My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 124.1: Yao City pt. 1

Yao Detention Mountain, Yao City.

There were few little Yao in the city. Even if there were, they were mostly Yao with noble bloodlines.

The so-called noble bloodline in the Yao race did not depend on how prominent the ancestors were, but on whether the tribe they belonged to had a Yao Emperor in charge.

There were four Yao Emperors now, namely the Fox Emperor in the north, the Tiger Emperor in the south, the Snake Emperor in the east, and the Turtle Emperor in the west. Each of the four tribes guarded each side but also fought with each other because the winner could become the next Yao Saint to lead the entire race.

More than 8,000 years ago, after the Yao race failed to invade the human world, no half-saint appeared in the race again, and the Yao Emperor was the strongest among them now.

As for the Yao Saint, it didn’t mean that the cultivation was stronger than a half-saint, but referred to the first Yao in the entire race.

As long as the great and small Yao from other tribes submitted to and respected this person, he would be the Yao Saint.

The Yao race had always revered winners.

At this time, at the north entrance of Yao city, several fox Yao on guard duty gathered together to chat.

“I heard that the giant turtle tribe has crossed the Wuji Mountain in the northwest and taken over our Sangdu Forest. In less than 20 years, the fox tribe has lost two battles in a row!”

“The hateful human race is to blame. If not for the two Yao Kings who died on Yao Detention Mountain back then, we wouldn’t be suppressed by the giant turtle tribe!”

“In recent years, the human race has occupied the Misty Forest. No Yao in the forest has advanced for many years, and we haven’t seen any new faces in the Yao city for a long time.”

“Hmph! When I become a Yao Marshal, I’ll go to Yao Detention Mountain and kill hundreds or thousands of humans, and catch some back to serve me in the Yao City. Maybe I can even be like the Snake Emperor, to train a half-Yao loyal to the Yao race. Hahaha…”

“The Snake Emperor…”

The red fox who spoke suddenly stopped. From a distance, he saw four figures coming toward the north gate.

When they approached, he smiled. “So it's Qian Su. Why are you back?”

(TN: The name of the cat is Qian Shu 钱书 in Greentown while Yao City uses Qian Su 钱粟)

Qian Su returned the greeting politely. “Lord Zhao Zhu summoned us back.”

The red fox rolled his eyes. “Is it because of the loach Yao that escaped?”

Qian Su, “Not quite sure. Why? Did Lord Zhao Zhu punish you guys?”

The red fox couldn't help but be thankful. “We weren't on duty that day. The Yao guarding the north gate that day have been taken away. I don’t know if they’re still alive.”

Qian Su, “Alas, that loach is already a Yao Marshal. They can’t stop it even if they want to. I wonder what it did to run away like that.”

The red fox snorted. “We don’t know either. Since Lord Zhao Zhu is looking for you, you should go quickly and not let him wait.”

Qian Su, “Thank you.”

As soon as Qian Su and the others left, the red fox pouted and said inwardly: It’s just a cat Yao. So what if he became a Yao Marshal? Even if he met a fox with a low cultivation base like him, Qian Su had to be polite.

Meanwhile, Qian Su, who was despised by him, also said at this time, “Fortunately, this cat Yao really got a message from that so-called Lord Zhao Zhu. Otherwise, we really couldn’t find a good reason to suddenly return to Yao City.”

Qian Su was Qian Shu from Greentown, but Qian Shu had been beheaded by Ruan Jiu. Of course, the one walking in Yao City now was Jing Yue.

Once he dispelled the Yao energy from the lake that day, he transformed into the appearance of Qian Shu and stayed in Greentown for a few days to ensure no other Yao were mixed in with the human race before he snuck into Yao City.

The beautiful little lady behind him said, “There are many small towns in the city. The city we are in is called Modu, and Zhao Zhu is the mayor of Modu, the Yao Marshal of the fox tribe.”

The little lady was disguised by Qin Yanzhi, who had used hypnotism on Qian Su and knew much about Yao City.

The little maid beside him looked at him reverently. “Qin-zhenjun, you’re really amazing.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Huh?”

The little maid tugged at the clothes on her body and said unnaturally, “I'm always restrained as a woman, but Qin-zhenjun is very natural.”

Jing Yue grinned and said, “Xiaojiu, don't compare yourself to him. He has experience.”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Blue phoenix stuck its head out at this time and pointed at Qin Yanzhi’s chest with its wing. “Hooligan also played Jing-jing’s consort!”

Although no one could understand what it said except Jing Yue, Ji-ji was still excited.

Jing Yue, “Ji-ji, don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

The blue phoenix flew onto Jing Yue's shoulder and said urgently, “Ji-ji is not uncomfortable. Jing-jing, don't imprison Ji-ji.”

Jing Yue resisted the desire to put the blue phoenix into the Sumeru ring. “The Yao energy here is too thick. I’m afraid you can’t take it.”

Blue phoenix’s face was smug. “Ji-ji is very powerful now. This bit of Yao energy is not a problem for me!”

Jing Yue, “Yeah, and you’re also bald.”

Blue phoenix angrily held its hat up, turned its butt to Jing Yue, and ignored him.

Among them, only Wei Zhentu said nothing. Although he didn't need to wear female clothing, he was sullen.

He was reflecting on his stupidity. When he saw Jing Yue choosing Qian Su first, he quickly grabbed the remaining male Yao. He didn’t expect Qin Yanzhi to become A-jing’s ‘wife’ without saying a word. No wonder he didn’t come and snatch the remaining male character with him!

The outside world always said that Qin-zhenjun was so noble, how indifferent he was to fame and fortune, and how he cultivated with all his heart. Only after real contact could one find out exactly how scheming the other party could be!

He slandered Qin Yanzhi in his heart and heard the other party saying, “Although Modu is a small border town on the fox tribe's territory, the status is very important. Zhao Zhu is highly trusted by the Fox Emperor, and he can also recommend Yao from other tribes to join the fox tribe, thus gaining protection from the fox emperor. I know from Qian Su's memory that he has always wanted to become an official resident of the fox tribe.”

Jing Yue, “Isn’t he a cat?”

“The cat tribe doesn’t have a Yao Emperor now, not even a Yao King. Qian Su is already the best in the cat tribe. That's why he wanted to join a stronger force. Not only Qian Su but also the other Yao we played shared the same thought, except for the snake Yao played by Wei-daoyou. Although the Snake Emperor is still around, it has offended the nobles in the tribe and has to rely on a force that can compete with the snake tribe. For the four major Yao tribes, many Yao have died over the years due to constant battles, and they also need to replenish the numbers with other tribes.”

Wei Zhentu asked, “Who did Kang Ji offend?”

Kang Ji was the name of the snake Yao.

Qin Yanzhi, “It seems to be a snake king, but the specifics weren’t very clear.”

Wei Zhentu, “Am I not in danger then?”

Jing Yue, “The snake tribe has not had much contact with the fox tribe recently. We'll stay in the north for now, so don't worry. We'll find out more about Kang Ji later.”

As they gradually entered the prosperous area of Yao city, there were more Yao around too. Due to their monstrous size, most of them still walked around in human form.

None of them had ever visited this place. Even Jing Yue had only been to the Boundary Mountain in his previous life, so the Yao City was quite a novelty to them.

When they passed by the marketplace and saw that the Yao race also spread blankets on the ground and peddled their wares along the street, Ruan Jiu said, “There seems to be not much difference between the human race and the Yao race.”

Qin Yanzhi pointed to a stall and said, “See what they are selling there?”

Ruan Jiu took a look and was immediately shocked and angry. “Isn’t that a cultivator’s inner core?”

Wei Zhentu, “What's so strange about that? If we can sell Yao core, they can also sell the inner core of humans, of course. Don’t you know that inner cores are a great tonic to the Yao race as well? However, they’re really crude to just casually display the inner core of a golden core cultivator on the street stall.”

Jing Yue, “In theory, we’re even less different from the demonic path, but due to our different viewpoints, we’re doomed to be enemies.”

Ruan Jiu nodded, his expression a little sad.

After walking for about a quarter of an hour, they finally saw the mayor’s manor, which was made of stone, round in shape, rather like a tent where some mortals lived. Many human skulls were hung on the wall as decorations, which made Jing Yue and others feel uncomfortable.

They walked to the stone house and a little fox greeted them. Obviously, it knew them, and said, “Please wait here and let me pass the message.”

While they were waiting, Ruan Jiu looked around in boredom, and suddenly found a few human portraits posted on one wall.

“Huh?” He took a closer look, looked back at Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi, and fell silent.

“What's the matter?” Jing Yue also leaned over curiously. He only took one glance at it when the blue phoenix popped out. “How dare these Yao creatures slander Jing-jing!”

Jing Yue quickly pushed it back into his lapels. “This is Yao City. Don't you know how dangerous your identity is? If you dare to be disobedient, I can only throw you into the Sumeru Ring!”

Blue phoenix leaned against Jing-jing aggrievedly and muttered, “They made you so ugly.”

And it was ugly indeed. Several notices were posted on the wall. According to Wei Zhentu's explanation, the content was a warning to all Yao that once they encountered the person in the painting, those who could must kill them, and those who couldn’t must run away.

Perhaps Jing and Qin were too infamous in the Yao world, but the two people in the painting were both fierce and vicious—not only did they have horns on their heads, but they also had six feet on their bodies and huge wings on their backs.

Jing Yue, “…”

Was this how the Yao race did things? Even if his original body walked around the Yao world now, he was afraid no one would recognize him.

However, Qin Yanzhi's eyes fell on the front portrait and he glanced at Jing Yue thoughtfully.

Jing Yue raised his eyebrows suspiciously. He walked to Qin Yanzhi's side and finally saw a normal human portrait, and the content of the painting was also familiar.

“I didn't expect the Yao race to have reproduced this painting.”

When he saw a line of writing below this painting, he asked Wei Zhentu, the only one proficient in Yao language, “Wei-daoyou, what is written on it?”

Wei Zhentu's expression was a bit indescribable as he sighed and said, “Evil Daoist Jing Yuan who killed 100,000 Yao in Boundary Mountain back then was not tolerated by heavenly Dao and died in a lightning tribulation.”

He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. “The Yao race is so shameless. What does the fall of Jing Yuan-daozu have to do with killing Yao? Can they even drag themselves into this now?”

After he finished speaking, he remembered that Jing Yuan's disciple was here and hurriedly looked at Jing Yue. However, the other party merely smiled and seemed unconcerned.

Jing Yue was just puzzled. The Yao race obviously hated Jing Yuan, so why was there no sign of Yi Wang who had slain the Yao Saint?

While thinking about it, the earlier little fox came out. “Everyone, please come with me.”

Soon, they met Zhao Zhu.

The foxes were charming, and the fox Yao they saw along the way all look good in appearance. Zhao Zhu was even more beautiful. His long and narrow phoenix eyes swept over lightly, and even the upturned end of his eyes seemed to be seductive.

But the few people had steady minds and of course, wouldn’t be enticed by him.

They had previously learned some Yao etiquette from Qin Yanzhi. At this time, they all feigned respectful greetings to Zhao Zhu.

Zhao Zhu, “Here, have a seat.”

He invited them to take a seat, but in the entire room, other than the jade seat under Zhao Zhu, there were only a few cushions made of some kind of fur.

They each picked up a cushion and sat down when Zhao Zhu asked, “Has everything at the secret realm been taken care of?”

Jing Yue, “My lord, I've retrieved the body of the loach Yao, and the hole it dug has also been sealed up. The secret realm has not been discovered for the time being. In addition, I was worried the creatures in the lake would be tainted with Yao energy after feeding off the body and attract human cultivators, so they have also been eliminated.”

Zhao Zhu raised his chin slightly and tapped his fingertips on the armrest of the jade seat. “Good, you have become more meticulous in your work and have improved greatly.”

Jing Yue bowed his head. “It's all thanks to your blessing.”

Unexpectedly, Zhao Zhu's expression suddenly changed, and he said solemnly, “Don't you have anything else to explain to me?”

Jing Yue's heart skipped a beat, but he said calmly, “I wonder what my lord is referring to?”

Zhao Zhu stared at Jing Yue sharply, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, but he didn't say a word.

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