Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1093: Good night, sick big brother (Part 18)

Dai Xiao Pang stayed in the toilet for half the class because of a bad stomach.  She came back to the classroom holding her stomach with a pale face in the later half of the class.

At the same time, Mu Xi Nian didn’t come back to class with Du Jiu Sheng’s firm words.

But her tomboy follower had come back and she was ‘angrily’ staring at Luo Qing Chen.

When class was over, she came over to Luo Qing Chen’s side and whispered beside her, “Classmate Luo, do you need a disciple?”

Du Jiu Sheng narrowed his deep eyes.  He was planning on standing up, but after reading Lin Nan Nan’s mind, he sat back down.

After that, his deep eyes became even more confusing.

He wasn’t clear on Lin Nan Nan, he had heard from Leng Yan Si that she was a delinquent of their school.

She rather liked beauties, so she liked Mi Xi Nian for a while.  But after seeing Luo Qing Chen for half a day, she actually sincerely wanted to approach her.

Could it be that she really had a kind of charm that made everyone like her?

“No need.”  Her lips curled slightly and she decisively refused her.

“Ai, how can you be like this!”

“Du Jiu Sheng can see you, don’t you know?”

Lin Nan Nan felt a shill from her back and she immediately revealed an awkward smile, “Sorry, I disturbed you.”

“Pu.”  She gave a soft laugh.

Although she couldn’t read minds, she didn’t hate people like Lin Nan Nan.

Compared to that Mi Tang or that Mu XI Nian, at least she is sincere.

Luo Qing Chen never thought that after Mu Xi Nian’s big brother Mu Nan Feng heard that his little sister had been bullied, he charged all the way from class one to class seven.

He looked very angry which made people break out in a cold sweat for Luo Qing Chen.

After all, Mu Lan Feng wasn’t easy to provoke.  The Mu Family had power in both the light and the dark, with most of it being in the dark.  Moreover, they already had friction with the Du Family, so Mu Lan Feng was just finding a reason to make it hard for Du Jiu Sheng.

“Hey, that idiot is here, what will you do?”  Leng Yan Si didn’t want to come this afternoon, but then he heard that Luo Qing Chen had ‘cried’ because of Mu Xi Nian on her first day.

He was a bit unsettled and limped over to school.

“You’re afraid of him?”

“Damn, who knows what that person wants to do.  If he brings in a bunch of gangsters, he’ll lose his status as a young master!”

“What did you come for?”

“I came to protect Qing Chen!”

Thinking of that night of how she stood in the rain with her hands in her black and white dress, with an indifferent look in his eyes, his heart couldn’t help throbbing.

“She doesn’t need you to protect her.”  His eyes narrowed and he could see through Leng Yan Si immediately.

He indeed had different feelings towards this girl.

There was an extreme dislike of this that crawled into his heart like a vine, swallowing his mind bit by bit.

He didn’t need others to protect his little sister, he was enough.

He didn’t need others to protect his little sister, he was enough.

He didn’t need others to protect his little sister, he was enough.

As for those who bullied her, not a single one would escape.

“Damn, that one called Luo Qing Chen, scram out here for me.  Daring to bully my little sister, did you ask me?”

“Si.”  Everyone took a cold breath as their eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen.

She had an indifferent look and her hands were lazily placed in her pockets as she revealed a faint smile.  She just stood up like this and she revealed an innocent smile to Mu Lan Feng with her back to the light, causing the other side’s momentum to disappear instantly.

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