Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 105

Surprisingly, neither San Qi nor the four brothers arrived first but was Lu Zhiyu.

He quietly followed when Ah Jin was taken away, lurking around the temple.

As soon as Ah Jin's signal was released, he rushed in.

Unfortunately, when he arrived, Ah Jin had already headed to the Demon Sect's base with Jian Hu.

Jian Hu guided her along the way, and Ah Jin followed his directions towards the Demon Sect.

After arriving, they only saw Lu Zhiyu and did not see their eldest senior sister.

He urgently asked, "Where is senior sister? How come she's not here?"

"She went over to the Demon Sect's lair."


The brothers were shocked.

The second junior brother smacked his face to force himself to calm down.

"Eldest senior sister has always been calm and collected. She is not a reckless person. She must have made all the preparations to do so."

As a young man, he burst out in anxiety when the fourth junior brother heard the news.

"If anything happened to my senior sister, what should I do?"

The third junior brother's character was impulsive.

He was about to rush out with his sword.

"No matter how strong eldest senior sister is, she is still by herself. No! I'm going to help her!"

Lu Zhiyu held his arm to stop him, "None of you are allowed to go! We have something more important to do."

The third junior brother swatted his hand away.

"Get out of the way! There is no more important matter than my senior sister right now!"

The atmosphere between the two of them was becoming tense.

They might make a move at any moment.

Next to them, a young girl spoke up nervously, "Young warriors, that lady left a message for you."

"What message?"

The men looked at her in unison.

Being stared at by so many men, the young girl shyly whispered, "She said she was going to find out what's going on, so you don't have to worry. Also, you have to go and save more people by going to these places."

She handed over the note after saying that.

Only then were they able to breathe a sigh of relief.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?"

The young girl shyly bowed her head and did not say anything.

Lu Zhiyu helped her out, "I was about to tell you about this. It's you who wanted to charge like you were on fire."

The third junior brother apologized and saluted, "I was wrong, senior brother Lu."

Lu Zhiyu replied, "It’s alright."

Raising an eyebrow, the second junior brother teased, "Third junior brother, senior brother Lu is much more anxious than you. Haven't you seen that he was the first one to arrive?"

It was only then that the third junior brother realized.

"Yes. How come you were so fast senior brother Lu?"

Lu Zhiyu blushed when he remembered the warmth of Yao Jin's arm and the breath on his ear.

He coughed to hide his embarrassment.

"Senior sister Yao told me beforehand that if someone from the Demon Sect came, she would take advantage of the situation and pretend to be caught so that she could locate their base."

The third junior brother felt somewhat bitter when he heard that.

"Why didn't she tell me in advance?"

The second junior brother raised his eyebrow, "You are impulsive. You could easily mess up."

The third junior brother held his forehead in disbelief, "Didn't she tell you that too?"

The second junior brother remembered that bright eyes that blinked in the dark night.

He shook his head.

"No. She told me."

The third junior brother was struck dumb.

At that moment, the fourth junior brother took his hand.

"Third junior brother, take it easy. I don't know either!"

Thus, the third junior brother felt better.

It was good that he was not alone.

"Junior brother, you're so kind."

Lu Zhiyu looked at these funny brothers.

He helplessly said, "Enough of this. Let's get to work. There will be a lot of work."

There was a tacit agreement that no one mentioned anything concerning Gu Qingmei's.

Everyone faced a problem when they looked at the five girls.

They had no carriage, so how could they be escorted back to the village?

They couldn't possibly walk back?

Based on the physical strength of these girls, they would not be able to make it back even at sunrise.

After discussing the matter, they decided to leave one of the four men behind to protect them.

Using qinggong, the three men would carry each one back, and then one would return to bring the remaining girls.

Thankfully, the people of this era were open.

Though the girls were shy, they agreed to this solution.

To the young women, the men excused themselves, "Miss, pardon me."

As soon as they said it, they carried people on their backs and headed to the village.

Though these girls were not from the same village, they were better taken back first than staying in that broken temple.

As Ah Jin was getting closer and closer to the Demon Sect's lair, Jian Hu's worries amplified with each passing second.

He kept praying for the sect master not to be at home.

If not, there would be no good things if this woman came across him.

When Ah Jin saw his troubled face, she sneered and said, "I didn’t know that you are very loyal to the Demon Sect."

Jian Hu broke the jar and was no longer afraid of her.

He began to tell Ah Jin his life story.

"I'm a man who has lost his conscience and has done everything bad in his life. So I was hunted down by the righteous sects, wanted by the government, and even my parents severed their blood ties with me. When I was at my wit's end, it was the Demon Sect that took me in and gave me a place to live. I'm just returning a favor."

Ah Jin scoffed, "Boring. You are only afraid that I will destroy the Demon Sect, and there will be no place for you."

Jian Hu did not retort.

"I also have a part in this."

Ah Jin showed a kind and understanding smile.

"Don't be afraid. I will help and arrange a good place for you to go."

Jian Hu felt bad when he looked at her smile and shuddered.

He knew that he was really screwed and was on his way to his death.

At last, the disciples brought all the girls back to the village before dawn, and Ah Jin also arrived at the Demon Sect's base.

In Ah Jin's imagination, the base should be domineering and formidable, luxurious and impressive.

And if not, it would be a gloomy and terrifying hidden palace or something like that.

She looked at the plain and ordinary village in front of her.

In the distance, she could see many houses with roofs and walls that were already in shambles.

It was true that it was hidden, but what about the domineering and formidable atmosphere?

How about being luxurious and impressive?

Or the gloomy and terrifying place?

Jian Hu pointed to the entrance of the village.

"Lady, we have arrived."

Ah Jin repeatedly confirmed with Jian Hu that they did not find the wrong place, the Demon Sect's base.

Right at that moment, an old man walked over from a distance with a flock of ducks.

He was wearing gray-colored clothes with sleeves rolled up to his elbow.

The pants were rolled up to his knees, with a pair of straw sandals under his feet, exposing his calves covered in mud.

He was holding a branch in his hand, constantly driving away the flock of ducks in front of him, and kept yelling, "Yooooooooo. Oh ~ yo yo yo."

The ducks swayed their bodies, and their mouths kept "quacking.”

Jian Hu became excited when he saw the old man and shouted, "Look! That's our elder! Elder! Elder! Help me!"

Hearing that cry for help, the elder looked around to see them and told Ah Jin,  "Miss, let's talk this over! Don't be impulsive! Jian Hu, you must wait and try to survive. I will come to rescue you as soon as I drive the ducks back home."

He drove the ducks faster, went back to the village, and left him after saying that.

Jian Hu wanted to cry when he saw his elder's confident and at ease back.

Elder. Hurry up and come back~ Am I not as important as your ducks?

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