Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 102 Real World - The End (NPC)

Lou Fan opened his eyes, it felt like he has just slept for a night, and is a little confused. Rubbing his head, he propped up his body, and for a while, he couldn't tell where he is.


A cry sounded, and the white ball of fur scurried up Lou Fan’s shoulders and touched his cheek.

"Furball." Lou Fan leaned over and kissed it, "You really came back with me."

Lou Fan walked to the window in slippers, reached out, and opened the curtains. The sunlight poured down, causing him to reach out to cover his eyes. Then, the heat from the sunlight started to fill the room.

At this moment, a knock sounded on the door, "Senior brother, we are ready to go to the arena."

So there's still a competition today? Lou Fan responded, "Okay, I'll come down right away."

After cleaning up, Lou Fan went downstairs. He is already good-looking to start with but his junior brother still got stunned when he saw him, "Senior brother, why do I think you are not the same as yesterday?"

Lou Fan propped his chin and looked at his junior brother, "Which part is different?"

The junior brother, who originally thought that Lou Fan’s temperament had become fierce, stared at Lou Fan for a second. Then his face turned red, stammered, "It’s, it's just a little different. Senior brother, let's go." After he finished speaking, he grabbed his backpack and quickly ran away.

Puzzled, Lou Fan touched his face and wondered, "Huh? Am I becoming scary?" He felt like he had a very gentle expression just now.

Without any suspense, Lou Fan's team won first place in the competition. After the game, the young ladies who has been waiting eagerly for a long time rushed over and gathered around Lou Fan to ask for autographs.

It is the first time Lou Fan encountered such a situation, and he looked at his junior brother at a loss, "Hey, junior brother, what's going on?"

"Senior brother, you don't know how handsome you were just now! You were so cool, so manly!"

Lou Fan don’t think he could count on his junior brother to help with anything, so he had no choice but to pick up the pen and start signing. After finally signing the pile in front of him, his fingers are sore.

"Can you sign for me too?" A low male voice sounded, and a broad palm is handed to Lou Fan.

Lou Fan has held this hand many times.

"Okay." Lou Fan said with a smile. He picked up the pen and signed his name on the palm of the man’s hand before raising his head.

The man wore casual clothes. He restrained his fierce aura but still, he didn’t look ordinary in the crowd. The man glanced at the name signed in the palm of his hand and clenched his fists, tightly grasping the name into his hand.

The two sat in the restaurant. Lou Fan adjusted his cuffs, and the person sitting on the opposite keep staring at him as if to strip him off.

"Haven't seen enough yet?"

"Not enough." The man replied without hesitation.

Lou Fan smiled helplessly, "Order first, I'm hungry."

Qin Tan immediately called the waiter and ordered dishes skillfully, all of which Lou Fan liked.

The phone on the table rang, it is from an unfamiliar number. Lou Fan pressed ‘Accept’ and put it to his ear.

"Hey, is it Brother Lou? It's Brother Lou, right?! I'm Wen Lang! Woo woo woo, we're finally back. I've already called Shuyang, and Jiang Dong is with me now. Wait for us there, we'll be right away!"

Before Lou Fan could make a sound, Wen Lang blabbered a long list of stuff without gasping for breath, as if already confirmed that the person on the other side of the line must be Lou Fan.

"Okay, Qin Tan and I are waiting for you."

"Ah ah ah ah, Brother Lou! I just knew it. Gotta end the call now, we are boarding the plane."

Lou Fan: …

People who act first before thinking are sure fast with their actions.

At 3.00 pm, 6 people successfully met up. However, everyone just stares at each other wordlessly and seems a little afraid to recognize each other.

Nie Feng chuckled and spoke first, "Hello, it's the first time we meet. I'm Nie Feng, a hairdresser."

Following his introduction, everyone burst out laughing.

Wen Lang stretched, not feeling unfamiliar at all. This kind of interaction is so familiar.

"Let's go on a trip. I haven't relaxed for a long time. Every day in Lazuli, I struggle at the edge of death and at how I’m going to die. I think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown."

Chen Shuyang had a complicated expression and asked hesitantly, "Do you think Sister Tong Fei and the others will come out smoothly?"

"Lazuli’s purpose is for screening for the best. Those who can come out will have their memories. And the others who got eliminated in that screening are just passers-by, They might experience it but won't remember the details. Tong Fei and her team will definitely come out but the only difference is whether they can remember us or not."

Lou Fan looked at the people coming and going outside and said, "Maybe everyone on this road has been in there, but they don't remember it."


In a resort cabin, 6 people raised their wine glasses and toasted each other.

"This is to celebrate our escape from that damned Lazuli." Wen Lang raised his head and gulped the wine down.

Lou Fan took a sip and said, "Actually, Lazuli is quite interesting. Don't you think you have changed since you came back?"

Chen Shuyang replied, "I think so. I feel that I have improved in all aspects, even my worst physical strength is different now."

Qin Tan leaned against the back of the chair. He is a little different from when he was at Lazuli, "Shuyang, that's what you trained yourself. Of course it's improved."

Chen Shuyang retorted, "Brother Qin, I feel that my mind has changed as well."

Wen Lang: "Change to being stupid?"

"You're stupid."

Lou Fan watched the 2 childish young men quarrel and smiled. Of course it would be different, otherwise, how could those outstanding people achieve great things? Except that the spirit weapon cannot be brought out, the things they obtained from Lazuli are indescribable in words.

Furball stomped on Wen Lang's face and jumped onto Chen Shuyang's shoulders. Then it helped Chen Shuyang to chirp (banter) with Wen Lang.

"Tsk, Furball, you dared to step on me. Do you not want to eat snacks anymore?"

Jiang Dong and Nie Feng clinked glasses and drank their wine, not planning to participate in the quarrel between the 2 children.

Jiang Dong raised his glass to Qin Tan, "Thank you, Brother Qin, for covering our trip. Otherwise, my monthly salary will be gone."

Lou Fan laughed and follow the flattery, "Yes, yes, thank you Boss for your generosity."

Qin Tan stared at Lou Fan and said, "You are the one who is generous."

"Me?" Lou Fan puzzled asked.

"All mine is yours."

Lou Fan laughed, "Looks like I got myself a bigshot."

Wen Lang: "Congratulations, Brother Lou is about to reach the peak of his life."

"Come, come, have a drink!"


Jiang Dong helped Wen Lang to walk to the room. Wen Lang waved his hand and kept shouting, "Shuyang, come, have another drink. Brother Lou, don’t forget your friend when you get rich…”

Jiang Dong is going to be annoyed to death by Wen Lang. Already gotten drunk and now he acts like a drunkard. Can't hold it anymore, he warned with gritted teeth in Wen Lang’s ear, "Behave yourself or see how I ‘take care’ of you when we get back."

Hearing that, Wen Lang loses it. He turned to look at Jiang Dong with misty eyes and pointed his index finger, "Jiang Dong, you’re sure good huh? The person who reaps the benefit is you. The person who ‘ate’ me cleanly and being irresponsible is you too! You dare to be so fierce to me! I won't serve you anymore!"

Jiang Dong: Who the hell is serving whom?!

Unable to bear it any longer, Jiang Dong leaned in and kissed Wen Lang fiercely, biting on his lips.

Wen Lang covered his mouth and didn't seem to react, but he didn’t make any more trouble. Jiang Dong immediately rushed back to the room while carrying someone. His head would explode if the person quarreled again.

Jiang Dong put Wen Lang in the black bathtub in the bathroom. In the tub filled with warm water, a pale and tender person is lying in it. When Jiang Dong took the bath towel and went in, he saw the young man with closed eyes resting his head on the edge of the bathtub, breathing lightly and shallowly.

Jiang Dong walked over and wiped Wen Lang’s cheek lightly, "Wen Lang, Wen Lang, get up first, you'll catch a cold later."

Wen Lang muttered an ‘en’ and opened his eyes a little. He looked at Jiang Dong with slender, steamy eyes. The misty eyes are wet and it tickles Jiang Dong’s heart under the dim, ambiguous light. Jiang Dong is about to get up when his neck is hooked by a pair of arms. The arms gently pulled forward and their lips are pressed together.


When Wen Lang lightly gnawed at his lips, a nameless fire burst forth from Jiang Dong’s body, burning his whole body unbearably.

A bundle of wet clothes is thrown on the ground. Someone stepped into the bathtub, causing the water to overflow from the bathtub. The rippling water waves rolled up and down in the bathtub. The young men stuck their heated bodies together with enthusiasm, and the sound of splashing water accompanied by out-of-tune gasping formed the most beautiful music of the night.

Chen Shuyang became very obedient after drinking wine. He is motionless and half-held by Nie Feng as Nie Feng is leading him to his room.

Lou Fan shouted from behind, "Nie Feng, take good care of Shuyang."

Nie Feng turned back and smiled, making Lou Fan tremble all over.

"Did I say wrong?" Lou Fan asked Qin Tan.

Qin Tan solemnly maintained the ‘harmonious life’ of his team members and said, "No, you are right. Let's go for a walk, I'm a little dizzy."

Standing in the bathroom, it can be seen that the bathroom in this room is very large. The washbasin is especially large and a whole mirror is built into the wall. Chen Shuyang stared at himself in the mirror with a flushed face. At this moment, the drunkenness has reached his head and he feels hot all over.  Taking off his glasses, Chen Shuyang turned on the faucet and poured a handful of water on his face. The water flowed down his neck, and the white T-shirt is soaked all around his neck and slowly expanded to his chest. The transparent fabric became sticky to the chest, and the rise and fall of the chest could be clearly seen.

After taking off the glasses, Chen Shuyang’s eyes look wet, like a confused deer. He raised his eyes and saw from the mirror that Nie Feng is leaning against the door frame. Nie Feng’s drooping eyes are staring at him lazily, and his whole body exuded an aura of laziness.

"Your clothes are wet?" A lazy voice sounded. Nie Feng’s eyes fell on Chen Shuyang's chest and his eyes darkened.

Chen Shuyang looked down at his clothes. It is uncomfortable that his shirt is sticking to the skin. He turned around and prepared to go out. However, Nie Feng started walking towards him slowly while looking at him with deep eyes. Chen Shuyang took 2 steps back in a daze and then his waist bumped against the sink, there is no way to retreat.

Nie Feng pinched the hem of Chen Shuyang’s clothes and lifted the clothes, swiftly taking off the T-shirt. He stared greedily at this body full of vitality, watching him tremble slightly under the light.

"Nie Feng."

Chen Shuyang called out in a low voice, staring at Nie Feng with his eyes full of him.


A hot kiss came and Chen Shuyang is forced to raise his neck to meet the kiss, the big palm imprisoned him from the back of his head. After being kissed dizzily, Chen Shuyang realized that Nie Feng is so much taller than him. His hands unconsciously climbed up the man's neck and he stretched his neck, trying to match the height of the kiss.

Nie Feng let go of Chen Shuyang’s mouth and gave him a deep look.

The remaining clothes dropped to the ground. At this moment, Chen Shuyang is supporting himself at the sink with both hands and looked at himself blushing in the mirror. His head and neck are raised to an arc, and sweat dripped onto his back from Nie Feng’s forehead behind him.

Chen Shuyang bit his lip, not daring to gro.an.

"Alright, don't bite your lips, it's all red."

Though saying that, Nie Feng didn't stop his thrusting. His waist moved faster and faster, and Chen Shuyang tightened up.

"Relax, relax..."

The man gasped for breath, and a huge pleasure transmitted from the center to the brain to the whole body. At the same time, Chen Shuyang bit his lip and a sensation exploded in his mind.

The bright moonlight sprinkled on the sea, the salty sea breeze blew from a distance, and the dry heat after drinking is blown away. Lou Fan, on a whim, threw off his shoes and walked into the sea.

Qin Tan let Lou Fan go at first. But Lou Fan walked farther and farther, the seawater reaches his chest but he didn't stop.

"Lou Fan, come back." Qin Tan ordered strictly.

Lou Fan turned around, the moonlight behind him shone against the light, making it impossible to see his face. Qin Tan didn't have time to think too much. He took off his clothes and went into the water. This place is originally sparsely populated, and they are on a private island so there is no one else at all except the two of them at night.

Qin Tan swam and finally caught up with the person after some effort. He pulled and Lou Fan turned around, looking at him with burning eyes.

Qin Tan originally wanted to be angry with Lou Fan. But when he saw Lou Fan’s bright eyes, he couldn’t say anything. Lou Fan smiled brightly and hooked his arms around his neck before sending a hot kiss.

Qin Tan took over the control and pressed Lou Fan’s head to deepen the kiss. At this moment, he just wanted to hug Lou Fan quietly and melt the person in his arms into his body. He didn't want power and money, he just wanted this person in front to stay with him.

Lou Fan opened himself enthusiastically, letting Qin Tan love him over and over again. At a climax, he heard a voice in his ear saying, "I love you."

Raw word count: 3489

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