Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 101 Ghost Lake (NPC)

Furball has long run back when Chen Shuyang shouted to Lou Fan, and now sitting on Lou Fan's shoulder.

Everyone looked up at the sky and thought, "Finally, there are no more of those birds."

"How many advanced spirit weapons now?"

"That’s amazing!"

Before Chen Shuyang could be happy with the upgrade of his spiritual book, he supported the collapsing Nie Feng, with a look of horror.

"Brother Dong, Nie Feng is injured!" Chen Shuyang shouted.

Jiang Dong immediately came over to help him support Nie Feng to lie down. There are large and small holes in Nie Feng’s body. His flesh got pecked away, and his clothes are already stained with blood.

"Nie Feng is so fcuking amazing." Wen Lang clicked his tongue and immediately went to rummage for medicine to stop bleeding and muscle regeneration.

Jiang Dong pursed his lips and said nothing, swiftly tending to Nie Feng's wound. He removed the damaged flesh and sterilized the area. Then he sprinkled the wounds with medicinal powder and wrapped them with bandages.

Nie Feng just closed his eyes and didn’t say anything. Chen Shuyang let Nie Feng rest his head against his thighs. He looked down, only to see Nie Feng’s fluttering eyelashes, and his pale face due to excessive blood loss.

Both Qin Tan and Lou Fan are standing by the side. Lou Fan asked Jiang Dong worriedly, "Is Nie Feng okay?"

"The injury is very serious." Jiang Dong said in a deep voice, "But fortunately we have enough medicine, so it's good enough that we stopped the bleeding."

Lou Fan looked at Chen Shuyang, whose face looked pale. Chen Shuyang pursed his lips tightly and can be seen trembling slightly as he hugged Nie Feng in both hands. Lou Fan opened his mouth but said nothing. He simply turned to look at Qin Tan. If Qin Tan is injured this badly to protect him, he would be more vulnerable than Chen Shuyang now.

After Jiang Dong treated Nie Feng's wound, he looked in the direction where a lot of mourning/crying sounded not far away. Many people were injured by the birds.

"I'll go take a look."

Qin Tan nodded, "Go ahead."

Lou Fan walked up to Tong Fei’s side. She and Jiang Rou’s condition are not bad as they used a protective item during the fight just now. As for Feng Zhi, she used her umbrella as a shield, so all three looked fine.

"Lou Fan." Tong Fei stopped Lou Fan and said, "I remember that when I checked the data in the club, I also found a strange point. From the data, it seems at a certain period, all the passengers with the intermediate spirit weapon suddenly disappeared together, and never return to Lazuli. Some of them were heading out to do their task while some of them didn't go back from their last mission. There were less than 10 people with intermediate spirit weapons at that time."

Lou Fan vaguely remembered that he also seemed to read something like this, but he really hadn't paid much attention to it.

"Sister Tong Fei, you mean..."

Tong Fei shouted at Gao Yi to come over. Gao Yi's arm is injured, but he had been bandaged, and he came over with a serious face.

Tong Fei shared her thoughts, and then continued, "Say, is it possible that this situation right now is the ultimate test? For the passengers." Her gaze swept past Lou Fan and Qin Tan’s spirit weapons, both are advanced-level red spirit weapons. Then, she froze for a moment, as if a thought flashed through her mind.

Gao Yi looked thoughtful, but he is not sure, "I'll ask Dong Kun. To be honest, I haven't paid attention to it." Although a lot of information is found in the club, he really hasn't studied them.

Seeing Gao Yi turn and walk away, Tong Fei frowned again.

Feng Zhi: "I remember you guys said it."

Feng Zhi glanced at everyone one by one, and finally stopped on her own spirit weapon, "That the final condition to leave Lazuli is our spirit weapon. Only when the spirit weapon reaches the highest level then we can go out."

Lou Fan nodded, "Yes, this is our guess."

"If this is really the final test as Tong Fei said, then the purpose is self-evident."

Qin Tan looked at Feng Zhi, "To let our spirit weapon be advanced?"

Feng Zhi: "Yes. After 2 waves of attacks, 4 people including your teammate have upgraded their weapons to advanced spirit weapons. Adding to you 3 who already advanced, that is to say, there are currently 7 people here who are qualified to return to reality."

Turning her head to look at Tong Fei, Feng Zhi said seriously, "In terms of ways to level up, Lou Fan is based on perception while Qin Tan is power. Nie Feng is protection, and Chen Shuyang is by drawing amulets in his spiritual book. Wen Lang is also protection, while the other 2 passengers are their will to fight. Those 2 did not even flinch in the battle just now."

Tong Fei looked at the 2 men that Feng Zhi mentioned, Jiang Dong is currently bandaging them. The one who already finished being bandaged is covered in bandages, like a mummy. She murmured, "In other words, we have to bravely move forward and not be afraid of death in order to let our spirit weapon upgrade?"

Feng Zhi nodded and shook her head after that, "I think the way should be to stick to your heart and to do what your heart wants and also to remain unmoved by difficulties. There are many ways to advance, it depends on how you follow it."

Wiping his sweat, Jiang Dong stood up and looked around. All the injured are bandaged. He thumped his waist twice to relieve the numbness. When he looked straight ahead, he suddenly felt a strong emotion.

Wen Lang walked over to Jiang Dong and helped to massage his waist a bit, "I say, you should mind your own business. They didn't ask you to help with the bandaging. Who doesn't have medicinal powder with them? Ain’t it all the same if they sprinkle it by themselves?"

Jiang Dong smiled and took Wen Lang’s hand, "Just like how you protected me and Nie Feng protected Shuyang, I also felt protective towards the wounded. Physician kindness is sincere benevolence, we won’t refuse to help the needy.”

Wen Lang is helpless with Jiang Dong and is about to sigh when a burst of red light suddenly appeared from Jiang Dong's body.

People will only get angry when comparing themselves to another, this is probably the truth. The guy simply stood there and said a few words, and his spirit weapon got upgraded. This really makes the person on the side want to vomit blood, the blood already reaching the throat.

Lou Fan and Qin Tan noticed the upgrade right away, and they are immediately overjoyed. Finally, all of their members leveled up to an advanced level.

At the side, Tong Fei and Feng Zhi looked at each other with wry smiles on their lips.

Feng Zhi: "The epiphany is also a way to level up, but it requires a very firm mind."

This time, the group of people rested on the spot for more than an hour. The medicine from Lazuli has started working and the injured got better from their wounds. With Chen Shuyang’s support, Nie Feng moved to sit up. His complexion is much better, and Chen Shuyang fed him something to eat.

"Let's go forward." Lou Fan suggested to the circle where Tong Fei’s team and his team sat.

Wen Lang asked, "Brother Lou, are you sensing something?"

Lou Fan pointed to Furball on his shoulder, "There's something wrong with Furball. It's been restless, and I think it might take us somewhere."

Qin Tan looked at the fur ball. Sure enough, it looked a little impatient, running all over Lou Fan’s body.

"Then, let's go."

Naturally, Tong Fei’s team of 3 girls wanted to follow. Seeing them all standing up, Gao Yi immediately ran over and asked, "Are you going?"

Qin Tan replied, "Yes, we are going to walk around. Staying here is not going to help anything."

Gao Yi knew that staying here is not going to help of course, but no one want to take the initiative to suggest moving. Now that Qin Tan’s team is leaving, everyone should be willing to follow.

And so, the team of 6 people walked in front, followed by a large group of people. At the front of the group is Furball’s figure.

There is no sunlight in the sky but the barren and dark place gradually became brighter. When people think that something is going to happen, an ancient gate appeared in the distance. On both sides of the gate are walls so long that one cannot see the end, as if it is blocking entry from both ends.

"What is that?" Someone asked with doubt.

The group got closer until they could clearly see the 5-story gate. The gate is carved with beams and painted columns, enough to be called elegant. But what is even more surprising is the huge beast's head on the door. At that 5-story gate, the beast head has occupied most of its space. Though its eyes are closed, one can also imagine its eyes like copper bells. Its fangs are sticking out from the corners of its mouth, making it look like it's real. The group of people walked to the gate, not knowing whether they should go forward or not.

Dong Kun assumed the position as the leader and took a step forward. At that moment, the giant beast on the gate suddenly opened its eyes. Being stared at by those eyes, Dong Kun got scared and quickly backed away.


The head of the beast swayed, and the gate immediately opened. The head of the beast came out from the giant gate. At this moment, the gate is fully opened, revealing the body of the giant beast. It stood up and is actually as high as the gate. The group of people standing in front of it is tiny like ants.

The beast opened its bloody mouth and stared at the crowd with its copper bell-like eyes as if it is considering who to eat first. Some of the passengers froze in place and while some stood trembling. But they were all tacitly motionless, waiting for the giant beast to move first.


The deafening roar seemed to explode in their ear. The giant beast stepped forward with its huge claws, and the crowd immediately exclaimed in a low voice and stepped back.

When the white fur ball flew straight toward the giant beast, Lou Fan is startled and shouted, "Furball, come back!"

Qin Tan stopped Lou Fan and took him a step back, "Don't move. Furball is smart, so we see how it goes first."

"Is that little thing sending itself to death?"

"It will definitely be eaten."

"Let's run away!"

There is a lot of discussion in the crowd. Chen Shuyang turned his head to take a look, his expression indignant, "Can’t these people say something nice?"

Nie Feng: "No ivory comes from the mouth of a dog*, ignore them."

[Idiom: No good words are to be expected from a scoundrel]

Chen Shuyang agrees with the statement and stares at Furball nervously.

Furball rushed in front of the giant beast and instantly grew larger. Its figure vaguely enlarged to half the size of the giant beast, and then its shape turned solid. Though Furball's body is white, it looked ferocious at first glance. Its eyes are fierce, and its fangs are sharp. Furball might be half smaller than the giant beast, but its aura is no weaker than that of the giant beast.


Furball opened its mouth and roared loudly, the roar is deafening!

Not to be outdone, the giant beast opened its mouth and roared at Furball as well. Then, the two giant beasts rushed toward each other immediately.

The group of passengers no longer dared to get so close, and could only keep backing away.

"What kind of monster is this, it's horrifying!"

"I seem to have seen this fur ball in Lazuli, could it be some kind of divine beast?"

Lou Fan and his team members have always held Furball dear in their palms. It is the first time they saw it transformed into such a big beast. But it is still the little Furball in their hearts, and they all stared at the battle nervously. If something went wrong, they will help right away.

Facts have proved that Furball is not a ‘herbivore’(weakling). Although it is smaller, it has a flexible body. It has razor-sharp teeth to bite at the giant beast. The giant beast was bitten all over with blood. The giant beast got bitten until it was bloodied. In the end, it fell to the ground, burying its head, and dared not to lift it up. However, Furball is not satisfied. It roared at the giant beast twice, until it is almost buried in the ground before feeling happy with the result. Then, Furball turned to look at Lou Fan. Lou Fan could see the smugness in those eyes and knew that it is trying to brag.

Lou Fan rolled his eyes and gave a helpless smile to Furball. Furball ran up to him cheerfully and lowered its head to the ground, asking Lou Fan to touch it.

"Furball is sure awesome. Now, don't be spoiled, let's go first."

Furball straightened its body, raised its head and chest, and walked to stand beside the lying giant beast. After that, it shook its head to gesture for them to enter.

Walking past the giant beast, some people still couldn't help shivering. The giant beast seemed to want to raise its head, but Furball bared its teeth and roared again.


The beast froze and buried its head in the ground: I don't know anything! I didn’t see anything!

The building is quite empty, but as soon as he entered, Lou Fan immediately saw a big tree in the distance. The tree is huge, with luxuriant branches and leaves, enough to cover the sky and the sun. However, in the middle of the tree, a huge group of lights is hidden deep within it, making the whole tree seem to exude a halo.

Lou Fan recognized the light at a glance. It was the light they had seen before, and the bundle of light in the previous passenger’s data.

Several people looked at each other and suddenly felt a little excited in their hearts, as if they had waited for a long time, just for this moment. The shadow of the tree swayed and the white light moved with it. Then, a slightly childish voice suddenly sounded. It carried a heavy pressure, and it shook their heart.

"Someone is here?" it said, and then wondered, "Why are there some little ants too? You are not qualified yet."

In the blink of an eye, only 6 of them and 2 other passengers with high-level spirit weapons stood there and the rest of the crowd disappeared. With a loud bang, the gate that had been wide open closed immediately.

Furball shrank into its usual size and pounced into Lou Fan's arms immediately. The voice seemed to be laughing as it says, "It turns out that you are the little thing that is making trouble."

Lou Fan wanted to say something. He opened his mouth but no sound came out.

"It's surprising that there are 8 people this time."

As soon as the voice finished speaking, 8 balls of light flew down from the tree, and a ball of light sank into Lou Fan’s forehead. He subconsciously closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the surroundings are pure white. Qin Tan and the others are all gone.

"I can grant you one wish, what do you want?"

Lou Fan frowned, "Can I go back to the real world?"

"Of course." The childish voice paused, "I mean after returning to reality, I can grant you one wish. What do you want? Money, power, or fame?"

Oh, it turns out that there is such a good thing. The bundle of light can actually fulfill a wish. Lou Fan thought to himself, but shook his head, "I don't want anything. If I can, I want to know why Lazuli asked us to do the tasks. Also, can you let Furball come with me?"

"En? You don't want anything?" The voice then said, "What a strange person. Of course, the little one can go with you if it wants."

"Then I have no other wishes." Lou Fan is satisfied with this.

The voice asked again, "Are you sure?"

"I’m sure."

Lou Fan understood that he will be going back now. He had been looking forward to this moment for so long, but when it finally happened, he didn’t feel any huge emotions.

Countless pictures passed through his mind. Lou Fan saw himself from the 1st mission to the last mission at Ghost Lake. He has changed. His eyes have become resolute and decisive. He now has teammates in his heart that cannot be abandoned. Also, Lou Fan can see the growth of his teammates, and Qin Tan's feelings for him along the way.

The images flashed, and several people he didn't know appeared. Those people entered Lazuli and then went out. They became great people in the world, scientists, inventors, billionaires, and others who made outstanding contributions to the world.

For the sake of humankind’s reproduction and inheritance, from the moment they left Lazuli, their genes have since improved. It can also be said - an evolution.

The author has something to say:
The main novel is considered ended. The next chapter is the sweet time in real world.

Raw word count: 3964


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