My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 122.2: Greentown Mystery pt. 3

After waiting a while longer, Wei Zhentu rushed over from afar. “A-jing, we checked. There’s nothing.”

Jing Yue nodded and transmitted his voice to the other party, “We have clues. Let’s wait until at night.”

At night, the moon hung high in the sky.

Greentown was brightly lit, and no one dared to fall asleep.

The earth god temple was silent. At the stroke of 11, a gust of wind suddenly blew in the temple, and the temple door banged back and forth loudly.

The gust of wind swept out quickly, and the lake water also rippled with waves, producing a faint whimper.

The earth god statue in the temple suddenly split open from the abdomen and a slender figure emerged from it. She wore a red wedding dress but her body was wet, with sleeves and skirt dripping with water. As she moved, a long string of water stains was left on the ground.

The figure smiled slightly, bowed to the earth god, and quickly floated out of the temple door.

Suddenly, a beam of white light came straight at her. The figure was caught off guard and was pierced through the shoulder by the white light, and immediately let out a scream.

The wind blew more violently, and the shadows of the grass and trees writhed under the pale moonlight. The figure looked up and saw four Daoists standing in front of her. She said angrily, “So it's you stinking Daoists!”

She knew as soon as the Daoists arrived in Greentown, but she was not worried at all, because she knew that these people could not find her. She was blessed by god. Sure enough, they searched all over and couldn't find her. She still felt a little smug at that time, not expecting that these people were just trying to lure her out.

Hmph! They were just a few Daoists, no match for her at all!

The figure formed five fingers into claws and rushed to the Daoist that looked shortest. Before she could pounce on him, a guy next to the short Daoist tossed out a long scroll and petrified her on the spot. She was very anxious but felt a strong force burst out of her body, helping her break through the confinement.

Once the figure was able to move, it quickly fled to the earth god temple.

But when she entered the temple, she saw a Daoist standing in front of the earth god statue.

Five Daoists? How was it possible? Only four Daoists entered the town today!

No, the Daoist in front of her looked exactly like the one from earlier. Twins?

The figure was in doubt but heard the Daoist say, “Stop thinking blindly. Even with your shallow knowledge, you can’t even begin to think about it. And don’t try to escape. With your poor cultivation, even Daoist Wei can easily trample you on the ground.”

Wei Zhentu who just entered: ???

Qin Yanzhi couldn't help but chuckle, while Ruan Jiu whispered comfortingly, “Wei-daoyou, you’re highly talented, and your cultivation will surely catch up with us soon.”

Wei Zhentu, “…”

Of course, the Daoist in front of the earth god statue was Jing Yue’s clone. As soon as his main body moved, he merged with the clone, while the others gathered around him.

The figure knew she was no match and said angrily, “You cultivate the orthodox path but you want to help others do evil?”

Jing Yue, “Aren't we here to catch you? Huang Yue'er, don’t you know if you’re right or evil?”

The figure was not surprised when the Daoist called her real name, and said, “Of course I’m right! Not only did Du-lang lie to me, but he also destroyed my body and threw it into the lake. Doesn’t he deserve to die?”

(TN: Lang 郎 = term of endearment for a guy, usually son or husband.)

Jing Yue, “But you didn’t kill him. You only killed his parents, wife, and children who knew nothing about it, as well as so many innocent people in Greentown.”

Huang Yue'er suddenly let out a shrill laugh. “Wouldn't it be letting him off easy if I just killed him? I want to make him suffer and despair! His parents prevented my marriage, so they should die! That woman stole the position that should belong to me, and even gave birth, so she should die too! All men are scum and deserve to die!”

Hearing this, blue phoenix that was a little scared now immediately said, “Jing-jing, Ji-ji’s wise eyes have long seen through everything!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Huang Yue'er added, “If I’m not in the right, why does the earth god protect me?”

Jing Yue, “Yeah, I don't understand either. Why are you protecting her?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Yanzhi grabbed with one hand in a very tacit understanding. Huang Yue’er felt her strength rapidly draining, and then she saw a golden light being grabbed out of her body, after which she became much more transparent.

“Don't kill me! Don't kill me!” The golden light struggled and screamed.

Qin Yanzhi flicked his hand, and the golden light transformed into a little boy, who fell on the ground and rolled over a few times. The little boy was released and immediately tried to burrow into the earth, but found that the ground beneath his feet had frozen into ice at some point. He looked around, and several Daoists stood guard on each side, trapping him and Huang Yue’er in a tight circle.

The little boy pouted, stood up, and adjusted his crooked hat when he heard Huang Yue'er exclaim in surprise, “Who are you?”

Huang Yue'er was shocked. Although she felt a mysterious power in her body, she didn't expect it to be a person.

The little boy raised his head and said, “Sister Yue’er, I’m the earth baby!”

Four Daoists and one phoenix, “…”

Huang Yue'er was also startled, only to realize that although the boy was small, his clothes were exactly the same as those of the earth god statue in the temple, and also held a short walking stick in his hand. However… earth baby?

Little boy, “Sister Yue’er, don’t you remember? You used to send me flowers every day.”

Huang Yue'er didn't answer, but said instead, “Are you the one protecting me?”

It was Jing Yue who answered her, “If you didn't have the will of the earth god to shield you, with the evil spirit in you, you would have been exterminated by other Daoists long ago. How would you still be allowed to harm so many people?”

It turned out that as soon as he and Qin Yanzhi entered the temple in the daytime, they felt that the earth god had developed a spirit, but the spirit was wrapped around a cloud of evil. The earth god used its righteousness to cover the evil up so that no trace of evil was found in Greentown.

Of course, it was also because the Daoists who came before were not skilled enough that Huang Yue’er remained hidden for so long.

For the earth god to develop a spirit, it relied on the power of human faith, and faith was very troublesome for Daoist cultivators because once they attacked the faith, they would be tainted with all the karma in the faith. Now that the earth god’s spiritual consciousness was hidden in the statue, the only way to force the evil out was to destroy the statue. But the statue had absorbed the power of faith over the years, and neither Jing Yue nor Qin Yanzhi wanted to act recklessly.

Thus, they pretended to be unaware and tried to lure the evil away from the statue.

Unexpectedly, the earth god’s spiritual consciousness also followed the evil out, which saved them a lot of trouble.

Huang Yue'er said angrily, “Nonsense! I'm not evil!”

Jing Yue, “Yeah, you aren’t wrong. You’re not just evil but also a Yao.”

Ruan Jiu also stepped forward and said, “You have a strong Yao energy, and neither human nor ghost. Speak, what are you?”

Huang Yue'er's shadow laughed. “I’m Yao? Although I’m dead, when did I become a Yao?”

Ruan Jiu still wanted to argue but Wei Zhentu said impatiently, “Why are you talking so much with her? Just destroy her already!”

“No, don’t do it!” the earth god baby shouted. “Sister Yue'er is a good person!”

Wei Zhentu sneered, “If she’s a good person, are you saying that the other people in Greentown who ask for your protection are all bad people?”

The earth baby jumped up and said, “Young Master Du is a bad person. He’s the one who let Sister Yue'er and this baby down. They agreed to let this baby witness their lifetime, but Young Master Du betrayed Sister Yue'er!”

Wei Zhentu, “Young Master Du doesn’t deserve death even if he betrayed her. Huang Yue’er committed suicide. Although Young Master Du was scum, he didn’t kill anyone. Besides, why do you avoid talking about other people?”

The earth baby squirmed. “Sister Yue'er is the one who awakened this baby's spiritual consciousness. Sister Yue'er is kind to this baby. Those townspeople even destroyed this baby's tribute!”

Jing Yue knew that without someone to guide the earth baby’s spiritual consciousness, he had now gone astray, and said, “You are formed by the condensed faith of more than ten generations of people in Greentown. Although Huang Yue’er was devout before her death, she was only the last bit of strength to help bring your spirit to life, but you count all the kindness on her alone and harmed a town full of people. If their ancestors knew, they’d regret building a temple for you and shaping your body. By repaying kindness with vengeance, even without us, it won't be long before your faith will disappear, and you too will completely perish.”

The earth baby panicked, “Y-You’re lying to baby!”

Huang Yue'er also understood why she was blessed at this time, and quickly said, “Earth baby, you’re a god. They don't dare to hurt you at all. They only dare to threaten you with intimidating words. You’re awakened by me, and I’m your only benefactor.”

Jing Yue, “Hmph, obstinate fool!”

He pressed his hands to the ground and the entire temple shook. Wisps of black mist emerged from the ground and condensed into vague human figures.

Those people surrounded the earth baby, bared their teeth and claws at him, and roared.

“Earth god, my Chen family has worshipped you for generations. Why do you condone evil to harm my Chen family and kill my descendants?”

“Earth god, back then, my ancestors led the townspeople to shape your mud body, paint you with colorful paint, and let you enjoy the incense offerings. Why do you want to harm Greentown now?”

“Earth god, I copied and recited the scriptures for you every day, begging you to protect my grandson. Why did you cause him to die on the day of his marriage?”

“Earth god!”

“Earth god!”

They were netherworld spirits yet to be reincarnated, and every question was full of anger and pain, which caused great distress to the earth baby. “The baby didn’t! Baby didn't mean to do it!”

He looked around in confusion, trying to find Huang Yue'er from the crowd of resentful spirits, to get a trace of comfort and affirmation from Sister Yue'er. Instead, he saw Huang Yue'er open her mouth to devour a spirit, and that hideous appearance made the earth baby feel unfamiliar, not at all the little sister who sent him flowers every day in his memory.

At that time, when his spiritual consciousness had just awakened, he saw a young lady with her hair in a bun holding a small orange flower and putting it in the palm of his hand. After that, the little sister came every day and brought him flowers every time. The earth baby wasn’t able to manifest yet, but he had already secretly decided to marry this little sister named Yue'er. Unexpectedly, Sister Yue'er grew too fast and gradually broke away from the aesthetics of the earth baby, so he gradually didn't want to marry her by then.

But he still hoped that Sister Yue'er would be happy and healthy, and he was very happy to witness the joyous event between Sister Yue'er and Young Master Du.

That night, Sister Yue'er and Young Master Du knelt in front of him together, making a promise of a lifetime. Later, Sister Yue'er drank a cup of wine and bled a lot. He wanted to save Sister Yue'er, but he couldn't get away from the statue no matter what he did.

Sister Yue'er died and Young Master Du threw Sister Yue'er's corpse into the lake. Just at that moment, he felt his body lighten, and he was finally able to leave the confinement of the statue.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. Sister Yue'er would never send him flowers again.

He knew that Sister Yue'er committed suicide, which was also a serious crime of taking lives. If she was reincarnated, she could only be a beast. But Sister Yue'er was so kind and had enlightened him, so how could he let his benefactor become an animal?

He didn't know what to do and could only use his will to protect Sister Yue’er’s corpse, to keep her body from decaying and her soul from leaving.

Three years passed in this way. Ten days ago, a change suddenly came over the lake, and Sister Yue'er climbed up from the water.

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