My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 117.2: Camp Upheaval pt. 3

“Ji-ji!” Jing Yue was anxious but soon sensed that the blue phoenix was still alive. Without the suppression of the blue phoenix, the demonic cultivators and Yao beasts around him froze and stood up again.

Although they found it strange, they no longer felt the terrifying pressure and were all relieved.

Their external wounds were also healed by the vital energy, giving them the illusion that the giant bird just now was not the enemy.

So, they suppressed their desire to escape and turned to look at Jing Yue, their eyes full of murderous intent!

Jing Yue's eyes were slightly grim. Although blue phoenix's vital energy seemed to take care of everyone, it was different for him.

At this moment, all the hidden injuries in his body had recovered, and more vitality integrated into the bones and meridians.

Blue phoenix was protecting him.

In this way, at the same time when the demonic cultivator struck, Jing Yue once again transformed into a clone. He manipulated the clone to stop the Yao Marshal while he fought the demonic cultivator.

The demonic cultivator mocked, “Hehe, so what if your power is restored? Let’s see how long you can last this time!”

Jing Yue likewise laughed, “I’ll last until you die.”

The demonic cultivator was stimulated by Jing Yue's arrogance and laughed. Suddenly, his laughter stopped because he noticed that the momentum of the person in front of him had suddenly increased, and then he saw hundreds of ‘Jing Yue’ surrounding him…

It was not only him but the Yao beasts…

‘Jing Yue’ was everywhere!

On the east camp of Yao Detention Mountain, Qin Yanzhi helped Jue Ming to kill two Yao Kings. Without any delay, the latter rushed to the west, while he, of course, went to the north.

Due to the vision just now, Qin Yanzhi knew that something had changed in the north, and he felt all the more anxious.

Halfway through, he met Wu Chen and others, and asked anxiously, “Where is your Laozu?”

Wu Chen was overjoyed. With a flick of his sleeves, he released more than a dozen disciples, telling them to flee quickly, and then turned back together with Qin Yanzhi.

But when they arrived at the place where the battle had just happened, they saw the corpses and limbs of monsters all over the place, and the red blood pooled two or three inches high. In the blood, only one person stood with a sword.

Although only the back was seen, the two of them recognized at a glance that it was Jing Yue!

The other party seemed to hear the movement and turned his head slightly. From Wu Chen's point of view, he could only see Jing Yue's straight back, his face paler than snow, and the crimson red of violent murderous intent in the corners of his eyes.

At that moment, he was suddenly stunned, only feeling that the scene in front of him overlapped with a painting in his memory, and subconsciously said, “Jing Yuan-zushi…”

Qin Yanzhi also heard it, and before he had time to think of anything else, he saw Jing Yue sway and fall forward.

In a flash, he hurried to support Jing Yue and found that the other party's cultivation level had actually broken through to Amethyst Abode, but the spiritual dais was unstable and his realm was on the verge of falling. Qin Yanzhi lifted Jing Yue and said to Wu Chen, “We must take him back to the Frostcloud Sect immediately!”

Only the sect would have heavenly treasures for Jing Yue to stabilize his realm.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Qin Yanzhi's front lapel. He lowered his head, and saw Jing Yue with his eyes barely open and said hoarsely, “Save Ji-ji!”

After saying that, he fell into a dead faint.

When Jing Yue woke up again, he had returned to the Frostcloud Sect. He was lying on the bed, surrounded by Yi Ye, Wei Tianli, and Xiao Hei.

Jing Yue coughed, and several people immediately said, “Zushi/Shizun!”

Xiao Hei was stunned, not understanding why Yi Ye called Shizun Shizun, but the sect leader called Shizun Zushi? Wasn’t the Zushi of Frostcloud Sect Daoist-Master Jing Yuan?

However, that thought only flashed for a moment when he saw Shizun propping himself to sit up and he hurriedly rushed to support him.

Although he was an adult, seeing his Shizun so weak, and thinking back on his breathless appearance when the other party was just sent back to the sect, his eyes went red. Yi Ye-laozu next to him bit his sleeve and sobbed as if he would hug his head and burst into tears in the next moment.

Jing Yue, “… That’s enough. I’m not dead yet.”

Fortunately, Wei Tianli was still rational and asked, “Zushi, how are you feeling?”

Jing Yue felt carefully. His body was devoid of spiritual energy, but the amethyst core had stabilized, so he must have taken heavenly treasures. He said, “I’m fine. I just need a few days of closed-door seclusion and the hidden danger of forcibly breaking through the realm can be eliminated.”

That's right. He had forcibly broken through the realm during the battle and used the vital energy given by the blue phoenix to ascend to Amethyst Abode.

Thinking of the blue phoenix, he asked, “Where’s Ji-ji?”

Wei Tianli, “It's still in a coma. Wu Chen found it in the forest, but it hasn't woken up. But don’t worry, we have taken a look at it. Your beloved pet is just exhausted and will be fine after some rest.”

Jing Yue was silent. With Ji-ji’s ability to suddenly turn into an adult body, how could it not be exhausted? He really wondered how Ji-ji did it.

But hearing that Ji-ji was fine, he felt a little relieved, and asked, “What exactly is going on this time? What happened after I fainted?”

Wei Tianli's expression turned solemn, and even Yi Ye and Xiao Hei stopped crying, with anger burning in their eyes.

Wei Tianli, “Zushi should already know about the alliance between the demonic path and the Yao race. The reason why the righteous way's plan was known by the demonic way was that a descendant of the Asura Tower infiltrated the righteous way and became a spy.”

Jing Yue's brows twitched. “Asura Tower again? Is she disguised as a member of the righteous way?”

Wei Tianli, “That's right. The righteous alliance in the west is crowded and mixed. Everyone usually killed monsters in the mountains and rarely interacted, so no one noticed anything unusual.”

Jing Yue, “Asura Tower's illusion art is quite exquisite so it’s normal not to notice anything, but why did the demonic way act in this manner?”

Wei Tianli shook his head. “We don’t know yet. That day, Qin-zhenjun escorted you from Yao Detention Mountain and met ancestors Liu Feng and Liu Yun in Schism Ocean…”

It turned out that when riots broke out in Yao Detention Mountain, Wu Chen crushed the transmission talisman of the sect. Frostcloud Sect immediately knew that something big had happened at Yao Detention Mountain. Otherwise, Wu Chen would not get the chance to say anything.

Liu Feng immediately brought Liu Yun and a group of elders to Yao Detention Mountain for rescue, but due to the far distance, they were still too late despite rushing.

When they saw the unconscious Laozu, everyone in Frostcloud Sect was horrified. After hearing Qin Yanzhi talk about the chaos, they became even more furious.

Liu Yun took Jing Yue from Qin Yanzhi. With his cultivation, he could return to Frostcloud Sect faster, while the rest rushed to Yao Detention Mountain.  They immediately tore up the agreement and slew demonic cultivators and Yao race alike.

Blood flowed into rivers on Yao Detention Mountain, millions of corpses were buried, and Misty Forest fell into a dead silence. Even so, none of the great Yao from the city dared to come out.

When Jing Yue heard this, he asked, “Didn’t you catch the disciples of Lurking Ghost Sect and search their souls?”

Wei Tianli, “We did, but for some reason, as long as the purpose behind this matter is involved, everything becomes a haze as if heavenly Dao is covering it.”

Jing Yue frowned. “What about the Lurking Ghost Sect? What is Han Guang's reaction?”

Wei Tianli said angrily, “Han Guang has completely turned his back on the righteous way. Now, the battle between the righteous way and the demonic way is about to break out!”

Jing Yue snorted coldly. “Han Guang probably wanted to do so long ago. In the past hundred years, demonic cultivators have been getting more active. As the leader of the demonic Dao, how could Lurking Ghost Sect not know? It's just that all along, we have no evidence. Han Guang is too bold, so there must be something greater that gives him the confidence, most likely related to the fortune of Heavenly Dao.”

After thinking about it, he added, “In the black wood forest that day, those demonic cultivators wanted to kill me perhaps not for the treasure. Rather, they were communicating with the elephant in secret but I killed it, so they were afraid that I’d notice something…”

After saying that, he fiercely slapped the bedboard under him. “I’m so stupid for not noticing it earlier!”

“Shizun!” Yi Ye said anxiously, “Who could have expected this sort of thing? The human race shares the same fortune. For the demonic way to go against the heavenly fortune, sooner or later there will be backlash!”

Jing Yue pondered for a moment and asked, “What about the other sects?”

Wei Tianli, “Sword Inscription Sect and Three Realm Temple didn’t suffer much loss, but the righteous alliance…”

He sighed and didn't continue, but it was obviously miserable.

Jing Yue, “What about us?”

This time, everyone fell silent, and Jing Yue knew that many people would never return.

After several days, the blue phoenix woke up.

Jing Yue was just able to get out of bed and walk around by this time. When he rushed to visit it, he saw the familiar little blue chicken lying in the soft bedding, with a white cloth wrapped around its little head.

The little blue chicken was just slightly larger than before, and there were some unexpected changes on the top of its head.

Jing Yue silently looked at Ji-ji at this time, recalling the blue phoenix that he saw in the forest that day, wondering if it was an illusion.

He tiptoed to the bedside and saw a tear under the corner of the blue phoenix's eye.

Jing Yue, “…”

Blue phoenix stretched out a wing weakly. “Jing-jing… you came… to see Ji-ji… one last time…”

Jing Yue secretly urged his energy but felt that his body started to ache again, and said helplessly, “You didn’t suffer any injuries, so why are you wearing a bandage?” And what last meeting?

Blue phoenix was obviously mesmerized in the performance, and said, “Before dying, Ji-ji only has three wishes, and I hope Jing-jing can fulfill it.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Blue phoenix, “First, Jing-jing is going to erect a statue for Ji-ji in front of the Frostcloud Sect mountain gate, the bigger the better.”

“Second, Jing-jing must swear to only spoil me in this life. Even if Ji-ji is no longer alive, you must continue to spoil Ji-ji.”

“Third, Ji-ji's magnificent work has not yet been printed into a picture book. Jing-jing must help Ji-ji realize its heart's desire by issuing an edict from Frostcloud Sect for all cultivators in the cultivation world to read it.”

After saying that, it turned its head slowly. “Jing-jing, can you promise Ji-ji?”

Jing Yue, “Ji-ji.”

Blue phoenix, “I’m here.”

Jing Yue, “You know what? You're bald.”

Blue phoenix, “……”

On that day, when blue phoenix looked in the mirror, the entire Whitefog Summit was filled with its sorrowful wails.

Not long after, Liu Feng and Liu Yun also returned to the sect.

After Liu Yun sent Jing Yue back that day, he immediately rushed to Yao Detention Mountain again.

In this way, the people with the highest status in Frostcloud Sect gathered in the sect, and they talked all night. Outsiders had no idea what the discussion was about.

It was only the next day that Jing Yue was ready to go into seclusion.

Before that, he deliberately instructed, “Keep Lurking Ghost Sect. I want to take revenge myself.”

Author’s Notes:

Author: Are you surprised? Are you shocked?

Ji-ji: Surprised!

Ji-ji: Shocked!

Ji-ji: Can you let Ji-ji be an adult immediately? Ji-ji wants to be handsome for a long time.

Author: No.

Ji-ji: Then can you change the ending a little? Ji-ji doesn’t want to become a baldy.

Author: No way. That’s the natural progression in history.

Ji-ji jumps: Ji-ji hereby declares that I hate you too!

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