My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 116.2: Camp Upheaval pt. 1

Jing Yue returned to the camp in a flash. Compared with the foot of the mountain, the camp was bloodier. Broken limbs and organs could be seen everywhere, and a field of dead bodies, including many familiar faces.

There were fewer Yao beasts in the camp, but stronger, and Frostcloud Sect disciples struggled to cope.

When some disciples saw Jing Yue, they were surprised that he was still alive, but when they thought of their situation at this moment, they were once again gloomy.

Jing Yue asked directly, “Where is Wu Chen?”

“Elder Wu Chen is in the back of the camp fighting the Yao King and the two Amethyst Abode demonic cultivators. He has the Linglong Umbrella with him and could hold on for a while, but I'm afraid…”

Linglong Umbrella was the magic weapon used by Liu Yun during Return to Void and could form a barrier to block a Return to Void attack. Before their departure this time, she deliberately handed it to Wu Chen in case of emergencies.

But who could have guessed that the emergency was far beyond everyone's imagination?

With this umbrella, it was no wonder that Wu Chen could hold on for three days under the attack of a Yao King and two Amethyst Abodes, but needless to say, Wu Chen was fast approaching his limit.

Jing Yue’s face was as dark as water. He pulled out mini Canglan Sword and fought his way through, killing countless monsters, and arrived at the back of the camp in a short time.

In front of him, a bamboo umbrella was floating in the air. The bamboo umbrella was very large, with a width of four to five feet wide. Golden light hung from the edge of the umbrella, forming a translucent barrier to envelop hundreds of Frostcloud Sect disciples.

Wu Chen sat cross-legged in the forefront to support the Linglong Umbrella, while the other disciples cast spells separately, attacking a Yao King and two demonic cultivators outside the barrier.

But the person with the highest cultivation level here was Wu Chen, and the attacks of the other people were not painful to the enemy. While avoiding them easily, they still had time to provoke. “Wu Chen, we didn’t want to do it now either. We only blame you for your bad luck in finding out our secret. In that case, we have to strike first.”

It turned out that after Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi disappeared, the cultivators of the righteous path waited to no avail, so Wu Chen questioned Lurking Ghost Sect. Sect Leader Wei Jianghan refused to admit it and only said that the few demonic cultivators acted privately and most likely wanted to rob their treasure. He even compensated them heavily and acted very submissively.

Wu Chen had no evidence and could not assert that it was instructed by Lurking Ghost Sect, so he had to put it on hold for the time being.

But he didn't believe Wei Jianghan's denial so he got some people to keep an eye on him in secret. Not long ago, he discovered that Lurking Ghost Sect had connections with the Yao race!

Amid his horror, he didn’t choose to expose the matter on the spot, but secretly contacted other righteous sects, planning to encircle Lurking Ghost Sect. Unexpectedly, the news leaked out. Lurking Ghost Sect and the Yao race launched an attack in advance which led to today's predicament.

Seeing that Wu Chen didn't pay attention to them, a demonic cultivator added, “Today's calamity is caused by you, Wu Chen, and if they have any grievances, they should come looking for you too. With such a great karmic effect, how can you achieve the Great Dao in the future? Why don't you join my Lurking Ghost Sect, sever your past karma, and practice sorcery to continue the path?”

Another demonic cultivator said, “Well said! As long as you surrender now, I promise to keep you alive. Otherwise, the Linglong Umbrella will eventually reach its limits, and all of you will die as well!”

The Yao king also took the opportunity to say, “That’s right. Your child patriarch is dead, so who can bring good fortune to Frostcloud Sect now? It can be seen that the Heavenly Dao really favors us.”

“Pooh!” Zheng Bai cursed under the umbrella. “Laozu’s soul lamp has not been extinguished. Sooner or later, he’ll return and take revenge for us!”

Suddenly, Wu Chen spat a mouthful of blood, and blood mist filled the air. The Yao king saw the opportunity to attack the bamboo umbrella. Seeing that the protective barrier was about to be broken, a gourd suddenly flew out diagonally from behind and blocked the attack.

“Jing-laozu!” When everyone saw that it was Jing Yue, they exclaimed, and even Wu Chen looked over in distraction.

Jing Yue took the opportunity to transmit his voice to Wu Chen. “Take the disciples away.”

There were too many fellow disciples around and he couldn’t take them into Haotian Realm in one go. Once the law limit was exceeded, the Haotian Realm would also face collapse.

Wu Chen, “But Jing-laozu…”

Jing Yue, “Hurry up, this is an order!”

Wu Chen looked aghast, hid the pain in his eyes, and answered, “Yes!”

So Wu Chen and several golden core cultivators swept in a bunch of disciples with their Qiankun sleeves and fled. The Yao king and the demonic cultivators didn't care about them either. When they saw Jing Yue, they were like hungry wolves that saw their prey. They changed their targets and attacked him together!

However, the gourd thrown out by Jing Yue was not an extraordinary item but something refined by Yi Ye. Before leaving this time, Wei Tianli conveyed Yi Ye’s message to Jing Yue before he went into closed-door seclusion, saying that even though he couldn’t be Grandpa Goldfinger for Shizun, he must offer his kind intentions. Thus, he specially prepared a treasured weapon for his Shizun.

The gourd was called Beiming Gourd, not only good at defense but also attack, and could be used as a life-saving trump card. As long as he used it properly, he had the opportunity to kill the Yao King here!

The gourd grew bigger and bigger until it was the size of a boat, blocking in front of Jing Yue. Even after several attacks, it was still indestructible.

Knowing that the gourd was not easy to deal with, the three enemies cursed Frostcloud Sect inwardly for being shameless, using treasured weapons one after another.

Since they couldn't move Jing Yue for the time being, they simply caught up with Wu Chen and the others who had fled to kill them first!

The gourd seemed to know their intentions, however. No matter which direction they turned, the gourd would block in front of them.

They were furious and decided to split up. The two demonic cultivators chased after Wu Chen, leaving the Yao King to guard Jing Yue.

Jing Yue knew that the opportunity had arrived. Wu Chen’s Linglong Umbrella could still hold on for a while. As long as he could seize the time to kill the Yao King, Frostcloud Sect would have a chance to fight back!

So, he tried his best to squeeze out the spiritual energy in his dantian, held mini Canglan sword, and slashed hard, the sword energy aimed directly at the Yao King.

The Yao Kong paid no heed at all, but the sword energy came in front of his eyes, suppressing him like a thousand mountains. His bones creaked under the pressure as if they were about to break. This couldn’t be a golden core technique!

He released the domain in anger. Thousands of monsters in the domain slammed into the dense sword energy and were shredded into mincemeat, but they also successfully blocked the sword power.

The Yao King took the opportunity to retreat. He judged that his domain could not go beyond the big gourd in front of him and that he would quickly consume his Yao energy if he kept supporting the domain. He was about the close the domain when vast spiritual energy swept over the sky!

When he looked up, he saw that the stopper at the mouth of the gourd had gone missing at some point and the salty seawater gushed out. The seawater was pitch black as if it could swallow the sun, and the surging waves rushed towards him! The water in the gourd was endless as if it contained hundreds of rivers. The water came with storms and lightning, and all the monsters in the Yao King’s domain were submerged. The entire domain rocked incessantly and collapsed with a boom.

The Yao King felt pain in his chest and abdomen after this blow, bleeding from his ears, nose, and mouth.

But the seawater came again, overwhelming as it washed down trees, rolled up sand and mud, and swallowed everything in its path. In a flash, the camp turned into a swamp!

The Yao King hurriedly transformed into its original form, which was a giant wolf as big as a small mountain, with red pupils and white teeth flashing coldly, trying to resist the impact of seawater with its tough flesh. But the water was so fierce, and all the big and small rocks in the water hit it, almost pushing it down. The Yao King howled to the sky and a full moon rose behind him. Its bones swelled rapidly and the body became larger until it finally stood firmly in the raging waves!

Just when it wanted to use its natal weapon, the seawater suddenly froze rapidly, and a strong chill swept over. The crushed ice spread up from its limbs and imprisoned its struggle.

The Yao King forced out his mighty power and tried to break through the ice, but the moment it broke free, the gourd that stopped in mid-air suddenly cracked open. The Yao King subconsciously looked at it, but there was nothing in the gourd. It seemed that the magic weapon had reached its limit and shattered.

Before it had time to rejoice, it felt a heavy blow to its divine consciousness and its body froze. Immediately, there was a sharp pain in the back, and a sharp weapon pierced into its flesh, from head to tail, making a sickening friction sound.

Another loud bang and it saw the other half of its body.

The Yao King was killed.

In mid-air, Jing Yue looked on as the Yao King’s corpse split in two in the water and breathed a long sigh of relief.

At this time, his golden core swayed slightly. Just now, he crossed the realm and used an Amethyst Abode move from the Canglan sword technique—Thousand Snow, and used all the spiritual energy in his body to activate the treasured weapon to perform the most powerful attack. He also released a spiritual sense impact that the body could hardly withstand. As such, although he didn’t sustain any visible external injuries, his internal organs and meridians were left with hidden lesions.

But he couldn’t stop—there were still two Amethyst Abode demonic cultivators!

No, perhaps the other party had reinforcements on the way. This was Misty Forest!

With a flash of his body, he chased in the direction of Wu Chen.

On the other side, Qin Yanzhi performed earth traversing technique and hurried back to the southern camp guarded by Sword Inscription Sect, where he ran into Wei Jianghan, the leader of Lurking Ghost Sect.

Wei Jianghan used his domain to trap the disciples of Sword Inscription Sect, including an Amethyst Abode swordsman. Although the disciples of Sword Inscription Sect were obviously at a disadvantage, the only way for the swordsman was forward. They believed that despite the demise of thousands, their courage and the sword in their hand was the Great Dao!

All the disciples only attacked without defending, and kept attacking, and again!

Thousands of light streams kept shooting towards Wei Jianghan in the center of the domain but he just deflected them nonchalantly. Even so, the sword cultivators continued tirelessly to launch their swords, which were connected to their souls, towards the same goal!

Wei Jianghan said mockingly, “The righteous Dao in the west has been wiped out by my Lurking Ghost Sect. The Three Realm Temple has two Yao Kings suppressing them, and Jue Ming couldn’t even save himself. Frostcloud Sect only has one Amethyst Abode in charge, and could hardly withstand one attack. And the only fearsome Qin Yanzhi of the Sword Inscription Sect is nowhere to be found. People like you are no match for me, so why struggle?”

No one made a sound, but the response he got was a shocking sword strike from behind!


Wei Jiang Han screamed, only to feel a sharp pain in the dantian. He lowered his head subconsciously and saw a big hole in his lower abdomen, with blood spurting out and intestines slipping out of his body.

The strength in his body was decreasing rapidly. Wei Jianghan raised his eyes in disbelief. At that moment, a silver-white cold light flashed in front of him, dazzling his eyes like a scorching sun, and instantly burned his eyes. After that, he saw nothing else.


Wei Jianghan fell to the ground, his entire head was sliced open from the eyes, and milky white brain matter splattered all over the ground.


The surviving disciples in the camp were excited. The dire situation was reversed in an instant, and the rescuer was none other than Qin-zhenjun who had disappeared for a full year. It was like a dream!

Although they were not afraid of death, who would want to die?

But the excitement lasted for only a few breaths. Everyone thought of the crisis they were facing at this time and fell silent.

Although the Amethyst Abode sword cultivator was curious where Qin Yanzhi had been before, this was not the time to ask, so he came forward and said, “Zhenjun, the situation is critical now. Lurking Ghost Sect has joined forces with the Yao race to kill all of my fellow disciples of the righteous path!”

Qin Yanzhi's eyes were gloomy. He grabbed the Amethyst Abode sword cultivator and flew on his sword in the direction of Frostcloud Sect!

Author’s Notes:

Ji-ji walks up to the podium wearing glasses and a teaching whip in hand.

Class is in session! Please flip open the sky-high price, no! The first page of <Sword Soul Trivia>. Teacher Lan will summarize for you…

1. The sword soul can be transformed into various forms.

2. But the first image will generally be based on the owner or the owner's preferences as a template. Those with more personality will use their preferred image.

3. Sword Souls generally don't change their appearance for no reason. They regard themselves as human beings, and humans don't change their faces unnecessarily.

Ji-ji: So, do you understand the main point?

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