may not know your care no matter how generous you are.”


Cui Dongdong paused, “All the Elders want is to expand and maintain the gang. The belonging of the title of the Dragon Head doesn’t matter. In my opinion, he chose you instead of Xu Ying solely because you were young and easy to manipulate. Once you’re not obedient anymore…”

Xia Liuyi twisted his eyebrow and sneered, “Once I’m not obedient –is he dreaming of changing a generation? It depends on his capability.”

Cui Dongdong tapped the cigar in silence. She frowned, being a little hesitant.

“What? Do you think I’m taking a bad approach too?”

Cui Dongdong shook her head, “I have only 2 Big Bosses, Azure Dragon and you. You do unique observations and have your own reasoning for your actions. Moreover, you’re my bro. Logically and personally, I’ll always be on your side. However, one thing he said was right: the police are aiming for you. I’m worried about your safety.”

Xia Liuyi scratched his hair with annoyance, “Aye, I know. I’ll be careful.”

He pressed the numbers of the telephone on the table, “Send us two bowls of wonton noodles.”

Bodyguard A-Yong came in together with the noodles. He poked his head incautiously, “Big Boss.”


“Someone sent a gift to you an hour ago. You ordered us not to disturb you, so I put it aside.”

“Bring it in.”

A-Yong brought in a loosely packed, big gift case. Obviously, it was unpacked and checked.

He put the case on the table and left. Xia Liuyi looked skeptically at this poor-looking case. The delicate ribbon flower of the cap was untied from the checking. He opened it. It was a pretty fruit cake.

But there were some traces of long knife left above from poking, and someone also tried a little piece of the cake –due to the concern of explosives or poison. The fruit was no longer in the right place and destroyed the beauty.

Xia Liuyi picked up a card on the case. Big, well-written “HAPPY LIUYI” hit his sight. As usual, an extremely ugly birthday cake was drawn above.

–I wanna buy you a birthday cake this big, but I don’t have enough money. Let me give you a paper-made one first and give you the real one after I begin working next year.

“From whom?” Cui Dongdong got close to see the card, but Xia Liuyi took it back and grasped it in his hand.

He didn’t get to answer and didn’t even care what Cui Dongdong said. He suddenly stood up! Without realizing, he ran out in a hurry!


Xia Liuyi shoved the drunkards away in the corridor hurriedly. His pace kept accelerating despite his calm face. A few minutes later he was at the gate of the nightclub. Behind him, there was a luxurious nightclub and crazy crowd; in front of him, there were few people, with dim streetlights.

Not seeing He Chusan, he grasped the guard, “Where’s the person who sent the gift?”

“Ah? Big, Big Boss!”

“The person who just left the big case! Didn’t you take it?!” A-Yong followed and cursed

“Oh, him,” the guard hurried to say, “He just left after giving the gift!”

Xia Liuyi threw him away, scratched his hair with annoyance. Lightening a cigarette, he asked A-Yong, “Phone.”

A-Yong offered the brick-like phone. Xia Liuyi frowned and pressed a set of numbers with the cigarette between his lips.

After a long time waiting, it was finally picked up.

“Boss Liuyi,” the puk gaai brat was respectful on the other side.

“Where’re you?”

“Happy birthday.”

“I say where’re you?”

“Is the cake good?”

“I’m f*cking asking for where you are!”

“…about home.”

“Why didn’t you come in for me?”

“Not necessary. You’re busy. I don’t wanna disturb you.”

Once the brat finished his cr*p, the nightclub behind Xia Liuyi changed the music. The lingering music turned into intense drum music, and Xia Liuyi frowned –because he apparently heard the same sound on the phone.

“He A-San! Get out!” He yelled to a hideous silhouette on the opposite side of the street.

  1. *In Hong Kong at that time, “Sir”, the English word, can mean a policeman/policewoman. Surname+Sir is a way to address the police. For example, Xie Jiahua is addressed as Xie Sir.
  2. *(A note from the original author) O Kee, Organised Crime and Triad Bureau, was composed of Organized and Serious Crime Bureau and Triad Bureau.
TN: Edited by our excited editor Mio Rio

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