Chusan's Liuyi Children's Day

C21 - It’s our puk gaai brat hero saving the beauty again?

Xia Liuyi turned his gun towards the door. Fat Qi took the opportunity to grab his legs, dragging him to the ground. With the help of the nearly two hundred pounds of weight on his body, Fat Qi grabbed the gun in his hand. Xia Liuyi struggled and shot twice, but both shots failed to hit. Finally, he pushed his knee against Fat Qi’s stomach to lift Fat Qi off. “Bang!” A heavy sound resounded!

Detective Hua had got the gun from the cabinet drawer. He shot Fat Qi’s belly. Fat Qi covered the bloody belly, lying on the ground staring at him with wide eyes, "You, you..."

"The people outside are yours?!" Inspector Hua cursed angrily, "You son of a bitch! How dare you rebel in my home!"

Fat Qi held on to his breath and said with hatred, "You walking corpse! What the f**k are you pretending for! Xia Little Liu, let me tell you, it wasn’t my intention to incite Xu Ying to kill Azure Dragon, it was him asking me to tell..."

Before he could finish his words, Detective Hua shot again swiftly, this time right on the brain. Half of Fat Qi’s head was blown into bloody foam. His fat body twitched and then turned silent. Shutting Fat Qi up, he looked back right into Xia Liuyi’s amazed eyes.

They were both stunned and raised their guns in unison. After two heavy, quick blasts, Inspector Hua was hit on his chest and jolted back, falling to the ground. His missed shot hit the roof chandelier. The luxury crystal chandelier weighing dozens of pounds fell with a bang, shattering on the table!

Xia Liuyi ignored the splattered crystal fragments. In a few strides, he rushed to Inspector Hua, dragged him up by the collar and asked, "Azure Dragon always respected you! Why did you do it to him? Why?"

The corners of Inspector Hua's mouth trembled. He could not say a word, and his hands scratched in vain. The twenty-year veteran inspector, whose "boss" glory had enveloped thousands of underground people and whose assets amounted to hundreds of millions, stared at his luxurious chandelier, purchased from France and was now in pieces, and twitched as he took his last breath.

Xia Liuyi kicked him hard and fired three shots at his corpse in anger!

The door was suddenly kicked open from the outside. One of Fat Qi’s bodyguards barged in with two guns but shot all the bullets onto the lifted corpse of Inspector Hua. Xia Liuyi carried Inspector Hua's collar with his left hand, hid behind the body to catch his breath, and then, while pushing the body towards the intruder, he switched his gun from his powerless right hand to the left, killing the bodyguard with a single shot.

The fierce gunfire rang out from outside the balcony as well. Both sides of people outside the building heard the commotion inside and coincidentally began a gun battle. Fat Qi’s men on the rooftop threw down the ropes and jumped onto the balcony one after another, beginning to focus fire on the only person standing in the room.

Xia Liuyi fired a few shots, finishing off the two pioneers who rushed into the room and forcing back the third one. The gun in his hand ran out of bullets, and he casually threw it away after a few tries.

"Big Boss is dead! Xia Liuyi is still inside! Set fire and burn him!" Fat Qi’s subordinate who escaped shouted from outside.

Two paint buckets were thrown in through the window, splashing the room with a smoky odor. They were followed by a torch being thrown in.

Xia Liuyi hurriedly turned around and retreated to the door, but the other bodyguard of Fat Qi happened to rush in after a killing spree outside. The two met violently, and before the other raised his hand to shoot, Xia Liuyi grabbed the table knife and threw it with his hand, right into the throat!

He bent down to pick up Inspector Hua's gun and slipped it into his pocket. Taking off his suit jacket to cover his mouth and nose, he took a big step to the door and stepped on the twitching face of the bodyguard whose throat was slit by a knife, then picked up his opponent's gun and rushed out of the room.

Outside the door was also chaos. The bodies of the maids who were killed by Fat Qi’s bodyguard fell across the corridor. Xia Liuyi took a big step, helping up a body lying behind a large vase and shook it vigorously, "A-Yong? A-Yong!"

"Big...Big Boss!" Covered by blood, A-Yong barely opened his eyes, choking and coughing. He was dying from a gunshot to his abdomen, "You're okay...cough..."

"Where is A-Biao?" Xia Liuyi could not see his other bodyguard around.

"Ahem...I don't know...He said he was going to the toilet..."

Xia Liuyi's heart sank, but there was no time to judge anymore. Downstairs came the incessant sound of gunfire and chaos. Mrs. Hua's scream rang out for an instant, and then it became silent.

The rooms upstairs were filled with the gasoline from barrels thrown in from the balcony. Fire was everywhere. There were even people running up at them from the stairs. Xia Liuyi didn’t waste his time on words but bent down to drag A-Yong up and set him on his shoulders. As he ran, he turned back and fired two shots at his pursuers, killing the one at the front.

As a counterattack, a shower of bullets roared to him, crackling the walls along the way, shooting vases to pieces. The corridor chandeliers fell all over the floor in crumbling smoke and dust!

Xia Liuyi bowed with a gun to protect his head. He held A-Yong in the smoke, desperately running forward. A-Yong said weakly by his ear, "Big Boss, leave me...go..."

"Shut up!" Xia Liuyi frowned and shouted. Xia Liuyi’s powerless right hand barely grasped his collar, while dragging him and running to the end of the corridor, Xia Liuyi fired another shot back. One more person fell to the ground.

The window at the end was locked and firmly rusted over. It couldn’t be pulled open. Xia Liuyi took off his jacket and wrapped it around his left arm. “Pop!" He broke the glass with a fist!

Sweeping away the window debris, he turned back to pick up A-Yong and push him out. Suddenly, A-Yong struggled to knock him aside! At the same time, several shots rang out at the other end of the stairs, ripping even bigger bloody holes on A-Yong's body!

"A-Yong!" Xia Liuyi cried.

With a mouth full of blood and a forehead covered by veins, A-Yong looked at Xia Liuyi, his eyes burning red. Pulling the gun with only three bullets left from Xia Liuyi's hand, he yanked him up and pushed him out the window with his last strength!

He turned around and roared at Fat Qi’s men attacking him, shooting and rushing towards them! The rain of bullets came straight across them, shaking the whole villa with the sound of gunfire!

The floor was not too high. Xia Liuyi fell from the first floor into the garden with the sound of gunfire and landed on a clump of short trees, tumbling a few times to get up. He gasped and looked up to the window where smoke was coming out. Gritting his teeth, he looked away with grief on his face. At this moment, he heard Little Ma shout from outside the yard, "Big Boss!"

Little Ma had been quite defensive because of his eye gesture before he came in. After the first gunshot inside, the two sides outside opened fire decisively. The sound of gunfire was incessant, and several bodies fell on the ground.

Xia Liuyi pulled out the second gun in his trouser pocket. Under the cover of his ally’s shots, he rushed back to the hole-covered car in the rain of bullets.

"Are you okay, Big Boss?!" Little Ma asked.

Xia Liuyi gasped and said, "Nothing, the police will come soon, go!"

It was too late. Somehow the information went out, and the red lights down the hill kept flashing with the scream of alarms. Massive police cars swarmed, and even the SDU (Special Duties Unit) were mobilized, showing their determination.

"How did they come so fast?!" Little Ma glared.

Xia Liu thought of the missing A-Biao. A conjecture emerged in his mind immediately, "To continue fighting is meaningless. Burn the car! Scatter away!"


They scattered and hurriedly blended into the night. The people under Little Ma were all resourceful and skilled, so Xia Liuyi did not need to bother with their escape. He picked a path alone from the edge of the mountain forest. Sliding and rolling down, he rushed straight until he was a few miles away. Looking back, the villa in the mid-level-villa zone was burning, dyed the sky above it red.

On the hill, the police had set up a cordon and arrested several of Fat Qi’s underlings who were trapped in the yard and had failed to escape. Emergency vehicles arrived in a hurry too. Along with them, there was an ordinary car ending with number 61. Several plain clothed men opened the door and got out, showing their IDs to the police officers keeping order.

The smoke was still pouring from the roof of the villa into the sky. Xie Jiahua approached the front of the courtyard with two of his men, "Who's in charge here?"

"It's me," said a plain clothed officer.

"Senior Inspector Xie Jiahua from O Kee, this is a triad gang fight that we have been long-investigating. It will be taken over by O Kee. Thank you for your hard work."

Xie Jiahua then turned back to his subordinates, "That Benz at the door belongs to Xia Liuyi, extinguish the fire as soon as possible and search it from head to tail!"


"Where are the people you arrested?" He asked the officer in charge again.

"All handcuffed in the car."

"Take me to see."

Xie Jiahua led his men into the back of a police car, and the arrested gangsters all looked at him with ashen faces. He pointed his hand at A-Biao, who was squatting in the corner, and said to his subordinates, "Handcuff him away individually."


Half an hour later, after dealing with everything, Xie Jiahua walked out of the blockade to get into the car but was stopped by a knock on the window from the outside.

He lowered the window, it was a young man in his twenties, slender eyebrows, mono lidded eyes, smiling cunningly like a fox, "Xie-Sir, hello. I am the Assistant Investigation Officer of the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption), Lu Guangming."

"What is it?"

"The scene here is so lively. I think something big has happened inside, right, Xie-Sir?"

"The case is under investigation. According to the confidentiality regulations, I am not obliged to disclose it to you."

"I understand. I'm not here to get every detail of it, but to offer my help. Chief Inspector Hua, who lives here, is suspected of accepting bribes and colluding with the Triad. We have been investigating for a long time, and we have some information at hand that is not subject to confidentiality regulations, which may be helpful to the case investigation. Here is my business card."

Xie Jiahua took away the business card and raised the car window, "Thanks a lot, I will contact you again."

Lu Guangming reached out and held down the window, "But Xie-Sir, my information is not given for free."

"What do you want?"

Lu Guangming checked there was no one around and lowered his voice, "Chief Inspector Hua is not the highest-ranking officer suspected of taking bribes. There are still some people above him, one of them...has a somewhat personal relationship with you, Xie-Sir."

Xie Jiahua's face sank, his gaze cold.

Lu Guangming stepped back as if he was scared. He narrowed his eyes and laughed, "Xie-Sir, I'm just an assistant director who just joined the work. It is not necessary to make up nonsense to provoke you. That's it, remember to make an appointment with me. By the way, I like to drink milk tea from Honolulu Coffee."


Xia Liuyi walked down the hill to blend into the city. His gun was thrown into the sea lane, and he rolled up his blood-stained blazer and hugged it to his body, slowed down his pace, and walked on foot to the Star Ferry Pier, ready to blend into the crowd and take the boat back to Kowloon across the sea.

But when he reached the entrance of the pier, he was yanked from behind!

Xia Liuyi subconsciously attacked backward with his elbow, but his arm was agilely held by the person behind, "Boss Liuyi?"

Xia Liuyi looked back and saw a surprised He Chusan.

He Chusan was wearing gold-rimmed glasses and had a briefcase under his shoulder. Obviously, he just came out of overtime. Glancing at Xia Liuyi, he instantly understood the situation and hastily took off his jacket to wrap Xia Liuyi, hiding the smell of blood, and whispered, "You can’t cross the sea now, there are inspecting detectives everywhere. Come with me."

With He Chusan’s guidance, they went onto a tram silently. Wobbling, they arrived at Sai Wan and sped to an old tung lau.

The building was dark. He Chusan found a flashlight from his briefcase. Holding Xia Liuyi’s hand, he went up and got the key out to open the door of a tenement on the first floor.

He turned around and closed the door, pulling the curtains and turning on the electric light. They sighed from exertion quietly in the lightened room.

"How did you know there were detectives?" Xia Liuyi finally asked.

"I saw them up from my company, and there were police cars everywhere. People said there was an incident at Mid-levels and even the SDUs were up there."

He then asked hurriedly, "What happened?"

Xia Liuyi's face was bland, "None of your business."

With this answer, He Chusan knew Xia Liuyi didn't want to talk about it, so he didn't ask anymore. He looked down and noticed the blood seeping out of Xia Liuyi's shirt, "Are you injured?"

Xia Liuyi didn’t even realize that he was injured. Doubtfully, he lowered his head. He Chusan squatted down quickly, moving his hand away forcefully to lift his shirt.

The wound was on the side of the waist. It was cut by a piece of glass from when he fell out of the window. In fact, it wasn’t supposed to be a deep wound, but the ensuing intense movement had tore the flesh even more. He Chusan gently touched the vicinity of the wound with his fingertip. The touch was cold and sticky, causing a sharp pain to his heart, making it flutter.

He fiercely clenched his fist, forcing himself to calm down. He helped Xia Liuyi to sit down on the sofa, "I'll go downstairs to buy some medicine. Just take a rest."

"Hey," Xia Liuyi called, "Be careful."

He Chusan's heart fluttered again, "You are the one who should be careful. Don't go out, I'll be right back."

He grabbed his briefcase and hurriedly left again. Xia Liuyi ripped off his clothes, leaning back on the sofa with his bare upper body, wiping his face with both hands, and letting out a long breath.

After such an intense fight, he suddenly fell into such a calm and quiet environment, as if he was dreaming!


After a moment of daze, Xia Liuyi observed the furnishings. This house was one-room, with poor-quality walls under a thin layer of dust. The floor was uneven, and the ceiling had mold. Basically, it was a humble house. A paper cutout "fortune" character was pasted on the door, surely made by Dad He. In the living room, there was only a sofa and a small coffee table. Two pairs of leather shoes and a pair of slippers were neatly lined up on the floor by the door.

Supporting himself on the wall, he walked into the bedroom. The bed was a single bed. There was a small closet in the corner, a desk set up next to the bed, with a large stack of reference material and books on it. A few stacks of books were neatly placed on the floor and next to the bed as well.

What a f**king nerd, spending his life surrounded with paper!

He pulled open He Chusan’s closet and rummaged around, dragging out a pair of pants, and hanging them on his arm. He was about to close the cabinet door but noticed a black leather box in the corner.

He lifted it up and checked it over. It was an old-fashioned big camera, labeled “XX Mediation Dealer” beneath, that seemed to be second-handed. There was a little container of film beside it too. Big Boss Xia had little interest in it and put it back after taking a look.

He walked while kicking off his muddy, bloody shoes, socks, and pants off, throwing them casually on the living room floor. Stepping on He Chusan's slippers, he went straight to the bathroom to take a shower.

The shower facility in this old house was merely a pipe, even without a shower head. Xia Liuyi grabbed the pipe, flushing himself clean carelessly and wiping his hair down with a soap. He thought to himself: This brat is always frugal. Even the house he rents is so crude. How can he spend money on a second-handed camera?

While he was busy washing off the stink, He Chusan hurried downstairs to buy the bandages and commonly used medicine from the pharmacy and hurried back. Big Boss Xia’s rolled-up pants welcomed him at the door.

He set the things in his hand on the coffee table and walked quickly to the toilet and knocked on the door, "Boss Liuyi?"

"Uh?" Xia Liuyi answered over the sound of running water.

"The wound can't have contact with water, so be careful when you take your shower."

Xia Liuyi ignored him, closing his eyes and tilting his head back to rinse the foam off– just a small injury!

He Chu San sighed and sat patiently on the sofa, waiting for Big Boss Xia to finish bathing. After a while, Xia Liuyi came out of the toilet, wet and bare-chested. Looking down and pulling at the zipper of his pants, he said, "Towel."

He Chusan carefully pulled the curtain a little bit open and retrieved the towel outside the window from air drying. Xia Liuyi grabbed it and casually wiped his body, then reached out for the antiseptic cleanser.

"Let me do it." He Chusan couldn’t stand the scene and grabbed the cleanser.

He led Xia Liuyi to the sofa, using the towel to carefully dry Xia Liuyi's body, and cleaned the wound. Xia Liuyi dried his hair with the towel, staying quiet when the cleanser burned on his wound.

He did not cry out in pain, but He Chusan ached for him. He put the medicine, then the gauze, carefully covering the open flesh of the wound, imagining the scene when Xia Liuyi got hurt. Although he didn’t know what happened, the blazer stained with blood and glass fragments, the muddy high-grade leather shoes, the large number of police cars whistling up the mountain, the detectives checking every sea passenger, all hinted at the intensity and thrill of a battle.

Xia Liuyi's body was covered with scars and wounds. Most of them had been there for a long time, but he witnessed the story of the appallingly large centipede-like stitch marks on Xia Liuyi’s right shoulder. He recalled when they were in Snapdragon Walled City, Xia Liuyi fainted in front of him, pale face, blood-covered. His chest stung in pain.

Xia Liuyi felt He Chusan's slowing down the movements. He didn’t say a thing but lowered his head, and his hand gently rested beside Xia Liuyi.

Xia Liuyi’s head was shaded under the towel. He couldn’t see He Chu San's movements, but saw the shadow projected on the wall in front of them - He Chu San quietly raised his hand, going to hug him from behind.

Xia Liuyi subconsciously tensed his back, which made his muscles drag at the wounds. He gritted his teeth to hold back the painful grunt - and then saw He Chusan swiftly withdraw his hand from the shadow.

Xia Liuyi turned his head with his eyebrows twisted. He Chusan tended his bandages concentratedly as if nothing happened. No matter how Big Boss Xia glared at him, he stayed still, his face innocent and obedient.

This f**king Oscar Best Actor! Pretend! Keep pretending! Puk gaai brat, I thought your dates with your Mazi were too fake!

As soon as the wounds were treated, Xia Liuyi pushed this mischievous brat aside. He commanded coldly, "Give me my cell."

He Chusan kept his words to himself and found the cell phone nicely. Then, he got a thin pajama, and let it drape over Xia Liuyi.

Big Boss Xia straightened his body and walked to the window to make the call. Towel on his head, cute-bear pajama on his body, simple slippers under his feet, he asked while hitting the numbers, “Do you have cigarettes?”


"Go buy some."

"You can't smoke if you're injured."

"Puk gaai brat!" Xia Liuyi anticipated such a reply. He cursed, and continued speaking to the phone, "Hey, Dongdong?"

"Puk gaai brat?" Cui Dongdong teased on the other end, "Yo, Big Boss, it’s our puk gaai brat hero saving the beauty again?"

"F**k off," Xia Liuyi cussed, "Is Little Ma back yet?"

"He hid and had a call with me. The police are everywhere. Don’t head back any time soon.”

Xia Liuyi was silent for a while, "A-Yong is dead."

When these words came out, even He Chusan, who was tidying up the room next to him, paused for a moment. He remembered the name, Xia Liuyi's chief bodyguard, calm and reticent, nodding to greet him every time they met. It was also A-Yong who helped him give the cake to Xia Liuyi on Children's Day.

Cui Dongdong was also silent on the other end for a while, "I'll find someone to place his family."

"Give them a double share of the settlement fee," Xia Liuyi, “When the tension loosens, I will give him a grand funeral."

"Got it."

"Also," Xia Liuyi named a few stalls, "withdraw the goods and people from these places."

"What's wrong?"

"A-Biao is missing, I suspect he belongs to the police. He knows all these places. Find a few clever people to search where he lives, bringing back anything suspicious and cleaning up the house. For him himself, find him regardless of what it takes!”


Xia Liuyi hung up the phone and looked up, seeing He Chusan holding a pile of bloody clothes, looking at him with a complicated expression.


"Is A-Biao a police officer?"

Xia Liuyi got impatient, "None of your business!"

He Chusan was silent for a moment, “Don’t attack the police. Be careful."

This sentence made Big Boss Xia laugh in anger, "What? Is this the first day you know I ain’t careful with what I do? I’m an underground Big Boss. Shall I swear to heaven and get married with them instead of attacking them? Shut up!"

He Chusan opened his mouth, but eventually said nothing. Still, Big Boss Xia saw the word “Incorrigible” clearly from his face.

Xia Liuyi smashed the cell at him, "Go buy me beef entrails!"

He Chusan promptly caught the phone with the clothes in his arms. Picking up Xia Liuyi’s shoes, he kept everything to himself and walked away.

He burned the bloody clothes, flushed the ashes into the toilet, brushed the shoes, and cleaned the room. After that, he cooked a pot of meat congee for Xia Liuyi, sprinkling sesame seeds and sweet yuk sung* 1on it. He also steamed a cage of shu mai and a cage of egg yolk buns. After a nap with pajamas covering his face, Xia Liuyi opened his eyes on the sofa, confronted with this mild meal.

"F**k!" Xia Liuyi cursed, "Where are the beef entrails?"

"That stall downstairs is not very hygenic," He Chusan said, "I will buy fresh beef entrails and cook them for you tomorrow."

Xia Liuyi glared at him for a long time. He did want to flip up the table, but as a Big Boss of a gang, he thought it wasn't worth it for him to degrade himself and be angry with He Chusan. It isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth…Puk gaai brat!

He ate a little in the house of Inspector Hua, and after everything, he couldn’t help with the hunger and was unable to be picky about food. He could only bear it…He bore too much and finished all the food. When Cui Dongdong called, he was rubbing his stomach, lying on the sofa, digesting.

“A bro saw A-Biao at the front of the police office. He seemed to be a witness of the police. We can’t get close to him. His place is blocked by the police as well. We can’t get in.”

"F**k!" Xia Liuyi slammed the phone down!

He Chusan, who was putting away the dishes, jumped to the side, raising the steamer in his hand, and caught the phone promptly!


Xia Liuyi stared at him, finding this brat had physically improved a lot in the half year he hadn’t seen him.

He didn’t know how He Chusan threw folders to each other frequently with his colleagues when they were busy at work, or how he held five pens in one hand, a sandwich in his mouth, a phone on his shoulder, the ticker in his sight, and a keyboard being typed ceaselessly under his other hand...

"What's wrong?" He Chusan asked nosily because of hearing A-Biao’s name vaguely from the call.

Xia Liuyi frowned on the sofa in contemplation, ignoring He Chusan, but obviously, he was defeated.


"F**k, what are you snickering about?!"

Xia Liuyi felt that he could choke to death every time he stayed with He Chusan for more than ten minutes. This brat didn't even need to talk, lifting the corners of his lips was enough to make Xia Liuyi so angry that he wanted to scratch the wall. With a dark expression, he covered his waist and felt his wounds were about to be torn open by anger, but He Chusan was calm. He went to make the bed as if nothing had happened, "Boss Liuyi, sleep on the bed."

"What about you?"

"I'll sleep on the sofa."

Xia Liuyi looked at his narrow sofa, which couldn’t be enough for a man to lie down comfortably, but thinking of all the signs of misconduct by He Chusan, he eventually hardened his heart— you brat must sleep on the sofa!

  1. *A dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton, originating from China. (Wikipedia definition)
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