My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 117.1: Camp Upheaval pt. 2

On the way, the Amethyst Abode sword cultivator briefly said what had happened, and Qin Yanzhi said solemnly, “How did the news leak out? Could it be that a demonic cultivator has infiltrated the righteous path and helped them from within?”

The Amethyst Abode sword cultivator didn’t know, and said, “I think the righteous alliance with Lurking Ghost Sect guarding the west is not as vulnerable as mentioned by Demonic Wei. Lurking Ghost Sect has sent most of its experts to surround the east, south, and north, so the west should have some breathing space. The real danger is faced by Frostcloud Sect and Three Realm Temple.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Jue Ming is proficient in ironclad technique so two Yao Kings may not take him down easily, but Frostcloud Sect only has Wu Chen in charge, so I’m afraid the outcome won’t be good if he faces a Yao King!”

The Amethyst Abode sword cultivator felt that he had a point, and agreed with Qin Yanzhi’s decision to help Frostcloud Sect first.

But after traveling most of the way, Qin Yanzhi suddenly paused and quickly changed direction to the east where Three Realm Temple guarded.

The Amethyst Abode sword cultivator was taken aback. “Why change course?”

Qin Yanzhi, “The presence of the Yao King has disappeared.”

The Amethyst Abode sword cultivator was shocked. “Is the Yao King dead? But what about the other two Amethyst Abode demonic cultivators?”

Qin Yanzhi, “Compared to that, Three Realm Temple is currently in more danger, being attacked by two Yao Kings. Besides, I believe in him.”

The Amethyst Abode sword cultivator didn’t know who Qin-zhenjun trusted so obsessively, but he trusted Qin-zhenjun obsessively too, so he said no more.

On the other side, Jing Yue had already caught up with Wu Chen.

Wu Chen exerted too much when he urged the Linglong Treasured Umbrella before. They didn't escape too far before they were caught up by two Amethyst Abode demonic cultivators.

The two parties immediately fought, but the Linglong Umbrella had almost reached its limit and couldn’t withstand the attacks. Wu Chen had to hand the task of urging the umbrella over to others while he stepped forward to fight a demonic cultivator.

Between the two people, magic treasures and weapons flew randomly. Wu Chen was worried about his fellow disciples, added to his exhausted state, and gradually fell to a disadvantage.

The Linglong umbrella’s golden light barrier was also getting weaker and seemed that it would shatter at any time.

Seeing that victory was in sight, the two demonic cultivators fought more and more smoothly, their moves were swift and fluid. With a crack, the umbrella broke.

Wu Chen was so anxious that he was accidentally stabbed in the shoulder by the demonic cultivator’s white bone sword. He covered the wound and retreated, but the next ultimate move was already on the way!

Jing Yue came just in time to see Wu Chen in danger, while several other golden core disciples were also forced to hang by a thread by the demonic cultivators.

At this time, no matter which party he saved, the other one would suffer the disaster. These people still had many Frostcloud Sect disciples in their sleeves, and Jing Yue could give up no one.

No one in the field had discovered him for the time being. Two demonic cultivators cast spells at the same time, one attacked the Golden Core disciples while the other attacked Wu Chen.

Seeing that the White Bone Sword was about to pierce Wu Chen's eyebrows while the other approaching demonic cultivator was about to touch Wu Chen’s dantian with one hand, suddenly, one person and a sword blocked in front of Wu Chen.

The sword was Mini Canglan Sword, which collided heavily with the White Bone Sword. The latter flew out several tens of feet, and mini Canglan Sword also swayed.

Of course, the person was Jing Yue. With the speed of lightning, he caught the wrist of the demonic cultivator. He released an extreme cold intent in his hand and the demonic cultivator’s arm froze instantly.

Wu Chen was temporarily out of danger, but he was not at all happy. His mind was blank, and he subconsciously turned his head to look at a few disciples, his heart full of fear, afraid of seeing a ground full of corpses.

However, he saw that Jing-laozu had already shielded his fellow disciples.

Wu Chen was taken aback, and his eyes turned back. The one in front of him was also Jing-laozu—two Jing-laozu?

At this time, he heard Jing Yue’s voice transmission, “Go! Don't stop, don't look back!”

Wu Chen, burdened with a heavy responsibility, gritted his teeth and retreated together with several golden core disciples.

In this way, only two demonic cultivators and two ‘Jing Yue’ were left in the field. Seeing that the prey in their hands had flown away, the two demonic cultivators jumped in rage, but they were immediately shocked—if Jing Yue was here, what about the Yao King?

Could it be killed?

The two were even more vigilant, not daring to underestimate the enemy.

One person said, “One must be a clone. Just find the main body and kill it!”

So the two parties fought. Perhaps Jing Yue had exerted too much before, or he had insufficient strength because of the clone, but he was suppressed in the fight with the demonic cultivators, and his movements were slightly sluggish.

A demonic cultivator manipulated the white bone sword to cut Jing Yue into two halves, and the latter instantly turned into a puddle of water.

The demonic cultivator said angrily, “This is the clone!”

He immediately raised the sword and besieged the main body with his companion. The two teamed up and Jing Yue was defeated after a short struggle, and was decapitated again!

However, the corpse also turned into water.

The two demonic cultivators looked at each other in shock, only to find two more Jing Yue not far away.

“Dammit! His main body can be transferred to another clone!” The demonic cultivator was furious and said with hatred, “The clones he created aren’t strong. It’s not a big deal to kill them one by one. I don’t believe that he can produce thousands of clones with his spiritual energy.”

Of course Jing Yue couldn't. What he used was the Amethyst Abode stage Water Reflection Technique from the Art of Ten Desolate Universe, which was to constantly duplicate the clone. If he reached Amethyst Abode stage, he could manifest hundreds of golden core clones, but he was only a golden core at this time. He was already using a technique that surpassed his current realm and had to control a clone also at golden core stage. Even though Jing Yue’s spiritual energy was far superior to ordinary people, he gradually felt overwhelmed.

For just a brief moment, he had the desire to traverse into Haotian Realm.

But once he escaped, based on Wu Chen's speed, he would most likely be overtaken by the two demonic cultivators soon. No matter what, he must kill another person!

Jing Yue's main body faced one demonic cultivator while he controlled the clone to cast spells on the other demonic cultivator. The clone turned water into a fog, and the fog filled the air as if dragging down the white clouds.

The demonic cultivator snorted and dispersed the fog with a wave of his sleeve robe, but behind the fog, a sword pointed directly between his eyebrows. The demonic cultivator launched a magic treasure to block the attack and the sword was bounced away. Before he could perform the second move, he felt the ground vibrate slightly. He heard a loud noise coming from behind him, and when he looked back, he found that a thousand-foot snow mountain had appeared at some point. The white snow rolled down like a wild tide and the snowball rolled bigger and bigger, like a moving mountain, flattening everything where it passed.

The demonic cultivator's nerves tensed and he waved both hands. Turning his spiritual energy into demonic energy, he condensed it into thousands of withered claws, grabbing the snowball at once!


The snowball burst. The splashing white snow resembled a misty sea of ​​mist and quickly dissipated with the snow mountain.

The demonic cultivator’s sight fell on ‘Jing Yue’ not far away and demonic fire spurted out of his mouth. The blue-green flames emitted a strange hissing sound and swirled like a whirlwind toward the other party!

He didn’t know if this ‘Jing Yue’ was the main body or the clone, but he didn’t care. He only wanted ‘Jing Yue’ dead!

The demon fire rushed towards ‘Jing Yue’, who suddenly collapsed, leaving only the flying snow in the air.

Obviously, it was another clone. The demonic cultivator frowned but he was not anxious, because he felt that this clone was weaker and easier to kill than before.

He subconsciously looked at his companion but was shocked to find a sword through his companion's dantian—Jing Yue was standing behind his companion, holding the sword and stabbing forcefully!

The companion stiffened and fell to the ground.

The demonic cultivator was shocked and he instinctively pushed out with both palms. The blazing demon fire rushed towards the only Jing Yue in the field, instantly engulfing him.

This time, he finally attacked the main body, because Jing Yue did not disappear, but was instantly burned by the demon fire until his skin was dry and cracked. He could only barely cover the skin with a thin layer of ice to block the attack of the demon fire.

But the demon fire was hard to extinguish, and thin ice couldn't stop the fire at all. Jing Yue quickly became a burning human torch.

In fact, Jing Yue did suffer unprecedented pain, and this pain was even more severe when he was struck by the lightning tribulation. Lightning came one after another, while demonic fire never stopped! He could already smell the burning flesh, but the external injuries were not terrible. What was terrible was that the demon fire was trying to pour into his body and burn his soul!

Jing Yue could only speed up the already unstable golden core. The golden core spun faster and a crack gradually appeared, while the remaining demonic cultivator attacked him again!

At this moment, thousands of sharp leaves shot at the demonic cultivator, and a little blue chicken blocked in front of Jing Yue. Although it was only the size of a palm and its body was still shaking, it exclaimed righteously, “G-Go away! Don’t hurt Jing-jing!”

However, the demonic cultivator did not understand. With a wave of his sleeves, the little blue chicken rolled aside, and the demonic cultivator rushed at Jing Yue again.

Jing Yue had very little spiritual energy left and was about to catch hold of Ji-ji and flee to Haotian Realm together when he saw a group of Yao approaching not far away, and the leader was a Yao Marshal!

The Yao Marshal said, “Why aren’t you done yet?”

The demonic cultivator didn't even turn his head around. He slashed at Jing Yue with a long knife and shouted at the same time, “Wu Chen is not far away. Chase after him!”

The Yao marshal was stunned for a moment before leading the little monsters to give chase. Jing Yue was horrified and tried to block despite being burned by the demon fire, but how could the demonic cultivator let him escape?


At the moment of crisis, in the bloody mountain forest, a clear chirp was suddenly heard.

An extremely pure and sacred pressure descended, and the holy breath spread. The entire Yao Detention Mountain shook.

While in the center of the Misty Forest—Yao City, countless great Yao were startled. All of them felt the fear and subservience from the bloodline! It was an instinct that had not faded after tens of billions of years!

A Yao emperor uncontrollably changed into its original form, the golden pupils were filled with unbelievable fear. “How is it possible…”

How is it possible… that there were divine beasts?!

The Yao emperor was already in this state, not to mention the other monsters in Yao Detention Mountain. They prostrated on the ground, wishing to burrow their heads into the soil. The monsters with lower cultivation levels even rolled their eyes back and foamed at the mouth.

The demonic cultivator looked in the direction of the sound in astonishment. In the blue sky, white clouds rushed together like rivers, and the red sun looked gilded in gold as if a supreme treasure was hidden behind the clouds. Suddenly, the rays of light shot straight out from the center of the cloud. Amid the brilliance, a giant blue bird came through the clouds. The wings flapped slightly and the long feathers exuded a soft glow behind them. Every speck on the feather looked as bright as a jewel as if attracting the stars to fall from the sky.

The blue of the giant bird was the purest blue in the world, cleaner than the sea and the sky, unstained by dust. Just one glance and one could feel the trembling from the depths of the soul.

The demonic cultivator looked at the giant blue bird and suddenly felt that the other party was a bit like the phoenix in ancient legends.

Phoenix? They had disappeared for billions of years.

As he thought about it, he inexplicably felt the gaze of the giant bird on him. Even though the giant bird was clearly high up and he couldn’t see the other party's eyes, at that moment, he actually had the illusion of being seen from the inside out, from the soul to the flesh. Moreover, the demonic energy in his body was rampaging uncontrollably, seemingly in danger of collapse at any moment!

The demonic cultivator bent down in pain, half kneeling on the ground, unable to lift his head at all.

At this moment, the giant bird in the air flapped its wings and blew out a breath.

In an instant, a strong vitality swept over the entire Yao Detention Mountain. Vegetation regenerated, flowers bloomed instantly, and the wounds of Yao beasts and cultivators gradually healed.

Jing Yue could feel the majestic vitality pouring into his body. The demon fire extinguished and the golden core, which was full of cracks in the dantian, became full of radiance again.

Others might not know what the giant bird was, but how could he not recognize it?

“Blue phoenix…”

Just as he muttered the name, the giant bird suddenly disappeared, and a small black dot crossed the sky and quickly fell into the forest.

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