Bringing Good Luck to your Husband in the '70s

Chapter 10 - Candidate

Privately selling was usually done in secrecy. It was better to not let anyone know, let alone an outsider. Wasn't she afraid of being reported? Why would she take the initiative to tell him she wanted to sell something?

Su Yue raised her head, lashes fluttering, "Because big brother Han is a good person. I believe you."

Han Aiguo's heart thumped heavily in his chest, not knowing what to say for a while.

Seeing him look as if frightened by her words, Su Yue smiled secretly in her heart, continuing to say sternly: "Big brother Han, believing you is one reason. The other is that I think maybe one of your brothers can do it. I know that whoever you name is someone I can trust."

In fact, Su Yue wanted Han Aiguo’s help so that the Han family would remember his good deeds when they earned money, and be kind to him instead of disliking him for eating plain rice at home.

But she didn’t know if the people in the Han family were competent, after all, she didn’t know the other three brothers.

Han Aiguo really didn't know what to say about Su Yue. How could a girl trust him this much? Just because last time he let her borrow their flour? But even if she went to another house, they would also lend it to her.

She believes in people so easily, can she really do business?

Su Yue didn't know about Han Aiguo's concern for her. She directly stuffed the mooncake in her hands into his and retreated with ease, "Big brother Han, you help me think about it. I'll come to see you tonight."

Han Aiguo wanted to stop her, but she disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only the mooncake with her lingering warmth in his hands.

Looking at the mooncake, Han Aiguo thought for a while and decided to take it back to his room. It wasn’t as if he was reluctant to give it to his family, but that it was really impossible to explain the source of this mooncake. They would definitely wonder why she had come to him. Moreover, too many people knowing about her plans could end up harming her.

As for her request about introducing someone to do business, Han Aiguo already had someone in mind, but he still had to wait for his mother to come back and talk to her first. After all, if this business worked out, it couldn’t be hidden from his mother.

At noon, while others had not yet started work, old lady Han came back early to cook lunch.

Han Aiguo called his mother to his room.

"What's wrong, laoda?"

Han Aiguo quietly took out the mooncake and showed them to his mother.

Old lady Han was surprised, "Laoda, where did you get the mooncakes?"

Han Aiguo told her about Su Yue's visit.

The old lady Han was really surprised. She studied Han Aiguo's face a few times, but his expression was the same as usual. She had a little hunch in her heart but for some reason she didn't dare to talk nonsense. Keeping her thoughts to herself, she started talking business: "Then what do you think? It isn’t easy for a girl to ask for your help. You can't ignore her."

Han Aiguo: "Mother, that’s why I wanted to talk to you. I have a candidate in mind. What do you think about fourth brother?"

"You mean the fourth child?" Old lady Han was taken aback, "but the fourth child is only twelve years old."

Han Aiguo nodded, "Mother, I think the fourth child is very suitable since he can't do a lot of farm work. If other people in the family did this, we wouldn’t be able to earn enough work points. Another, the fourth child is clever but not slippery. He’s always running back and forth between the village and the commune, he can do this well."

Old lady Han began to ponder, and after a while clapped her hands and said, "I think it can work. I wouldn’t dare to vouch for other people, but I dare to say that the fourth child of our family will never cheat on Su Zhiqing, nor will he be lazy. He can be lent to Su Zhiqing."

The old lady stood up hurriedly and said, "I'll go talk to the fourth child."

That night, while Su Yue and the others were having dinner, old lady Han came to her home.

Su Yue didn't expect the old lady Han to come in person, and quickly invited her into her room to speak.

The old lady Han carefully sized up Su Yue's house, and after finishing she took Su Yue’s hand with emotion and said, "Good girl, the living conditions here are too bad. You are wronged."

Su Yue shook her head and said with a smile: "I’m not wronged. All educated youths live like this."

The old lady Han looked at Su Yue's face carefully again. The more she looked, the prettier Su Yue seemed to be. She couldn’t help but like her more and more, rubbing the tender hand in a daze. When she came back to herself, she felt too embarrassed to look at Su Yue. Old lady Han was shocked by her own behavior this time. Afraid of scaring others, she quickly laughed and started talking business: "Xiao Su [1], I know what you said to my Aiguo. My Aiguo has found someone for you, you see if it works."

Su Yue became serious: "Who?"

Old lady Han said: “It’s my fourth son, twelve years old this year. Don’t look at his age, he is very clever. Sometimes our family can’t make money to buy things in the commune and most of the eggs in the house will be sold by the fourth child. The kid has never made a mistake.”

Su Yue blinked. She thought that Han Aiguo would recommend the second or the third son of the Han family. How could she expect it would be the fourth, a child.

But listening to what the auntie said, it seemed that the fourth child was indeed suitable. A child could only earn a few work points in the village. If he didn’t work at home and had nothing to do, it would be just right for this.

At this time, the old lady Han continued to say: "Xiao Su, auntie did not recommend her fourth son because she was greedy for your money, and my Aiguo is also not this kind of person. You see, we didn't let my second and third sons do it. We recommended the fourth because he is capable, but there is also another reason. This isn’t a mother boasting, but my fourth child is just like his eldest brother in character. Smart but not slippery or lazy. He is responsible and serious when doing things, and will never entrap you or hold you back. If you think it’s okay, I’ll let my fourth son give it a try."

Su Yue hurriedly said: "Auntie, you are too polite. You are willing to let the fourth child help me run errands, I should be thanking you. If you and big brother Han said that the fourth child is OK, then he is absolutely fine. I can trust you."

After hearing this, the old lady Han was as happy as a dog with two tails [2], and the unspeakable thought in her heart was almost blurted out. However, she still kept it to herself and didn't rush to say it. She wanted to observe some more, so she just said, "That's okay, Xiao Su, I will ask my fourth child to sell your mooncakes tomorrow morning. I already told him all about it. He doesn’t talk nonsense, don’t worry."

Su Yue: "Auntie, please trouble the fourth child to come to me tomorrow morning. There’s a place I want him to go."

Old lady Han readily agreed, stood up and said: "Auntie will not delay your meal, hurry and go eat, auntie will also go home to eat."

Su Yue sent her to the door and waited until she couldn't see her anymore to go back to dinner.

When the others asked why old lady Han had come, she explained it was to thank her for the cake she had sent last time, so no one doubted anything.

Only Li Xiaoqing had a guess as to what Su Yue and old lady Han were discussing.

The person was found, and Su Yue sighed with relief. After washing, she laid on the bed and finally had time to think about the mall.

Now that she had reached 24 points she could finally enter it.

She was really looking forward to it.

Su Yue called the system: "System, I want to enter the mall."

The system immediately replied: “OK host, now you have the authority to open the mall.”

In the next second, a door appeared in Su Yue's mind. When she thought about opening the door, the door opened automatically and her consciousness went through it.

The world inside it was the system mall.

The space here seemed to be infinite, with many display stands floating in the air, each one carrying a different product. On the front panel of the display stand was the name of the product and a brief introduction.

Su Yue looked over one by one and found that the products here were really dazzling. There were all kinds of things with all kinds of uses. It felt a bit like discovering a treasure from a previous life, all of it seemed very familiar.

There are so many things Su Yue would take a long time browsing through all of them, but now was not the time. She had something very important in her heart that came before anything else.

"System, I want to see the prescription that can treat Han Aiguo's leg."

As soon as Su Yue finished speaking, a display stand appeared in front of her. On it was a piece of antique rice paper with many words written on it like floating clouds and flowing water [3], but unfortunately, she couldn’t see what the words were.

The system reminded her at this moment: “This is a prescription for treating leg injuries specially researched by a genius doctor in ancient times. It can be used to treat Han Aiguo's leg, but it has been lost in the river of time. At present, the host cannot see the content of the recipe. Only after spending points to redeem the recipe will the host be able to see clearly.”

Su Yue hurried to check the number of points needed on the panel.

Unexpectedly, this look caused her to inhale sharply.

Eight hundred points!

A whole eight hundred points!

Su Yue confirmed it back and forth three times, and it was indeed eight hundred points.

Su Yue felt that her heart couldn't bear it. To think she had earned 24 points after so many days of hard work, but this recipe alone cost 800 points. When would she earn enough points for this recipe?

It's so far away~

Su Yue, wanting to cry but having no tears, asked the system, "System, are you kidding me with this price?"

System: “Host, the products in the mall are all assigned points based on their corresponding value. This prescription is able to heal leg injuries that cannot be treated by the medicine in this era. It is of great value to you and Han Aiguo, thus it takes 800 points to exchange it. Host, there is no free lunch in this world. The system hopes you continue to work hard.”

Su Yue sighed deeply, running a hand through her hair. There was a long way to go.

She could only hope to save 800 points sooner.

[1] Xiao Su - Little Su.

[2] As happy as a dog with two tails - Unusually happy (usually I would remove the idiom and keep the meaning, but this one was simply too cute to remove).

[3] Floating clouds and flowing water  - Freely flowing style of writing:

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