My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 109.1: Xiao Hei

“Waiting for me?” Xiao Hei didn’t recognize the Daoist in front of him but felt an inexplicable closeness.

“Yes, I'm here especially for you. What is your name?” The Daoist asked gently.

“My name is Xiao Hei, but my proper name is Cheng Nian.” Xiao Hei was a little embarrassed. He couldn’t help but feel that ‘Xiao Hei’ was a little substandard and shouldn’t let the Daoist hear it.

However, the Daoist smiled and recited it softly, “Cheng Nian.”

His voice sounded very pleasant and Xiao Hei relaxed subconsciously.

Then, the Daoist handed a translucent stone to Xiao Hei. “Hold this spiritual testing stone in your hand. I want to see the potential of your spiritual root.”

Xiao Hei resisted in his heart and wanted to give up on himself while saying ‘I’m the worst five-element spiritual root’, but he met the clear pupils of the Daoist and saw the kindness in them, so he stretched out his hands as if bewitched.

The testing stone was cool to the touch and Xiao Hei's heart suddenly softened as if it had been soothed.

After a while, he spread out his palms. The original transparent stone turned into five colors, and Xiao Hei lowered his head in embarrassment.

“I didn't expect that you actually became a five spiritual root.”

The Daoist's voice rang again. Xiao Hei’s heart was so uncomfortable that he held his hands in a deadly grip, but as if self-torture, he wanted to look at the Daoist's face to see if the other party was laughing at him.

He took a peek and found that the Daoist was indeed smiling, but there was no sarcasm in his smile, rather smug instead. “Great! As expected of my good disciple!”

Xiao Hei blinked in bewilderment. What was the Daoist talking about?

Daoist, “I’m Jing Yue from Frostcloud Sect. Are you willing to become my direct disciple?”

As soon as Jing Yue announced his name, many people around stopped in their tracks. Some were already watching right from the start. They had felt that the Daoist’s cultivation was quite high before. When they saw him being so friendly with a level-2 Qi Refining youth, all of them wanted to figure out the reason.

After hearing that Xiao Hei was a five spiritual root, many people snickered disdainfully.

But now, before they could be shocked as to why Jing-laozu was also there, they were stunned by his words.

Jing Yue—the Laozu of Frostcloud Sect, the genius known to everyone in the cultivation world, was going to accept this five spiritual root wastrel as his disciple?

His disciple's seniority would be comparable to that of Liu Feng and Liu Yun!

But on second thought, what's wrong with five spiritual roots? If he was fortunate enough to become a disciple of Jing-laozu, five spiritual root might also become four, three, or even double and single spirit root. Not to mention how many heavenly treasures Frostcloud Sect had accumulated over ten thousand years of heritage, just the number of fetal sculpting talismans in the hands of Jing-laozu alone was enough to regenerate one’s very bones.

For a while, everyone’s eyes were full of jealousy as they stared at Xiao Hei.

At the center of the storm, Xiao Hei was already frozen stiff. Of course he knew of Jing Yue, but this name was simply out of reach for him, belonging to a figure on the horizon.

Such a person was going to take him as his disciple?

Did he run into a scammer?

But how could a Daoist with such poise be a fraud? Besides, what could he get out of him?

Seeing Xiao Hei’s hesitance, Jing Yue added, “You don't have to think too much. I predicted that you and I have a master-disciple destiny, and it's the chance encounter I've been waiting for.”

At this time, Lu Sheng who was overwhelmed by fright finally recovered. He anxiously tugged at Xiao Hei. “Quickly, hurry up and agree to it!”

He didn't think about Jing Yue being a liar. This was the Nine Heaven Academy after all!

“I-I-I will!” Xiao Hei suddenly shook and replied loudly. Even his voice broke.

Jing Yue was amused by him and stroked Xiao Hei's head. “From now on, you’ll be my first disciple. As long as I'm around, I’ll protect you and not let any harm befall you.”

Xiao Hei's tears gushed. He thought of the despondence when he detected the five spiritual root, the anger of being bullied by his clansmen, and the helplessness of being kicked out of the family.

But in the end, his heart and eyes were filled with the Daoist in front of him. The gentle and familiar aura seemed to be what he had been waiting for.

He shouted again, “Shizun!”

Jing Yue, “Good boy.”

The news about Jing-laozu of Frostcloud Sect accepting a wastrel with five spiritual root as his direct disciple quickly spread throughout the academy. Only then did the students know that Jing-laozu was in the academy these days. They rushed to Jing Yue's courtyard but found the building empty. Jing Yue had left long ago.

At this time, Jing Yue had brought Xiao Hei to Peace City near Bliss City. The reason he came here was due to the Six Chasm Pavilion located in Peace City, which was ranked top of artifact Dao in the cultivation world, and because of the earth fire chamber that could be rented to the public in the pavilion. Jing Yue wanted to ask someone from Six Chasm Pavilion to upgrade the Mini Canglan Sword with him.

Mini Canglan sword sensed his intention and trembled with joy. It had long wanted to eat the ice gold ore.

Along the way, Jing Yue looked at the magical instruments being sold on the streets and explained their use to Xiao Hei, who listened as if he somewhat understood it, but dared to show it too blatantly. Until now, he still had a sense of surreal, afraid that he was dreaming, and when he awoke from the dream, his Shizun would be gone.

Of course, Jing Yue could sense his anxiety. Compared to Yi Nian of the previous life, Cheng Nian of this life was obviously more quiet and his personality had changed a lot. He asked Xiao Hei about his experience and knew that the other party felt an inferiority complex due to the contempt of being a five-element spiritual root. Jing Yue thought about it and said, “Do you know that in ancient times, the five spirit roots and the heavenly spirit roots were the best spiritual root talents?”

Xiao Hei’s eyes lit up before dimming again. “Shizun, you don’t have to comfort me. I understand, but I’ll definitely work hard.”

Jing Yue, “Why should I deceive you? The five spirit roots are also known as chaos spirit roots. As long as there is a suitable cultivation method, all five attributes of the technique can be practiced. It’s just that in the past 100,000 years, the method gradually went lost and forgotten. Over time, people think that the five spirit roots are nothing but a waste.”

The reason why he knew it was that there were records in the Secret Realm of the Middle Ages. In fact, he knew more than most cultivators, not just because he had lived two lifetimes, but for a greater reason, because he had been lucky enough to go to the Middle Ages Secret Realm and come back alive.

When Xiao Hei heard this, he was immediately anxious. “But what should I do if I don't have the method?”

Jing Yue, “Who says you don’t? I have it.”

Xiao Hei, “Huh? Didn’t you just say…”

Jing Yue, “There’s none in the World of Seven Continents but I have it in other places.”

If the greatest chance encounter in his previous life was the Middle Ages Secret Realm, then in this life, so far, it was the Void Sword Tomb.

What he got from the sword tomb was not only the improvement in swordsmanship but also the understanding of the various worlds in the ten universes, as well as the unprecedented or long-lost secret manuals and techniques.

“I’ll teach you once we return to the sect. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Xiao Hei nodded heavily. “Thank you, Shizun.”

Seeing him so well-behaved, Jing Yue was quite satisfied. No matter how he changed, Yi Nian was still the most obedient disciple.

And that should be the way! He would feel a sense of it if he was his disciple, unlike… he didn’t even know what was going on with Qin Yanzhi anymore.

Jing Yue rubbed Xiao Hei's head smoothly, in return for the latter’s shy smile.

“Hmph!” Blue phoenix expressed disdain for this. Such a dumb disciple was not as smart and cute as Ji-ji, and not as good as the Hooligan when he was young and acting like a baby. So what if he and Jing-jing had two lives as master and disciple? He simply didn’t have the strength to compete with Ji-ji for favor!

After walking for a while, Jing Yue suddenly found a lot of people gathered around in front of him, gazing at the new Flying Immortal List posted.

“Huh? The first Golden Core cultivator has changed!”


“It’s the Jing-laozu from Frostcloud Sect.”

“How could it be him? I heard that he’s only a mid-level Golden Core. Could he be the same as Qin-zhenjun, topping the charts at every level?”

“Don’t you know? During the incident in Four Elephants Villa some time ago, he killed Blood Corpse-laomo.”

“But I heard that Blood Corpse-laomo was severely injured by Elder Fu Xuan and Jing-laozu only dealt the killing blow.”

“But Jing-laozu held off Blood Corpse-laomo by himself until reinforcements arrived, and he survived unscathed. Blood Corpse-laomo is a Heavenly Grotto cultivator after all. Can any other Golden Core Zhenren do this?”

“You have a point. I heard that Jing-laozu has an escape technique that can make him instantly disappear without a trace.”

“I heard it's a magic treasure.”

“Hey! I'm just curious, if Jing-laozu's cultivation base catches up with Qin-zhenjun one day, who will be the first among them?”

“How is that possible? Qin-zhenjun is two stages higher than him!”

Hearing the discussion, blue phoenix raised its head proudly and Xiao Hei also puffed his chest happily.

Only Jing Yue suddenly felt that the Flying Immortal List was a little unreliable now.

Soon, they arrived at Six Chasm Pavilion.

A receiving disciple found out about his identity and said respectfully, “Laozu, please come with me.”

Along the way, Jing Yue stated his intentions. At first, the receiving disciple wanted to lead Jing Yue to the main hall to be personally received by the Sect Leader, but when they passed through a big hall, there was an argument inside.

The disciple immediately looked embarrassed. “I'm sorry for this, please come this way.”

Jing Yue smiled nonchalantly and was about to leave when he heard someone in the hall say angrily, “You have only forged a useless sword in ten years! How dare you talk to me about upgrading your rank?”

The other person's voice was slightly lower but obviously anxious. “That’s not a useless sword! Although my sword is only at the spiritual level right now, once I have the right materials, I’m confident that I can refine it to the precious level!”

“So what if it can reach the celestial level? This sword can only be used by someone with five-element spiritual roots. What else could it be but a useless sword?”

This time, not to mention Jing Yue but even Xiao Hei stopped in his tracks.

“What are they arguing about?” Jing Yue asked.

The disciple thought that Jing Yue wanted to see the Six Chasm Pavilion make a joke out of itself and felt reluctant, but he still respectfully said, “This hall is the swordsmith's pavilion. If Jing-laozu wants to find someone to help refine the sword, you may choose a swordsmith from here. But swordsmiths are also divided into novice, advanced, and expert levels. To be promoted to the next level, the swordsmith must forge a good sword. The swordsmith inside probably doesn’t meet the criteria.”

Seeing a thoughtful look on Jing Yue’s face, the receiving disciple was afraid that the other party would look down on Six Chasm Pavilion, and quickly said, “Don’t worry, Jing-laozu. The sect leader will definitely choose the best swordsmith for you later.”

Jing Yue, “I want to go in and have a look, can I?”

Receiving disciple, “This…”

Just at this moment, someone rushed out from the hall angrily and shouted, “Don’t even think about getting promoted to an expert swordsmith in your life!”

Behind him, an old man chased after him. Holding a big black sword in his hand, he said anxiously, “Elder Lu, take a closer look at this sword. It really is a good sword.”

“Let me take a look.”

Jing Yue suddenly spoke. Elder Lu and the old man stopped at the same time and their eyes turned to him in unison.

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