Assassin Farmer

Chapter 122 - Yang Jing Zhi

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“How unexpected…” From Yang Jing Zhi’s explanation Su Shuilian realized that Doctor Ouyang was jailed because he rejected the Emperor’s suggestion of having Long Xi Yue throw the embroidered ball for the Third Princess. Moreover, because he refuted the Emperor with sharp words, which had caused him to be punished on the spot.

“He did that just to protect the last descendant of the Long family. He didn’t know that I’m no longer….” Yang Jing Zhi’s voice was sour and bitter.

“Xi Yue… Sorry, Jing Zhi…” Su Shuilian didn’t know how to comfort her. She emphasized with Long Xi Yue’s delima.

“Ha, I just sighed! It’s been so many years. I’m used to it…” Yang Jing Zhi shrugged, hiding away the loneliness in her eyes.

“… So did Doctor Ouyang allow you to stay in Da Hui?” If he wanted to protect Long Xi Yue, how could he have let her stay here?

“The Blood Union’s Emperor has taken him back to the imperial palace to work as an imperial doctor. Why would I follow him? Moreover, I’ve been meaning to leave the life of the palace for while now. It’s just Shifu, he... aiya….But now, with a golden opportunity, of course, I would choose freedom…” Yang Jing Zhi said smiling.

“Even if you can escape the palace, you are still a doctor. Why did you decide to open an accessory shop here? Why didn’t you open a drugstore?” The items in this shop were made exquisitely beautiful that she wouldn’t want to drop them back, however, this shouldn’t be the job Long Xi Yue found the most fulfilling...

“I’ve opened this little shop for several years. At that time, I wanted a place to rest while I was outside the imperial palace. If I had opened a drugstore, what would it have been if I would have to close it after three or four days! Moreover, it wouldn’t be good when somebody in the palace knew about this. You might not believe me but Qing Lan and I made all the items in this shop! These ceramic cups and plates, I learned to do it in a ceramic workshop! These pearl, silver, and jade jewelries were made after learning from the crafters in the palace. What do you think? Aren’t they beautiful? It’s just I can’t bring them all with me. Thus, I’ll sell most of them at a clearance now. When I come to Fan Luo City, I will consider opening a drugstore. Qing Lan agreed to go with me. There’s nothing better than that.”

Yang Jing Zhi had planned before. No matter what, Da Hui’s Emperor had thought that she had followed her Shifu to Blood Union. She still had some comfortable time here. She would sell all the stocks in her shop and then take Qing Lan out of the city. They would find some small, peaceful, but far away town, to stay. Then, they would open a drugstore to earn a living. She had been working with Qing Lan for many years. They had a tacit understanding of one another. She believed that nothing could trouble them later.

“Clearance?” Su Shuilian muttered. “Then you should sell them all to me…” No matter what, she needed to bring some gifts home. It would save her from visiting the other shops to buy more. Anyway, walking around and shopping was tiresome, though.

“You… want to buy all of them?” Yang Jing Zhi was surprised. “There is a lot of inventory.”

It was because she got so many things in her inventory, she and Qing Lan couldn’t bring them all together. That was why they were going to sell them at a clearance price.

“It’s okay. Just calculate how much they are, I will call the carriage from the mansion to take them. Ah right, when will you depart? If you have nothing else to do, we should go together! Tomorrow, A Yao will go to the palace and meet the Emperor. If everything goes smooth, the day after, we’ll go back to Fan Hua Town.”

“Really? That’s great! Let’s go together. Of course, we must go together…” Yang Jing Zhi was ecstatic as she held onto Su Shuilian’s hand, nodding continuously. This made things much more convenient, of course she would agree to it.

“Haha… Then it’s decided! You and Qing Lan take care of your inventory. By the afternoon, I will send the carriages of the Prince’s mansion to come here and pick the items. If you have any large luggage, just put them on the carriage too; you don’t need to carry them yourself. Noon of overmorrow, we’ll meet at the gateway to the imperial city. How does it sound?” Su Shuilian asked after a moment of careful consideration.

“No problem!” Yang Jing Zhi nodded continuously.  Right after that, as she thought about something, she hesitated, joy fading away from her face. “Shuilian, are you… not worried? If the Emperor finds out, you and your family will be implicated…”

“You’re Yang Jing Zhi! You have no relation to the Emperor or the palace!” Su Shuilian held her hand, talking with a serious face. “No matter what, I’m sure I’ll bring you out of the imperial city. Fan Luo City or Fan Hua Town, or anywhere else… As long as you really want to stay and live there, I’ll make sure you get there safe and sound.”

“Shuilian… Thank you!” Yang Jing Zhi nodded solemnly. “I’m going to Fan Hua Town! If you and your husband don’t mind, let me stay in your house and be your family physician!”

“Such an unconventional suggestion!” Su Shuilian bursted out laughing. She poked at Yang Jing Zhi’s forehead. “It’s obvious that you’re older than me in both lives, how are you still so mischievous like this?”

“Hey! That’s because the time you lived was so boring and conservative!” Females from the Republic of China weren’t as free and frank compared to working women in the twenty-first century!

“Alright, alright, alright, whatever you say! Oh yes! Calculate the total , I’ll let A Yao know how much…” Su Shuilian looked at the packages that were carefully packed in the inner room. She guessed the cost wouldn’t be less.

“Previously, I split half of the profit with Qing Lan… Alright! Since I would rather not make a profit from friends. These four chests include sets of porcelain cups and plates. These three big chests contain accessories. Our capital is around one hundred thirty silvers. Those things outside we’ll just include as a bonus. So that’ll be one hundred and twenty silvers…” More importantly, she and Qing Lan needed to think about their livelihood later. When her Shifu left, they didn’t think about this. And, the money and her jewellery in the palace should have been confiscated already. Combining Qing Lan and her current total, they only had ten broken silvers. Luckily, they had visited this shop regularly so there were plenty of clothes here and other toiletries. It didn’t feel like they were broke. No matter what, they were all excellent physicians. There was no fear starving to death.

“Just count the items displayed out there altogether! So one hundred fifty silvers in total. Since this is your choice, then I won’t persuade you anymore! I’ll ask A Yao to send the money in the afternoon…”

“Alright, no matter what, you aren’t in short of money. Then I won’t be polite.” Yang Jing Zhi replied with a smile. They still had more chances to live together. Let's just consider it as Su Shuilian’s investment. Later one, when their future drugstore makes a large profit, she’ll give eight or ten silvers to Su Shuilian.

“Okay, then it’s settled! You and Qing Lan should close the shop and organize your things…” Su Shuilian realised it's been more than an hour. She immediately pulled Yang Jing Zhi out of the room. She talked and nodded to comfort Lin Si Yao, who was frowning due to the long wait.

“Yeah…” Yang Jing Zhi nodded before turning to Lin Si Yao, “I hope you guys won’t disclose our whereabouts…” especially to that asshole from the Liang family.

“I’m not that idle…”  Lin Si Yao answered in a low voice.

“Okay, we have to get going now. If something changes, I will tell you.” Su Shuilian smiled, waving at Qing Lan in the counter and shooting Yang Jing Zhi a meaningful look before pulling Lin Si Yao out of the shop.

“… Okay, in short…” Su Shuilian briefed the situation to Lin Si Yao and asked him to prepare one hundred and fifty silvers. “I didn’t think too much when we left for this trip. Do we happen to have that much silver at the moment?” She asked embarrassedly.

“Don’t worry. I do have…” Lin Si Yao nodded, pinching her nose. “If we didn’t, what would you do?”

“Then I would have to… Make you work as the guard in the Prince’s mansion to compensate the debt! Hehe…” Su Shuilian glanced at him with narrowed eyes before laughing out loud.

“You…” Lin Sin Yao burst out laughing. He stooped to steal a kiss from the corner of her mouth. “You’re not afraid of me anymore? Hmm?”

“Do you want me to fear you?” Su Shuilian shot him an angry look. Right from the start, she hadn’t been afraid of him. That was because as a female, she just felt nervous and shy. But it seemed that he misunderstood?

“Tch… I’m in your grasp!” Lin Si Yao sighed and shook his head. Then, he pulled her close and made their way through the lively crowd, heading toward Prince Jing’s mansion at the east end of Tian You Street. Of course, he didn’t want her to be scared by him. After they had children, her attitude and the way she acted prively had become more intimate and natural. He was happy because of her change.

“Hey, you two! I just turned around and you two disappeared. I‘ve been looking for you for quite a long time! Almost overturned the entire Tian You Street...”

When they almost reached the prince mansion’s gate, Liang En Zai, who had disappeared for two hours, jumped out of nowhere. He clamored in a bitter voice at Su Shuilian and her husband. He just contemplated for a moment and the pair had disappeared into thin air.

He knew they didn’t have any friends and weren’t familiar with the streets of imperial city, so he didn’t dare return to the Prince’s mansion to endure his father’s sky-shaking yelling. Therefore, he could only walk back and forth Tian You Street looking for them, he had already lost count as to how many times he circled this street!

He didn’t expect to see that couple was showing off their love, hugging and walking near the east end of Tian You Street!

“Eh? Big brother? Why haven’t you gone home?” Su Shuilian turned around and saw Liang En Zai’s pale face. She couldn’t help but ask.

“... ...” Looking at her innocent face, Liang En Zai didn’t know what to do. He looked up at the sky before lighting out a sigh.

“Oh right, Big brother, I bought a lot of gifts to give to my friends later. By the afternoon, could you arrange a horse carriage there to pick them up for me?”

“... Okay...” It can’t be helped that he is the big brother! Liang En Zai inwardly comforted himself several times.

“If you had gone, you would have wanted to buy something too…” Lin Si Yao shot a glance at Lian En Zaiand said in a vague manner. Then, he and Su Shuilian made their way into Prince Jing’s mansion.

“Psst, why would I need some women’s accessories! What a joke!” Liang En Zai rolled his eyes, following the couple, who had almost had him breathe fire, into the main house.

After taking several steps, he turned around, and headed towards Xiang Prince’s Mansion next door.

Without Long Xi Yue to quarrel with, his heart still felt somewhat strange. He had no motivation for anything! Might as well make Xia ‘Er accompany him to drink!

Sigh, he should speed up his plans. Once completed, he will take a vacation and go to Blood Union to find her! Even if she would laugh at his face, he’ll just have to endure!

It can’t be helped that he had fallen! If he didn’t admit that, he would lose her sooner or later. That girl had an opinion and idea for every matter. But when the subject is about marriage, she becomes a fool without any thoughts. What if someone takes advantage of that?

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