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BAHRO - Chapter 11

After listening to the maid’s report, Ziche Liang Xing’s originally pleasant mood turned sour. With his analytical mind, he could probably estimate what went down in the Secret Territory.

That Zhong Yan Qing!

Ziche Liang Xing smashed the teacup against a table, the cyan porcelain pieces of the teacup were completely shattered as tea dripped down the table. Carefully, the maid took a step back and concealed herself in the dark corner of the room. Ziche Liang Zing boasted an excellent reputation of being friendly and constantly smiling, it caused others think of him to represent a gentle person. However, for Ziche Liang Xing’s personal maid, she knew how scary it can get once he gets furious.

Ziche Liang Xing frowned, he knew that Zhong Yan Qing was an ambitious person and wouldn’t allowed anyone get on his way. Even Ziche Liang Xing could tolerate this attitude of his because in the realm of cultivation. One must be distinct from one’s goals and perform things wholeheartedly. Otherwise, it would be impossible to last long at all. But he couldn’t forgive his wild ambition to the extent that he must implicate his friends as well.

Ziche Duan Yuan hated that person, a lot, the person with the same surname of Ziche like him as well! If you provoked a person stronger than you, then you must settle the matter yourself and yet he can’t barely achieve that. But what kind of person is Zhong Yan Qing? He consumed the food from the Ziche household and barely used the spiritual stones of the Ziche household. Yet when he’s in a tight pinch, he’s willing to backstab one of the Ziche people? What is this? Is he looking down on the Ziche household? He thinks he can still rely on the Ziche household after what he did? Is he not frantic to search for help?

Doesn’t this mean he’s looking down on Ziche Liang Xing?

Even if he pushed Ziche Duan Yuan to Zhong Yan Qing, it’s only to get Ziche Duan Yuan out of his hair. He merely wanted Zhong Yan Qing to take good care of him. Not for Zhong Yan Qing to simply toss aside!

His paternal uncle had also concluded this way, otherwise why would someone with no background from the Lower Realm be chosen to accompany Ziche Duan Yuan? Besides the fact that he has potential because of his spiritual roots. Because of Ziche Duan Yuan’s temper as well, how would they find someone who would be capable to tolerate him and not bully him?

They merely never thought Zhong Yan Qing had the guts to do it.

Initially, they had planned to capture the boy away, but looking at things now, it’s better to take Zhong Yan Qing away. It’s due to this incident that caused Ziche Duan Yuan to hate the entire Ziche family, this really was getting out of hand

(he hated the Ziche family since long ago).

After the matter was decided, Ziche Liang Xing immediately acted, ordering the maid to bring a black box from the storage room. Inspecting the pills inside, Ziche Liang Xing couldn’t help but ache all over.

A total of three spirits replenishing pills, literally priceless. It’s cheaper for them to afford thanks to that lecherous old man. Thinking about it is enough to cause a toothache.

Regarding the relationship of the Ziche household and the Xiu Zhen Sect, it could be the Baili household was involved as well. Especially since more and more people are going down the path of martial cultivation, it’s difficult to not offend anyone. Ziche Liang Xing began writing a letter on how his cousin had secretly gone to the Secret Territory in the Lower Realm, fell in love with a teenage boy. The teenage boy had also agreed to follow him. The two have already progressed to this point that he was unable to send that boy over and so, he is sending three spirits replenishing pills to apologized.

With all the honeyed words and their humble attitude, even if it didn’t look too sincere, at least they apologized first and even gave a gift, even then, the leisure door and the Baili household can’t do anything about this.

In fact, when the recipient read the letter, he was indeed angry but one look at the three spirits replenishing pills and all his anger faded away. Even so, a teenager with a pure Yin body is rare, even more precious than a spirit replenishing pill. What’s more, a person with a pure Yin body won’t live for long and no matter how much they cultivate. They won’t be able to go to another realm.

Not to mention went to a higher realm. But now that he has the three pills, it’s hard to say whether the boy’s life span will increase. Even if he can live a little longer, it’s still a big opportunity. Therefore, even Ziche Liang Xing was polite with his words, even if he didn’t really care about the boy and had even forgot his existence. He still wished for the two people to be together.

Although the two of them came in together, on one side. The speech was polite, on the other it was more hypocritical.

The identity of the two people who were talking was Ziche Duan Yuan and Gong Yi. One of them had been busy teasing the cat the whole time and had forgotten about Gong Yi. The other was preventing Gong Yi from entering while at times observing Ziche Duan Yuan, hoping he’ll be able to attack Ziche Duan Yuan’s soft spot…

Pei Bu Fan was now able to use his tail to write a character. That’s how the next part of the story commences.

Every training routine will be hard, until the Xiu Zhen have decided to accept more pupils.

In the novel, the protagonist had originally spent some time with Gong Yi’s family in the Lower Realm and successfully reaped all his family’s resources. Although he did help Gong Yi’s family rise was prestige and ranking. It’s still an empty husk of a title after all, before patting his bottom and running away.

He had also left Gong Yi in the Lower Realm, which eventually led to him committing suicide. Ziche Duan Yuan captured by the people of the Revival Sect upon returning. Now, because of Pei Bu Fan’s intrusion, Ziche Duan Yuan didn’t go to Gong Yi’s home and wrecked chaos there. So, ever since Ziche Duan Yuan and Pei Bu Fan returned, they’ve just been playing around…

Pei Bu Fan: Where is the self-respect?!

System: …cough, cough.

In Ziche Duan Yuan’s memory, he had never practiced martial arts in his whole life, so he wasn’t too clear about this. It was because he wasn’t that prominent in it in the first place that others wouldn’t put him in their eyes, but it was also his choice. The cause of all this was because of Zhong Yan Qing, he told him that this Xiu Zhen Sect and that that was bad too, later when the other sects came to scout him, they were all rejected by with very bluntly.

Remembering those memories, his face turned sour. Thinking about it now, he really did feel that he was shameful back then. Entering a sect, it’s equal to having a powerful backing, even if one’s family was rich, they’re not counted as a ‘professional’ cultivator, yet he had still stupidly refused. Zhong Yan Qing had slandered all types of sects and recommended an elder of the Ziche family to be his teacher instead and managed to get to a higher status. Thinking about it, he really was stupid in his previous life.

Ziche Duan Yuan sneered coldly.

This day, he wouldn’t let this opportunity go.

The seven largest seven sects were heading to the Men Dao Sect because the Men Dao Sect has the greatest number of disciples and they were also the strongest sect. However, if you were to compare their average strength; then Jian Xian Valley would be the strongest, with their water sword technique! Other than this, there’s in addition the mixed sect Dan Xiu; another symbol was the Nangong Hall, that’s famous for refining; Wan Qi sect with their calculations and machines; Tian Wu school with their magic and demons; Sapphire House where repairs can be made.

The most dangerous ones would be Jian Xian Valley and Hun Yuan sect, Sapphire House and Tian Wu School are the most favorite. There is one rule that every sect has ‘don’t say anything.’ You Ran sect was still the largest sect under the sky. Nangong Hall were for those who harbor sinister thoughts. As for Jian Xiu sect, they seem to have no specialties than their rule ‘no war.’

It could be because of their different field they specialize in.

And the sect that Zhong Yan Qing went to in the past was the You Ran sect. Yet the sect that went to Ziche Duan Yuan and rejected by him, the fastest was the You Ran sect.

For Ziche Duan Yuan who’s focusing on the way of the sword, he would naturally set his interests on Sword Valley. Not because he’s no longer under the law but he’s guilty about his past thoughts on martial arts. Although his death in his previous life wasn’t directly caused by You Ran sect, the real perpetrator behind his death was the middle people in league with You Ran sect. Thinking about those murderers, Ziche Duan Yuan couldn’t control himself and his murderous aura began leaking out.

Pei Bu Fan noticed the situation was getting out of hand. He frantically rushed and knocked his furry head into Ziche Duan Yuan’s chin, being a cat for so long, he hasn’t had any proper exercise. Acting sure at a time like this really was handy.

When Ziche Duan Yuan looked down, he saw the big, damp eyes of Pei Bu Fan and his heart softened. After being reborn, he no longer felt empty.

“I’m alright.” Ziche Duan Yuan held the little black cat: “Bu Fan.” For Pei Bu Fan, the simplest and most important thing for him to write was his name. Just because of that event, he got the name ‘Yuan’, his real name was Bu Fan!

“I want to join the Jian Xian Valley Sect.” Ziche Duan Yuan said: “You want to come along?”

Pei Bu Fan wanted to nod along, but then he heard a notification from the system.

【Task: Join the Tian Wu School.

Rewards : 1000 experience points

10 gold

¼ morphing card

Failure penalty: Hair loss】

Pei Bu Fan…Fuck!

The author has something to say: But when the black cat named Pei Bu Fan approached the Tian Wu School recruitment:

Registration staff: Next!

Pei Bu Fan: Meow!

Registration staff: Where did this Chai cat come from? Didn’t we say next?

Pei Bu Fan: (Claws) Meow!

Registration staff: …we don’t need any pets! Wait until you can talk then come back!!

Pei Bu Fan: _(:зゝ∠)_

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