Conquest - Chapter 117 [Curse of Life]

After staying in the city of Merika for a few more days, finally the weather is good and the news is on the road.

The snow has melted and the climate has warmed. The road to the imperial capital Osgiliath has been mobilized.

Fang Nongbing got through.

The group immediately set off on their way, left Merika City and rushed to the imperial capital. And this time Afre Carter and his troupe of wolf-toothed warriors were joined by those who started on the road.

Afre Carter's strength is only a mid-level samurai, although not bad, but not too much

What a real powerhouse. But along the way with Shaar, this samurai has other special qualities.

Compared with most samurai of the same level, Afre Carter has a wealth of actual combat experience.

This experience is not a group battle skill in the army, but a battle skill of a duel between samurai.

After all, he had participated in several competitions in Osgiliath, and on weekdays he and his samurai

The regiment is based on martial arts and competes with other samurai, which is just as common as a regular meal.

Accumulated a lot of practical experience.

Although Shaar's strength is not bad now, but when it comes to dueling with people, the experience is real

Poor little. The main exercise of the army on the battlefield is courage and group fighting experience, but this kind of

The personal duel between the samurai is not the military commander Tan Chang, and the turtle has also been around since old age.

In the past, people who only entered the arena after the guy's death rarely fought with others.

The test was really poor.

During the discussion with Afre Carter along the way, Afre Carter holds this person who is not too deep.

Shi Yu Xia's problems are all told without reservation, but Xie Li can think that this "big man"

"Master" is actually stealing learning.

On the second day after leaving Merika, everyone had reached the border of the Armenian Military Region.

According to Afre Carter's introduction, go further through a forest and walk through an abandoned ancient city.

Even if the wall went out of the jurisdiction of the Armenian Military District and entered the center of the imperial capital Osgiliath

The Imperial Territory is also known as the Central Region by the Byzantine Empire.

The cavalcade of horses marched slowly, and the strength of Afre Carter's wolf-toothed warriors was not bad

Actually everyone has a horse to know that in the Byzantine Empire, it is quite a horse to travel.

for the rich. Sure enough, there is an old saying that the poor are rich and the military is rich. These samurai groups seem to be quite powerful.

At noon, the group had just arrived at the forest on the border of the Armenian Military Region.

I was about to stop and rest for a while, when I suddenly heard a whistle from Lin Zi, and then ten

Many horses came out of the forest! The guessers on the horse are all wearing soft armor and holding a long tester in the middle of the road and there are several horse teams running from the woods on both sides around and to the left and right, and it seems that there are many people.

However, there were hundreds of people who immediately guessed that Shaar and his group were in the middle.

The dozen or so warriors who were guessing horses stood in front of them, surrounded by a middle-aged warrior dressed in silver

The appearance of the knight's armor looks free and easy, and there is a silver ten-yu engraving on the waist.

The armor is engraved with patterns, and there is a faint flow of light on it. At first glance, it is a rare magic blessing armor and on the samurai's body is sitting an old man, the old man is wearing a black cloak

Only one piece of gray hair was exposed on the head of the wrapped man, and the old man held ten reins in both hands.

Rings of various colors are worn on the fingers, whether those rings are red, green, blue, and various colors.

The stone seems to be surrounded by a faint layer of black aura on the gemstone, and the old man's face seems

Also hidden in the shadows under the cloak, but wearing a silver badge on the chest, but marking him

identity of a magician and also a powerful middle-level magician!

The middle-aged silver armored warrior sat on the horse, sneered at Shaar and others in front of him, his eyes were only

Afre Carter's body fell on Shaar's side with a slight twist on Shaar and others.

In a ruthless voice, Shang shouted Afre Carter of the Wolf Fang Group, do you still recognize me!! "

As soon as these warriors blocking the road appeared, Afre Carter's face changed suddenly.

The guy's gear is much better than Afre Carter's wolves, at least every one

The warriors on horseback wear iron armor of good quality, not cheap leather armor, which is in everyone's hands

What he is holding is a long steel scraper that looks like the military standard, and he also wears a shield that he was looking for. More importantly

It is that there are still a few archers who are quietly staying outside the siege.

The magician, the melee, the samurai, the archer with the long-range attack, such a complete equipment, also

It is obviously a pomelo time higher than Afre Carter's wolf tooth group.

Afre Carter looked at the Shining Armor warrior in front of him and gritted his teeth, "Philip, it's you.

Do you want to ambush me by bringing someone here, this despicable snake?"

The silver armored warrior smiled coldly, looking at Avrekat with hatred and hatred in his eyes.

You cut off my brother's finger in the last competition of grudge. You should understand.

A samurai can't hold without his fingers; you've turned him into a hostage. Have you ever thought of having a spoon today?"

Joke" Afre Carter said angrily "On the competition arena, I will be the survival of the fittest.

If I don't give my best, will your brother spare my life?

Aren't you afraid of being ridiculed by ordering you to ambush halfway to seek revenge? ! one

That silver armored warrior Philip just sneered, his eyes indifferent.

Afre Carter sighed in his heart, knowing that today is not good, he glanced at the side

Xi Yefu's side was flat and didn't say anything.

Well, don't you want revenge? Come on then! These chauffeurs are nothing to do with the trade group in my passage, and my people and I stay here, you let these ignorant people pass


Stupid Afre Carter. Philip laughed, "Since I choose to be in this place

Fang ambush, you naturally won't let the news leak out 1 these guys, even if they fall well

Who let them make friends like you?"

This person laughed more and more arrogantly, and Tatara, who was hiding behind Shaar, couldn't help but hold his breath. This guy is dead. Sure enough, Afre Carter was about to speak, and Shaar had already stopped him, and he also held down the right.

Guro, the fat man who was about to speak, said loudly, "Hey, I'm talking about you, how about you! Ambush merchants on the way.

Aren't you afraid of being punished by imperial law? "
Afre Carter whispered to Lord Shaar, this man tested Philip, the leader of the Silver Python Warriors.

Frequency this guy nicknamed the fangs is the most sinister and unscrupulous." I'm afraid

He Silver Python Warriors have always been known for their wealth and wealth, and I once abolished his

My younger brother is only afraid that he will not give up."

Philip laughed loudly, and there was something in his smile that looked a bit domineering and staring at Shaar.

Ah, where did you come from, since you are walking with the people of the wolf tooth group, you can only

It can be said that you are unlucky, remember that if there is an afterlife, clean your eyes before making friends! "

Philip lowered his head slightly and whispered to the magician beside him, "Master, a

I'll ask you to do it later. "

The magician seemed very arrogant, Lue Hui nodded, did not speak, just snorted.

Philip's heart was full of confidence, seeing that the other party stopped talking, Bai Quanshiyu in Benz's hand

The sword swung in the air and shouted loudly, Zhang Gongshe! "

With a single order, more than a dozen silver python warriors who were outside the siege drew their bows, and a wave of arrows rained towards them.

Shaar and others in the middle sprinkled it.

The Tes warriors have already surrounded Guro and other leaders in the middle, and put up shields for defense.

The people of the wolf-tooth warrior group have more practical experience, and the warriors put up shields immediately

At the same time, the queue was quickly dispersed and people immediately made various dodging actions.

Tatara had already jumped off the horse at the first moment, and quickly got into the carriage.

After the first wave of arrows fell, I saw the wheel gear, and more than a dozen were nailed to the shield on the carriage.

The arrow shaft only had two warriors accidentally stabbed by the arrow, and Philip let out a roar of the surrounding silver.

The python warriors shouted and rushed over on horseback.

The silver python warriors in all directions are like several iron currents rushing up to the side of Char, Afu

Recart let out a shout, the wolf-toothed warriors under his emperor's leadership did not hesitate to come around.

The hand rushed forward to meet Philip's queue on the opposite side and bumped into it, Afre Carter.

The intention is obvious, Shaar will try his best to downplay Philip once he can get rid of him as a frequency headman.

Then victory is in sight.

Philip galloped to see the visitor, Afre Carter, staggered her horse and couldn't help but stretch out.

He licked his lips with his tongue out, and the expression on his face was full of excitement, and the magician on the side quickly read it.

Two spells and one acceleration spell fell on Philip's body, and Philip's body erupted.

A group of magical rays of light, this guy roared excitedly, rushed up to the whole body, and exploded at the same time.

This guy's fighting qi has already reached the seventh level of high-ranking.

the level of

The two sides slammed into each other and slammed into each other.

After the soldier rolled over and fell to the ground in the first wave of impact, he jumped up without frequent injuries.

Lai took the weapon and stabbed the nearest enemy fiercely.

The people of the Wolf Tooth Warriors are obviously more sturdy, but Philip's number occupies the absolute majority.

Against the advantage, the people of the wolf tooth group were quickly dispersed, and the silver python warriors relied on the large number of horses.

Interspersed, the people of the wolf-toothed warriors were scattered, and at this time, the Tess warriors were falling behind each other.

The retreat occupied a few carriages as defensive fortifications, the people in the front row set aside a long shot for defense, and the people in the back row

Take out the bow and shoot back.

Philip met face-to-face with Afre Carter, and the two immediately fought two scratches before Afre Carter is obviously a bit overwhelmed. After all, his sword fighting spirit is not as good as Philip's silver degrading fighting spirit.

His strength was quickly smashed to a point and his ability was no longer in a frontal fight.

Fighting right away limits his advantage of being agile. Philip seems to have been prepared for a long time.

After the magic of blessing the speed, the movement is also more sensitive and fast, and the sword is fiercely directed at Afu.

Recart greeted Afre carter and was busy parrying, but he didn't even have the chance to dismount.

With a scream, Philip stabbed the black-armored warrior in the shoulder with a sword, and the silver grudge exploded.

The black shoulder armor on Afre Carter's shoulders flew directly, with a cloud of blood rain, Afre Carter.
After turning over and falling to the ground, endured the pain and hurriedly dodged aside, Philip grinned and jumped.

Dismounting and chasing after him, the silver fighting spirit in his hand danced into a ball, immediately shrouding Afre Carter in the air into it.

Originally, he was far less agile than Afre Carter, but with the magic acceleration

It can be compared to the black armored warrior of Afre Carter who endured the pain and tried to parry a few times.

Use speed to get rid of the opponent, but once the shadow curettage loses its advantage in speed, it will immediately stop.

After a few swords at a great discount, he was stabbed in the thigh by Philip with a sword. This time, the silver

Dou Qi directly blasted a piece of flesh and blood on the thigh of the black armored warrior, and Afre Carter let out a cry.

There was a flash of absoluteness in his eyes, and he suddenly tried his best to guess before he turned down, and the long test in his hand turned into one.

Each light shot towards Philip Silver Python warrior in the midst of his pride, I saw a tea lightning strike in front of me

Immediately in my heart, I suddenly turned back and laughed at the long sword in front of me and swung the block to hear the card

The ray of light was cut in two by his sword, but the half-wearing Feifeng still passed by his cheek.

Philip screamed, and a bloody arrow shot out of his face, and even his helmet was directly picked off.

Go back and forth a few steps to wipe his face, the left cheek has been cut out a deep tea.

He was addicted to blood and even his face was scraped off. Philip was horrified, and his whole body was shocked.

A cold sweat just now, if Afre Carter beat himself to death, if he can't dodge it or he

Without the blessing of speed magic, I am afraid that I have already slapped a sword and shot my head.

At this moment, the horror in his heart was gone, and the anger came out. Philip shouted and caught up.

When he went to Fengjian, he chopped off the head of Afre Carter. The black armored warrior lost his weapon.

The attack drained all the vindictive energy from the whole body and was unable to resist, so he could only close his eyes and wait to die!

Philip's sword fell, and his heart was ecstatic, as if he had foreseen that the head of Sishou would be directly slashed.

At this moment, a tea-red light suddenly shot over, and Philip felt his hand.

There was a violent vibration and a snort in his hand, and the silver Shiyu sword suddenly became short.

Afre Carter escaped and immediately went out in the cold.
Hey, I said murder is against the law. "A positive voice echoed in Philip's body.

From the side, there was a burst of force.

A murderous look flashed in his eyes with a fire fork, and he stepped forward and smashed it down!

As a high-level warrior, Philip would naturally not be so vulnerable, but Xi Ya is now

The red murderous aura came out and the sharpness of the fire fork made it even more difficult to guess! Philip holding a half

Broken Sword blocked three times in a row and heard three crisp sounds. After retreating, there was a light left in his hand.

Bald sword hilt

He was so frightened that he lost his courage and threw the hilt of the sword towards Shaar.

Go and yell at Master Dao"

Shaar was about to go up to chase and kill, and suddenly heard Dora's anxious voice deep in her mind:

What are you doing staring at this samurai, idiot, kill that magician first 11"

The voice of the magician singing a spell coldly came from behind, and the magician had been riding far away.

Ma was surrounded by four silver python warriors, guarding him every step of the way.

The magician raised his hands full of rings, and he did not know when there was an extra ring in his right hand.

After a magic skill came a magic light, a few black lights shot towards Shaar. Come over. Shaar bowed her head and rolled on the spot, but after the black rays of light were emptied, they flew to the halfway point.

Kong but automatically turned over and shot at Shaar's back, Shaar's scalp suddenly became numb, feeling

Feeling a cold aura coming from the black light, which made him extremely uncomfortable, he shouted loudly.

With a slam of both feet on the ground, people sprinted out quickly, two ups and downs, it was worth it

rushed to the magician

The four silver python warriors immediately set aside a long scraper to surround them, but the magician turned around and ran away.

After all, magicians do not have long melee combat.

Shaar stabbed two silver python warriors in two strokes, but the magician has re-issued

The second magic came and shot out two black lights with a bang!

This time, the black light behind and the black light in front came at the same time Shaar couldn't dodge the hard hug

There was a silver python warrior who let the opponent's long sword stab him hard in the chest anyway.

After he had a dragon python body protector, he threw himself into the opponent's arms and shook his arms slightly.

smashed the opponent's neck with a bang

Heiguang Lai Shaar turned over and blocked it with the enemy's corpse, and immediately felt the black qi surge

When he threw away the corpse frantically, he saw that the corpse "melted" in mid-air!

When the body is good, the flesh and blood are transformed into a pair of white like ice and snow in an instant.

Shaar's heart was stunned and he saw that there were two black lights coming from each other. He could only run away with his legs.

The sorcerer chased after him. The magician was also shocked that after the third spell was chanted, there was an extra one in front of him.

A circular light group magic shield came to Shaar and rushed to the front, and suddenly it seemed to hit a wall

The black light behind the upper body hit Shaar's back, and Shaar felt like he was being hit by a bucket.

The cold water was poured from the head, and two shivers instantly hit

In an instant, Shaar's whole body's clothes, the robes of the original Huazhe were as if they were corroded and generalized.

Made into pieces, then dried up and turned into fluffy fluff, and turned into powder in mid-air

Chen and his whole body clothes, whether it is a coat or underwear, even the original clothes on his body.

Guro's soft armor outside was also corroded. But finally the dragon scales that he wore next to his body counted his life, and the black light eroded down to the dragon scales.

At that time, a little dragon soul mark was touched in Shaar's body, and suddenly a warm feeling came from the dragon python.

It was inspired to counteract the black coldness. Even so, Shaar's dragon soul mark is after all.

The weak magic level is much worse than that of a middle-level magician.

Seeing that the dragon scales on the back only blocked it, the warmth has also been broken through.

He rolled on the spot and quickly ripped off the old scales behind him and threw it out.

The dragon scales that flew out with a bang have been penetrated in the air, and the middle part seems to be burned by fire.

It burned like a hole in the head

Such domineering magic, Shaar was horrified, if it wasn't for the dragon scale emblem, he resisted it.

Let yourself have time to take off the dragon python, I am afraid that I will be pierced by the black light if I am a little slower.

The magician activated several spells in a row, and he couldn't help but feel a little tired, and he wanted to read it again.

He cursed, but his voice weakened.

Shaar's clothes were corroded and the upper body was naked, while the lower body was only left.

The underpants are half tattered, seeing that the magician has to activate the magic Char, how can he let him get

Let him send another note of this domineering black light, but he has no dragon scales to block it!

He rushed forward with a loud roar, his body hit the magic shield, and the light on the magic shield fluctuated.

The fire fork slashed down with a crimson murderous light, and the fire fork cut the magic light a few times.

Points, but only cut down a little and can no longer move forward

The magician was already stunned and confused, and he was beaten even after chanting half the spell.

Breaking his magic shield is enough to block high-level fighting spirit in a short period of time, but this enemy

With such a powerful spoon, the magic shield was almost cut open with one swipe.

Could it be that this guy's martial arts have reached the eighth rank?
However, Shaar had already made a decision in an instant, and he suddenly took a step back and held it with both hands.

The fire roared again with a dragon thorn"

A thin red light burst out from the tip of the fire fork, and Shaar held the fire in both hands

Pierced into the magic light, the fire fork was blocked, but with the red light of the dragon thorn

The original solid magic light of the line was broken through in an instant!

The red light penetrated the magic light and hit the magician directly.

The teacher grew up, the heart part of the mouth was penetrated by the light, and the blood gushed out of the mouth and tested it later.

Go down and planted from the horse.

As soon as the dragon thorn came out, Shaar's whole body was in severe pain. He knew that he would be attacked by the power immediately.

The attacked side endured the severe pain and strode forward, the hairy blood on the arm has been covered up

The torn muscles almost made Shaar feel dizzy

He reluctantly rushed to the side of the magician's body with his hands up and down, and carved the magician's head.

He came down and raised it in his hand and shouted loudly that the magician killed me! want to die though


Philip saw that this terrible guy actually survived the magician's attack and died, and

It even forcibly penetrated the magician's defensive magic, and even costed himself a huge price with one sword.

The head of the invited magician was chopped off.

Seeing this scene, Philip's heart has already reached the point of shock, and there is still a little bit of courage in the evil.

This guy is so easy to kill a magician, and he thinks that he was killed under the opponent's hands just now.

The courage in my heart is lost, and Philip still has the courage to continue to entangle.

Seeing that Shaar's murderous eyes were already aimed at him, he suddenly trembled and shouted.

"Retreat, retreat"

He quickly slashed a wolf-toothed warrior beside him, ran to the side, turned over and jumped on a horse

He kicked the horse twice and ran away.

The silver python warriors under his command saw that the leader was running away, so naturally they would not love to fight, and whistled for a while.

The sound was scattered and the Mercedes-Benz fled away.

The wolf-toothed warriors were originally too few to pursue, so they could only watch the opponent flee.

Only half of the people who took off the carvings were wounded and bleeding, and finally sat down on the ground.

At this moment, the battlefield is in a mess, and the ground is lying on the ground: more than ten corpses with wolf teeth

More than ten people of the samurai group died, and less than ten people were engraved, and the samurai of Landis were also killed and wounded.

Six or seven other corpses are silver python warriors.

Watching the enemy retreat, Guro whistled, and the Lantis warriors picked up their bows and guessed.

After chasing a round of bows and arrows, and then shooting the escaped silver python samurai off the horse, waiting for the other party to finally

After escaping far away, everyone finally put down their weapons and everyone was gasping for breath.

Tatara had already run out of the carriage and ran to Shaar's side to help him.

How about you, Mr. Shaar, to help you up? "Shaar's whole body guessed that he could barely stand still, and the weight of his body was all on Tatara's body.

He threw away the magician's head and laughed three times, finally

His eyes rolled over to Tatara's back.

Soyite was also injured a little bit. After all, he is a follower of Lue Wen, a bald man, or he knows a little bit of martial arts.

The skill has been fighting side by side with the Lantis people just now, but he has not suffered much damage. At this moment

He also threw his swordsmanship and ran over with Guro, who helped Shaar to sit aside and sat down. Shaar finally recovered a little bit of anger to endure the severe pain, looked around, and determined that the crisis was over.

He just shook his head and cursed

I, a magician, are really not easy to deal with. I almost confessed here

All magicians in the world should be killed."

Hearing this, Tatara couldn't help shrinking his neck even though he was angry.

A group of people began to save the wounded Lantis and the surviving wolf-tooth warriors began to clean up

The black armored warrior Afre Carter was also seriously injured, lying there with his wounds bandaged.

Tatara is the most cunning, his first reaction was to drag the dead magician's body

Come over and take off all the guess rings from the magician's finger one by one

Tatara's face was full of excitement as he picked up the ring, and he couldn't help whispering to Shaar.

Master Dao sent us these, but these are all good things,"

Shaar raised her eyelids, it's a good thing."

Of course, it is a good thing for Tatara to endure the excitement. If you have these things in your hands, sir

There is no value in it at most for a little money, but in my hands it can become

A powerful good thing?" oh spoon"

Tatara swallowed and lowered his voice, "Master, I just saw this

The magician you killed cultivated and practiced an extremely rare curse of life in the magic world

Even in the magic world, this type of magic is extremely rare,"

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