My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 118.1: Payback

30 years later.

Frore City, Friendship Teahouse.

A dozen or so tea guests gathered in one place, drinking tea in name, but in fact it was for gossip and chat, because early this morning, the new Flying Immortal List was posted again.

Guest A took a sip of tea and sighed, “I heard that Qin-zhenjun has touched the threshold of the upper-level Heavenly Grotto stage, and it has been less than a hundred years since he first entered this stage, right?”

Guest B was full of emotions. “I really don’t know how these prodigies cultivate. A cultivator with good aptitude can only upgrade from Foundation Establishment to Golden Core in such a short time.”

Guest C, “Qin-zhenjun’s cultivation speed can be considered unprecedented, right?”

Guest A, “Indeed no one has done it before, but he might not be the last either. Our Jing-laozu of Frostcloud Sect is not weaker than him.”

Most of the people here grew up in Frore City and had a great sense of belonging to Frostcloud Sect, so they naturally spoke with pride.

Guest B, “I heard that Jing-laozu is still in seclusion, and he has entered Amethyst Abode stage when that happened. I wonder if he has made a breakthrough over the years.”

Guest C, “Whether there is a breakthrough or not, Jing-laozu is still ranked the top of Amethyst Abode.”

At this time, an unfamiliar-looking guest at the next table said, “Ever since Jing-laozu entered Amethyst Abode, he has never been seen in the outside world, not to mention his fight records, but the Flying Immortal List has always ranked him first. It was probably because of his status…”

A, B, and C had never seen this person, and when they heard the other party's foreign accent, they immediately saw him as the common enemy. “What do you know?”

“Although our Jing-laozu just entered Amethyst Abode back then, he killed a Yao King, a Yao Marshal, two Amethyst Abode demonic cultivators, and thousands of Yao beasts single-handedly in Yao Detention Mountain. How is that not considered a fight record?”

“Our Jing-laozu took less than a hundred years to go from the Foundation Establishment mid-level to Amethyst Abode. This is also an actual achievement!”

“Where did you come from? Why don't you name one person to compare with our Jing-laozu?”

The unfamiliar tea guest was repeatedly bombarded and was unhappy. “If Jing-laozu is really that powerful, why did so many people from Frostcloud Sect die on Yao Detention Mountain?”

“Nonsense! Didn’t people from Sword Inscription Sect and Three Realm Temple die too?”

The words of the unfamiliar tea guest stepped on everyone's sore spot, and everyone in the tea house glared at him.

Although 30 years had passed, the cultivators and people of Frore City were still heartbroken whenever the battle of Yao Detention Mountain was mentioned.

In that battle, although Frostcloud Sect didn’t lose any top experts, two Golden Core Zhenren died, and nearly a hundred Foundation Establishment disciples slumbered forever in Yao Detention Mountain.

Today, a towering tombstone stood in the north camp of Yao Detention Mountain with one sentence on it—8,073rd year of the new calendar, Gengxin month, Yihai day, 100,000 Yao as an offering.


An old man slapped the table and stood up angrily. “Boy, where did you come from? How dare you provoke my Frostcloud Sect?”

“That’s right!” The others were also furious.

The unfamiliar tea guest was baffled. He just heard these people bragging too much and asked a casual question. How could he have the guts to provoke Frostcloud Sect?

But seeing the agitation in the tea house, he still apologized cowardly and ran away in despair.

After he left, the tea house was quiet for a moment, and the atmosphere changed. They talked about Yao Detention Mountain and those who would never return.

The old man sighed. “Yan Qi-zhenren has a direct disciple named Qian Yue whom I was fortunate enough to meet once. It was she who brought Jing-laozu back to Frostcloud Sect. You may not believe it, but back then, before Fairy Qian Yue led Jing-laozu into the sect, it was I who pointed the way for Jing-laozu.”

Sure enough, everyone looked suspicious. The old man no longer had the temper he had when he was young and couldn’t be bothered to explain, but in his heart, he thought of that young man from the countryside many years ago.

It was said that cultivation was not easy. He had only reached level-6 Qi Refining stage while that teenager had soared to the sky.

Perhaps his son, grandson, grandson's grandson, would grow up listening to the legend of the young man, just as they listened to the story of Qin-zhenjun when they were young.

On Whitefog Summit at this time, Jing Yue opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

He spent 30 years refining half of Wan Se’s Yao inner core. Not only did he stabilize his realm, but his cultivation also improved, and was about to enter mid-level Amethyst Abode. If not for the fact that he had been injured too badly before, and his foundation had been damaged, this half inner core would have been enough for him to cross a small realm.

Even so, he still took a big advantage. It should be noted that in his last life, he remained in low-level Amethyst Abode for 200 years.

Jing Yue stood up, waved his sleeve robe, and the stone door of the cave opened.

As soon as he left the cave, he could smell the flower fragrance on Whitefog Summit. Jing Yue took a deep breath and saw the blue phoenix flapping its wings flying to him.


The blue phoenix wore a small square hat on its head, and the brim occasionally dropped down to cover its eyes when flying. Now and then, the blue phoenix would tilt its head up and let the brim slide back.

Jing Yue couldn’t help smothering a laugh and held Ji-ji that pounced into his arms. “Why are you wearing a hat? Who prepared it for you?”

Blue phoenix looked at Jing Yue aggrievedly. “Jing-jing should know without asking.”

Jing Yue was taken aback. He really didn't know.

Blue phoenix sat on his hand and said angrily, “Jing-jing actually forgot! Ji-ji is bald!”

Jing Yue, “…”

He laughed out loud again. Yes, after returning from Yao Detention Mountain, blue phoenix lost a tuft of hair on top of its head.

Perhaps it was because blue phoenix had reached the limit of its potential when it turned into an adult, and it had far exceeded its physical capacity. After changing back, the blue phoenix's strength had improved, but it left a mark on its appearance.

Jing Yue really didn’t expect that after 30 years, the hair on blue phoenix's head had not grown back.

He softly comforted blue phoenix with a few words, such as, “It's cute even if you're bald”, “The hat really suits you,” and so on.

Blue phoenix became happy again. “Lil Leaf found someone to make it for Ji-ji! There's a lot more, so Ji-ji will change a new one every day and show it to Jing-jing!”

Jing Yue, “…Okay.”

Soon, Yi Ye and the others also arrived. Jing Yue's eyes swept over them one by one, and said solemnly, “Pass a message to the major factions. We shall go to the West Shu continent to purge the demonic way!”

Everyone's spirits were lifted, and they said in unison, “Yes!”

In Friendship Teahouse, the guests continued chatting. Guest A said, “But the sects of the righteous way are also strange. Why do they only take revenge on the Yao race but left the demonic way alone? Back then it was clear that Lurking Ghost Sect teamed up with the Yao race to trap them.”

Guest B, “Yeah, I heard that the major factions have taken turns to slay the monsters on Yao Detention Mountain over the years. Although this was the case in the past, they are now more ruthless. No big Yao from the city dares to come forward.”

Guest C, “Back then, I thought that the war between the righteous path and the demonic way is about to break out. I didn’t expect the people of the righteous path to hold back until now. They can't be afraid of those demonic cultivators, right?”

Guest A, “How is that possible…”

As soon as he said that, a bell rang suddenly, and everyone realized that it was Jadecloud Bell!

A group of people flocked out of the teahouse. In the direction of Frostcloud Sect, more than 20 sword lights rose into the sky and quickly disappeared into the horizon.

“That is…”

“It must be the immortals from Frostcloud Sect! They actually dispatched so many people? Where are they going?”

The last time Frostcloud Sect made such a big commotion was to rescue their fellow disciples at Yao Detention Mountain.

The old man among the tea guests slapped his thigh sharply. “To West Shu! They must be going to West Shu to take revenge!”

At the same time, Sword Inscription Sect.

Qin Yanzhi crushed a transmission talisman and went directly to Sect Leader Fu Chen. “Jing-laozu has come out of seclusion. We should make a move.”

Very soon, Fu Chen-zhenjun’s voice could be heard in every corner of Sword Inscription Sect. “All Amethyst Abode and Golden Core disciples are to gather at the mountain gate quickly and follow me to West Shu!”

Three Realm Temple.

Kong Miao walked out of the meditation room and a little monk hurried forward to meet him when he heard Kong Miao saying, “Tell Jue Ming that the time has come. It’s time to settle the score with Han Guang.”

At the same time, many other immortal sects in the World of Seven Continents were excited. “The day has finally arrived!”

West Shu Continent.

The morning sun shone brightly, passing through the gaps in the dense green foliage, and shone on a deep purple land.

There was a thick fog in the dense forest and the thick vines could be seen intertwined together. Fallen leaves as thick as a carpet littered the muddy ground.

In a stronghold of Lurking Ghost Sect, a demonic cultivator carefully wiped the jade statue in the center of the hall. The jade statue was only two feet high, which a handsome middle-aged Daoist was engraved.

After the demonic cultivator wiped the jade statue, he opened the door. More demonic cultivators entered the hall, bowed their heads in front of the jade statue, and chanted strange tunes.

They were immersed in their daily worship, but they didn’t know that many cultivators had gathered outside the door.

Jing Yue rolled up the sheepskin map in his hand and said, “Let's start from here.”

With that said, Mini Canglan sword rose in response. With one stroke of the sword, the gate was cut into two, and the rest of the cultivators swarmed in.

A loud noise was heard in the hall and the demonic cultivators were all shocked. “What happened?”

But soon, the killing and bloodshed gave them the answer.

West Shu continent was vast and sparsely populated. The strongholds of Lurking Ghost Sect were often hidden in the depths of the jungle, but over the years, people of the righteous way snuck into West Shu constantly, and all 28 strongholds of Lurking Ghost Sect had been found.

This time, the righteous way came out in full force in the largest clearance operation against the demonic way since the start of the new calendar.

Although many years ago, when the demonic way ambushed the righteous way in Buried Star Ocean, and the righteous way also retaliated after the event, the movement was much smaller compared to this. That was because the last time was just a dispute between the righteous and the demonic way, while this one involved the human race and the yao race.

For the righteous way, the demonic way’s rebellion would never be tolerated.

The major sects acted separately to destroy the strongholds of Lurking Ghost Sect scattered across West Shu. When other demonic cultivators came to their aid, they were also killed one after another.

A day later, 7 of the 28 strongholds of Lurking Ghost Sect had been destroyed. Han Guang was so furious that he finally couldn't sit still, but before he could take the initiative to attack, Frostcloud Sect, Sword Inscription Sect, and Three Realm Temple had directly attacked the main sect!

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