Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 11 Lazuli Town (NPC)

They don't know that it is called a spirit weapon? Wen Lang's thoughts turned, and he thought to himself. These people must be newcomers who have just passed their first world. The seniors didn’t even provide this information to them, indicating that their strength is not good and they are not favored by the seniors. Moreover, these people said they urgently need the information...

Wen Lang squinted his eyes, and his mind turned. He said to himself, since the business delivered itself to his door, there is no reason not to do it. Sticking to his principle of not suffering a loss, he won’t waste any chances. Letting go of any possible benefits is not in line with the principles that Wen Lang always does. Wen Lang smiled brighter and said, "Yes, I do. But do you have anything to pay for the information? By the way, my name is Lang Wen, and I often do business here."

Lou Fan turned his head to look at Qin Tan. Qin Tan’s face is expressionless, but there is a smile in his eyes when he(QT) looked at him(LF). It seems that Qin Tan didn’t intend to speak. As for Chen Shuyang, he only looked around in fascination and still hasn't figured out what they are talking about.

Lou Fan: "Of course, if you have the information, we will exchange things or pay for it."

Hmm, not fooled huh?

Wen Lang is not discouraged at all and continued his efforts. "You know, this kind of information requires high compensation. Even though I am well informed, Lazuli has nearly 5,000 people, which is difficult to find." He shook his head, looking like the matter is difficult to handle.

Lou Fan didn't answer and a smile could be seen from the corner of his mouth.

Wen Lang touched his nose and had to go on with the conversation by himself, "If you can pay for the information, you can show it to me first. Then, I will be able to inform the other party, isn’t that right?"

Lou Fan didn't waste time and took out a radish flower. He handed it over and said, "This is called a radish flower."

Wen Lang took the flower and looked quite surprised. He didn't expect them to actually take out something for real. He glanced at the flower a few times and asked, "What does it do?"

Lou Fan: "It can make people unconscious."

"What about the restrictions?" Wen Lang asked again. He didn't notice that their conversation did not conform to the normal state of how newcomers would be.

Lou Fan crossed his hands and smiled. "I can't tell you this, obviously but you can keep it first. If you can inquire about the information we want, I have some more to offer."

Wen Lang's eyes lit up, he didn't expect Lou Fan to be so tactful, "Okay. But since it is a troublesome task to inquire about the purpose of spirit weapon, how about we agree that I will give you the detailed information in 1 month, and I want to be paid for my effort too."

Lou Fan frowned, "You're a bit too much." He naturally knows about Wen Lang's calculations, but right now, they don't have the conditions to be picky. This is just a bargain between the one who needs something and the one who can give something.

Wen Lang smiled, not at all embarrassed, "Well, based on my experience, I have several guesses about the function. You go back and try it. Consider it a little gift from me."

Under Lou Fan's skeptical gaze, Wen Lang mentioned several guesses. With an attitude to try anything possible, Lou Fan accepted the suggestion and stopped going on with the conversation. Leaving his contact information behind, Lou Fan left with Qin Tan and Chen Shuyang. In Lazuli, their watches can be used to connect to each other, but unfortunately, they can only be used as watches in the mission world.

Wen Lang took the radish flower and smelled it. He can smell a faint scent from it. He put the flower into the bag and said, "These newcomers, they are too naive. They don’t even know whether they can return alive from their task next time. To be so easily giving away things to strangers, their vigilance is too weak." After speaking, Wen Lang shook his head with a look of pity. He packed his bag and casually left, regardless of the stuff on the stall. When passing by a crowd gathered at a stall next to him, he shouted to the people inside, "Old Jiang, I'm leaving first, watch the stall yourself." Someone uttered a response from the inside.

On the way back, the three didn't ride their bikes but went into the South Square for a stroll. They took a look around and then walked back to the house slowly. Chen Shuyang finally couldn't help it, and asked puzzledly, "Brother Lou, that person looks a little unreliable. Can he really find the information about my spirit weapon?" After listening for a long time, he finally understood that Lou Fan is inquiring about his spirit weapon.

Lou Fan glanced at Chen Shuyang and said with a little disdain, "That person is not ‘a little unreliable’, he is a cheater, obviously. As for whether we can find any information, well, we can only cast the net out and wait. There is no other way, who asks us to be poor? Else, we could have just helped you to send a message on the electronic screen. That will definitely get twice the result with half the effort."

An extra usable spirit weapon means more help. Lou Fan likes Chen Shuyang quite a bit and wants to try his best to help Chen Shuyang survive. But if they have to explore this thing themselves, it's a bit frustrating.

When it comes to his book, Chen Shuyang is also helpless. Then he heard Lou Fan say, "Let’s try the methods Lang Wen said first. Then we’ll brainstorm and diversify our thinking. Who knows, we might be able to figure it out."

Chen Shuyang nodded and took out his book from his backpack. The book is a normal A4 size, but it is quite thick and a bit heavy. Chen Shuyang opened the book, preparing to immerse himself in the brainstorming. As soon as he opened it, he found that his bookmark is missing.

"Brother, brother Lou..." Chen Shuyang stammered at the book, his voice trembling violently, "My bo, book, bookmark is gone."

"Your bookmark is missing? What bookmark?"

Lou Fan leaned in front of Chen Shuyang suspiciously, and Qin Tan walked over. The radish flower that Chen Shuyang used as a bookmark in the book is gone. In its place, a picture of a radish flower appeared on that page, which looked as lifelike as it is real. The radish flower has turned into a picture.


The book with a dark cover and blank pages is spread out in front of the three of them. One of the pages had a picture of a radish flower. They have been facing this book for the whole afternoon, and they are still at a loss. Drowsiness struck and Lou Fan yawned. Qin Tan closed the book with a snap and said, "Sleep first, we’ll start training tomorrow."

Chen Shuyang put away his book, "Yeah, Brother Lou, quickly go to bed. We are starting our training tomorrow so don't waste time. I’ll think about the matter with the book myself, maybe I’ll just try to examine it more."

"I believe you can do it." Lou Fan stood up and patted Chen Shuyang on the shoulder. Rubbing his sleepy head, he walked to the bedroom. "When you guys go out, remember to close the door for me. I’m going to sleep now."

The next morning, when Lou Fan woke up, Qin Tan and Chen Shuyang have already arrived. Neither of them looked very good. Lou Fan asked strangely, "What's the matter with you two?"

"Make a training plan."

"Researching the book."

Lou Fan: "..." Why does he feel like he is the only one who didn’t make progress?

Qin Tan made different training plans based on the different physical qualities of the two. Chen Shuyang has no foundation so he can only start with basic physical training. The biggest expectation Qin Tan has for him is to run faster than others when encountering danger. Lou Fan's training content, however, is much stricter. It is not just basic physical fitness and strength training, but also combat fighting.

The house has basic fitness equipment in the room. At first, Chen Shuyang struggled a lot with his training. Asking a nerd who runs no more than 10 times a year to run for an hour each day, Chen Shuyang felt like he is dying. But he also understands that Qin Tan has no obligation to take care of him. Even if he takes him with him, it is probably out of sympathy for his weakness, so Chen Shuyang must work hard to make himself valuable. This is not only his own life-saving skills but also an advantage to remain in the team in the future. Otherwise, what is the reason for others to let him stay?

Lou Fan usually has his own daily training. Back in Luoyang Ancient Village, he also insisted on doing push-ups every morning. In terms of physical fitness, he has no problem. But in terms of his fighting skills, Lou Fan’s knowledge is almost blank. On the first day, Qin Tan used only one move to throw him to the ground.

Time passes in day-to-day training. Excluding training time, Chen Shuyang has been studying his book, while Qin Tan and Lou Fan are studying the exchange machines and calculating things to be brought along in the next world. After several days of research, they came to the following conclusions:

Every time they put something in, a number will be displayed in the lower right corner of the exchange machine. After they exchange for an item, the number will decrease. Lou Fan calls the number as ‘points’. A radish flower is equivalent to 25 points. A pack of compressed biscuit costs 5 points, and a piece of white bread only cost 3 points. Next, they put sweet potatoes and potatoes on the tray. Each sweet potato can only be exchanged for 2 points, and each potato can be exchanged for 1 point.

Lou Fan was speechless when he saw the number. If he knew earlier, he would pull out a few more flowers. For what reason did he tiringly bring the sweet potatoes and potatoes back?

Medicine is very expensive. A bottle of hemostatic agent requires 30 points to be exchanged. An anti-inflammatory pill costs 40 points. Even the calm Qin Tan sighed helplessly when he saw the required points. Medicines are too expensive. Although they have a bit more radish flowers in hand, they still have to spend them in many more places so they can't exchange the flowers all out at once. Besides, the radish flower has the ability to cause fainting, so they have to keep some with them to use it in the next world.

After understanding the basic exchange rules, they began to calculate. Daily necessities are very cheap; they can exchange enough food to last them in the mission world. The necessary hemostatic and anti-inflammatory pill, they need to bring one each for everyone. As for weapons, Lou Fan exchanged a short sword for Chen Shuyang and exchanged a dagger for himself as a weapon. A total of 600 points were spent.

In this way, they used half of the radish flowers they picked. Lou Fan sighed silently as he looked at the few radish flowers left. He can only look forward to bringing more equipment back from the next world. Lou Fan also exchanged a waterproof backpack for each of them. The backpack is light and durable. Qin Tan has to cut it a few times with a knife to make a small hole in it. The weapon is packed in a special weapon bag.

At this point, all the preparations that can be done are ready. Chen Shuyang's physical fitness has been greatly improved under Qin Tan's devilish training. Lou Fan's fighting skills have also improved, and he can hold on for 3 minutes in a fight with Qin Tan.

On October 28th, as the three is eating breakfast, their watches made a long ‘beep’ sound at the same time. Lou Fan and Chen Shuyang are taken aback.

Qin Tan: "The task is here."

The two of them realized what happened and uttered an ‘oh’ before checking their task.

2 days ago, they went to Lazuli’s trading hall in South Square to bind their team. Once bound, they will be together for the incoming missions. If they didn’t bind in a group, they will be separated (randomly picked into random mission worlds). Once a team of 5 to 7 people is bound together, it will be their default team and they will not be randomly assigned. Otherwise, the system will randomly add people to the team temporarily until they have at least 5 people to enter the mission world.

The information in Lou Fan's watch shows:
Task content: Find the ancient ship, Shenzhou that has disappeared in the waters of the Lao Ye Temple. Please board the train at 11:00 on November 1st.
Task time limit: 15 days.
Team members: Lou Fan [Level 1], Chen Shuyang [Level 1], Qin Tan [Level 2], Wen Lang [Level 2], Zhang Xue [Level 2].

"Lao Ye Temple waters!" Chen Shuyang called out, and said excitedly, "I know this. I have studied it before. It is located in Jiujiang City, JX Province. It was formerly known as Dingjiang Temple and has a long history. That body of water nearby is called Lao Ye Temple Waters. It's a very mysterious and strange body of water, and also known as the Bermuda of China; the Devil’s Waters. "

When Chen Shuyang finished talking, he got shocked by what he said. Then he stared at his watch in disbelief, "Wait… we are going to the Devil's Waters to look for a sunken ship? Oh my God!"

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