My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 114.2: Sacrificial Altar pt. 1

A white light flew out of Qin Yanzhi's dantian, none other than Taiqing’s sword soul.

The sword soul took on the form of a long sword and slashed at the void.


Sharp sword qi scattered in all directions, instantly cutting out all the sounds of resentment and restoring tranquility to the surroundings.

Jing Yue was shocked. “Why do the few half-saints recognize Taiqing?”

That was right! 8,000 years ago, Yi Wang had used Taiqing to destroy the Yao Saint, so how could the half-saints not remember this hateful sword?

Jing Yue suddenly had a premonition that the great karma sensed by Qin Yanzhi might not refer to Wen Chan-laozu, but attracted by Taiqing!

But at this point, he could not think further about it, because they had been sent to the first altar by Taiqing.

The altar was very high and the stone steps leading to the altar were hidden in the fog. Although the place was not dusty or full of cobwebs, it somehow felt old and dilapidated.

The two directly ascended the stone steps. The higher they went up, the colder they felt, and fine frost gradually formed on the stone steps.

“I remember it was recorded that the three half-saints who escaped back then were Wan Se-yaozu of the butterfly tribe, Shan Lei-yaozu of the leopard tribe, and Zhan Xian-yaozu of the eagle tribe.” Jing Yue analyzed. “I heard that Wan Se-yaozu is learned in the art of ice. The altar up there is most likely hers.”

(TN: Yaozu 妖祖 = Yao ancestor, Wan Se 万色 = ten thousand colors, Shan Lei闪雷 = lightning flash, Zhan Xian 斩仙 = slay immortal)

Qin Yanzhi was much quieter than when he first came in, but he still responded to Jing Yue's words, “She is the weakest among the three half-saints. It’s a good thing to meet her first.”

After another quarter of an hour, they finally came to the altar.

The so-called altar was actually just a vast platform. The platform was full of frosted flowers with an offering table in the middle, which was empty. Behind the altar stood a piece of ice stone ten feet high, and a petite butterfly was sealed in the ice.

It was Wan Se indeed! Once a Yao attained half-saint, they could regain their original form at any time, but also transform into a behemoth at any time.

However, the butterfly they saw was not Wan Se’s true body but transformed by the soul.

Jing Yue winked at Qin Yanzhi who immediately slashed out a strike. The sword shadow passed by and the sword energy hit the ice stone heavily, producing web-like cracks on the ice surface before it burst into pieces.

A hundred flowers bloomed on the altar and Wan Se broke through the ice!

The butterfly's wings flicked and she turned into a charming woman with a pair of colorful wings on her back, with ten thousand colors on her wings, but not at all flashy.

At this time, this half-saint that was renowned throughout the Yao world for thousands of years had no light in her eyes, which looked like a pool of stagnant water. Jing Yue knew that Wan Se had no self-awareness, or rather that her self-awareness had long since dissipated.

After 8,000 years of wear and tear, Wan Se's cultivation level had fallen to the lower-level Heavenly Grotto stage.

Jing Yue secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Wan Se’s butterfly wings flap and a violent cold wind swept in instantly. Snow fluttered in the wind, danced all over the sky, and dyed his vision white.

Before he could do anything, Qin Yanzhi had already raised his sword, and one person and one yao quickly fought.

Seeing that Qin Yanzhi was clearly suppressing Wan Se, forcing her to retreat, Jing Yue simply stood by and watched.

Suddenly, Wan Se flung her arms out and thick fog formed around her, with strong yao poison lurking in the fog.

Qin Yanzhi held his breath and attacked faster, but Jing Yue felt that the poison in his body seemed to be triggered, and began to move actively again.

He tried his best to suppress it, but saw the white fog getting thicker and thicker, covering up Wan Se’s body.

Jing Yue reminded. “I heard that Wan Se is good at illusion. You should be careful.”

Qin Yanzhi nodded slightly—his ‘other self’ might fall for illusions, but he wouldn’t at this time!

Jing Yue was obviously right. Soon, the fog dispersed and the surrounding scenery changed. He and Qin Yanzhi appeared in a courtyard full of weeds at the same time. When the wind blew, the weeds swayed, and there was a rustling sound.

At the end of the courtyard, there was a small temple in the mountains.

Jing Yue curiously surveyed the place and didn’t notice that Qin Yanzhi had frozen in place.


There was a sudden muffled thunder in the sky. The wind blew harder, and heavy rain poured.

In the misty rain, a human figure appeared.

The man's long hair was loose and he was soaked to the skin. He stood alone in the fierce storm and shyly said, “Yanzhi, why don’t you come over?”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Jing Yue, “… Can Tao Xian-laozu really be so… coquettish and flirtatious?”

That figure was none other than Tao Xian, the patriarch of Sword Inscription Sect. Jing Yue immediately felt unsettled. How was he going to look Tao Xian straight in the eye from now on?

But Qin Yanzhi's tensed body relaxed. He thought Wan Se had caught a glimpse of the secret in his heart and tried to reproduce the illusion in the Six Wheel Secret Realm. He was alone in the illusion back then and Jing Yue didn't know the truth. If the other party saw it…

Just thinking about it made Qin Yanzhi’s chest feel tight!

Although he didn’t know why the person in the illusion had changed, he could only feel sorry for Tao Xian-laozu!

Faced with such a blunder, Qin Yanzhi killed Tao Xian with a slash, thinking inwardly that such a Tao Xian-laozu was quite scary too.

Once the illusion was gone, the two were still on the altar, and Jing Yue sighed, “I really didn't expect Wan Se's illusion technique to be so clumsy. This is most likely because its divine soul has degraded, resulting in inadequate strength.”

Qin Yanzhi was silent for a long time. “You’re right.”

From the beginning to the end, Wan Se couldn’t do anything to Qin Yanzhi. She could only transform into her huge original form, with wings spread out to cover the sky, and the six legs were as sharp as steel blades.

Her forefeet slashed at Qin Yanzhi but were cut off by him nonchalantly.

Without any self-awareness, Wan Se couldn't feel the pain but instinctively felt the danger. She forced something out of her body, which was a translucent white leaf.

When Jing Yue saw it, his heartbeat suddenly missed half a beat. That was…

Ice Cicada Leaf! The wood attribute of the extreme cold materials! Wan Se's magic weapon was actually what he had been looking for!

Mini Canglan Sword also sensed the presence of the ice cicada leaf, and immediately wanted to get out of the scabbard, but was held down by Jing Yue. “Zhenjun, the ice cicada leaf is of great use to me. You must not break it!”

As the person who gifted the sword capsule, Qin Yanzhi certainly understood why Jing Yue needed this object, and his attack was much restrained after that.

Despite this, Wan Se was still not Qin Yanzhi's opponent and eventually died under Taiqing Sword, her soul gone.

The flowers on the altar withered, and a huge crack opened in the center of the platform.

Qin Yanzhi picked up the ice cicada leaf and handed it to Jing Yue.

Jing Yue was overjoyed, thinking inwardly that it took no effort at all!

No, that wasn’t right. He didn’t waste any effort, but Qin Yanzhi did.

At first, Jing Yue wanted to say that he would give Qin Yanzhi something else in return, but he inexplicably thought of what Ji-ji had said—if he gave him something, and received something in return, it’s a token of love.

Thus, he changed his words abruptly. “Thank you.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Between the two of us, why be so calculative?”

Jing Yue smiled and didn't say more, because he saw the restriction engraved in the giant crack.

Since he did nothing just now and was full of energy at this time, he started to set up the formation with a flourish.

Another ten days, the first altar collapsed, and Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi were transported to another altar. As soon as they entered, raging lightning fell from the sky!

“Watch out!”

The two simultaneously reminded each other and avoided the lightning that struck down on their heads.

Where the lightning fell, sand and gravel splashed, and a huge pit was formed.

Within sight, lightning bolts fell like a curtain of rain, densely packed like giant nets, blasting the earth into scorched holes.

On a pile of rocks in the distance, a snow-white leopard with wings on its back was sound asleep. Even with the lightning falling like a storm, it never opened its eyes.

Both Qin Yanzhi and Jing Yue recognized the other party—Shan Lei-yaozu of the leopard tribe. It was rumored that it was born to control lightning, and a random growl could trigger ten thousand lightning.

Only Jing Yue, who had experienced the lightning tribulation, had no fear of the lightning in front of him.

Qin Yanzhi also acted the same as usual. He summoned Taiqing and it immediately passed through the lightning net like a streak of clouds. Wherever it went, all raging lightning was split apart, and the two collided with a violent boom. But Taiqing's momentum never stopped, pointing straight at Shan Lei!


With a burst of roaring, Shan Lei woke up from its slumber and opened a pair of ice-blue eyes.

A little consciousness seemed to remain in its eyes, but it quickly became chaotic again. Shan Lei’s forelimbs stepped on the ground, and the silver current spread along the ground toward Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi, who immediately rose into the air.

But in the sky, several silver snakes smashed straight at them!

The lightning here was generated by Yao energy and didn’t even require dark clouds as a medium. Although not as deadly as the heavenly lightning, it was more ferocious than ordinary lightning.

While the two of them were avoiding the falling lightning, Shan Lei gathered force in its hind legs and pounced right at Jing Yue!

Jing Yue had noticed that Shan Lei was a bit stronger than Wan Se, almost absolute-level Heavenly Grotto, not something he could contend with, so he quickly retreated. He passed through the intertwined lightning net and came to Shan Lei’s right side.

Shan Lei reacted extremely quickly, turning his head to bite, and spewed a mouthful of stinky Yao poison. Jing Yue was caught off guard and accidentally took a whiff.

Instantly, his face turned green. Other people’s Yao poison was released outside, so why was Shan Lei’s poison in his bad breath?

What was even more uncomfortable was that the Yao poison in his body was triggered again. His spiritual energy retrograded and the meridians swelled painfully. Jing Yue's body swayed and his movements were obviously not as smooth as before.

Luckily he was not alone. Qin Yanzhi suddenly appeared behind Shan Lei and cut off the leopard's tail with a slash!

Shan Lei let out an angry roar and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

Jing Yue frowned and shouted, “He still has a little consciousness left, be careful!”

Sure enough, Shan Lei's figure was instantly more flexible, and the lightning it controlled was also more lethal.

While fighting with Qin Yanzhi, it did not forget Jing Yue and kept controlling the lightning to strike him.

Jing Yue kept evading, but because of the Yao poison, he would occasionally be struck. Fortunately, his spiritual root had mutated and he had certain immunity to lightning.

However, once he was struck, the poison in his body would be more active, and his movements would be more sluggish, making it easier for him to get struck again, and this formed a vicious circle.

Qin Yanzhi noticed Jing Yue's situation and guessed that the other party was suffering from the poison again, and anxiously wanted to take Jing Yue into his sleeve.

However, Jing Yue seemed to have guessed what he was thinking, and shouted, “No, your technique is too lousy!”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Author’s Notes:

<Second Interview>

What is Jing-jing’s favorite?

Jing-jing: Ascension!

What is Ji-ji’s favorite?

Ji-ji: Slap face!

What is Rouge’s favorite?

Rouge: Sword, and Jing-jing.

Ji-ji: No, no, no, I want to change my answer! Ji-ji’s favorite is also Jing-jing!

Rouge: Hehe.

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