Chapter 103

The unification of two into one, sharing weal and woe, such a thing was a wonderful, fair, and equal thing for those who are relatively on the same level. However, for lovers of unequal standing, it simply meant that the more powerful one was the one giving one-sidedly in the dynamic.

Chu Mu Yun's cultivation was not low, but it was incomparable to Xie Qian Lan's, not to mention how lacking his qi was even after his recovery. It would take at least several years more to get himself back into peak shape, and now, he had reached a height he could never even dream of reaching in the past with one push from Xie Qian Lan that brought him straight into the realm of an immortal.

In fact, just in terms of cultivation, they all had excellent qualifications. With effort put into cultivating, anyone could reach the same high level. The only thing required was time.

But as for life force...

Such a thing was innate.

When comparing to a different race, that difference can be immense. Humans and ants simply cannot be compared to each other, and even more so, the same was true for ice spirit beasts and humans.

Compared to a human, the life of an ice spirit beast was long and their life force was powerful. However, compared to Xie Qian Lan... The difference was likely just like when an ice spirit beast was being compared to a human.

Finding this nuptial fruit and asking Chu Mu Yun to take it with him was a hint to Xie Qian Lan's greatest wish.

He wished to have someone whom he could stay with for a lifetime.

He was not Shen Shui Yan who had lost his memory, nor was he that child. He was an adult who, despite his wilfulness, was incomparably mature and sensible.

So, he knew... that if he truly wanted to obtain Ah Yun, then a price had to be paid.

Zero, "Can..."

Chu Mu Yun, "No."

Zero: QAQ

Chu Mu Yun, "Hush."

Zero, "Then... Please abuse me gently."

Chu Mu Yun, "..."

Xie Qian Lan's move actually came as a bit of a surprise to Chu Mu Yun as well.

The effect of this nuptial fruit was a violation of natural laws, and definitely, a divine object created to mess with the hearts of men. Anyone who was even slightly not in their right mind may not be able to help themselves.

Though, in actual fact, this nuptial fruit did not cause as much harm to Xie Qian Lan as it would anyone else.

And, Chu Mu Yun was also well aware of the setting of the seven Demon Lords.

They were practically immortal, and their life force was considered limitless. And, if split into half, infinity remained infinity, so sharing their life came at no harm to themselves.

As for their cultivation...The accumulation of this thing was only a matter of time, and for Xie Qian Lan, it would not take up that much time either.

Even though he knew this, Chu Mu Yun was still touched.

The reason for that was simple. The seven Demon Lords did not know about the existence of the setting of their infinite life, especially when the Demon Realm was still not yet established, which made it even less likely for Xie Qian Lan to know anything.

The emotions he felt upon making this decision were the same as all ordinary humans. He truly did want to give up half of his life and share that all with Chu Mu Yun.

Such feelings cannot be discounted just because his life was limitless.

Chu Mu Yun was very clear about the decision that Xie Qian Lan actually made, and he could also clearly sense the feelings behind his actions.

During this moment, Zero announced, "The capture was successful..."

Chu Mu Yun, "..."

Zero added, "It's not that his portrait lit up... It just completed."

Chu Mu Yun never proposed, so how did it...

Baby Zero was also dumbfounded.

Chu Mu Yun understood. "I guess the proposal isn't limited to just me."

The meaning behind the nuptial fruit was simple. Before they took the fruit, Xie Qian Lan asked him several times, whether he was willing or not.

Chu Mu Yun answered, yes.

Add on what they did after that, matched with the meaning behind the fruit...

This was not just a "proposal", they were simply "married".

Baby Zero melted into a puddle. "QAQ, please don't abandon him so soon..."

Chu Mu Yun sighed and comforted him. "Don't worry."

The next day, it was only natural that Chu mu Yun would discover what happened. He looked in shock at Xie Qian Lan.

Xie Qian Lan smiled at him.

Chu Mu Yun, "That fruit..."

Xie Qian Lan, "Ah Yun, I've told you many times...I love you, but I can't help but feel that no amount of words I say can fully express my feelings for you. In fact, not even the nuptial fruit is enough to get you to understand, but I think it's more effective than just empty words."

Chu Mu Yun looked at him without blinking.

Xie Qian Lan came close and touched the tip of his nose intimately to his. "Ah Yun, if... I did something wrong, would you be able to forgive me?"

Chu Mu Yun had no idea how to express his feelings at this moment. He was touched, but also a little angry—it was gut-wrenching to see how little he cared about himself. However, most of it was warmth. The happy feeling overflowing inside of him made him a little speechless as if any promise he made would pale under what Xie Qian Lan was willing to offer him.

However, Xie Qian Lan was waiting for his answer.

Chu Mu Yun looked at him seriously. "I won't get angry no matter what you did."

Xie Qian Lan smiled, a flash of helplessness appearing in his eyes for a moment. However, the smile on his lips was genuine. He kissed Chu Mu Yun and whispered, "Ah Yun, I really do... love you."

Chu Mu Yun knew that he meant what he said, but...can Shen Yun accept it?

Love was a very personal thing. Chu Mu Yun was not opposed to what Xie Qian Lan did, but he was not Shen Yun.

After successfully capturing Mo Jiu Shao, Chu Mu Yun simply swept him away like the fallen autumn leaves, leaving not a single drop of emotion behind for him.

However, he was very kind to Xie Qian Lan.

He could just leave since his task was complete, but he did not go. Instead, he stayed with him for a whole three years and more.

Time can change everything, especially with Xie Qian Lan's devotion and hard work.

Shen Yun had completely adapted to life with Xie Qian Lan, forgetting about Shen Shui Yan. All he remembered were Xie Qian Lan's preferences and completely replaced the love he had in his heart before for his love for this man.

Chu Mu Yun provided Xie Qian Lan with a wonderful relationship that was no longer just physical, but spiritual. It was a perfect experience.

Xie Qian Lan could only hope that such days would never end.

But what was to come would still come.

Chu Mu Yun had already dragged this out for as long as possible, but a certain someone could no longer sit still.

Three years was completely enough for Xie Qian Lan's love for Shen Yun to take deep roots and also enough to make the two lovers inseparable.

So, it was time.

Chu Mu Yun would visit Jun Mo from time to time during this period, but he did not interact with him too much, he just spoke with him and taught him some martial arts, leaving books behind for him to read.

And, every time he came over, Baby Zero's nerves would be completely on edge as he was given the great responsibility of scouting out any "disasters". Whenever a door beam was about to fall, a bamboo was about to keel over, a big hole appeared on the ground, a thunderstorm suddenly emerged in the sky, or even the docile tamed demonic beasts in the beast garden going berserk...he was to alert his host as soon as possible and work together with the host to be able to respond in time to them.

These hardships were truly indescribable. In the very end, trying to walk out of the courtyard was akin to Tang Sanzang collecting the scriptures and going through the eighty-one sufferings.

Things were already this harsh despite him not even formally beginning his capture attempt yet, so how perilous this experience was going to be when it came time to do this for real could easily be imagined.

After nearly four years of living in seclusion in this "paradise", the awaited arrival of Mo Jiu Shao finally came.

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