My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 125.1: Trial Tower pt. 1

“Tsk, it’s just a lowly cat Yao.”

The fox who had just been robbed of his spot retreated to the side. He dared not raise any objection to Lord Zhao Zhu’s recommendation. Besides, he could feel the strength of the two Yao just now was strong, but since they were gone, he could still despise them from their bloodline.

As soon as the words left his mouth, he felt enveloped by a strong pressure that overwhelmed him.

The fox looked around in horror and saw that a beautiful female wolf had appeared behind him at some point. At this moment, she was looking at him indifferently seemingly as if he were dead, which made him suspect that he would never see the sun again in the next moment.

The fox was frightened at first before he became angry. This was the stronghold of the fox tribe! How dare a wolf act so arrogantly?

He gritted his teeth and said, “What is the meaning of this?”

The other party withdrew her pressure and said coldly, “Don't let me hear you slander my master again.”

“Your master?” The fox was taken aback. “You mean the cat, no, the one who just went in?”

Wolf, “Two people went in just now. I’m talking about the cat.”

The fox couldn't believe it. Even if the wolf tribe had declined in the past 2,000 years, they wouldn’t acknowledge a cat Yao as the master who didn’t even have a Yao King in the tribe, right? Besides, this wolf in front of him had the level of a Yao General at least, only one level lower than the cat Yao just now. Why should she lower her status and act as a loyal subordinate?

It was truly… degrading!

But the fox only dared to think about it. He was quite sure that he couldn’t afford to mess with this female wolf.

Moreover, if others found out that he was bad-mouthing the Yao recommended by Lord Zhao Zhu behind his back, it would be indirectly going against Lord Zhao Zhu, which he didn't have the guts to do so.

So he could only shrink aside and think angrily, ‘Let’s see how many floors the cat can climb!’

He looked up at the tower and saw the first section of the two bone pillars lit up at the same time.

At this time, Jing Yue entered the first floor of the tower. After a brief observation, he knew that he was in a separate dimension, and secretly sighed with relief.

He and Wei Zhentu were a little worried earlier. If people outside the tower could track the situation inside the tower with their divine consciousness, they couldn’t use the obvious human martial techniques and could only try their best to imitate the Yao attack methods, which was troublesome for both of them.

But now he didn't have to worry. Since it was an independent dimension, it also meant that the whole trial tower was similar to a secret realm, isolated from the outside world!

“Jing-jing, can Ji-ji help you set up a formation?” Blue phoenix felt that there was no danger here and quickly asked. It was almost suffocated along the way. If not for the fact that it couldn’t bear to stay apart from Jing-jing, it would have asked Jing-jing to send it to Haotian Realm, where it could play in Mini Frostcloud Sect.

Jing Yue, “No need, but you can come out for a while.”

Blue phoenix immediately flew out with excitement. “Jing-jing! Let me tell you, this kind of trope of passing through the tower is a plot that the protagonist of every novel must experience. Jing-jing missed the martial arts competition and I'm so disappointed. This time, Jing-jing must strive to live up to the expectations and slap the audience's face!”

Jing Yue, “Another word, and I won’t let you out!”

Blue phoenix quickly covered its mouth with its wings. A circle of light appeared out of thin air and a chicken with yellow feathers jumped out from within.

From the appearance, it seemed to be a little Yao that just started cultivating, and even the intelligence was still immature. The little yellow chicken tilted its head foolishly and looked at blue phoenix.

The two chickens looked at each other and four beady eyes intertwined with wind and sparks. Suddenly, the little yellow chicken sat on the ground, flapped its wings, and made a chirping cry, with a seemingly mocking expression.

Perhaps because he had been with blue phoenix for a long time, Jing Yue seemed to understand the meaning of the little yellow chicken?

It was laughing at blue phoenix’s hat.

The blue phoenix cried in anger. Thinking that it was a noble divine beast, but now it was ridiculed by such humble little Yao!

So it roared in anger, and several leaf blades flew out, directly beheading the little yellow chicken, leaving only a few pieces of yellow hair flying in the air before they slowly fell.

Jing Yue, “…”

Outside the tower, the fox who had just been ruthlessly oppressed now looked at the two bone pillars with a resentful expression. From the orientation, the bone pillar on the west represented the cat. He was still cursing the other party in his heart when he saw the second section of the bone pillar suddenly lit up.

So fast? The fox was stunned for a moment, but then he thought that the first floor was just small Yao, and that cat just now was a Yao Marshal after all. Couldn't it be done with just a lift of a finger?

The fox snorted in disdain and continued to watch.

Suddenly, there was a commotion from the front. The fox stretched his neck to look and saw the 50th section of a bone pillar in the middle lit up.

The fox instantly perked up. If the person who entered the tower was a fox, it would mean that once the other party passed through this floor, he could join the Fox Emperor’s command!

He stared at the bone pillar without blinking, hoping that the 51st section would light up as soon as possible, but after waiting for a long time, the bone pillar remained motionless.

The fox gradually got bored and turned his eyes to the bone pillar in the west, and was shocked!

37 sections? The fox rubbed his eyes, suspecting that he was hallucinating.

“It's too fast.” He couldn't believe it. How many minutes had it been since he looked away?

In fact, Jing Yue in the tower had slowed down. Otherwise, facing these small Yao, he would have crushed them all the way through.

Blue phoenix expressed its dissatisfaction and thought that Jing Yue’s dithering reduced the effects of face-slapping.

Jing Yue, “Although I want to be conspicuous, I can’t overdo it either. Otherwise, wouldn’t I be the target? It’s okay to do just enough.”

Although he thought so, Wei Zhentu did not.

Wei Zhentu knew that with his strength, there was no way he could reach the end, so he could completely go with the flow without holding back.

Thus, the bone pillar belonging to him lit up one by one, and due to the speed, it finally attracted the attention of others.

“Whose bone pillar is that in the east? So fast!”

“I noticed it from the moment he entered the 30th floor. It's only a quarter of an hour now, and he's already reached the 45th floor!” A younger fox said with wild gestures, looking very excited.

“It seems to be a snake Yao. I heard that it was recommended by Lord Zhao Zhu.”

“A snake? Why would such a strong snake come to our fox tribe? Could there be a conspiracy?”

“Since Lord Zhao Zhu has taken a fancy to him, what kind of conspiracy can there be? Do you suspect Lord Zhao Zhu?”

“You! Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Stop arguing! He has already passed the 45th floor!”

The commotion naturally attracted Alba’s attention. Alba narrowed his eyes slightly, thinking that the snake just now seemed to be called Kang Ji, and he couldn’t help but feel that the name was somewhat familiar.

Suddenly, his pupils shrank and he remembered something.

Kang Ji, the eldest son of the Snake Yao King Kang Duo, was born with the strength of a Yao General. He was originally the pride of the snake tribe, but somehow offended his father and was expelled from the snake tribe by Kang Duo.

Zhao Zhu actually sent him here?

A smile appeared on the corner of Alba's mouth. A fox would always be smarter than a snake.

At this moment, cheers erupted from the crowd again. Alba followed the sound and saw the 51st section of the bone pillar in the center lit up. He remembered that the contender was a fox and felt slightly happy. It should be known that no one had passed the trial tower in almost 100 days!

The fox under the tree was also envious and glanced at the female wolf a little smugly, but saw the other party staring indifferently at the bone pillar in the west, not even sparing him a corner of her eye.

The fox was furious. He was constantly being distracted just now and at this moment, following the female wolf’s gaze, he saw that the cat had reached the 40th floor!

At this moment, Jing Yue was surrounded by about a dozen centipedes, which looked so hideous that blue phoenix burrowed into Jing Yue’s arms in fright.

But in fact, these centipedes were only at the level of a Yao Marshal, which was equivalent to the cultivator's Foundation Establishment stage. However, Jing Yue didn’t kill them but stared at them with indescribable nostalgia instead.

Because Jing Yue had seen this kind of centipede before. If Taiqing was here, he should recognize them too.

In his previous life, when he first ordered Yi Wang to go out for training, the other party encountered this kind of centipede on Boundary Mountain.

At that time, Yi Wang was only at the upper-level Foundation Establishment stage. Jing Yue was worried that something would happen to him, so he kept following him in secret.

When Yi Wang was surrounded by centipedes, Jing Yue thought that Yi Wang wouldn’t be a match for them, and in fact, Yi Wang was really in a bad state because of those creatures.

These centipedes had hard outer shells and moved very fast, and the poisonous mist they sprayed was even more difficult to guard against. Once tainted by accident or inhaled, it would immediately lead to blocked vision and blurry eyes.

It didn’t take long for Yi Wang to lose his sight and his body continued to suffer from injuries, large and small.

Just when Jing Yue was about to help, Yi Wang suddenly sprang into action, and sword lights exploded away, killing all the centipedes in a flash.

At that time, Jing Yue realized that although Yi Wang couldn’t see anything, he had been silently testing the centipedes to find out the pattern of their attacks, and finally killed them in one fell swoop.

He knew that Yi Wang was highly talented but from that moment, he truly realized that Yi Wang's most powerful talent was not cultivation, but combat!

This point coincided with Qin Yanzhi again.

“Jing-jing, what’s wrong?” blue phoenix asked with concern when Jing Yue didn’t move.

Jing Yue was a little uneasy at this time. Perhaps because he had suppressed it for too long, he suddenly wanted to talk.

He briefly spoke about this experience, and blue phoenix listened with relish. Although it had always known about Jing-jing’s sock puppet, and roughly knew some of Jing Yuan’s experiences, the specifics were not clear.

It eagerly asked, “What happened after?”

Jing Yue condensed water into ice and quickly got rid of the centipedes that were about to move. He then said slowly, “Later, I pretended to be a passing Samaritan and cured the eyes of the severely wounded Yi Wang.”

At that time, he could see that the poisonous mist was dangerous, and if he had left Yi Wang alone, he believed that Yi Wang could still complete his training and returned to Frostcloud Sect alive. However, if Yi Wang’s eyes didn’t receive immediate treatment, they would probably be ruined. To cure them later, they would need to change a pair of eyes.

Jing Yue liked Yi Wang’s eyes very much and couldn’t bear to allow this pair of beautiful eyes with flaws.

Thus, he restrained his presence and approached Yi Wang slowly.

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