After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 12 - Wanted a hug but was pushed away.

Zhong Weiguo and Zheng Yonglan never expected that they would be born again! A few hours ago, they were still standing in front of Zhong Youyou's tomb, holding a black umbrella, immersed in the sadness of seeing their child die before them.

In that car accident, they and Zhong Xiyou also suffered serious injuries and were taken to the hospital. However, Zhong Youyou’s young and bright life disappeared forever. Zhong Youyou was sitting in the back of the car and clearly able to escape, but in order to save them, she was burned so badly that they could not find her ashes…... That scene was so traumatizing to them that they could not forget it even till now!

Zheng Yonglan covered her face, tears streaming down as if the floodgates had been open, she couldn't be bothered about grace nor face. For the first time in her life, she cried so hard that she choked.

"When you first entered the house, Mom was very harsh and dissatisfied with you. Until you died to save your parents, Mom didn't even show you a mother's love for you….. Mom was really wrong....."

She didn't feel the sharp pain in her body until Youyou died. It was entirely due to the nature of blood being thicker than water.

She also finally realized why she has been treating Youyou badly. She couldn't accept that fact at that time — the one who stood on the street dirty and timid, with shifty eyes, who couldn't even use knives and forks when she was brought to eat Western food, and with a tone of voice that was as vulgar as Meng Qian’s, turned out to be her biological child!

All just because she dare not admit her mistakes! If she was more cautious when the child slept next to her, nothing like that would happen. She just didn't dare to face the self who lost her child and the self who was not worthy to be a mother!

And she vented all that on Youyou. She was actually so cruel to her own child.

Zheng Yonglan cried so much that she couldn’t speak and her whole body shook, but it was too late to regret!

Zhong Weiguo couldn't bear it and soothe her by patting her back, his stern face also showed pain. Compared to his wife's current pain, what he felt more was hatred —— hatred for Meng Shixuan and Meng Qian, that mother and daughter. He should have ignored Meng Shixuan's dissuasion and sent that Meng Qian woman to the police!

He had to say that in the past fifteen years, he also regarded Meng Shixuan as his own daughter and doted on her, so even though he proposed to send Meng Shixuan back, he couldn't bear it and let her stay in the Zhong family and continued to pamper her.

But now, after seeing how Meng Shixuan abandoned her family when they were in a car accident, the little love he had was practically gone! Only the hatred of being betrayed by a white-eyed wolf was left!

white-eyed wolf - an ingrate; (or more preferably) thankless wretch

And Youyou...... he really cared too little about Youyou. After bringing Youyou back and thinking that his wife and son would accept her sooner or later, he threw a sum of money at her and didn’t bother about household matters anymore. But how could he expect Youyou to become more and more rebellious! Even her character got worse..…

Father Zhong thought of this and then remembered the scene where Zhong Youyou gritted her teeth and took him out of the danger zone, and couldn't help but bitterly smile. In the end, it is adversity that allows one to see people's hearts. In this world, probably only blood relationships can be trusted.

The sky darkened and the rain was pouring. Zheng Yonglan cried to the point of fainting, and Zhong Weiguo hurriedly took her to the hospital. Unexpectedly, they would be reborn in the next second. The two opened their eyes and found that they were on the plane, returning to 10 years ago, the time when Youyou was only 18 years old!

At that moment, the two of them felt disbelief and they shed tears while holding each other on the plane! This flight was originally intended to fly to another city. Zhong Weiguo had a meeting and could only go home the next day, but almost immediately, he made a decision and asked his assistant to buy the fastest flight home right after landing!

Before boarding the plane, Zheng Yonglan put ice on her crying eyes, finally calmed down, and phoned Zhong Youyou. At this end, both husband and wife were extremely nervous and didn't know what to say, Zheng Yonglan even wrote some drafts in her mind.

Unexpectedly, Zhong Youyou didn't answer at all and just hung up.

The husband and wife thought that Zhong Youyou didn’t pick up because she might be still taking the exam, so they didn’t bother her. Anyway, they will see each other in a few hours. In a complicated mood consisting of sadness, nervousness, feeling of unexpected recovery from a seemingly impossible situation, joy and hope, the two finally rushed home…...


"Where is the Second Young Miss?" Father Zhong, who asked this question, had a trace of a tremor in his voice. Mother Zhong’s eyes had reddened and she couldn't wait any longer, she kicked off her high heels and hurriedly walked into the villa.

It's okay, it's okay, she remembered that at this time the relationship between Youyou and them had not completely deteriorated.

Although Youyou was rebellious and deliberately did some unpleasant things, it was all to attract their attention. In the end, she was still a child who lacked love and wanted to be cared for by her family! So as long as she remedies it in time, she will be able to repair the relationship between mother and daughter!

She was eager in her heart and simply didn't care about Meng Shixuan at all, so she threw off Meng Shixuan's hand that was reaching out again. Meng Shixuan's footsteps stopped immediately and she froze as she looked at her mother's back in disbelief, as if she suffered a heavy blow.

And Zhong Youyou, who had read the whole novel, didn't have a good impression of the parents so how could she want to see them. The less she saw them, the better. So she was sneaking back into her room from the kitchen.

But she just went up a few steps when a figure smelling like perfume pounced on her from behind.


Mother Zhong saw her living daughter again. She seemed to be in a dream and didn’t care about anything else. She rushed over and hugged Zhong Youyou with heartbreak, like hugging a treasure that was lost and recovered. In a split second, tears fell: "Youyou…..."

Zhong Youyou: "……"

She got goosebumps in an instant. Her eyes widened and her head was filled with “WTF”. It can’t be, the person holding her now is Mother Zhong? Was she mistaken? Did she transmigrate into the wrong book? Didn’t the Mother Zhong in the original text hate her to death?

Zhong Youyou returned to her senses in an instant, wrenched open Mother Zhong’s arms, turned around, and took two steps back as she wrinkled her brows.

Mother Zhong never expected her to resist so much. She didn’t have enough time to feel sad when she exclaimed and almost fell down the stairs. Fortunately, she held the stair railings and stood firm.


She raised her head, reached out to Zhong Youyou and tried her best to say in a gentle tone: "Mom and dad have been on a business trip for almost a week, did you miss mother? Let's go to your room and sit down and have a good chat?"

She looked at Zhong Youyou expectantly.

This child always looked at her with a longing gaze in her previous life. In order to get their love, she went crazy and became twisted. Not in this life, she will definitely make it up to this child..…

But, when she was ready to embrace Zhong Youyou again, waiting for Zhong Youyou to show flattered eyes and a happy expression filled with joy, she was stunned.

"What is there to talk about?"

Zhong Youyou's expression was a bit impatient, not the kind where one pretended not to care, nor the kind where one deliberately pretended to be covered with thorns, but it was the kind with disgust and irritation when facing strangers who pestered her —— her eyes were extremely cold and full of repulsion.

After finishing speaking, Zhong Youyou went upstairs, entered the room, and slammed the door shut.

Zhong Youyou was also surprised beyond belief. The original text did not have such a plot, what a joke! In the original text, Mother Zhong wished that Meng Shixuan was her biological daughter! If it is really because of the Third Young Master of the Qin family, then Mother Zhong's performance was too exaggerated!

After she left, Mother Zhong's figure suddenly looked discouraged and defeated.

"......" For a moment, Mother Zhong's throat became mute and she couldn't say a word. She stood there blankly, as if she had been doused with cold water from head to toe. Just now the daggers in Zhong Youyou's gaze stabbed into her heart severely.

No, why?

Zhong Youyou's gaze just now…… Why does it seem that she didn’t care about them at all?

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