Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 10.2 - Let Me Take You Somewhere (2)

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Wu Tong scrambled off the motorcycle and removed the heavy helmet from her head. After doing so, she looked up, scrutinizing the structure in front of her. It was a retro-Chinese courtyard surrounded by expansive walls with large, vermillion doors. Based on her observations, Wu Tong had a rough idea of how big the entire building was.

Qin Ge parked the motorcycle before walking toward the main entrance and fishing out keys from his pocket. He unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Wu Tong followed him up the steps and stood at the threshold. She gazed at the courtyard filled with flowers and saw a swing that hung from a Chinese parasol tree.

Qin Ge took Wu Tong’s hand, guiding her past the threshold and into the courtyard. They stood under the shade of the Chinese parasol tree when Qin Ge asked, “Do you like it here?”

“Where are we?” asked Wu Tong.

“This is our new home,” Qin Ge replied. “We’ll be living here from now on.”

“Here? We’re not living at Jadeite Peak?” Wu Tong asked, puzzled.

“Where do you want to live?” Qin Ge asked out of nowhere.

“That’s not what I meant. I just never thought that… we would be living here,” Wu Tong responded. “I really like this place.”

“That’s good, then,” Qin Ge said. “My mom found this place for me. The house is very big with a front and rear courtyard. We’re currently standing in the front courtyard. The courtyard in the back is a bit smaller, but there are ginkgo trees there. I heard that they look very pretty in the Fall.”  

“Do you want to take a look inside?” asked Qin Ge.

Wu Tong nodded. The two of them entered the one-story house that was modeled after ancient Chinese buildings. Aside from the clear, glass window panes, everything else seemed to be made of wood. The house had insulated roof panels and felt very refreshing and cool on the inside.  

Wu Tong walked around for a bit and soon noticed that the house was completely empty, so she asked, “Why is the house so empty?”

“My mom removed all the furnishings yesterday,” Qin Ge answered.

“Why?” Wu Tong was somewhat confused.

“She said you would prefer a house you decorated yourself,” Qin Ge replied. “She also did this to give us something to do.”

Wu Tong noticed Qin Ge staring straight at her as he spoke. She smiled and said, “Then let’s go shopping when we’re both free.”

Qin Ge raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Ok.”

After they finished touring the house, they went to the rear courtyard. The layout of the rear courtyard was similar to that of the front courtyard with the addition of a small artificial pond. There was an assortment of multi-colored fish swimming in the pond. Beside the small pond was a bunch of small potted flowers. Wu Tong liked them so much, she was unable to resist walking over and crouching down to take a closer look.

Qin Ge stood off to the side, quietly gazing at Wu Tong. Sunlight illuminated Wu Tong’s profile in such a way that Wu Tong seemed to be glowing. She was so pretty that even looking at her hair pulled at his heart strings.

“It’s so pretty here.” Wu Tong couldn’t help but smile as she said this. She looked pleasantly surprised by her surroundings and couldn’t contain her happiness.

“I’m glad you like it here.” Qin Ge walked over and crouched down next to Wu Tong. He glanced over at Wu Tong’s fingertips. Her fingernails looked transparent under the sunlight.

Wu Tong smiled, nodding as she played with a flower bud.  

“When do you plan to move in?” Qin Ge suddenly asked.

“Huh???” Wu Tong was momentarily stunned. The sparkle in her eyes disappeared as she responded, “Let’s go shopping for furniture and whatnot first, then move in.”

“So when are we going to go shopping?” asked Qin Ge.

“When are you free?”

“I’m free whenever,” answered Qin Ge.

Wu Tong got up and gazed at the ginkgo tree not far from them and said, “I’ll give you a call when I’m free.”

“Ok,” responded Qin Ge indifferently.

Wu Tong walked over to the ginkgo tree and imagined how it would look during late autumn when all the leaves turned golden yellow. She thought about putting a hammock chair underneath the tree.

“Since you’ve already set a date for the honeymoon, I’ll take care of the itinerary,” Qin Ge suddenly said.

Wu Tong recalled their conversation at the coffee shop. At the time, she needed to take care of her brother, so she scheduled for them to go on a honeymoon trip a month later. She had no qualms with Qin Ge wanting to be in charge of the itinerary for the trip.

Wu Tong smiled. “Ok.”

“Is there anywhere in particular that you want to go?” asked Qin Ge.

“I’m fine with wherever you want to go,” responded Wu Tong.

“Alright, then. Remember to give me your passport later,” said Qin Ge.

“Ok.” Wu Tong felt a bit embarrassed about always making Qin Ge do all the work, so she beamed at him. She was unaware of how beautiful and dazzling she looked with the sunlight framing her face. Her smile looked extremely seductive to Qin Ge.

Qin Ge couldn’t control the beast inside him any longer. He forcefully pressed Wu Tong against the tree trunk like a wolf ready to devour a gourmet meal after coveting it for so long.

Wu Tong’s body stiffened but slowly eased up. Our marriage is already officiated, so what am I being all touchy for? Wu Tong saw the wild look in Qin Ge’s eyes. She blinked once before slowly closing her eyes and parting her lips slightly.

It was like Qin Ge was discovering the New World as he parted Wu Tong’s lips. His tongue slipped into her mouth and met the tip of her tongue. He ferociously sucked on it until they were both out of breath.

Qin Ge clutched Wu Tong’s waist somewhat forcefully, as if he was trying to control himself.

“How much longer do you need?” Qin Ge asked.

Wu Tong blanked. After a long time, she finally recalled telling Qin Ge at the coffee shop that she needed some time to adjust to her current situation. She wasn’t sure how long she needed and when it would feel “right,” but making Qin Ge wait was indeed unfair to him. After all, he had a burning desire for her.


“One month… Let’s spend more time bonding with each other over the course of this month.” Qin Ge looked into Wu Tong’s eyes with an searching gaze as he said, “I don’t want us to sleep separately during our honeymoon trip.”

Wu Tong wasn’t sure how to respond, but she knew that Qin Ge wasn’t making an outrageous request. In the end, she nodded.

Qin Ge seemed to be in a cheerful mood when he finally released Wu Tong. He smiled as he said, “I’ll give you a ride home.”

Qin Ge rode his motorcycle and dropped her off at the entrance to her apartment building. Wu Tong stood by the stairs and watched his figure recede into the distance. The dim light of the setting sun shone on her frail figure, making her appear somewhat weak.

Life never goes the way you want it to. If you’re satisfied with your current life, it's because you’re willing to “like” the way it is. Just like how it was for Wu Tong at this very moment. She was willing to give Qin Ge a chance.

Change and adaptation is always painful. Hopefully, all her hard work brought her happiness in the end.

Wu Tong put on a smile. She grasped her bag and decided to pay her brother a visit at the hospital.

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