Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 100 Ghost Lake (NPC)

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Everyone who saw the white light quickly approached, forming a circle around the white light in a tacit understanding. For a while, they managed to fight evenly with the soldiers.

In the white light, 10 spiritual arrows are fired in unison. Then at the next second, 10 more flew out. Each of the arrows managed to hit a soldier, greatly reducing the pressure. Poker cards also shot out accurately, not a single miss.

The soldiers that disappeared didn’t reappear, which means they won’t appear infinitely. After half an hour of fighting, the surrounding storm gradually subsided. The light from the 5 Elements Array gradually diminished and eventually disappeared. Even the crystals placed on the ground became dim.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and stopped moving the weapons in their hands. They sat on the ground, gasping for breath.

There are a few wounds on Jiang Rou's face, which she casually wiped away. She said to Lou Fan and the others, "It's really a blessing to have you guys here. Otherwise, it would have been troublesome." They happened to be beside Lou Fan and the others when it happened and just started to spread out. Hence, when the white light appeared, they managed to get to the circle immediately, so they didn't get hurt much.

Other people who are sitting on the ground, many are bloody with wounds.

Everyone subconsciously gathered around. In the first round, everyone held on, and no one died.

A middle-aged man stood up and immediately took on the attitude of a leader. He gestured with palms down to signal everyone to be quiet, "Everyone, everyone, listen to me. My name is Dong Kun. Right now, we don't know what happened to Lazuli, but 1 point is clear. We must unite to deal with emergencies, and we must work together. Everyone has seen what happened just now, the situation is very dangerous."

Gao Yi walked up to Dong Kun and whispered a few words to him, it seemed that they knew each other very well. Next, Dong Kun immediately looked toward Qin Tan and his team with disbelief in his eyes.

The crowd started to chatter, and Dong Kun spoke again, "Everyone should deal with your wounds first. I don't know when the next attack will come. Preserving strength is the most important thing."

Medicine is an essential item to bring along, but everyone's skills are limited. Some handled their wounds simply and crudely. They just sprinkle the medicine powder on the wound and they are done. For a few with more serious injuries, they sprinkled the medicinal powder directly on the wounds, then sat on the ground, like game characters meditating to recover HP.

As a doctor with occupational habits, Jiang Dong couldn't stand it any longer and walked over there.

Dong Kun walked up to Qin Tan and took the initiative to greet him, "Hello, you’re Qin Tan, right? My name is Dong Kun, and I'm also one of the managers of the intermediate-level club. Listening to Gao Yi, your team members had a strong feeling before? I wonder if you know of any other clues?"

Qin Tan looked at Dong Kun and said, "I think everyone here has the feeling of heart palpitations. As for the other clues, I don't have them. It's just we felt the sensation a little stronger."

Dong Kun understands that everyone's sensitivity is different, and it may be related to the spirit weapon. His eyes circled around their spirit weapon, and he said with a smile, "Just now, it is really thanks to Team leader Qin. I hope everyone can work together in the future. The more the contribution, the greater everyone’s strength will be.”

This person must have been a party leader in the past. Just randomly puts a ‘tall hat’* on someone and he wants to make them work for free. What right does he have? Lou Fan curled his lips and pinched Qin Tan's waist behind him.

[Banana: No exact translation but it somewhat means ‘moral blackmail’]

"Mr. Dong, you overestimated us. Our team members are very afraid of death, but we just want to try our best to keep ourselves alive. I don't know if I can help others but if I can help you along the way, then it's fine." Qin Tan pushed the ‘tall hat’ back to Dong Kun.

Dong Kun didn't expect the other party to be stubborn like this. He is used to being respected high above, and his ability was not weak. It is rare for him to be treated like this, so his expression doesn’t look good. Gao Yi tried to play the mediator for both sides, and after a few more words, Dong Kun and Gao Yi walked away.

On the other side, Jiang Dong walked to the injured person and squatted down. He warmly said, "Friend, you can't do that for this kind of wound. It's a waste of medicine and you won’t get better. You still need to bandage the wound."

The wounded person sat up with a helpless look on his face, "I also want to bandage it, but my technique is not good. Although the bandage is said to take up no space, I didn’t bring it with me. So I just leave it like this."

It's just a matter of bringing bandages with them then. Jiang Dong smiled gently, "I'm a doctor, I'll help to bandage you."

"Will it be bothering you too much?"

"No." As Jiang Dong said, a strip bandage is pulled out from his cuff. With 2 or 3 moves, the wound is properly wrapped, which could be called a textbook-level standard bandage.

At this moment, many injured people who don’t know how to bandage their wounds gathered around and asked, "Doctor, can you help me bandage it?"


"I also need help."

"No problem."

Wen Lang folded his hands and looked at the surrounded Jiang Dong with a proud face, "Tsk, Dr. Jiang is very popular. I feel like he really enjoys being surrounded by people."

"Call him back if you are unwilling to see that." Lou Fan laughed at Wen Lang.

Wen Lang shrugged, "Forget it, I respect his career."

"So be it then. I have a feeling that saving lives and helping the injured is good for him." Lou Fan patted Wen Lang on the shoulder.

Hearing that, Wen Lang is stunned for a moment. Then, he rolled up his sleeves and prepared to walk over, "Then I'll go and help him."

"Alright now, you just stand at the side obediently."

Wen Lang: "I mean to say I’ll help him maintain order."

Before Wen Lang could step forward to maintain order, there is a tremor under his feet which is stronger than before.

A sharp whistle sounded, and Dong Kun shouted, "Everyone, pay attention and prepare to fight."

The 5 element stones are quickly placed in place once again. If the enemy is spiritual-type, it should be useful. If the barrier couldn’t help, they could just save it for next time.

Tall monsters are rushing from a distance. The huge size gave everyone a bad feeling in their hearts, and their palms are all sweaty.

"What, what exactly is it?"

No one can tell what the monster is. It is huge, its head is extremely ugly and its mouth is full of sharp teeth. Armed with sharp claws and fangs, it is extremely fierce.

Holding the Tang sword, Qin Tan’s arm muscles bulged and he said, "Don't scatter, be careful."

Many people started to step back, trying to hide behind others, while some people stayed at the front. Anyway, it is impossible to hide, maybe they can survive by fighting.


A lot of people are looking forward to the barrier shining as brightly as before to fend off monster attacks. However, the shield is broken! After only blocking for a moment, the behemoth paused for 2 seconds and smashed the protective cover.

"Scatter!" Then Qin Tan yelled, "Surround!"

The 6 people who were scattered immediately swarmed forward. Jiang Dong's bandage is instantly wrapped around it and the beast is caught. The struggling beast fell to the ground in an instant. Qin Tan raised his sword and stabbed it into the beast's chest. The Tang sword, which shone with red light, easily plunged into the chest of the giant beast. Then with a single slash, the giant beast stopped struggling and died.

Lou Fan hadn't had time to shoot his spiritual arrows and the monster is already dead, so he had to turn to the other one. 10 spiritual arrows converged into 1, like a big bird waving its red tail feathers, rushing towards the giant beast. The spirit arrows sank into the giant beast's head, and then, the running giant beast exploded and shattered into pieces.


The crowd sighed in admiration that these 2 advanced spirit weapons are too powerful, but the scene also gave them infinite expectations, hoping that one day, their own spirit weapons can be this powerful.

The giant beast is huge and ferocious, but it is not impossible to deal with. Except for Qin Tan and Lou Fan (who single-handedly killed theirs), 2 or 3 people can work together to kill a monster. Soon the huge beasts slowly decreased, and while everyone is rejoicing, there are bursts of sharp screeching in the air.

A group of birds flew in the air, with broad wings and long beaks with hooks. Seeing the crowd, its screams became more rapid. The birds are very excited and swooped down at the crowd. They pecked at the human flesh with their sharp beaks and tore a large chunk with them.


"Ahhh! No, no, go away!"


The birds are so agile that they can hardly be hurt by anyone except for long-range attackers.

Lou Fan's arrows split into 10 and flew into the air. Wen Lang and Jiang Dong's cards and surgical blades are also very good. In the team, 3 of them could attack the monster bird with ease but the rest of the crowd is not so lucky.

Furball rushed out of Lou Fan’s pocket and pounced toward the strange bird in an instant. They can only see its white figure zipping among the strange birds, and soon the dead bodies of the strange birds kept falling from the sky.

"Brother Lou, use the thunderbolt amulet!" Chen Shuyang yelled at the side, handing over a stack of amulets.

Lou Fan casually reached for his arrows, only to find that there are only 2 cross arrows left in the quiver. Before he could think too much about it, he already affixed the spell to the arrow and shot it into the air.

BANG! The thunderbolt amulet exploded and all the strange birds around it got hit. Dead strange birds fell from the sky one after another.

Lou Fan didn’t stop to think and swiftly took out 3 amulets and threw them into the air. Then he shot the spiritual arrows, which flew into the air with the amulet and exploded again...

"It's useful!" Lou Fan's eyes lit up, and he instructed without turning his head, "Distribute the thunderbolt amulets to those who can attack from a distance. Do it like me, this method works best."

There are too many strange birds gathered in the air, and the two sides confronted each other. But the passengers are obviously in a weaker position as many of them had been pecked and injured too much.

Chen Shuyang pulled out his stack of amulets and is about to distribute it when Nie Feng grabbed him and said, "You stay here and don't move, I'll go."

Chen Shuyang couldn't say otherwise and reminded, "Be careful. Then, I will continue to draw the amulets."

Nie Feng turned his head and walked into the crowd to look for long-ranged users with a stack of amulet papers in his hand. But there are less than 10 long-ranged users among the 30-plus passengers. So the stack of amulet papers is divided, and each person received about 3 or 4 amulets.

That was Chen Shuyang's entire stockpile. Before this, each of his teammates had 5 amulets, and the rest of them are now with Lou Fan.

Lou Fan is in charge of the frontal attacking the strange birds, while Wen Lang and Jiang Dong assisted at the flanks. Qin Tan stood beside Lou Fan and tried his best to resist the birds with his Tang sword. The small sleeve arrows on his wrist had already been used up.

Chen Shuyang squatted in the middle of the circle, quickly drawing amulets. Sweat is dripping from the messy hair on his forehead, and his fingers holding the pen are trembling slightly. A strange bird managed to slip through the encirclement and rushed straight to Chen Shuyang. Just as it is about to peck at his head, a huge pair of scissors suddenly appears and cuts the strange bird with a ‘kacha’.

The corpse of the strange bird brushed Chen Shuyang's arm and fell to his feet. But he didn't even look at it. His current condition is like an old monk who had entered a deep meditation, only the amulet in front of him is present in his heart.

With the help of the thunderbolt amulet, a large number of strange birds fell from the sky, but the attacks of the remaining monsters became stronger and stronger. Wen Lang and Jiang Dong gradually unable to resist, and the surging monsters rushed down through the air.

A tall figure blocked the light and also the danger in front of the young man. There is blood dripping down by his ears, but Chen Shuyang didn't know it at all. A pair of scissors swung in the air, forming a protective umbrella. He is under the umbrella, completing his mission.

A strong red light suddenly erupted from the crowd, followed by exclamations.

Chen Shuyang can't hear the commotion. He could only see red blood in front of him. Drops of red liquid dripped on the pages of his spiritual book, he raised his head and stared blankly at the man blocking above his head.

"Nie Feng..." Chen Shuyang murmured softly.

A burst of dazzling red light shone in front of Chen Shuyang’s eyes. Next, the originally huge scissors now doubled in size. Swinging into a dance-like airtight movement, the minced bird monster's corpse fell from it.

The corner of Chen Shuyang’s mouth curved up and he continued to bury his head in drawing amulets. He picked up the pen and closed his eyes, then opened them again. As soon as the pen started moving, a thunderbolt amulet is instantly formed. The amulet emits red light, dazzling and bright. He stood up and flung it into the air, shouting, "Brother Lou, amulet!"

Lou Fan's eyes narrowed, and swiftly shot an arrow at the thunderbolt amulet—BOOM!

The explosion’s shock spread rapidly in the air, sweeping down all the strange birds, and quickly rippling out further...

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