My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 114.1: Wen Chan-laozu

The white bones sat cross-legged as if in a meditative state for who knew how long.

For some reason, the bones had not decayed.

Jing Yue didn't expect to find human bones here. Could it be someone who entered this place before? It was a pity that the other party was dead with no way to answer his questions.

He looked at Qin Yanzhi. The other party looked solemn as he flipped into the cave and picked up a token from the ground. With a glance, he exclaimed in surprise, “Wen Chan-laozu!”

Jing Yue, “Wen Chan?”

It was actually a name he had heard before!

In his previous life, he had heard that Sword Inscription Sect had an outstanding disciple named Wen Chan. But in this life, Jing Yue heard that this person had been sacrificed in the Yao Catalyst, so what were his bones doing here?

He voiced his doubts and Qin Yanzhi said, “Wen Chan-laozu didn’t die during the Yao Catalyst. He even participated in the sealing of Yao Detention Mountain later on. But not one of his seven direct disciples remained. He couldn’t eliminate the hatred in his heart and it has affected his state of mind, so he and eight other seniors of the sect entered the boundary together, trying to take advantage of the weakness in the Yao race’s fortune in pursuit of several half-saints that have escaped.”

“After that, there was no news from Wen Chan-laozu and several seniors, and all the soul lamps were extinguished. The sect sent people to look for them but the Misty Forest has appeared by then. They searched for a century with no results and had to give up.”

Qin Yanzhi sighed, “Unexpectedly, the seniors actually fell into this space.”

“I want to see his bones, may I?” Jing Yue asked suddenly.

Qin Yanzhi knew that Jing Yue intended to use his divine consciousness to examine every inch of the bones, and the reason he asked him was out of respect.

“I’ve heard Tao Xian-laozu saying that Wen Chan-laozu has never been a particular person, so I don’t think he would mind.”

Jing Yue immediately released his divine consciousness to investigate carefully. About a quarter of an hour later, he said, “Wen Chan-laozu doesn't look like he was killed, but rather like a natural passing.”

No wounds could be found on the other party’s bones, nor erosion from demonic or Yao energy.

Qin Yan Zhi frowned as doubts grew in his heart. He and Jing Yue were like being in a misty mountain forest, and couldn't even see the truth.

“In any case, I’ve found Wen Chan-laozu’s remains. I wonder if my karma should be this.”

After speaking, Qin Yanzhi kept the token, lifted his robe and knelt on the ground, and paid three obeisances to the skeleton.

As he was about to get up, his chest suddenly burned. Qin Yanzhi was startled and hurriedly took out the token, only to see that the original cold token was emitting a soft and shiny silver light at this time.

Jing Yue was about to ask what was going on when he heard a majestic and old voice. “Who is here?”

Qin Yanzhi jolted and immediately knelt down again. “This junior is the 11th generation disciple of Sword Inscription Sect, Qin Yanzhi.”

As soon as he said that, a ball of white light emerged from Wen Chan’s sect token and stopped in front of Qin Yanzhi.

“I’m the fourth-generation disciple of Sword Inscription Sect, Wen Chan.”

It was really Wen Chan!

Jing Yue only recovered his senses at this time. He never realized that there was still a trace of Wen Chan's divine sense hidden in the sect token. Out of respect, he also bowed to Wen Chan.

But Wen Chan's divine sense obviously paid no heed to him but said, “It has been eleven generations. I wonder how many years have passed.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Laozu, since the Yao Catalyst, more than 8,000 years have passed.”

“8,000 years…”

The ball of light seemed dimmer and said, “Why are you able to come here?”

“This disciple doesn’t know either.” Qin Yanzhi briefly talked about his experience with Jing Yue, and then asked, “Where is this place?”

Wen Chan, “This is the sacrificial altar of several Yao half-saints.”

Jing Yue was slightly stunned. He thought this was a tomb, but he didn't expect it to be an altar.

The so-called sacrificial altar must have sacrificial offerings, but there seemed no living beings before, so how was the sacrifice conducted?

Qin Yanzhi, “Could it be the few half-saints that escaped during the catalyst?”

Wen Chan, “That’s right. Back then…”

Along with Wen Chan's old voice, a secret tale that had been buried in time was slowly unveiled.

It turned out that 8,000 years ago, Wen Chan and several disciples crossed the boundary, trying to drive the injured Yao half-saints to destruction.

To avoid pursuit, and fearing that the human race would settle the score later, the half-saints took advantage of the terrain of the Yao Detention Mountain to manifest the Misty Forest with their flesh and created the altar with their souls.

They wanted to use their legacies as bait to attract the big and small monsters to enter this place and become their sacrifice. The half-saints could devour the sacrificial power through the altar, and when the spirit was more powerful, they had the opportunity to reconstruct their flesh.

Jing Yue instantly understood that the original Misty Forest was actually formed to protect the altar, not the so-called Yao City at all.

He also knew why the other party could create the space even though the cultivation level was not enough to ascend yet. Three Yao half-saints fled back then. The so-called half-saints were equivalent to a Tribulation Passage cultivator. With three of them working together, they could just barely manage to produce 30% ascension power and create a fairly large space.

Wen Chan, “During the process of creating the altar, I happened to lead people to go after them. Although we didn't understand what they were doing, it was definitely not good for the human race, so we tried to destroy it. This action aroused their anger. They wanted to use the power of creation to bring us into this space and refine us as well. Of course, I and my fellow disciples were certainly not willing to do so, so we fought with them.”

“At that time, their altar was almost completed and they could control half of the power of the law. We were constrained by this and fell to a disadvantage. Because of this, they didn’t put us in their eyes, and showed off by telling us the true purpose.”

Jing Yue wasn’t surprised. The Yao race had always thought of the human race as cunning. To put it bluntly, the Yao were indeed more ‘simple’, and it was normal for the half-saints to be swell-headed in the face of victory.

Wen Chan, “Even though we were dubious, after seeing no chance of winning, the nine of us decided to sacrifice our flesh and blood souls and transform endless spiritual energy to suppress Yao energy, so that they could not achieve their goals.”

“The half-saints resisted frantically, using the power of the law to repel the spiritual energy we transformed out from the altar, but at that time, the space was not yet mature, and the power of the law could not completely dispel the spiritual energy. The spiritual energy generated a spiritual valley around the altar, firmly enclosing it.”

“As for my divine sense you see, I deliberately left it just in case. If a human came here in the future, I can also tell them the truth about what happened.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Yue finally understood why the Yao race, as the master of this place, did not control the law to kill him and Qin Yanzhi. It was because Wen Chan and the others had created a prison outside the altar with spiritual energy so that the Yao in the Misty Forest could not perceive the altar's existence. The spirits of the half-saints hadn’t received any offerings for years and had gradually dissipated.

Incomplete consciousness couldn’t control the laws of this space, even if they were the creators.

As for this spirit valley prison, although still under the control of the law, it was also limited by the law. For him and Qin Yanzhi, it was the only chance of life in this space.

Qin Yanzhi was also shocked. Without sacrifices made by Wen Chan and others, and if the Yao half-saints really resurrected again, it would inevitably be another catalyst for the human race!

There was always some peace that was brought along by unknown sacrifices.

Wen Chan, “Now that 8,000 years have passed, their souls should be very weak or have even lost self-awareness. Barring any accidents, it won’t be long before the altar completely collapsed and died out, but for some reason, it attracted you here.”

“But since you are here, don't make the trip in vain.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Are you saying…?”

Wen Chan, “There are three altars in this place, sealed with the souls of several half-saints and their natal magic treasures. Whether you can gain something depends on your abilities. Once the altar is destroyed, this place will inevitably collapse, and you can leave then.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Yes!”

The ball of light trembled and slowly condensed into a phantom of a Daoist with white hair and eyebrows, and a stern gaze. “The other eight fellow disciples should be not far from me. Qin Yanzhi, find them and send them to me.”


Before long, Qin Yanzhi and Jing Yue carefully placed the eight newly found bones beside Wen Chan.

The phantom looked at the eight bones, his sharp eyes gradually softened, and he said, “So, we did what we could, and the rest is up to you.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Please rest assured, Wen Chan-laozu. This disciple will do his best.”

Wen Chan nodded slightly, and lightly tapped at him.

In an instant, a vast and majestic spiritual energy surged into Qin Yanzhi's body, as if all the energy in this valley had converged here.

Even Jing Yue on the side got a share of it, the spiritual energy washing through his every vein and bone. He only felt that his dantian was full and his spiritual dais swell.

Suddenly, he felt his body lighten, and without any warning, he crossed into the absolute level of Golden Core stage.

Needless to think, Qin Yanzhi, who benefited directly, was bound to advance as well!

When the spiritual energy gradually thinned out, the two finally woke up from their mysterious state, only to find that Wen Chan's shadow had become more transparent and almost disappeared.

“Wen Chan-laozu!” Qin Yanzhi called out anxiously but didn't know what he could do for the other party.

Wen Chan changed his previous seriousness and bowed to Qin Yanzhi. “I leave everything to you.”

His shadow slowly dissipated, and the nine white bones suddenly turned into dust at the same time as if the wish had been fulfilled.

On the ground, only a few sect tokens remained.

The surroundings were quiet, neither Jing Yue nor Qin Yanzhi spoke. After a long time, Qin Yanzhi picked up the tokens one by one, kept them away carefully, and once again kowtowed three times to the ashes on the ground.

Then he stood up, his tone frosty. “Let’s go.”

Seeing his unpleasant face, Jing Yue understood that he was feeling burdened at this time and couldn't say much, so he nodded and followed Qin Yanzhi.

Although they still didn't know why they came here, at least they had some understanding of the situation, and they were not as tense as just now.

The two arrived at the waterfall soon, and Jing Yue used the Yao inner cores to break the restriction.

This time, it took ten days before the restriction was finally broken. The ground they stepped on suddenly became empty, and the two fell at the same time.

The wind blew past their ears, and they seemed to fall into an endless abyss.

A sword shrill was heard, and Taiqing sword reacted faster than mini Canglan sword. It automatically pulled out of the scabbard, grew ten feet wide, and caught the two at the speed of a meteor.

Jing Yue was instinctively close to Taiqing and was about to say a word of thanks when this space shook violently, more strongly than when the stone door opened.

There were roars from all directions, men and women, with strong resentment and hatred—




One after another as if echoing.

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