In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 10 - Beauty and the Beast


Opening the door to the conference room, a girl and a boy were already there.

One of them was a silent beautiful girl.

The other was a tall bear-like boy.

The unbalance between the two overlapped with the Beauty and the Beast, and he felt like he’d burst out in laughter.

Furthermore, the boy was his classmate, and he had gotten to know him after talking to him a lot.

Most importantly, they were alive.

He stood up and went to greet them.

“I am Tooru Saejima. Pleased to meet you.”

Looking happy, Daiki looked over at me.

“Hey, Tooru! So you were alive! Isn’t the damage bad on the streets? Since you were late I thought you had died!”

His expression was relieved.

Therefore, he smiled too.

“For you to be healthy is more important than anything, Daiki. And, Senior Shimizu, right?”

Miu made a face like she was taken aback and stared at him.

“Huh, why do you know my name?”

It was a doubtful question.

If a person knew your name at the first meeting, you’d at least be a little surprised.

However, it wasn’t weird for Tooru to know about Miu.

“Senior is a beautiful and famous person, you see. Yamashita of the first year, and Shimizu of the second year are talked about often.”

Actually, with Miu’s appearance and calm presence, she had become a famous person in the school.

However, Miu hated being called this.

Because of that, she gave Tooru a frosty gaze.

“I see.”

And said only that.

For others talking about oneself would make anyone uncomfortable.

And even more if it were people you didn’t know.

Tooru regretted his words.

Because he had made the worst impression on one of the companions he would live with for not a short amount of time.

Feeling regretful and a little uncomfortable, he started waiting for the next survivors.

Takumi opened the door to the dojo, and peeked outside.

A blockade of zombies was created by them gathering by the speakers located in the middle of the long hallway extending from the dojo.

“We can’t go straight here. Let’s head right again and take a detour to the student council room.”

He whispered to Hazumi and started walking silently.

The long hallway branched off to a hallway going to the right.

Even in that hallway, several dead bodies being eaten by zombies were scattered around.

If there were bodies showing ribs, there were bodies showing their skull as well, and either way informed of the fear in their last moments.

“Ugh. This is…”

Hazumi was speechless.

In actuality, even though there were several clubrooms here, it was a place where mainly clubs related to the national sports were lined up, and they caught sight of several corpses and zombies of their acquaintances.

Of course, there were people that had been healthy that they had talked to today that were zombies too.

The excessive unrealistic scene was big enough to cause a shock to the brain to stop thinking.

Still, they had to walk through the hallway.

They advanced cautiously.

Hazumi’s heartbeat was speeding up little by little.

She tried to make her rough breathing return to normal.

At that time.



Hazumi’s leg got stuck.

A zombie that had fallen down some time ago was tightly grasping her leg.

(Why… why…?)

Unanswered questions rushed about in her mind.

Because of that, Hazumi was late in thinking of a way out of the dilemma.

The zombie pulled her leg in front of itself, bringing her down to the floor.

And then, the zombie bent forward, hanging over her, and neared her face.

When bitten, her own death would be decided.

“No… no…”

Deep fear and hopelessness made her talk incomprehensibly.

Still, she managed to somehow squeeze out a word.


Being called, Takumi noticed Hazumi’s dilemma.

However, even if Takumi would hurry and pull her, he wouldn’t be in time.

“Damn it!”

Takumi broke into a run.

The zombie neared the nape of Hazumi’s neck.


Hazumi screamed.

The expected pain never arrived.

With a clang, the zombie fell down.

And then, the person who had killed the zombie.

Was Kazuma Aso.

Behind him, Sakura Yamashita stuck to him like an attendant.


Running up to them, Takumi smiled brightly.

“Tacchan1! You’re looking healthy, great!”

He answered.

She was saved.

Just realizing this fact, a large tear spilled over Hazumi’s eyes.

“Are you okay? Hazumi.”

Kazuma largely reached out with both his hands.

Hazumi leaped into Kazuma’s chest…

Or so he thought, but she passed him

And continued to Takumi, hugging him.

“Senior! That was so scary!”

Takumi’s face grew red.

“Wha! D-don’t hug me!”

He tried to shake Hazumi off.

However, the strength put into his hands tearing her off wasn’t that much.

Only Kazuma made a displeased expression in the hallway.

“Tsk! Tsk! Why do I always play this role! Argh, unfair unfair!”

He sulked like a child.

“Senior Kasuma was cool, you know!”

Sakura said with sparkling eyes.

Doing that, his dissatisfaction until now disappeared and he started grinning with bashfulness.

“Y-yeah? Really? Well, for me, it’s natural! Hahahaha!”

(What a simple person…)

Seeing Kazuma’s mood, Sakura felt like it wasn't worth putting on an appearance.

  1. Nickname for Takumi.

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