Assassin Farmer

Chapter 124 - Father and Son

TL: MissQ

“Can...You can guess who I am?” Xue Li looked at the tall and good-looking man in front of him. His voice trembled as he slowly asked.

Lin Si Yao gazed at the man who was called the Emperor of Blood Union for a long moment before nodding his head. “You are the Blood Union’s Emperor, right?” He was the man Lin Si Yao had met once in the restaurant in Yue Kui Town. This man was also the one who had visited the imperial palace two days ago. He had vented his anger in front of Da Hui’s Emperor and acted like nothing had happened. He was Emperor Xue Li of the Blood Union.

“Not only that,” Xue Li gently shook his head, eyeing Lin Si Yao. He began to tell a story that seemed very interesting and thrilling. “On a rainy, summer night twenty-four years ago, no one knew why we’s son, who wasn’t even one year old, disappeared from the Blood Union’s imperial palace. In the crib, a black panther had replaced his spot… Haha… And, on the next day, everybody inside and outside Blood Union muttered to each other that: Turns out the Crown Prince of Blood Union is a panther. We don’t believe in magic. We’ve tried every means to find my missing child. I’ve kept searching… for twenty-four years.” Then, Xue Li looked at Lin Si Yao, smiling, “Can you guess what we want to say next?”

“No matter what it is, I’m not interested.” Lin Si Yao suddenly turned around, showing his back to Xue Li, leaving him cold words. Then, with several steps, he strode out of the private room Li Wen Xiu provided for them to talk in.

“Even if you want to avoid it, you can’t solve anything…” Xue Li didn’t stop him from leaving. But what he said had froze Lin Si Yao in his tracks.

“How is it going? You two don’t want to acknowledge each other? Tch… we told you…” Da Hui’s Emperor Li Wen Xiu had come out from a corner of the private room, following Xue Li’s line of sight to the entrance of the hall, shaking his head.

“Shut up!” Xue Li pulled himself together. He shot Li Wen Xiu a glance to stop the other from babbling. He then strode toward the door of the hall.

“Okay okay… When will you leave we’s palace? You can’t just stay here because he doesn’t want to see you. This place is Da Hui’s imperial palace, and the inner palace is for concubines…”

“Don’t worry. We’ll leave today. You think we wants to stay here?” If he didn’t know the other would come to the palace on the eighth day, he wouldn’t want to wait here. He just wanted his dear wife to keep his company. He hated to see the stinky, despicable personal life of Li Wen Xiu where he changed his bed partner every night, without even needing to repeat the same partner for a month. And, there were even some concubines that weren’t afraid of death or just simply didn’t have brains, approached him in the garden when he was talking a walk there. They acted as if they had never slept with a man before. Actually, he wasn’t afraid that his wife would be jealous. He was just afraid that he couldn’t control himself and dye Da Hui’s imperial city with their blood, which would make Li Wen Xiu lose his face.

“Perfect! Also, think you would appreciate this news: I heard that he would leave the imperial city today.” Li Wen Xiu called after Xue Li, who was walking out of the hall without a second glance.

Uhh, if that young, cold-faced man were Xue Li’s son, it would be pretty good to Da Hui! No matter what, the woman who had given him the lovely twins was the daughter of Elder Wangye Jing and his first wife. If so, Blood Union and Da Hui were the in-laws. Let's see how Xue Li could threaten Da Hui later! The people living in the northern border of Da Hui didn’t need to worry about the strong, fierce Blood Union’s people coming and breaking their happy, peaceful life anymore.

Tch… Why had he never thought about this option before? He could let his daughters marry the Crown Princes of the neighbor countries, or, they could be the Emperors’ concubines… At that time, would Da Hui need to worry about the neighbors’ invasion?

The more Da Hui’s Emperor, Li Wen Xiu, thought about it, the better he supposed his plan would be. While contemplating, he walked to his Imperial Study Room, making up his mind to see which country was having some dark scheme against Da Hui and which daughter he should send away…


“You really must leave today?” Liang Xuan Jing furrowed his brows, asking grumpily. No matter what, he was the other’s father-in-law. If his family wanted to leave, they should talk to him first! How could they say they wanted to leave and just go like that?!

“I(’ve already) talked to… En Zai yesterday.” Lin Si Yao hesitated for a while. It was difficult to call l Liang En Zai ‘brother-in-law’. After all, he was seven years older than him.

“Harrumph, it’s a big matter and you didn’t even bother to tell me!” Liang Xuan Jing would never admit that he was jealous. He had always complimented his son-in-law, but he didn’t even bother to tell him that they were leaving! He didn’t put this father-in-law in his consideration!

“Father-in-law, do you need me to do something else?” Lin Si Yao looked at Liang Xuan Jing as he didn’t quite understand. This time, he came to the imperial city just to meet the Emperor. If Liang En Zai hadn’t told him that it was really serious, he wouldn’t have brought his whole family here. Shuilian and the twins couldn’t endure the long travel.

“Eh? So without a reason, I can’t ask for you to stay several days more? No matter what, Xu-er is my daughter. Does she really need a reason to stay in her parents’ house?” Liang Xuan Jing blew his mustache, rolling his eyes.

“Um, it’s good there is nothing else.” Lin Si Yao received the answer he wanted to hear, so he nodded, and directly ignored Liang Xuan Jing’s resentment.

“Father!” Su Shuilian had finished packing the kids’ stuff. As soon as she entered the door, she caught Liang Xuan Jing’s sighing and complaining. She didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh. She walked over and pulled his arm. She supported him to the table and made him sit, pouring him a cup of tea. Then, she gently talked to him. “Father, it’s not that we can’t stay more days. However, we have to part sooner or later… Moreover, although Chun Lan’s taking care of our domestic matters, there are things I need to solve by myself… Father, and also mother… If you have time, you can go to Fan Hua Town to visit us.”

“Both of you have no conscience! Your mother and father are so old. How could we endure the long travel frequently?” Liang Xuan Jing rolled his eyes at Su Shuilian. He had planned that while they were still here, he would buy a house nearby and persuade them to stay in imperial city. He couldn’t have known that his children wanted to go back home before he could even go and see the houses. Tch… that saying “ a woman's orientation is at her husband's family” was really true!

“Father! I didn’t ask you to come to Fan Huo Town more regularly! You can go there several days per year to refresh or take a vacation. Mother said that the air in Fan Huo Town is much fresher than in the imperial city.” Actually, she was just exhausted from dealing with his concubines and their daughters, but she didn’t want to tell Liang Xuan Jing and his wife about that. Anyway, it wasn’t the place she and A Yao would stay for a long time. She didn’t want to cause trouble to not upset her parents.

“Hmph! Of course, your mother will be on your side,” snorted Liang Xuan Jing.

“Alright! Father, when Xiao-er and Long-er grow up, we will take them to imperial city to visit. At that time, I hope you wouldn’t complain if they get too annoying.” Su Shuilian patted Liang Xuan Jing’s hand, comforting him.

“Who complains about them!” Liang Xuan Jing rolled his eyes and raised his voice.

“It’s getting late, we should get going.” Lin Si Yao packed his stuff into a bag before reminding Su Shuilian.

Right, Xi Yue was also waiting for her by the city gateway.

“Father, mother, and big brother, your daughter is departing! Please take care and stay healthy!” Su Shuilian smiled at her parents and brother who came to see her off. Four horse carriages were waiting for them by the entrance of Prince Jing’s mansion. Except for the two they used, there was one more to carry the stuff and one prepared for Long Xi Yue and Qing Lan. Of course, Su Shuilian just said that they needed one more to make people more comfortable on the way back.

Feng Cai Yun held Su Shuilian’s hand tight and didn’t want to let her go. She kept talking from the main house to the gate and she didn’t show any sign of letting go.

“Xu-er, if something happens, send me a letter. If you don’t have enough maids or servants, Mother will ask Liang-momo to arrange anything you need. Don’t self endure or suffer.”

“Mom, don’t worry. I understand!” In the favor of a mother’s concern, no child would reject. Su Shuilian listened to her attentively and nodded continuously.

“Alright, as you have to leave now, you should leave the city early, or else you can’t find a decent place to stay tonight.” Liang Xuan Jing looked impatient as he cut off the mother and daughter’s endless farewell. He waved at Lin Si Yao, urging.

They got on the carriages. After the delegation had gone, Liang En Zai headed back to the mansion and proceeded to start organizing.

“En Zai, what are you doing?” Liang Xuan Jing wanted to talk to his son about the Blood Union’s Emperor private talk with his son-in-law, but then, he found Liang En Zai packing up.

“I’m going on a trip. Father, do you have anything to talk to me about?” Liang En Zai didn’t want to explain too much. He traveled often, so Liang Xuan Jing didn’t ask him why or where he was going.

He just asked him about Xue Li’s intentions.

“Didn’t brother-in-law say nothing important?” Although Liang En Zai was also curious why Xue Li had to find Lin Si Yao. However, when Lin Si Yao got back to the mansion he said, “nothing”, with a voice that couldn’t be more normal. So he assumed it really was nothing.

Moreover, according to what their Emperor had said, Blood Union wouldn’t want to discuss or accuse them of the twelve Blood Knights anymore.

“Sigh, I hope it would be actually nothing. Though, I still feel a bit doubtful about this.” Liang Xuan Jing sighed, sitting by the table in Liang En Zai’s bedroom. He looked as though he wanted to talk to his son.

“Dad!” Begrudgingly, Liang En Zai reminded his father. “I will be leaving soon.” He hinted ay his father to go back to his own room.

“Oh, then continue packing!” Liang Xuan Jing waved his hands. As his mind was occupied with Xue Li and Lin Si Yao going to talk in private this afternoon, he didn’t remember he was in his son’s room. Then, with a turn of his mind, he added in a weird tone. “Did...Did you need me to see you off?”

“No need!” Liang En Zai rubbed his temples. He grabbed his package, sitting opposite his father. “Dad, what troubles your mind?”

“Didn’t you hear His Highness say that we should expect some good news?” Liang Xuan Jing looked at his son. “I thought you were about to get married. But…” He paused, looking at Liang En Zai in his plain outfit, “This possibility is zero. So, I didn’t understand why His Highness had mentioned that.”

“Well, His Highness always likes to talk mysteriously and intriguingly. It’s not that he just got it done yesterday. You must have got used to it!” Liang En Zai turned and saw the sun setting to the West, sighing secretly. If he lingered any longer, it would be a problem whether he could get to Blood Union today or not.

“What’s the purpose of your trip this time?” Liang Xuan Jing suddenly changed the subject, gazing at the bag in Liang En Zai’s hand.

“To chase after…” Liang En Zai paused hastily, trying to swallow the word “wife” he was about to speak. That was close! He secretly patted his chest. Before he could confirm whether the girl had some feeling for him or not, he didn’t dare to admit that he wanted to go to Blood Union to chase after his wife. In case he failed, he would lose all face!

“No matter what you’re after, remember to come home safe and sound!” Liang Xuan Jing didn’t want to trouble him further. He stood up, returning to the main house. “By the way, send my regards to Doctor Ouyang for me!”

Liang En Zai was happily stepping out but he had almost stumbled at his father’s words! Since when his father knew he wanted to go to Blood Union?

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